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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"I regret burning that bridge, every single day."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Draco recalls those few minutes every time he sees raven hair and tan skin. He can remember the acidic taste of rejection and the hot flush of abandoned dreams. Yes, it would be fair to say that Draco remembers the day he lost his chance at being the Boy Wonders friend.

But, also in saying that, he must admit that he doesn't always regret it. Like when the Weasel and Granger come up missing, hurt, or in the line of danger. He doesn't exactly feel like he missed out on much, in that aspect.

It's more like the times when Potter's bangs are drenched in sweat and he has the heat of the snitch in the palm of his hand. He runs to his friends and its all high fives and hugs, everything that might have been his.

It's more like the times when Potter stands up to him, eyes flashing and defending everything that is right. It's at that moment when Draco really does wish he could run from the dungeons and beg for the light. But he doesn't, he stays in the snake pit and pretends not to see his breath in the middle of the night.

Draco doesn't kid himself; he doesn't think that one day Harry Potter will offer his calloused hand in return. He really doesn't wake up in the morning and tell himself that today will be different, lighter, better. He is more idealistic in the face of the rising sun, but sun always sets and so do his hopes.

Some of the other houses think he is obsessed, some say he is in love, and maybe a rare few understand. They understand that he is still walking into a big, new place and hoping to make his father proud. He just wanted to look out for the messy boy, but he didn't understand that.

There are rumors flying around gossiping ears, talking about why he hasn't been fighting back this year. Does Malfoy finally realize he isn't superior? Did he find a heart over the summer? He laughs at those mortal thoughts, so simple and childish.

Draco Malfoy doesn't believe he has a heart, he is pretty sure he would have found it by now if he had one. He doesn't feel bad when Hufflepuffs trip over their own feet, he laughs when Ravenclaws choke on moldy dust from unused books. But most of all, he wishes he was Harry Potter's friend.

Now, if he happened to be Harry Potter's friend he knows what would happen. He would either cause pain, maybe get his father too close accidentally, or he would break the boy's heart. Because Draco knows that, he knows Harry has a heart. He notices it every time he helps a clumsy Hufflepuff up, he notices when he pats Ravenclaws on the back and smiles at them.

Draco notices these things and he wants to be a better person, he wants to find a heart over the summer. But, he cannot simply find one lying around. He has looked frantically in Diagon Alley, poked around in scary alleys. Yet, here he is, still heartless.

Harry Potter starts to look at him more, staring blatantly during class or even during supper. His brows furrow and his mouth turns into a horrible scowl. Draco catches himself before he reaches out and smoothes these intense looks from his usual happy face. He catches himself from doing it, but the yearning is a little harder to swallow.

"Malfoy, are you really a snake?" Harry's question breaks his smirk and causes him to look at the wall.

They are alone in the corridor and Draco doesn't have much to say in return. Because, he honestly should be a snake and he has no doubts about that. Except, he might have a few he isn't willing to admit. He isn't into suicidal missions, he enjoys dark magic, he doesn't like weakness, he rather push people away than pull them in. But, he doesn't like hearing screaming coming from all rooms in the manor, he can't watch people twitch and beg without getting sick, he does not have a dark mark burnt into his arm.

Draco Malfoy isn't sure what he is anymore, but maybe he never really was a snake to begin with.

"Potter, you are asking the wrong question."

The furrowed brows over dinner become curious eyes over every meal. He feels like he is always being watched, constantly being questioned by the mouth of a lion.

Draco continues to glare at anyone who touches him, continues to make the second highest grades, and he continues obsessing over the past. He replays the stunned expression, replays the hard and decisive no that will forever ring through his idle mind.

"Malfoy, do you ever have regrets?" Another night, another corridor, and another moment that Draco will fixate on when everyone else is gripping onto their dreams.

Regret is an emotion that Draco is of course very familiar with, he has always felt it. He regretted pushing Pansy down in the mud when they were younger, she still has a scar from her mothers ring. He regretted trying to hug his father when he was nine, he can still hear the crack of his fathers can breaking on his back. Draco even regretted laughing at the Weasley girl's expense; he understands what it is like to be in awe of Harry.

"That is indeed a better question, Potter. But, Malfoy's don't have regrets." Draco goes to sleep that night with the image of Potter's sour smile in his mind.

Draco has always loved Potions, ever since Professor Snape told him he had what it took to be a great Potions Master. Draco wasn't the best at Quidditch, wasn't the top of his class, wasn't the most loved, but he was the best at Potions.

He knew when to stir, when to add ingredients, when to stop and just watch, and he didn't need a textbook to aid him. He wishes he could say the same thing for life. He never knows when to change, or when he needs something, and he wouldn't say no to some aid in everyday life.

Draco Malfoy knew how to survive; he knew how to stay alive even in the worst conditions. But he was never taught how to live, mostly because Malfoy's were marble and marble never asks for much.

"Do you have any regrets, Draco?"

The use of his given name causes him to reevaluate the person in front of him. Maybe Potter could understand if he could only get that Gryffindor courage and just vomit all his emotions out. Maybe Potter would offer support and pat his back when he heard of all the cruel things he has had to endure, simply and for no other reason, because he was a Malfoy.

But that was not the question and, after all, he was still a Slytherin.

"Yes." There is not much else he needs to say after that, the question wasn't looking for what he was regretful of. It was just a curious question of if he could possible feel emotions, beyond the selfish needs.

"Sometimes, I can see you thinking maybe even backtracking and I know. I know in your face that sometimes, you have regrets."

Draco doesn't turn, or pretend that this changes things; he simply continues to walk the other direction. Because this is the way it has to be, it has to be gut wrenching and painful. They are not on the same side and have never walked the same path in life. Draco does regret not being able to turn and say thank you, though. Somehow he thinks Potter knows this, anyways.

~~~"We cross our bridges when we come to them and burn them behind us, with nothing to show for our progress except a memory of the smell of smoke, and a presumption that once our eyes watered."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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