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Lelouch and Suzaku walked through the garden at Suzaku's grand estate. Said garden was layered in many colors of flowers, trees, and plants, topped of with a peaceful waterfall. The setting was perfect for a stroll, the sun peaked through the clouds, lighting a path for the couple to walk on. The sun warmed the couple as well as the earth it fell upon.

The said couple was walking in silence, lost in their own thoughts, the only sounds that could be heard were footsteps, the dripping of water, and the sound of the wildlife around them.

"Do you think I over reacted last night, at dinner?" Lelouch asked the other male, breaking the silence. The male speaking was dressed in his outing attire, black pants and a button up white shirt. He had on black dress shoes that matched his hair, earlier he had on a jacket, but tossed it aside as the sun heated the two. As for the other male, he was dresses in simple pants, shirt and shoes.

"A bit," Suzaku replied looking anywhere, but the black-haired male's face.

"I see," Lelouch chuckled, returning back to silence. A yelp emerged from the dark brown-headed male.

"Arthur!" Suzaku yelled as a striped cat attached itself to Suzaku's hand. The cat meowed in protest as the man tried to free himself from the feline.

"You're pretty good with cats, by the looks of it." Lelouch joked, as Suzaku sighed and shook his head. The raven watched Suzaku in his struggles, and couldn't help but laugh at his failed attempts.

"Shush," the burette stated, trying to hush the other many. He smiled and let out a soft laugh as the cat let go of his finger and plopped down next to the other male. Examining his finger he listened to rapid footsteps come near, as he looked up he saw a young girl running toward him and Lelouch with a concern look on her face.

"Suzaku! Are you okay?!" Kaguya yelled running toward the couple, her hair bouncing and getting her in face," I heard you yell," she stopped, looking between the two males; one who was smiling while the other was blushing.

"Why Lelouch, you're still here?" she asked blushing at bit as she smoothed out her hair and clothes.

Lelouch chuckled and cocked his head to the side, as his black hair spilled to one side.

"Yes considering it's a date." A groan erupted from the other male as he flushed a deeper red and buried his face in his hands.

"Oh! I'm sorry for interrupting. I didn't know." Kaguya said quickly as her face turned pink," I should let you get back to you're date." She stated as she turned, her black mane flipping and bouncing as she walked out of the garden and in to the house. Once the young girl was young Lelouch turned to the other male with a grin on his face.

"Why did you have to tell her that?" Suzaku asked, rubbing his face and looking at the other prince's face with an upset expression. The other male kneeled and petted the cat that sat at his feet.

"I wanted to see what you would do and say." Lelouch stated simply as the cat began to purr. He looked up at Suzaku who glared at him and shook his head, running a hand through his messy brown locks. "I'm surprised you didn't say anything."

"You don't know me that well, so you shouldn't be surprised," Suzaku snapped and took a breath, before changing the subject," So, how do you think this arrangement will work out?" he asked looking up at the sky then back at the boy who stood up to his full height and cocked his head.

"What do you mean by arrangement, Suzaku?" the black-haired boy asked, looking down at the cat that rubbed itself ageist his leg. The feline let out a loud meow before running into the flowers.

"Our relationship," the brown-haired boy answered, struggling on the last word.

"Honestly I have no idea,"Lelouch replied, "Its not like we have any say in it, so it's better if we just leave it be, Suzaku." The boy looked at his watch," I must go; this has been a most wonderful day." Lelouch chuckled passing the other male. The raven quickly grabbed his jacket that he shed earlier.

"Goodbye," Suzaku yelled at the boy who he had become annoyed at. The boy gave a single wave as he climbed into his cab and shut the door. Suzaku stood there watching the cab drive off down the drive.

"He seemed nice." Kaguya stated simply, behind the Suzaku.

"Where did you come from?" The boy asked jumping as he turned, just to receive a roll of the eyes and a cock of the head," Oh, he's alright most of the time." He replied looking down the road.

"Hmm," the young girl said turning to the garden, her midnight hair swinging with her.

"What?" Suzaku asked her, the girl shook her head and ran into the garden. "Not this again," he moaned as he ran after her.

Later that night at the Britiannan estate, Lelouch sat on his roof totally absorbed in a book. A light brown-headed boy, dressed in dark pants and a white shirt worn by servants in the Britiannain household, climbed up the side of the house. With the moon light guiding him, he sat next to the prince.

"Good evening master Lelouch." The young lad greeted, his hair slightly falling in his eyes.

"Please, Rolo, call me Lelouch," the prince told said boy, "I dislike someone so much younger than myself, especially you, call me 'master'."

"I'm sorry Lelouch," Rolo replied, only to get a nodded and smile from the older male, "What are you think about up here all by yourself?"

"Many things, Rolo, many things." Lelouch replied, leaning back on his elbows taking in the warm night air.

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