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The one thing I hate most about being an actress is the entertainment press and having to do interviews and talk shows. I would rather crawl into a hole in the middle of the desert than face the entertainment press. But being that I am an actress, and a famous popular one at that, I have to promote my projects. It's in my contract.

My latest project is a romantic comedy with an upcoming male lead, Jacob Black. My agent, Rosalie Hale, said it would help solidify the 'not so serious' side of my pallet. Like I really give a shit. I would rather be working on an independent project or a drama.

So I've just completed the press junket, and am now on the whirl-wind tour of all the talk shows. The movie is premiering next week and Rosalie has booked me nonstop for 10 days on every talk show in LA that she could get me on. I only have one request; that she book me on The Late Late Show with Edward Cullen.

So I have a little crush on Edward Cullen. It is not too hard to imagine. After all he is a gorgeous, tall, toned body, with green eyes that reminded you of an African rainforest, and copper sex hair man. Yummy with a spoon.

My crush started a few years ago; actually on the exact night when the show started. I was working on a horror movie project in which I worked mostly nights. So on nights that I wasn't shooting, I would continue to keep up my schedule so my body would not get off track. I would be up late at night trying to keep myself busy, reading, writing letters to family, fiddling on my computer, watching movies and TV. I was flipping through the guide early one night and noticed a new talk show premiering. Since I frequented talk shows, I thought it would be neat to watch one from the ground up.

I tuned in and watched The Late Late Show with Edward Cullen. It was funny, clever and witty. Edward was so different from other talk show hosts. He talked while looking right into the camera, making eye gestures and snide remarks. All of his comments had a sexual-deviant flavor to them. It was a good thing it was the late late show. No one in the time slots before him could pull that kind of humor off without warnings from the FCC.

So began my new obsession with The Late Late Show With Edward Cullen. Even after I finished that project, I continued to watch the show faithfully. If I wasn't near the TV or was shooting on location, I had it taping somewhere. I was solely responsible for Rosalie learning how to digitally record and burn onto DVDs. Let's just say she is not the most computer savvy person in the world.

After a few years passed, I have more projects under my belt. One comedy, one horror, two dramas and one independent film. I think at this point, I was only missing an action film to my resume. Edward's show was gaining viewers and ratings, and I knew that it was only a matter of time before I could make my demand.

To Rosalie, it is not such a demand. Only Rosalie and Alice Brandon, my personal stylist, knew about my crush. I have to be careful; if the entertainment media found out that I have a crush on another celebrity, there would be no end to the hounding. The tabloids already have a field day with my many male co-stars. None of what is written is true, but the tabloids love to make that shit up. Not to mention all the attention that Edward receives. He is marked as the classic playboy. However my sources, Alice and her stylist pals, say he is anything but.

From what Alice tells me, he is close with friends and his production staff, and rarely puts himself in a situation that would give him the playboy status. And he is single and I am giddy about that particular bit of information.

This romantic comedy is by far the most publicized project that I'd done, and the media tour is in full effect. Seven days in and Rosalie has secured my interview with Edward Cullen. I am so nervous, but I'm always nervous when talking to the press. Somehow the thought of meeting Edward face-to-face made me more nervous than usual.

Alice prepares by picking out the perfect outfit for me to wear, a dark blue wrap dress with strappy silver heels. She also picks up a simple but elegant necklace and pairs it with diamond stud earrings from a cute little boutique that she frequents. My make-up is natural looking, and my hair is down after pulled back from my face with several small-jeweled combs.

I am sitting in the green room watching his intro on the TV. I am fidgeting with the necklace with thoughts running threw my head on where the nearest bathroom is so I can go throw up.

"Ten minutes Ms. Swan." Jasper Whitlock, Edward's stage manager, tells me.

"Okay," I reply quietly.

"Hey, are you okay? You look like you are going to be sick," Jasper asks as he steps further into the green room.

"No, I'm fine. Just nervous," I reply.

"You know that there is nothing to worry about. Edward will be gentle with you." He states confidently. Hmm, gentle. I want him to be anything but gentle with me.

"Sure. No worries. And please call me Bella," I smile to let him know that I am okay.

He leaves me to my thoughts, but I ignore them and the feeling in my stomach. I just concentrate on watching Edward on the TV. Breathe Bella.

"It's time Bella. Follow me please," Jasper states as he opens the green room door. Boy that was a quick ten minutes.

I zone out as I follow Jasper to the stage. Okay, you can do this Bella. You do this all the time. He is no different from any other talk show host. Keep telling yourself that sweetheart.

"Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome my next guest. She has a new movie Never Again coming out on September 30. The lovely and talented *wink* Isabella Swan." Edward states indicating my cue to enter the stage.

Jasper places his hand on the small of my back and gives me a gentle nudge to the stage. I turn and smile at him, thanking him silently. I calmly walk out and turn to the audience and give my press smile and a hand wave. Nice bright shinny teeth.

