Prompt: Spring Cleaning

Characters: Moonracer, Chromia, Elita One, Arcee, Flareup, Roulette, Shadow Striker, Vibes

Transformers © Hasbro

"I wonder why this meeting was called all of a sudden" Vibes pondered from her position atop an energon dispenser. Roulette and Shadow Striker both hummed contemplatively.

"Maybe Alpha Trion made a new base for us!" Roulette suggested. Her sister snorted.

"Yeah right, 'Gramps' hasn't so much as com. pinged us since the mechs last came to this planet" she huffed.

"Hmm, do you have any idea what it could be?" Vibes asked Moonracer. The sharp shooter looked thoughtful, absently rubbing the back of her helm.

"Well, from what I've gathered in meetings, it sounds like some of the mechs might be visiting here…Though I'm not sure" she shrugged.

Arcee and Vibes instantly perked up.

"Mechs? Really?!" the pink youngling beamed.

"Alright! I can't remember the last time I saw mechs who weren't trying to offline us. Should be nice" Vibes grinned.

Moonracer quirked a lopsided grin, "Oh yeah, a bold and refreshing change from what we're used to eh?" The rest giggled in agreement but jumped when the rec-room door sharply hissed open.

"Alright, listen up!" Chromia's bark caused all present to instinctively grimace. "We got a message from the guys on Earth. Some of them are coming here for a recon mission in the next dega-cycle" She quenched the urge to roll her optics at the excited murmurings that broke out.

"No way! Really?!"

"Which ones are coming?"

"Are they hot?!"

"Is Prime coming?"

"How long are they staying?!"

"Where will they stay?"

"There's room in my quarters if I kick Roulette out!"

"Shut it!" Chromia growled, "Now listen. You may not like it but some of you are going to have to double up and give the guys a loan of your room" She ignored the chorus of groans that followed. "Here's the set up" She activated an internal file of the rooming arrangements, "Roulette and Striker; you two will be bunking with Flareup and Vibes. Karmen and Road Rage; you guys'll have to make room for Clipper. Flip Sides, you're with Discharge and Rosanna. Arcee and Glyph are in 'Racers room. Any questions?" she finished, closing the file and focussing her gaze back to the unhappy looking femmes present.

"Do we have t-"

"Yes. Any other questions?"

"Can we change-"

"No. Anything else?"

"What about you, Elita and Firestar?" Of course the ever precocious Arcee would zone in on that one factor, the blue femme dully noted.

"If need be, Firestar said she'd take a later shift and recharge at a different time so her room would be available for the mechs. I'll probably do the same" Chromia then deadpanned, "Anyone who wants to get in the way of Prime and Elita bunking together, be my guest"

Averted optics and stifled giggles were all the reaction that garnered. Chromia snorted.

"Now beat it. Elita wants all of you to have your rooms perfect by the end of the cycle. No piles of empty cubes" She shoot a look at Moonracer. "No badly hidden 'toys' or 'datapads'" She looked to Arcee and Vibes. "No unstable rocket launchers, fragile objects with sentimental value, spare chest-plates, journals, dust, oil stains, rust blotches. Nothing" She puffed an irate sigh out of the corner of her mouth. "Then a clean sweep of the entire base"

Moonracer blinked, "The whole base? Why?"

"Because apparently it's not respectable enough for visitors right now" she droned, expression jaded.

"But it's dudes that are visiting!" Arcee protested. "It's not like they'll care if it's a little messy"

Chromia crossed her arms, "Look, take it up with Elita kid. She makes the rules, I just enforce 'em"

"Take what up with me?" Ah, speak of the she-devil. Chromia turned to face the now present femme commander.

"The girls were wondering why we're bothering to make this place spotless for the guys" she queried. Elita rose an optic ridge.

"I merely wish for the base to be more…presentable then it is now. Besides, after a clean-up, chances are there will be ten times the amount of space there is now, making it that much easier to house the mechs" she reasoned.

The weapons specialist gave a conceding grunt, "Makes sense. Plus, I am getting tired of having to wade my way through layers of clutter just to get from my room to the hangar" she muttered. Elita gave a small nod.

