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The air filled with eardrum smashing bangs, the sky with light, not from the sun but from the gunfires. Lies have brought this war on, love as well, because with out love can there be hate? With out death can there be life? The truth and lies brought on this bloodshed. Love and hatred brought on this pain. Life and death still remain.

Lovers caught up in it saying their last, 'I love you' and 'Wait for me' . Why did this war have to take place? This war against nations, that once were close to becoming one, that once were allies instead of enemies. Why the sudden change after years of merriment? Love. That's what changed them, unexpected love between two royals. That's not all, traders also changed them as well, planning to take over one another.

How can something so beautiful cause this much chaos? Well when you love someone, you will fight for him or her. That's what the nations did, they loved their royals, so they fought for them to break off their love. They wanted them to be happy, but how can they be happy without each other? How can one live with his heart?

Love, that's what all fighting boils down too. Wether it be love for ones nation, love for ones self, or loves of someone else. Fighting happens when you want to defend something, but sometimes you're fighting for the wrong reasons. That's where real hatred comes from confusion of the mind and heart. That's why the ones that are unconfused live in peace, unlike the ones that live in constant war.

Why can't people understand the love one feels? Why can't they leave lovers alone, It's their fault the royals even fell under loves spell, isn't it? Without them, the two wouldn t even meet. Why couldn't they see it would come to this? Why didn't they think?


Chapter 1


Lelouch walked into the dinning hall, which was decorated for the occasion. Tonight, his family was going to meet with the royal family of Japan. Lelouch was confused about why they had to meet, for his nation of Britiannia and Japan were already allies. What more did they have to talk about, and why did he have to be here? Sighing, Lelouch took his seat next to his father, Charles Vi Britiannia.

"This is my son Lelouch Vi Britiannia seventeenth heir to the thrown." Charles stated motioning to his young son. Lelouch nodded, with a small fake smile on his face. He didn't want to be here, unlike his father, Lelouch had things to do. He was busy while his father and siblings were off with there spouses.

"And this is my son, Suzaku Kururgi." A man stated motioning to a chocolate-haired boy with green eyes. Lelouch looked over the boy, his purples eyes burning with utter wonder. Lelouch took in Suzaku s features as Suzaku did the same to Lelouch.

"Are we still on with the agreement?" Charles asked eyeing the older Kururgi.

"Of course my dear friend, the man replied with much enthusiasm. The factors haven't changed, it's really not up to us any more, is it?"

"What agreement?" Lelouch asked intrigued, he still had his eyes on the boy who had his eyes on him.

"You are to be wed, both of you. It's not the best of situations, but if our nations are to become one, we must be wedded as one." The older Britannian stated.

"So how is that to work?" Suzaku finally spoke up, "I have no siblings, and other than Lelouch your children have been married off, besides the one too young." He pondered on his thoughts. "You don't mean Lelouch and I marry are to one another, don't you sir?

"That's exactly what I mean." Charles stated proudly. The sudden crash of a chair aganist the wall made Suzaku jump. The others at the table just started at the cause of the noise.

"No, I refuse to become a homosexual, just for a nation wed. Go find some other way." Lelouch spoke angrily as he walked out of the room. It fell silent in the room. "So I guess you can't follow through on you re end, my friend." The older Kururgi stated, getting up.

"No, I will. Lelouch will go along with this, he must." Charles replied shaking Kururgi's, then Suzaku's hand before having a servant escort them out. On the way out Suzaku stole a look at the way Lelouch had stormed off too. 'Would I really have to marry him?' he asked himself as he got into the cab that would take him home.

Lelouch sat on his bed after the disaster that happened downstairs. "Why is this happening?" Lelouch asked rubbing his head. "I will not stoop that low, I will not!" he spoke loudly.

"What are you rambling on about?" Nunally asked, her light purple eyes shone with concern and laughter.

"Father wants me to do something I don't want to." Lelouch replied smiling. "Shouldn't you be in bed?"

"I would be, but I was woken up by a large crash." Nunally yawned and walked over to her older brother. "Don't try to change the subject, brother."

Lelouch chuckled, "You never are fooled, are you?" When she shook her head he continued. "It's nothing to deal with right now. Why don't you go to bed?"

"Alright, goodnight Lelouch." Nunally smiled and kissed his cheek, before disappearing out of the room and down the hall.

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