Then I turn and walk the three steps to Edward.

Ohmygodheismorebeautifulinperson-please dear God help me.

Now, you have to realize when I normally do interviews, I leave the gestures and greetings to just hand shakes. I have never even been one to lean in and whisper something or even give a hug.

But something happens that I did not plan. My body is reacting before my brain. I lean into hug Edward. I reach for his shoulders to pull him in. Then to make matters worse, I lean in and whisper in his ear. "I need you," I purr in his ear.

What the fuck just happened?

Edward pulls back from my embrace with a dazed look. For about five seconds he didn't know what to do. Then the light clicks on in his brain and he goes right back into talk show host mode.

He leads me over to the chair next to the desk, keeping his hand on the small of my back. He makes sure that I get to my seat and walks around to the sit in the chair behind the desk.

"Well Isabella. We've never had you in the show before. How are you? How has your summer been?"

I put on my best on-camera face to reply, trying to forget about what I just did. "Thanks Edward. I'm doing well. Glad to be on your show. I have to admit that I'm a big fan." Ohshit, that is not good.

"A big fan." *wink* "How did that happen?" He questions *smirk*wink*.

"Well, a few years ago when you first started, I was filming Blood Before Sundown, working mostly nights. I kept my schedule even when I wasn't filming, which left me with long hours at night in my hotel room reading and watching TV."

"So you were bored and decided to watch my show?" He teases me. *wink*

I blush and giggle.

"So, tell us about your new movie, Never Again." He prompts.

"Well, it is romantic comedy starring myself and Jacob Black," I pause and the audience starts clapping. "Our characters have a one night stand..." I start.

"A one night stand? You don't seem the type Isabella." He teases.

"Well, yes, I'm not one for one-night-stands." Okay time to flirt back. "But I understand that you are bit of a playboy yourself." I tease him back.

He blushes. He fucking blushed. Ohmygodkillmenow-so yummy!

"Well, Isabella, I do date and if you want to call me a playboy, you can. But I do have a better suggestion. Maybe since you are single and I am single..." He was leading the thought, smirking and winking and grinning like a fool to the camera and audience. "...I could show you that I'm not a playboy." He continues his statement.

I blush and giggle.

"How about dinner after the show?" He questions.

Was he serious? He has to be flirting and teasing. This is not happening.

"Sure. Where would you like to take me?" I tease back giggling.

"My place." He grins, but with the most deadly lustful look that I have ever seen.

But before I can respond, he sends the show out for the commercial break. As the lights dim a little during the break, he leans over the desk to talk to me. My heart is beating so loud and the blood was running threw my veins, I don't know if I can make it through this interview and not pass out.

"I'm serious." Edward states calmly.

"Okay," I reply quietly.

Edward is starring at me like I'm the only person in the room. It seems that he's creating a bubble around us and the noise of the audience and production is faded in the background. He reaches out and places his hand on my forearm. I start to shiver from the electricity that is flowing from his hand to my arm. What the fuck is that!?

"Edward..." I start to speak softly, and the bubble burst. The lights come back on full strength and we are back on the air.

"Welcome back to the show. My guest with me is the lovely Isabella Swan. She has a new movie, Never Again, opening September 30. So Isabella, tell me about working with Jacob Black?" He returns his attention back to the camera and then back to me for the answer.

"Jacob is a great guy. Great comedic timing. I think people will be very pleased with what they will see in the movie." I state the pre-rehearsed lines about the movie.

"I bet he is a great kisser too?" Edward smirks.

"I never kiss and tell Edward," I tease back.

"Well, I certainly hope not. If you're going to be dating me, I don't want everyone to know what a great kisser I am," he jokes back. Somehow I don't think he is joking. Those lips alone are begging to be kissed and sucked.

"So we've gone from having a dinner to dating? Are you going to marry us off and have kids too?" I couldn't help but tease him back. I love this banter; too much fun.

"I would never," he replies shocked. "I would make sure to ask your father's permission first on marrying you. Then I would call my agent." He jokes.

"And we would need a contract about having children," I reply back with a smirk on my face. *wink*

He stops for about two seconds. His mouth drops open. Then he starts to wrap up the interview. Our banter is great. So much fun.

"Isabella's new movie Never Again comes out on September 30. Please make sure that you see this movie!" Edward reaches out and shakes my hand with both of his hands encasing mine.

The show goes to commercial break. I stand up to walk back off stage. Edward stands and is immediately behind me placing his hand on the small of my back. We reach the edge of the stage, right behind the curtain, and he turns me around to face him.

"Thank you for coming on the show Isabella. I'm serious about dinner. Will you please stay and join me after the show ends?" He questions.

My body reacts again before my brain. I move closer to Edward and kiss him gently on his cheek. I pull back. Everything is in slow motion. "I would love to. And please call me Bella."

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