"And remember girls always love a gentleman." Spencer brushed at her son's shirt. "So you will open the door for her, pull out her chair for her, ask her what she wants, order for her, but not in a I-control-what-you-get way, and I want you to be a gentleman do hear me young man?" Spencer smiled proudly, her son going out on his first date!

"And if that doesn't get you laid then you gotta lay on the Davies charm, trust me you've inherited that." Ashley came into the room holding a paper bag.

"Now we don't have any condoms in the house because well…you don't need to hear about that. But I bought you some. If you're going to have sex with her make sure it's safe sex."

"ASHLEY!" Spencer scolded her wife in disbelief.

"What? I'm promoting safe sex. Hello? Of all people I think I should definitely be promoting safe sex."

"Honey, gentlemen don't have sex with the girls on the first date." Spencer flashed a scolding look at Ashley before turning back to her son.

The poor boy looked back and forth between his two mother's, one fussing over the collar of his shirt, and the other one slipping two condoms in his pocket.

"Look I have to go, both of you." He shrugged trying to throw their hands off of him not wanting to be late to his date's house.

"Wait honey!" Spencer ran after him with a little water in her hands fixing his hair and patting it down. Sighing and rolling his eyes he turned and came face to face with his other mom.

"'Kay little man, give me the Davies smirk." Ashley looked down at him in all seriousness.

He gave her the are-you-kidding-me-look.

"I'm not moving until you give me the look." And she was serious.

Finally giving her a weak smirk that he had clearly learned from Ashley.

"m'kay, off you go then. And hey kid!"

He turned giving her one more tiring look at Spencer her hands clasped together so proud of him. And then at Ashley.

"Check your pockets okay? I slipped you some raincoats, cuz I'm predicting thunderstorms for you hun."

Looking traumatized he grabbed the keys to his car and turned around leaving his two mothers to bicker.

"Ashley that was disgusting!"

"Aww come on my kid's gotta be a good with the ladies like his mom!"

"Ashley Davies!" Spencer scolded hotly.

"No Ashley, now don't you give me that smirk! Ashley!"

"It worked on you didn't it Spence?"

Spencer looked frustrated but turned her head at their son now waving goodbye at the doorway she smiled a large motherly I-Love-You-Honey smile.

"…bye guys." He turned quickly to leave behind his mothers. One still grumbling about how he had to be a gentleman, and the other going on about how he had to learn the rules of attraction.

"Go get 'em tiger" Ashley yelled after him.

"Honey don't pop you collar! Be a gentleman!!" Spencer yelled after him slapping her hand over her wife's mouth.

Shaking his head he discarded of the two condoms his mom had slipped into his pants. Not that he needed them. He just didn't know how to tell them both he was gay.