"True Devotion"

I made this for my friend, Tyresa, she loves this couple and this song. This can also tie into my other story, 'Lunar Flower: Sakura'. This is a tribute to Sakura and Kiba, and I think its cute. This is also one of the shortest things I have EVER written in my life, so far anyway. Advice is always appreciated, as well!

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Wolf's Rain and Naruto!

Kiba looked at Sakura with undying love in his eyes. Sakura slept peacefully against Kiba, without a care in the world. She felt at peace with Kiba, she felt that she was needed and loved. Kiba moved a lock of Sakura's cherry blossom colored hair out of her face, and her eyes fluttered open, slowly.

Her eyes were unique in their own way, though they had the same basic concept as Cheza's, hers were much more beautiful. Emerald on a darker shade of emerald, they were what Kiba loved the most about Sakura. Her eyes and her heart, which was pure.

Sakura looked up at Kiba and smiled, which caused his heart to leap. "Kiba", she said and he held her close, afraid that if he let her go, she'd disappear. Kiba looked over at the rest of the pack, and saw that everyone was asleep.

Hige and Blue were curled up together under a tree, and Tsume was resting on top of a boulder. Cheza sat beside Toboe near a small river, soaking in the sun's rays. Sakura touched Kiba's cheek and slowly sat up, before allowing him to rest his head on her lap.

Sakura gently stroked his hair and hummed a soft lullaby. Kiba reached up to caress her cheek and she kissed his hand.

"Sakura, don't leave me", said Kiba and Sakura smiled, before nodding.

"I won't", she promised and Kiba smiled at her, before closing his eyes. Sakura looked up at the bright blue sky, before looking back at Kiba. She loved him, and she knew that it was true love.

This wasn't like her 'love' for Sasuke, no that was a lie she had came up with, so she could fit in with the other girls. But, when she looked at Kiba, she felt like her heart was soaring and she could burst into tears of joy at any given moment.

"Kiba", she whispered and Kiba opened his eyes, looking at the cherry blossom. Sakura opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out and she looked away embarrassed. She felt Kiba cup her cheek, so she could look at him. He stared at Sakura with such burning intensity in his eyes, that it was hard for Sakura to look away.

"Kiba, I-", she was cut off as Kiba's lips were suddenly upon hers. Sakura's mind went blank and the only thing she could focus on was the feel of Kiba's lips.

Kiba couldn't help it, Sakura was just too damn cute for her own good. He felt her begin to respond to the kiss, and he smiled, inwardly. She hadn't rejected him, and that is what made there ugly world seem so perfect to him. They broke apart for air and Kiba hugged Sakura, close to him.

"Sakura", he whispered huskily in her ear. Sakura felt a shiver go down her spine, as she relaxed against Kiba and breathed in his unique scent. "I love you", he whispered and Sakura's eyes widened. