Fandom: Penguins of Madagascar

Rating: T

Genre: Romance/Adventure/Slight Drama

Pairing(s): Kowalski/OC

Full Summary: After being taken from her home in Antarctica, Piper ends up in the Central Park Zoo. Despite her protests, she is stuck there for a couple of months. Will she be able to stay faithful to the idea of going back, or will she become attached to the Penguins? She questions if home a few months ago, still feels like home now.

Disclaimer: I do not own Penguins of Madagascar, or any of the characters. I do, however, own my characters. :)

Comment: Hello~ I hope you enjoy my fanfic, though, it won't be very long. Most likely only 8 chapters. But, I hope you'll enjoy them all the same. Also, I don't normally write in first point of view, but, I just felt like I should do at least one story with it. And, I've been trying to read about Penguins, and, I'm going to try to get some facts right. If they aren't, then, just ignore them, because, I probably couldn't find it on Google. xD

I've always been very small and chubby; even when I hatched out of my egg. Though, back then, most of the chicks were small and chubby, but very cute. The real trouble came when I was about a year old, when I actually started to grow adult feathers; I was still shorter, and fatter, than the rest. I knew I got this from the gene my father gave me, even if I wasn't exactly happy about it. Most female penguins my age now, which is about 5, are very lean and tall, their heads up high.

Despite this, I could go as fast as any other penguin. Actually, I moved faster. Not really in the water, but, more on the snow. I used to have races with my friends when we were chicks, where we find hills and glide down them on our belly's; I would always win of course. Ah, yes...Good times they were when I was a chick...Yes. Anyway, before I start rambling, my name is Piper. I'm an Emperor Penguin and, according to my mother, 'just the right age to mate'. I haven't actually found that special someone quite yet, but, my mother is very persistent. Especially this morning.

As I waddled my way through the other penguins of the colony, I began looking for Edric. As I looked around, all I saw were new and old mother's and father's, tending after their chicks. After looking for a couple of minutes, it wasn't that easy with being so short, I finally spotted a big, white and gray puffball, that, from a distance didn't really stand out from the other chicks, but, up close, he just seemed different from the others. It could be that he was attempting to stand on his head at the moment. I quickly walked up to him.

"Edric...What are you doing?" I asked, a smile across my face.

"Oh! Hi, Piper!..." He took a quick breath. "...Guess what I found out?" He didn't wait for me to answer.

"The other chicks told me that if you stand on your head, then, it's a way to scare off Leopard Seals! Can you believe that? All this time, so many penguins could have been saved if we've only just stood on our heads." Edric leaned a little too far to his left and fell over completely, laying on his side while he continued to talk. "I'm practicing to test it out, since, the guys wanted to see it in action!" He got up, rubbing his head.

"Though...I still need a little work." I sighed a bit, giving Edric a soft smile. I went over and brushed out some of the snow that stuck to his down feathers.

"Edric, I don't think that's a good idea. I mean, have you actually seen anyone try this? There's no way I'm letting you go near one of those Seals, especially alone," I said. Though, I was pretty sure he wasn't listening to me; he just kept on talking.

"Don't worry, Piper! I'm old enough to know what I'm doing," Edric said, puffing up his chest a bit and putting his flippers to his sides in a hero like pose.

Even though Edric was only a few months old, he's very brave and very native. He was a son to one of my mom's old friends. We sorta clicked when I got here in late May, coming only a few days after the chicks hatched. I came here to see family, but, I ran into her husband and, with him, was little Edric. He was a bit shy at first, not sure what to make of me, but, he then turned into quite a chatter box.

Our conversation, mostly of just Edric talking, was interrupted by his father. Oliver quickly waddled up to us, looking very nervous as he always did.

"Edric! Don't run o-off like that! Y-You scared your mother and I-I very much!" Oliver quickly gave me a quick nod, his way of saying hello, and started pulling Edric back to where his mother was standing, which was at least a dozen meters away. Bennet was talking to a couple of other mom's, looking very content with not having a child around her legs, unlike the other mother's.

