I wasn't planning on adding to this, but a very sweet review from candysweets motivated me to do so! This is after the incident happened and now Skipper can see Marshal and Marlene. Yes!

One thing that Skipper loved about himself, was that he was a pretty fast healer. He wasn't completely healed over night, but he could get up on his feet the next day. Skipper fluttered his eyes open feeling a lot better. He turned over and saw his team sleeping on the ground next to him. It made him smile to have such a loyal and dependable team to count on. He thought about letting them sleep, but one thing Skipper didn't love about himself was that he hated to wait. "Kowalski" Skipper whispered.

Kowalski's eye popped open at the sound of his leader's voice. "Skipper?" he asked looking up at his leader. "Oh Skipper, are you alright? Do you need anything?" he asked getting up on his feet waking up Private and Rico.

Skipper smiled. "I'd love to see my son."

Kowalski smiled too. "I had a feeling you'd say that." He helped his leader up with Private and Rico. "Can you make it?" he asked in a worried tone. "Listen Skipper, I know you want to check on Marshal and Marlene, but if you're in any pain at all-"

"I'm fine, solider." Skipper said. "I think you've got a little lady waiting for you out there that wants to see you more than I want your help."

Kowalski smiled knowing he was talking about Athena.

The penguins helped Skipper limp over to Marshal and Marlene, who were still sleeping in each other's arms. Skipper smiled down at them and how Marlene's breaths blew against Marshal's down feathers making them flutter. "Marshal, Marlene." He said. He was thinking of shaking them awake, but he didn't want to injure his flipper anymore that that building already did.

Both Marshal and Marlene's eyes popped open at the sound of Skipper's voice and had an ear to ear smile when they realized they weren't dreaming and that Skipper was standing right in front of him. Alive.

Marlene smiled and started to cry. She didn't know if it was happiness of Skipper still being alive or from sadness at how beaten up he looked. "Skipper, are you okay?" Marlene asked wondering if she should hug him, but even if he was well, she'd have to double think about that.

Marshal didn't care; he jumped up and hugged his dad's side with tears coming down his face like everyone else's in the room. "Dad, I was so worried. I thought you were dead! I thought I'd never see you again!" he said listing more and more things he feared.

Marshal's hug hurt Skipper, but Skipper ignored it. He had been hurt worse before. "I know son. I'm sorry that I scared you like that."

"I'm sorry." Marshal said looking up at his dad with red eyes as his flippers were wrapped around his side as if he was holding him from leaving like he almost had the night before.

Skipper laughed. "What? Why are you sorry?" he asked looking down at his son with a smile.

"I could've stopped this from happening! I might've been able to push you out of the way before you were crushed. I'd rather go than you, I love you." Marshal said weeping getting mad at himself all over again as he let go of his dad. "You wouldn't look like a mummy right now if I was there." He said looking down angry at himself with his flippers squeezing together in front of his stomach to let his anger out.

Skipper frowned. "Marshal, there's a reason I didn't let you go. You know what that reason is?" he said leaning down to look him in the eyes.

Marshal sniffed and shook his head looking up at his dad for an answer.

"I didn't let you go because I'd rather go than you. I love you and you have a lot of life ahead of you. Besides, if you went and got yourself hurt, you wouldn't want me alive when I got to you for doing something like that." Skipper answered with a small laugh.

Marshal laughed a little too, but the tears didn't stop. "Really dad?"

"I'm a penguin of my word aren't I?" he said before the two hugged.

"Then promise me you'll never hurt yourself like that again." Marshal said in his dad's wrapped up flippers. "Never"

Skipper smiled and hugged his son harder. "I promise."

Well, was this good? Not so go good? Like I said I wasn't planning to add to this, but I guess this won't be bad. : )

I wanted to add more Skilene, but I felt like doing a father/son moment for Marshal and Skipper. He already had a mother/son moment with Marlene, but Marlene's not his mom…yet.