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Outtake Two ~ Wedding


I got a really good tip from Caius before I left for Europe—get a really good sleep mask.

This goes double if you are jumping from city to city at all hours of the day and night, not knowing what time zone you are in or what day it is.

But instead of me shopping for one, he gave me one.

Black velvet, soft as a newborn's skin, rimmed in red rope and embroidered with a fancy 'B' on the front. I really didn't know how much I would come to depend on this sleep mask as I smiled and gave him a small hug, muttering thank you for the thoughtful gift.

But then I found myself keeping it in my purse after I hit the 48-hour mark of the trip.

I found solace behind the darkness each and every time I slipped on the mask.

That, along with the silencing headphones that came as a gift from Edward.

At the moment I am hiding behind the sleep mask, my headphones on, the smooth sounds of Michael Bublé floating and luring me into sleep.

Before the song ends, a hand gently shakes my shoulder, urging me to wake. I raise the edge of the mask to find Angela looking at me with sorrow for having to wake me from my power nap.

"We're here," she quietly says.

I pull the mask off and place it back in my purse and go about shaking off any tiredness. Shortly I will be attending the last movie premier, press conference, and red carpet for this European tour for the movie.

Tomorrow we will be on our way to Felix's family's vineyard outside Verona, Italy.

Ah…Romeo and Juliet.

But the best part—with the Emmy's behind him, Edward has managed to get a few days off and is flying over to join me.

A mini-vacay so to speak.

Once the plane lands, I am rushed off to a hotel that I won't spend the night in. A team of makeup, hair stylists, and designers are awaiting me, eager to whip me into some type of perfection only reserved for red carpets and movie premiers.

After a hot shower, some much needed plucking, along with heavy dose of makeup and combed out hair dried to perfection, followed by sliding, zipping, and adding those double stick tape magic wonders, I find myself ready to face fans and the press.

By the time I arrive back at the hotel, I have to massage my face to relax my muscles from smiling so much. Not to mention massive amounts of eye drops to bring life back to them from all the flashes.

Then it is back on the plane where I find comfort behind my sleep mask.

When we arrive at the vineyard, I'm not really sure what to expect. Mainly because we arrive in the middle of the night and it's pitch black.

It doesn't really matter to me at the moment; after the plane and a long car ride, all I wantis a horizontal place and position in which to sleep.

I manage to throw on some sleep pants and a tank top before crashing into the feather soft bed in my room.

The next morning, I lift the edge of the sleep mask and am immediately assaulted with bright sunlight filling the room. After stretching and moaning about having to get out of the bed that is a slice of heaven during this trip, I remove the sleep mask and take in my surroundings.

The room is everything I imagine an Italian house would look like. Soft colors, creams and honey tones, all inviting. My bed has a beautiful sage and white floral comforter and huge pillows filling the space that my body isn't in, giving me a little cocoon of softness to sleep in.

No wonder I slept so well.

The stone floor is cool under my bare feet as I get out of the bed. There are a few rugs scattered around the room, all laid out to lead you to the French doors at the far end of the room.

The sun is forceful through the sheer curtains, finding space where the material isn't and beaming into the room. The sightg is calling me, tempting me to come open and take in the warmth of the light.

Once I do, I'm completely rewarded.

Just outside my room is a tiny balcony overlooking part of the vineyard. Everything is green and luscious. Taking a few deep breaths, I can smell nature and the beauty that fills my vision, a sense of calm flowing through me.

Knowing I want to share this moment with Edward, I rush back in and find my carry-on, pulling out my camera and phone for pictures. I capture a few wonderful shots, the sun acting as a subject and posing for me in all its beauty.

Once I take a picture of the view and another of me in front of it with my phone, I send them to Edward.

It only takes a minute for my phone to ring.

"What are you doing awake?"

"I haven't slept well since you left."

"You should go back to bed. I didn't mean to wake you."

"If anything, you gave me something to dream about."

"Oh, Edward. You should see this place. God, its so beautiful here."

"I don't have to wait long. I'll be seeing it tomorrow."

"I can't wait for you to get here."

"I know. Did you finally get some rest?"

"Yeah, actually, last night is the best sleep I have gotten since I crossed the Atlantic."

Shortly, I tell Edward that I love him, and beg him to get some rest. Hanging up the phone, I sigh and lean against the rail, wishing Edward arms were wrapped around me, soaking in the vineyard.

Eventually, I pull myself back inside and get myself in the shower.

Thirty minutes later, I leave my room and follow the smells. I find the kitchen, the smells coming from a spread of food covering the island in the center—enough food to feed an small army.

There is an open doorway leading to the covered outside patio. I find myself taking everything in, stone archways that frame the view of the large courtyard, the furniture, and decor. Everything is so warm and inviting. On the opposite side of the courtyard there are more buildings, multi-colored and the perfect palette to this vineyard. There are a few scattered tables, but one large one with twenty or more seats, already set for eating.


I turn to see Felix behind me. He looks completely relaxed, more than I have ever seen him before. Wearing a simple white button down shirt, he looks rumpled and at home. His shirt is rolled up to his elbows but left untucked from his worn jeans.

Seeing his bare feet shocks me the most.

"Ravenous," I answer.

With a plate full of fresh fruit and a tasting of just about everything that caught my eye, coupled with the best fresh coffee I have ever had, I sit at the patio table and listen to Felix talk about his family.

Their vineyard has been in his family for over one hundred and fifty years, a member always living here at the main house and running the fields.

Just hearing him talk, I'm absorbed into his world, entranced by his stories. No wonder he is such a great director.

With a full belly after breakfast we leave the table and he gives me a tour of the house. We bump into Angela and Tia, both coming back from a nature walk, promises of me joining for another one in the afternoon.

The day is perfect—absolutely what was needed after the frenzy of the movie tour. I feel like I am starting to relax. The only thing missing now is Edward.

During the nature walk with the girls, I get to take in the grounds, admiring all the hard work that the staff puts into maintaining the crops and the grounds. The walk is exactly what I need, as well as Angela and Tia. With all the hard work they both do for me, having them here to wind down is important to me.

As we make our way back to the main house, Angela, Tia, and I keep on admiring the beauty.

My own mind falls back to thoughts that this is the same area close to the city that the story of Romeo and Juliet were placed.

"Can you imagine growing up here?" Tia proposes.

"Felix did. You have to let him tell you a few family stories. Just fascinating."

"I will definitely get him to tell me," Tia says.

"This place is a little bit of heaven compared to Hollywood," Angela states.

I sigh. "It sure is."

We continue our walk, coming closer to the main house.

Angela spontaneously starts to laugh.

"What's so funny?"

"I was just thinking that you and Edward should get married here. Away from the spotlight and throw the press off trackfrom following your every move when you do get married."

"Yeah, don't think you will find much in the way of overhead helicopters here," Tia adds.

I stop dead in my tracks. They are right. The press wouldn't find us here, total privacy for one of the most important moments in my life, the day that Edward and I are permanently joined.

"Yes. We should get married here."

"Bella, I was only kidding."

"No," I say, excited at the thought. "It would be perfect, spur of the moment, and far away from any press."

"Shit, you're serious, aren't you?" Angela asks, sharing looks back and forth between Tia and me.

"Why not? You said it yourselves:we could get married here, out of the spotlight, and what better backdrop to a romantic event?"

An hour later, I finally pick up the phone after talking to the girls some more and asking Felix permission to turn our downtime into chaos, I have a desperate need to talk to Edward.

"Hey, Beautiful."

"I want to get married."

He laughs. "We will."

"No, I want to get married here—now."

"In Italy?"

"Yes, here on the vineyard. When you get here."

"Are you sure? What about our friends and family?"

"Yes." For the next ten minutes, I explain to Edward why I want to do this. I describe the beauty of our surroundings, the backdrop is perfect for a wedding, the quickness would throw off the press, and the privacy would be what we need for our wedding.

He is silent as I get everything out, making me even more nervous about the idea, the thought that I am just nuts for wanting this.

"We have to get Charlie, Esme, and Carlisle there."

"Does that mean yes?"

"Yes, anything for you, beautiful."

The moment we are off the phone, I find myself bursting out of my room and yelling for Angela and Tia.

It takes a lot of phone calls, getting Felix and some of his family to help, but in a few short hours we have some plans in place.

A simple wedding.

Esme, Carlisle, Alice, Jasper, Rose, and Emmett are all flying over with Edward in his private jet tomorrow.

Charlie was the hard part—finding him, that is. After threatening a few people, I was finally able to get a message to him, only to have my phone ring within ten minutes.

Charlie said he didn't know if he could come but that he would try.

Needless to say, I was disappointed. But I expected the response I got.

Charlie is my dad, and he has always done his best to raise me right and support me, but that doesn't mean he's always there for me when I need him the most.

Edward offered his dad to walk me down the isle in Charlie's absence.

I might have cried a little at that offer.

After everything is said and done, the wedding is set to take place in four days. Felix knows of a family friend, a Lutheran Priest that speaks English, who can marry us.

The one scary moment, the one that could have put a halt to everything was when I first spoke to Felix. I was already nervous that he would say no, but when he told me that it takes two weeks to get a marriage license in Italy, I almost fainted.

Grabbing his phone and scrolling through his contacts, he mumbles something about the three T's of Italy: things, take, time.

Apparently so.

Hours later I talk to Edward again, coordinating and informing him about the priest. We go with the plan to have just a religious ceremony and apply for a license back in the states when we return home.

The next day arrives, along with everyone with the exception Charlie.

I try not to get my hopes up that he will show, even though Charlie has been known for popping up at the last minute.