Despite Oliver and Bennet being an older couple, Edric is their only child. Bennet didn't want to have a chick very soon, actually, before having Edric, she claimed she would never have a chick of her own. Oliver, ever since his trouble with an orca and almost being eaten by one, has been very frisky. Actually, a few years ago, he was even scared of being near other penguins.

As Oliver tried to pull Edric over to his mother, Edric tried to fight back, though, it was easy to tell who would win in the end.

"I don't want to go! I want to stay!" Edric cried, trying with all his strength to get his father to let go. I quickly went over to Oliver, putting a flipper on his shoulder.

"Oliver, Edric is perfectly safe here, you don't need to worry. And, he seems to be having..." My voice came to a halt when he gave me a glare, telling me to not get involved. By this time Edric was hallowing. He really didn't want to go. I looked over at Bennet, who, looked like she would like to just walk away. Finally, Oliver decided to just pick the squiggling Edric up and waddled over to Bennet.

I walked around the colony before finally giving up trying to find Opal, my younger sister, and went east, where some of the best hills were. There, I found a couple of chicks that snuck off from their parents. They were sliding down the hills, swerving around rocks that were in their way when coming down. As I walked a bit closer, I began to recognize the little chicks. There was only four of them; Jill, Henry, Jock, and Nesk.

"Hey! There's Piper!" Jill yelled, quickly gliding over to where I was on her stomach. The three boys followed.

"Piper! Piper! Guess what? I won a race against Henry!" Jill said, jumping up and down, very excited by this.

"I knew you could do it!" I smiled, "Did you use my secret technique?"

"She only won because she cheated," Henry claimed, crossing his flippers.

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"Okay! Okay, stop fighting," I said, coming between the two. "How about we have another race?"

"Fine," they both muttered.

"Piper, why don't you race with us?" Jock asked, smiling.

"No way! That wouldn't be fair! She's bigger and older," Henry said, pouting at the very thought.

"She's not bigger by much," Nesk snickered. I ignored the statement.

"Fine, I'll just keep watch," I offered.

"No! I want Piper to play!" Jill said. Jock nodded his head.

"You just don't want her to watch because then she'll know you'll cheat!" Henry yelled. Jill hesitated before answering.

"I-I do not! You just don't want her to play because you know you'll be beat by two girls then!" Jill yelled back. I stepped between the two again.

"Henry, Jill! Both of you, stop yelling!" I told them.

"You're not my mom! You can't tell me what to do!" Henry said. Nesk quickly stepped in, giving Henry a glare.

"Henry, let Piper play, you and Jill are giving me a headache," Nesk said, still glaring at Henry. Henry quickly nodded. It was weird, but, Nesk was the leader of the group of chicks, especially Henry. If Nesk said jump, Henry would say how high.

All of us got on top of the hill and waited until Henry counted to one to go. We quickly jumped on to our stomachs' and slide down at lightning speed. I could hear the sound of ice slicing past me and see the snow fly over my head. I swerved around a rock and came up next to Henry. He gave me a quick glare, but, quickly put his eyes back in front of him after almost hitting a rock.

As I slide up a rock and flew through the air for a few seconds, I saw two figures coming this way. When I hit the ground again, I got curious with who I just saw. Maybe it was Edric, I thought, smiling to my self. I swerved around a little, looking for a big enough rock to slide over and get even higher then last time. At last, I finally spotted a huge, almost boulder size, rock in the ground that Jill just swerved away from.

As I slide up the rock, I spotted my mother and another penguin I didn't know. As I tried to figure out why they would be out here, so far from the colony, I didn't notice my descend and wasn't ready for the crash landing. When I landed in a bunch of snow, the four chicks came up behind me, stopping to look at me, then, at my mother and her friend. As I popped my head up from the snow, my mother shrieked.

"Piper! Oh dear! Are you all right?" My mother, Savannah, asked, her face full of concern. I nodded and gave a shy smile. Jill and Jock helped me out of the snow. Mother quickly came up to me and started bushing the snow off my feathers.

"Piper, dear, are you sure you're all right? You don't have a broken leg or flipper, do you?" she asked. I rolled my eyes slightly.

