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James Potter watched as his one true love died in front of his eyes. Next to him Lily Evans held his hand. When they died they decided to stay friends. Sirius Black and Remus Lupin looked sadly at their best friend.

" My poor Severus." cried James. Sirius, Remus, and Lily hugged him and together they watched as Severus Snape gave Harry Potter his memories. Then with one last look at Harry, Severus took his last breath and fell still.

The four friends sat crying until they heard the door to the underworld open. James looked up into his lovers sad and hopeful face. Severus smiled slightly.

" Would you take me back after I made a stupid mistake and got you killed? " asked Severus hopefully. James smiled widely and through himself in Severus arms.

" Of course I will." said James. After he said that he frowned. " Will you take me back even though I harassed you for 7 years?" Severus smiled.

" Of course."

Then they lived happily ever after. Well as much as they could being dead.

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