"Exactly. To be perfectly honest, this base has had a severe drop in maintenance in the past mega-cycle and, while some of you may be content with it, let me ask you this" she calmly addressed the group, "Would you rather laze back and conform to the mech's sub-standard level of base-keeping, or do a little extra work this one time and give us all a golden opportunity to rub their nasal plates in it?" she plainly asked.

The group remained silent for a moment, brief glances and contemplating expressions exchanged. For a moment the femme commander was worried that she would actually have to give a flat-out order for them to do it; one way or another, she was getting a clean base.

It was only when Moonracer gave a yielding grin and chirped out, "I'm in!" that the rest immediately conceded.

Elita let a small smile quirk her expression. It was rather interesting how Moonracer seemed to sometimes have a greater influence over the younger femmes than their commander. Probably due to her younger age and the 'big sister' rapport she established with many of them. She had acted as a mentor for many of them in the art of sharp-shooting, not to mention a babysitter for those who had been sparklings when they first arrived.

Setting aside that thought process for another cycle, Elita gave the femmes a curt nod.

"Glad to hear it. Now get to work on your own rooms. A message will be sent in the next joor on who will be cleaning which part of the base. Dismissed"

Elita was unsurprised at the lack of salutes doled out. Doubtless most of the femme's young, dynamic processors were buzzing with excitement at the prospect of seeing mechs, for some a first time experience. Of course there were the few who just differed from military formalities in general, not that Elita minded. They were all young after all; no way could the femme hold their juvenile behaviour against them. Some things were best learned through age and experience after all.

Speaking of which…

The commander turned to raise an optic ridge at the still languidly standing Chromia. All the younger femmes had since filed out of the room; most chattering animatedly, others feigning disinterest.

The blue femme blinked when she realised she was being scrutinised. Then, with an impatient scowl, rolled her optics and grudgingly trudged away grumbling, "Getting ordered to clean my room like a fragging youngling….some war"

Elita breathed a quiet laugh before turning on her heel towards her own quarters. While she was nowhere near as bad a hoarder as some of the other femmes on base, her bond-mate was a substantially broader mech than most. Also, bearing in mind that their base had been built for the purpose of housing smaller femme frames, it was highly likely that even if she did manage to clear most excess property out of her room it would still be a…snug fit, to say the least. She may even be forced to recharge at a different time from Optimus; a scenario neither of them would be too happy about.

With a desolate sigh the femme strode through the rec-room and down the hallway. She passed by Roulette and Shadow Striker's room, the twins' voices carrying beyond their thick walls' confines.

"Yo, Roul! You think they guys'll mind if I leave this here?"

"I don't-…Striker…why do you even have a taser in the first place?"


A full base clean-up? Primus, something told her this next dega-cycle was going to be the most chaotic the base has seen yet.

A/N: I don't know about you, but I think girls can be just as messy as guys, if not messier! I've shared rooms with them at summer-camps before and, while me and my friend always kept our bit of the room pretty tidy (cause, ya'know, we were freaks and all that ;D) their side always looked just like a clothes and make-up bomb had hit it! Then the instructor people would come by for a room inspection and the girls would basically shove everything they could fit into their suitcases! Meanwhile me and my friend were just laying on our beds like real douche-bags XD Good tiems!

Also, my mam always cleans the house like a freaking crazy-lady whenever people come to visit. So, taking inspiration from these two experiences, you get this story 8D Messy teenage fembots ordered by a concerned adult fembot to clean up for the visiting man-bots…..Cause it's not like there's a war going on or anything……

There needs to be more Viper twin love! (that's Roulette and Shadow Striker btw =S) They're like…the first cannon female twins who even had a mission with the Lambo twins. Plus they've got the whole dramatic past thing going for them. Yeah they might be a little clichéd, but hey, so is Drift and there's tons of fanfics on him!…….I'm gonna stop ranting now O,O;

Anyways, I'm not thrilled with the writing quality of this chapter =/ But meh.