"I'm fine, really," I said, smiling. Though, my head did hurt with falling head first into the snow. My mother smiled, content with my answer. She turned her attention towards the person she brought over here.

"Well, anyway, Piper, this is Drine." My mother pushed me forward slightly, almost making me knock into him. Drine was as tall as any other penguin, but, very lean. He gave me a smile, but, his chocolate eyes were serious. I gave a soft smile, though, I could tell he wasn't impressed with my crash landing. My mother, thinking that a smile meant something good, gave an excited shriek.

"Oh, well, I'll give you two some space. Come along kids." My mother pushed the four chicks towards where the colony was, even with their protests. I blushed a bit behind my feathers, not liking to be alone with someone I didn't even know. It was an awkward silence for a few minutes before I finally decided to break it. I cleared my throat first to talk, but, he beat me to it.

"I'm sorry to tell you this, but, you're not really my type," Drine said bluntly. I froze, not liking where this was going. I felt a bit faint too. It was silent once again; I guess Drine expected me to say something. Finally, I did.

"W-What?" I asked, sounding more hurt, then angry, like I wanted it to. Drine sighed.

"I'm sorry...It's just...I really like someone else." Even to me that sounded like a lie. After what he said, he refused to look me in the eye. I wasn't sure why I felt hurt, I mean, I didn't even know this guy. And, he was acting like I just confessed to him. But, I did know something. My mother was going to die.

That night, I finally found Opal. She was with my father, Thesis, talking with him about something. He was rubbing his head with his flippers, so, I knew it wasn't anything good. As I got closer into ear shot, my father and Opal stopped talking and looked at me in surprise, like, they weren't expecting me until later. My father gave me a soft smile and walked over to me, with Opal at his heals.

"Hey, Piper. Where's Drine?" Opal asked, looking around. I gave her a look that said, do-I-look-like-I-care?

"Oh." Was all that she said before giving me a quick hug and waddling off. I looked over at dad, telling from his face that he was stressed.

"What were you and Opal talking about?" I asked, being nosy. He just shook his head.

"So, I'm guessing it didn't work out with Drine?" he asked, as if Drine was his son and I was just the random penguin that was paired up with him. I snorted, which, was weird, since I didn't have a nose.

"I see, well, it wasn't my idea," he claimed. Suddenly, my mother came up behind me, out of breath.

"I heard from Hally, who heard from Inno, who heard from Ani, who heard from--"

"Dear, please get on with it," my father pleaded.

"--That it didn't work out with Drine and my girl," Savannah said, putting her flipper around me. I sighed.

Fast asleep. That was what I was before someone shook me awake with such force, I was surprised that they didn't break anything.

"Piper!" someone hissed. My eyes snapped open and I looked up to see Bennet and Oliver standing over me. I rubbed my eyes with my flipper and yawned.

"Yes?" I asked, a bit annoyed with being woken up.

"Edric's missing!" Bennet said, her voice sounding, surprisingly, concerned. I quickly jumped up when I heard that.

"What? What happened?" I asked, afraid something bad had happened to him.

"We're not sure, we were sleeping, and then Oliver woke up in the middle of the night and told me that Edric was gone!" Bennet was about in tears. I looked over at Oliver, hoping he had more information, but, he looked like he couldn't even speak.

"Don't worry, we'll find them," my father said, coming up behind them, with Opal and my mother with him. I nodded.

I cupped my flippers over my mouth, whispering Edric's name. I couldn't scream, because, that would just give away where I was to the Leopard Seals or other predictors in Antarctica. Frustrated by this, I kicked a rock, which, didn't help much; it just gave me a throbbing foot. As I slide on my stomach, going as fast as I could through the snow near the water, the sun was starting to come up. I stopped completely when I heard a noise. It sounded like an animal eating. I looked around, finally spotting a whale on the ice. From where I was, I could tell it had been there a few weeks, it was started to rot. Then I saw a figure on it, moving and riping off a piece of it. Leopard Seal.

