Right, this is something new for me! Not only am I writing smut for the first time, but this is a story! Not a one-shot like all my other pieces! Also, this is mpreg, so if you don't like, then don't read! It's as simple as that. It's taken me a long time to build up the courage to write this. Enjoy it!

Oh. I don't own House, M.D.. David Shore is a very lucky man. I only own Sally.

"Seen anything yet?" Wilson asked.

"Hmm… A few, but we'll have to check them out." House replied, drawing another circle around a listing. So far he'd circled two houses. He softly kissed the top of Wilson's head where it was resting on his shoulder. "Relax! I'm sure we'll find the right house."

Wilson smiled as he kissed his lover while he stood up. "I know we will. I'm just excited!" He grinned sheepishly. House smiled at him, put the paper on the coffee table and stood up to draw Wilson into an embrace, before heading for the bedroom. Wilson smirked, and followed him.

He hurried to undress down to his boxers when he saw Greg already in bed, waiting. When he got into bed, House slid over to him and slung his arm over Wilson's chest. Wilson then turned in his embrace to passionately kiss his lover. Not breaking the kiss, he turned on his back, pulling House on top of him. He hummed his approval and slowly tongued his way down Wilson's chest, placing several kisses over it. He then reached up to open the draw of the bedside table, but Wilson grabbed his wrist.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"I'm… reaching for a condom?"

"Yeah… I'm thinking we could not use them." Wilson said, rubbing his thumb against Houses' wrist. His breathing sped up, so he let go of Houses wrist and moved to lie beside him, placing a hand on his chest.

"I want to feel you inside me, without the borders." Wilson whispered. House placed his hand over the one on his chest. He sighed, and reached across to run his fingers across Wilson's jaw.

"Okay then. If it's what you want." House swallowed, and climbed back on top of Wilson, kissing him thoroughly while Wilson got rid of their boxers. He closed his eyes as House prepared him, hiding his face in his shoulder. House nuzzled his face.

"You ready?" He mumbled.

Wilson nodded, and gulped. House tenderly kissed him and then slowly eased his way inside him. Wilson's eyes widened at the sensation, and dug his fingernails into House's shoulders.

"Jimmy… feels so good…" House moaned into his neck.

"I try." Wilson whispered, arching into him. House sucked in a deep breath, and let it out in short gasps.

"Plan on moving any time soon up there?" Wilson gasped. In reply, House rolled his hips, withdrew halfway from Wilson before sinking back in. House watched with delight as Wilsons eyes widened even more.

"Fuck!" Wilson shouted.

"You alright?" House asked through gritted teeth.

"I'm fine, Greg. Do that again. Harder." In no time at all they set up a rhythm of House rolling his hips and slamming into Wilson. Sweat started to build on their bodies, especially on House. The strain of keeping too much off of his leg was getting too much, as well as the build up in his dick. He wasn't going to last much longer, and by the looks of things, neither was Wilson.

"Jimmy. Gonna come." House wheezed. However, Wilson beat him to it, clenching around him as he shot out all over Houses stomach. Feeling Wilson clench his ass muscles around him tipped House over the edge as he howled out Wilsons name as he emptied himself into him. When he had the energy, he slid out of Wilson and reached for his shirt to clean them both off. Then he curled against Wilson's side and closed his eyes.

"How… was it for you?" Wilson asked him. House lifted his head to rest it on his lover's chest before he answered.

"Fucking fantastic." He smiled, and sat up enough to kiss Wilson. "You?"

"Incredible" Wilson smiled against Houses lips. House rubbed their noses together and settled back down with his head on Wilson's chest, his arms instantly going around him. House closed his eyes again, feeling truly at peace with the world as he was lulled to sleep by his lover's heartbeat.

The next few weeks flew by. House has another case to deal with, and Wilson had two new cancer kids. And in the meantime, they both were able to eliminate one of the houses they had found. They went to view it, and quickly decided that the picture in the paper was better than the actual house itself. After work today they were seeing the final house. As they pulled up outside, Wilson took a look around. The house has a few neighbours, and they saw a good sized garden at the front as they walked up the path. The estate agent - a woman in her 30's – greeted them at the door and welcomed them inside.

"Hi there! I'm Sally; I'll be showing you around today. Any questions feel free too ask-"

"Actually, we'd like to look around on our own if that's okay." Wilson said. Sally looked a bit shocked, then allowed them on, saying that she'd be on the sofa if they needed her. The first place House & Wilson went to was the garden.

"Is it big enough do you think?" House asked his lover.

""I'll say! It's big enough for another house!" he joked, heading back inside to inspect the rest of the house. It had three bedrooms, a fabulous kitchen with plenty of space and two bathrooms - one of them an en suite to the master bedroom. The living room as a decent size too once they got around to it. House took Wilsons hand and turned to look at him.

"Do you like it? Is it big enough?" He asked. Wilson smiled, and used his free hand to cup the side of Houses face.

"Greg, it's perfect." He leaned up to give him a quick kiss. House grinned, then turned to Sally.

"We'll take it!"

The next morning Wilson dashed out of bed and into the bathroom. He only just made it in time before vomiting into the toilet. He'd done the same for the past 3 morning, and this was the worst yet.

"What's wrong?" House asked form the doorway. Wilson groaned - the previous two times House had already left for work before Wilson woke up, so he didn't know he'd been sick. He spat into the bowl before flushing it, and shakily got to his feet. He could practically see the gears in Houses mind turning as he tried to think of a logical reason for Wilson being sick. But he could also see that his lover was worried.

"Not sure. But I've got a weird feeling in my stomach. Not really a pain, just an odd sensation. And this is the third time I've thrown up in the mornings now." He rinsed his mouth out, then turned and leaned into House, sighing when he wrapped his arms tightly around him.

"Get in the car - I'm taking you to the hospital." Wilsons head shot up.

"Is it serious?"

"I don't know yet, but I've got an idea." Except it sounds ridiculous and I have no idea how you'll react. House helped him get changed and freshen up before driving him to the hospital. When they arrived, House guided him to an empty exam room and told Wilson to lie on the table and lift up his shirt. He looked confused as House brought over an ultrasound machine and squirted the gel on his belly. When House moved the wand over his stomach, they both stared at the screen, not believing what they were seeing.

"That's… impossible." Wilson stuttered. House shook his head.

"Obviously not. That's definitely a foetus." With a hint of a smile on his face, he turned to look at Wilson.

"You're pregnant."