Could It Be?

Author's Notes: I don't own Kim Possible.

Kim and Ron were dancing, about to kiss.

Bonnie was sitting down with her elbow on the table, watching them with boredom and disgust. The truth was, SHE wanted to be the one to kiss Kim at the prom. Brick was a cover for her secretly being jealous of Eric, but now that Kim was dating Ron, of all people, that was even worse.

Bonnie was surprised however, when Kim let go.

Rufus squeaked in shock and Monique gasped. Ron was just surprised.

"Ron," Kim said. "I love you. As a friend. We've been best friends since pre-school. But… dating could ruin it."

Rufus started crying, and Monique pet his back and said, "There, there."

Ron smiled sadly in a way that said 'I understand.' He nodded.

"Thanks for understanding," Kim smiled and walked over to Bonnie.

She sat down on the seat behind Bonnie. After about 3 seconds, Bonnie turned to face her. "Okay, what do you want? Aren't you supposed to be dancing with your new loser boyfriend?"

"Monique's hitting on Brick, huh?" Kim asked, slightly concerned.

Bonnie sighed. "Yes."

"Why is Kim hanging out with Bonnie?" Monique whispered.

"Why do you care anyway?" Bonnie asked.

"Because," Kim put her hand on Bonnie's lap. "Ever since when we literally got stuck together, I've felt-"

"Okay, eew," Bonnie forced Kim's hand off her lap. "What are you doing?"

Kim looked slightly embarrassed.

Bonnie understood suddenly. "Oh my gosh, this is the funniest thing ever! Kim Possible's a lesbian?" She exploded with laughter.

Everybody looked at her angrily, except for Kim who was just sitting in front of her, heartbroken. Monique and Rufus were shocked and Ron wasn't paying attention.

Bonnie looked around her, suddenly feeling guilty. This wasn't an emotion she knew; she never felt this way.

She kept looking around at all the angry faces, confused faces, and Ron dancing out of control.

"Urgh, fine," she said as if reading Kim's mind. "One kiss. But I won't like it."

She grabbed Kim by her cheeks quickly, wanting to just get it over with. The first few seconds, she was completely disgusted. However, a few seconds later, Bonnie was surprised to find she was… enjoying it.

Bonnie Rotwiler, the toughest girl in school, who hated even the thought of being on the team of a lower-ranked cheerleader. Or at least, lower rated to Bonnie.

Suddenly, Ron stopped dancing and put his hands in a 'ta da' motion. One second later, he gasped. Kim and Bonnie were KISSING!

Bonnie felt amazing. Her lips against Kim's felt soft, daydream-y, tasty. Oh my gosh! Bonnie thought. What am I doing?! She let go, laughing nervously. "Umm… your lips are chapped." Then she whispered in Kim's ear, "If you tell anybody else about this, we're through."

Kim stood there, shocked and happy.

"And also," Bonnie continued. "No matter what anybody here says, this never happened. I'm still the cheerleader who hates you, and you're still the weirdo crime fighter. Got it, Possible?" She ran back to Brick. "Brick, hi. Did Monique dump you for that silly rodent?"

Kim smiled, still sitting at the table. "I wouldn't want it any better."

Could It Be?

End Notes: I know it was a little Out Of Character, but I hope you guys enjoyed it anyway. :) Should I write more KiBo? Or is it not really my best writings?