Author's Note: E/O Challenge, the word was "feel". Two great ladies are celebrating their birthday this week, and they both deserve a treat. Deangirl1 was easy to please, hurt Dean and she's happy. CiZiwejes wanted the boys in a hospital scene that involved stomach surgery and some caring and protectiveness. Well, this is what came out, you have to share sisterly as they are a mix.

Update: Also, I have done what I can to oust this angsty muse, that can't possibly be mine, but so far I haven't had any luck. Those of you who read my stuff for a smile and a laugh - sorry! I'm doing my best to get back in gear.

Beta: The One And Only The Tribble Master

Disclaimer: I briefly touched base with reality this week too and have to admit – they're not mine. But I'm not giving up hope.

Word count: 100 in each

Warnings: A bad word. Pre-series.


Family protection 1

Dean already felt terrible, having had 666 needles surgically removed from his stomach.

Bloody witches.

And now the shrink wanted answers - suicide-attempt or parental abuse.

Poor dad.

"Dean, what happened?"

"…don't deserve to live," Dean lied.

"Why not?" he asked, ticking 'suicide', letting the father off the hook.

"…disappointment to my father" Dean continued, cursing the morphine. If he wasn't careful he'd tell the truth. "…should've been a baseball player. Like him."

The shrink lifted his chin and understanding flared, he'd fill in any gaps himself.


He'd hit that one out of the park, dad would be proud.


Family protection 2

Sam piled the bedding comfortably around his pale brother while their father prepared dinner. John had looked grim and tired since they'd pulled Dean out of the hospital, before the insurance people noticed them. Sam felt burdened with despair, and he suspected John did too. They had had to answer tons of searching questions about their family before the hospital shrink was convinced that Dean had hurt himself. But what kind of family allowed their son/brother to sustain such injuries? Sam knew he'd have a fight with dad later – they both needed to vent and there was no one else.


Next chapter isn't part of the drabble challenge. It's just my original draft for the first drabble. It hurt too much to let it disappear so I'm posting it. Not required reading and completely un-betad.