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I moved quickly through the city, but had no other plan to speak of. I had been taught about all middle eastern geography since I came here, but my mind was still a bit groggy from the incense pervading my mind. The city was still unaware of the treachery committed against the Mitanni king, with people strolling down the streets, stopping to look at street vendors' items.

Suddenly, across the crowd, I could see a familiar face. Horus stood among the people, scanning the crowd with a distinct expression in his face. He finally noticed me staring at him, and the realization bloomed on his face.

Before I knew it, he had made his way across the plaza and was embracing me. My feet left the ground as I began to laugh, then tapped his shoulder playfully to put me down.

"The twins, you're crushing them!" I say, being serious, but laughing at the same time. After a quick assessment of their well being, I looked back up at him with excitement.

"Where is he?" I asked, and he knew easily who I was talking about.

"Outside of the city. He thought it would be less conspicuous if I snuck in and rescued you."

"Now, when have I ever proven to inconspicuous?" I asked sarcastically.

"It has worked for the past two weeks. We've only recently obtained information about your whereabouts." He replied.

"Yes, Matiwaza knows how to keep the things that are his a secret." I said quietly, hoping he didn't hear. Nonetheless, he looked at me, and I knew in that moment that Horus knew who else my heart belonged to, and would spend however much time convincing me otherwise.

" Things he thinks are his. Let's get out of here. I long for our home."

The ride across the sandy dunes outside of the city was uneventful, only taking an hour, with Seti in my arms and Nephtys in Horus'. No army met us, something that surprised me, but I did see a single, solitary man standing beside a horse, as if waiting for someone. He paced back and forth, features contorted in worry.

I dismounted quickly, looking to him. He stared back, saying nothing to me for a very long time.

"Is that-?" He asked. I nodded before he could answer, and he seemed to choke a bit. I smiled.

"Would you like to hold them?" I asked. He nodded, stunned into silence. I passed Seti to him, cradling the baby's head before releasing him to his father. Ramses looked down at the child in his arms with awe.

"This is Seti." He said, phrased like a question he knew the answer to. Horus silently transferred Nephtys into my arms as I nodded my confirmation. He continued to stare down at the child, looking almost frightened.

"He has your eyes, yes?" I asked, smiling. He nodded, still stunned. "And this is Nephtys," I say, gesturing to my daughter, cuddling into my arms even as I hand her to her father. Holding one child in each arm, he gazes in awe at each one.

Quietly, like the wind, he whispers, "They are beautiful." My smile widens and I toss my arms around his neck.

"I will go to the ends of the earth for this." He continued. I nodded.

"Let nothing stop you." I replied in affirmation, and our lips finally met. After a while, Horus cleared his throat. We parted, and Ramses laughed a hearty laugh.

"Come, let's get away from here." He said. I smiled and nodded as he helped me onto my horse.

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