Okay, so... I'll apologise in advance to anyone who actually wanted me to see this story through until the end. With things as they are at the moment, I don't have time to focus soley on one story. I'll try and summarise what happened as best as I can. I'll hopefully be doing one-shots bases off of this little verse. We'll see :P

When I last updated, Wilson was 10 weeks pregnant. While he and House thought they were expecting a girl, an ultrasound at the start of month four revealed it to be a boy. Realising that the house they went to see (in chapter one) had another bidder, they went all out and bought it. After selling Houses apartment, they now live at the new place. Wilson had their son via a C-section, and his parents visited them a couple of days later to meet their grandson. While Blythe House was overjoyed to hear of her son becoming a father, John was furious that his grandson was the result of male pregnancy and refused to come and see him. He and House haven't spoken since, but Blythe still remains in contact, recieving new pictures of her grandson every week.

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House had just finished washing up after making dinner, when he felt something pull on the leg of his jeans.

"Daddy up!" House smiled, and carefully bent down to pick up his son. Rory put his small arms around his fathers' neck.

"Hey champ. Mommy isn't home until very late so it's just you and me. Why don't you help me pick a DVD for us to watch?" He said while carrying Rory over to the DVD rack, setting him on the floor so he could collapse onto the sofa. House smirked as he watched Rory pick The Aristocats out of his small pile of children's DVDs and carried it over to his daddy. Sighing, House got to his feet in order to start the film, scooping his son up into his arms on his way back to the couch. Settling Rory on his lap House loosely placed his arms around him, and his chest tightened a fraction when he felt two small hands placed over one of his. House still wasn't used to being a father, even though Rory was born 18 months ago. He still couldn't believe that he and Wilson were parents to this wonderful and cheerful little boy. He could string two words together and pull his pants up on his own, and was almost ready to run. House was so overjoyed when Rory's first word was "Dada", that he nearly dropped the bowl of mashed bananas that he was feeding him.

A low rumble of thunder got Houses attention, and inwardly he moaned. Rory didn't like thunderstorms one bit. Fortunately, he didn't appear to of heard that rumble, but House still slightly tightened his grip on his son and hoped that the storm would pass. Sadly, about 15 minutes later there was a flash of lightning followed by a cack of thunder. Rory gasped towards the window and held one of his daddy's' fingers in both of his small hands. House kissed the top of his head and rubbed circles on his back. For a few minutes there was silence, and Rory seemed to have forgotten all about it as he watched Marie fall off the back of the moving van. Until an even louder rumble of thunder shook the house. House stood up, holding a now-crying Rory tightly to his chest. He slowly limped sans-cane into his and Wilsons bedroom, shutting the door after him. He then turned his attention to his baby, whose tiny arms were tight around his neck and his head buried in Houses shoulder.

"Sshh... it'll be over soon, buddy..." He tried to sooth Rory who was still sobbing, so he gently begun to rock him. The storm was in full swing, a flash of lightning and thunder every few minutes.

"Bang stop!" Rory sniffled, and it broke Houses heart to hear his son upset and being unable to do anything about it. He frantically looked around the bedroom for anything to sooth him and spotted one of Rory's storybooks on Wilsons bedside table – both of them liked to snuggle up in bed reading that book, and it was Rory's favourite. Carefully, House prized Rory's arm from his neck so that he could place his son on the bed while he got himself settled under the covers. Rory cried even harder at the lack of contact, his arms outstretched and machining grabbing notions with his fingers towards House. He pulled Rory to him and got him comfortable under the covers with him. Cradling his baby boy on his lap he reached for the book. Kissing him on his forehead, House began the story. He kept his voice soft and soothing to keep Rory calm, and to try to send him off to sleep. Sadly, as the book was coming to an end Rory was still awake, sniffling away with his head buried in his father's chest.

"You've been such a brave little boy, Rory. I'm so proud of you." House whispered as he gently rocked his baby. Rory reached with one hand and drowsily smacked Greg's chin.

"Mommy?" Rory asked. House looked down at his son and into his blue eyes. He couldn't help but smile at his boy.

"Mommy's very proud of you too, buddy." Rory yawned and his eyelids began to droop. House tightened his hold on him and brushed the hair from his forehead before placing a small kiss there.

"'Night, Rory. Daddy loves you very much." He could see that his son was on the verge of sleep, so he kept as still and as quiet as he could. It was quite clear that Rory preferred House to Wilson, and Greg knew that his boyfriend was slightly hurt by that fact. He didn't know why, but Rory liked cuddles with his daddy more than with his mommy. House being their sons favourite had been the cause of a few arguments between the two parents, with Wilson getting frustrated that Rory wouldn't take the bottle and when Greg tries he is successful almost instantly.

He suddenly heard Wilson open and shut the front door. He sprinted down the hall and into their bedroom. His gaze softened and he smiled when he saw House cradling a no sleeping Rory against his chest. Wilson stood beside them and squeezed his lovers shoulder.

"Hey," He whispered, "I got home as fast as I could when the storm started." House looked up at him and smiled. "Want me to put him to bed?"

"Yeah." Wilson carefully took Rory from Houses arms and carried him to his room. Placing him in the cot, he pecked Rory on his crown before tucking him in. He switched on the baby monitor on his way out.

"How was he?" Wilson asked as he slipped out of his trousers and shirt. House was just coming out of the bathroom and embraced him from behind.

"Scared. Thankfully the storm didn't last long." He kissed Wilsons ear. "Did you switch the baby monitor on?"

"Yeah, of course." Wilson grinned as Houses hands roamed over his stomach, then spun around in the embrace to kiss his lover properly. "I missed you both."

"We missed you too. Now get your pretty ass into bed, I'm tired." House said, already making his way over to the bed and climbing in. Wilson sighed and followed suit. As soon as he got comfortable, House pulled him over to his side and buried his face in his chest, sighing in contentment. "I think I missed you more, though." He mumbled. Wilson pulled House up to look at him properly, and faltered when he saw how happy House looked. He couldn't help but grin in return, especially when House passionately kissed him. God, he really did love this man.

"I love you, Greg." Wilson whispered. House smiled, and kissed him again.

"I love you too, Jimmy, so damn much." He sank back down to his former position and curled around Wilson, who in turn wrapped his arms around House.