NB! This isn't part of the challenge, it's just my first draft for it. I couldn't let it go because there were too many things I liked about it. Read - don't read, comment - don't comment. I just HAD to post it because I wanted to keep it safe somewhere.

Oh, and it's 206 words! Choke on it, word counter! Mwahaha...


Dysfunctional familes don't stick to the rules!

Dean was feeling terrible, having just had 666 needles surgically removed from his stomach. And the goofy-looking shrink that sat next to his bed wanted answers. How had they slipped into his stomach? Dean knew he thought it was suicide, but he would look for abuse in the family too. Poor dad, Dean thought. They'd been in this situation before and he knew how it went. "Dean, how did this happen?" the shrink asked, sounding genuinely curious and sympathetic. Dean sighed. "I, I don't deserve to live" he answered quietly. "Why not?" the shrink asked, ticking the box for "suicide" instead of "abuse". At least his dad was off the hook. "I, I always feel like I'm a disappointment to my father" Dean continued and cursed the morphine the moment the words left his mouth. If he wasn't careful he'd give this guy the truth and be put in a straight-jacket. "I… should have been a baseball player. Like him. But I never made it." The shrink lifted his chin and immediate understanding flared in his eyes, his own experiences would have him fill in the gaps. Yatzee Dean thought and closed his eyes. He'd hit that one out the park, his dad would be proud.


If any of you birthday ladies would like to adopt it, it's yours.