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Prompt/Table: Blood/Liquids

Rating: PG-16

Characters: Claire, Daisuke

Warnings: Implied boys love, Daisuke being tied to a chair, mentions of drug use

Spoilers: Minor from episode 15

Summary: Claire wants Daisuke to become a part of his family the traditional way.

"Do you know why we're called vampires?" Claire asked, even though his captive wasn't able to answer. "It's because vampires spill innocent blood with no remorse; almost like how we do. And there's the blood pact. My ancestors thought sharing blood meant no one could betray them."

Daisuke simply glared at the mafia boss; there were so many more… useful things he could have been doing. Such as busting a drug ring. Or eating at Kabuki Road, and seeing what kinds of rumors were floating around the city. Either way, this was a complete waste of time. If only J would hurry his hulking metal butt to the Vita building! He could be saved from his boredom. Even better, maybe Claire would decide the history lesson was over. He was never one for such boring history.

He could almost hear Kyoko's scolding tone of how he needed to become more educated and not just in street smarts. Even if those same street smarts often pulled him out of dangerous situations. That was just a headache waiting to happen if he kept thinking about it.

"You look bored," Clair frowned, making his way to where Daisuke was 'sitting'. He had to admit, he wanted to remove the gag, make it slightly more fun and engaging. However, Daisuke needed to understand this very important subject or else their 'relationship' would fail miserably. "This is very important, Mr. Aurora. Very important. The least you could do is pretend that you actually give a damn about what I'm trying to tell you."

Daisuke looked up, trying to look even more unamused though he suspected he already did. He didn't care that he would be punished for it later, because he was already looking forward to what, hopefully, came next. Truthfully, he was never really into being tied up, but Claire did have a point. It really was the only way that he ever truly listened to what was being said to him. Mostly because he was never one for distracting himself with thoughts, but actions.

"The blood that will course through your veins will be the blood of mafia bosses of Judoh. Doesn't that sound exciting," Claire chuckled, nudging the chair Daisuke was presently tied down to. "You will be even more corrupt than you brother. Wouldn't that just be something? Hm, Daisuke Aurora."

If that was meant to scare him, Claire underestimated exactly how much effort it was going to take. After all, this wouldn't be the first time he was drugged against his will. Although, the first time, he wasn't expecting it. At least the experience allowed him some sense of closure to his mother. The other times… maybe Claire just had a fetish for drugging him; not that he complained much anymore. As long as he didn't become an addict, he was fine with it. Sometimes, he thought Claire was stoned out of his mind himself when they were together.

Today, however, Claire seemed to be sober, and it was just his natural insanity showing. He was kind of thankful for that, because he didn't think that he would have been able to take a stoned Claire at the moment. Or being stoned himself for that matter. Maybe next time; but not while they were talking about blood.

"My blood is precious." Claire chuckled again. "Look how many people have died for it. Both for it and against it. My blood outranks the entire city by comparison! Even the City Director doesn't have blood as precious as mine! And I'm going to share it with you soon, Daisuke."

Joy. He would have tried to come up with a better comeback in his head, but Claire was circling his chair, as if he was waiting for the right moment to swoop down and kill him. Although that seemed to be a tad extreme. He was pretty sure that the sex was great, so his lifespan should be a bit longer.

He watched with mild curiosity as Claire cut his thumb and let a few drops of blood fall into a half full glass of wine. He was going to be a part of a mafia family? His father had to be rolling in his grave by now, and Shun was probably having a brain hemorrhage on his behalf. This could be more fun than he thought.

"With this pact, you will become a part of my family, Daisuke Aurora," Claire said, carefully removing the gag. "Won't that be nice? You'll be protected too, Daisuke."

"Should I be honored?" Daisuke asked with a wry grin. "Because I thought I was already protected. Screwing the mob boss should have earned me some brownie points somewhere."

"This will make sure." Claire grinned, pressing the glass to Daisuke's lips. "Those who see the video will know you are not to be toyed with."

"And let you do as you please," Daisuke snorted, not surprised that his bindings held even as he tried to push away. "No thanks, vampire."

"You'll drink it, and you won't complain," Claire replied, voice dangerously low. "You will drink and become completely mine."

"What if I don't want to?" Daisuke asked coolly, hoping Claire wouldn't just choke him.

"Oh, you want to." Claire grinned, tilting the glass so a little liquid played on Daisuke's lips. "Or else you will suffer the consequences."

"Sounds like fun." Daisuke nodded, although he didn't expect the glass to tip so quickly. The fluid rushed into his mouth, forcing him to either swallow or spit it out. He chose to swallow because, at the moment, he didn't want to 'face the consequences', no matter what smart-ass comment he had made just a moment earlier.

"Such a good boy." Claire snickered as he pulled away. "Welcome to my little family, Daisuke Aurora."