Once I am in Edward's arms again, I breathe him in and fully relax. Even though we are going to get married in a few days, just having him here is the best thing to me right now.

The next two days are a whirlwind of activities. Somehow we all travel into Verona, the girls and I in search of dresses and the men in search of suitable attire for the occasion.

On the eve of our wedding, Felix and his family host an enormous feast at the house, one that I am sure will mirror tomorrow's. Everyone is in a joyful mood, smiles adorning all the faces of the people we care about.

Midnight quickly approaches; Jasper and Emmett pulled Edward away from my side, murmuring something about drinking and taking a walk. The girls are at my side as Edward leaves, our eyes locked on each other. Dance music fills the air, and the six main women in my life dance close.

I smile at then, trying to ignore the desire to run and find Edward, my thoughts on giving up on him seeing me before we wed. But before I can voice my thought, a warm hand grabs my arm and swoops me into a tight embrace.

Edward has quickly returned, one quick turn and dips me, kissing me soundly on the lips.

"I love you," he says, pulling me back up. "Until tomorrow."

Without a word from me, a kiss on the lips and he is running back off with the boys.

"What was that?" Angela asks.

"My future husband," I reply, the grin on my face as bright as the sun.

The next day, I find myself in my dress as I sit and wait. Any minute Carlisle will be knocking on the door to my room, telling me it's time.

I'm nervous…but excited.

Edward, along with our closest family and friends are all outside in the courtyard, sitting and waiting. The gravity of the moment hits me when the knock occurs.

"Bella, it's time," Carlisle's voice calls from the other side of the wood.

Taking my simple bouquet in my hands, I stand, give myself a smile in the mirror, and turn towards the door.

When I open the door, Carlisle isn't alone.

"Look who I found wandering around downstairs."

But his words are lost on me as my eyes well up with tears.

Damn emotions.

If weddings aren't emotional enough, my own included, the presence of my father, standing beside Carlisle in his dress uniform, sends me into a new level today; every one of his metals are shining, crisp and clean lines of his tailored uniform, and a smile so grand only Edward's is better.


"Sweetheart, you look so beautiful."

And then I'm in his arms, a quick, strong hug before he offers me his arm allowing Carlisle to lead us.

I don't remember much of the walk, time moving in slow motion but not slow enough. Charlie doesn't say much as he escorts me, guiding me to one of the best decisions of my life.

Then as we reach the edge of the patio, I take a deep breath, soaking in the moment before I see Edward.

In front of my feet is a makeshift isle, created with blooming greenery. My eyes travel along the path, ending at Edward.

He is standing there with Emmett and Jasper by his side, the Lutheran priest next to them, centering the isle, with Rose and Alice aligning on the other side.

There is nothing fake about the smile on my face. It isn't my smile that I put on for when I am in front of the press, it isn't the smile that I plaster on for the hours that I stand in front of fans, signing autographs.

This is Edward's smile.

His smile is reflecting mine, beaming and calling me to run to him.

Charlie calmly leads me as I make my way to my future husband, the echo of a single guitar playing to flow with the warm breeze of the late afternoon. With each step, I smile at the small group gathered to witness our union. Love is surrounding everyone, flowing and showing in each and every face.

As the priest asks who gives this bride, Charlie answers in the affirmative and squeezes my hand then gives me a simple kiss on the cheek before handing me over to Edward.

My focus is on the man I love, everything else just in the background. Our words and promises are spoken to each other, and I have never been more grateful for having someone telling me what to say.

"I love you," Edward whispers, leaning in to kiss me.

My response is instant, just before our lips meet. "I love you."

The cheers and praises that follow are the best of my life: tears from the women in my life that I love, Esme in the arms of Carlisle with her own tears of joy, and Charlie holding back his emotions as tears threaten to spill.

The love in the air continues to flow around us as we move from our ceremony to our celebration.

Felix's family is most gracious in hosting our impromptu event. Between having several of his cousins, who make up a harmonizing trio with a guitar, a single drum and a violin, and the women of his family baking and cooking a feast like no other, I don't know if I can ever thank them enough.

We eat, we dance, we laugh—the best time had by all.

As the evening winds down, I find myself in Edward's arms, dancing slowly in the middle of the courtyard under the cover of nightfall. The crowd has dwindled, everyone full of wonderful food and good wine off to find their own evening activities. The moon is bright, just rising but early enough that the moon feels like it is at eye level.

"I don't think I've ever seen such a beautiful moon before," I comment, looking at the large orb shining.

"I don't think I could ever be this ridiculously happy before."

"Edward, you make me happy."

He smiles and gives me a mind-blowing kiss, borderline inappropriate for being around others.

"Bella?" Edward whispers, his mouth finding my ear, nipping at my ear lobe.

My mind is in Edwardland, functioning only enough to enjoy the pleasure humming through my body. "Hmm."

"I need you."

I smile in response; only one answer comes from me, the words that started my relationship with Edward, "I'm yours."

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