Then, worst yet, I saw five smaller, much smaller, figures waddling towards it. My heart almost stopped when I saw it was Henry, Jill, Jock, Nesk, and Edric. I wanted to warn them that they were heading for a leopard seal, but, if I shouted to them, then it might go after me. Or, worse, it might notice the five chicks. I quickly dived into the water, praying that the seal didn't notice the noise. As I came back on to land, the chicks were almost to the whale. I slide on my belly and in front of them, stopping them in their path. They all gave me flabbergasted faces.

"Piper?" Edric asked, turning his head a confused way. "What are you doing here?" I would have screamed at them if it wasn't for the not so penguin friendly animal behind us.

"Do you five know how long we've been looking for you?" I kept my voice down, but, I'm pretty sure they understood how mad I was.

"Sorry, Piper," Jill said, looking like she was about to cry. "We just wanted to do this dare."

"Dare?" I asked, but, then, noticing they were changing the subject, started talking again. "Nevermind. You four are in so much trouble you have no id--" I stopped when I realized that Edric was gone. I saw Nesk smirk slightly. I turned around to see Edric standing on his head, shouting up at the leopard seal.

"Hey! You stupid seal! I betcha can't do anything now!" Edric yelled, smirking. The leopard seal eyed Edric, then the rest of us, then back to Edric. As he licked his lips and got ready to pounce on Edric, I slide over, grabbed Edric, and backed up as close to the smelling whale as I could as the seal, now on the ground, looked at Edric and I. I heard Jill scream and the seal turned to look at the four chicks.

"Run!" I yelled. Then, pecked the seal's flipper to get his attention back on me. The four chicks hesitated.

"Run!!" I yelled again. This time they did as they were told. As the seal once again turned to look at the chicks, I pushed Edric, who was crying now, past the seal and pecked again at his flipper but with more force this time. I quickly tried to climb the whale as the seal came towards me, but, I just ended up falling on top of the seal. As I slide off of it, I thought quickly. If I ran the direction the chicks ran, then I would be leading the Seal to them and the colony. As the seal shook his head, trying to get the snow off, he looked at me with hungry eyes.

I finally decided to jump into the water and lead it away from the chicks. The last thing I saw before jumping into the ice cold water was Edric finally catching up to the four other chicks, who ran as fast as they could on their little legs.

I wasn't sure how long I've been swimming, I just knew I was getting tired. The seal had already nipped at my feet a couple of times, but, fortunately, hadn't made anything bleed. I knew I was starting to slow when I felt the leopard seal nip at my toe again. I used all my strength to go faster. I knew I couldn't go on like this forever as I swerved through the water.

I quickly jumped out of the water and on to a break of ice for a brief second, sliding on my belly, then, sliding back into the water. I felt my energy drop fast and my self slow again. I pushed my self forward. Suddenly, I saw, in the water, that land was up ahead. I felt slight joy pass over me. As it got closer, I felt less and less sure I would get there before the seal ate me. I wasn't sure why it went after me in the first place. Was one, short penguin better then a whole whale? I didn't think so.

At last, land was only a few meters away. I jumped up, sliding on to it. I had only a few seconds to breath before the seal came sliding up behind me. I gasped for air before heading forward. But, as I slide as fast as I could, I ran into a fence. I'm not sure how I didn't notice before, but, when I hit the fence, all my lasting energy was lost. I breathed heavily as I sat up, coming face to face with the leopard seal. As it went for my leg, I tried to get through the wired fence.

Right when I got my head through, I felt a pain at my foot. I looked back to see the seal had it in it's mouth, with my body still attached. It pulled it's head back, trying to pull me from the fence. I held on to the fence, at the same time trying to wiggle my self through. I screamed as the pain became to much, but, I still held on. Finally, after the longest minutes of my life, I pulled my body through the fence and pulled my bloody foot out of the seals mouth.

As the seal started snapping at the fence, I slide away from it. I felt relived that I actually got away. I collapsed on to the snow and fell into a deep sleep. I was awoken later after I felt like I've only just feel asleep a few seconds ago by something picking me up. I felt so tired that I didn't care to look at what it was, but, I didn't feel afraid since it picked me up with such care. The last thing I felt before going back to sleep was soft hands holding me close.

Hoped you liked the first chapter. :3 Took me forever though! xD Mostly because I haven't written a chapter was over 3000 words in a long time. :3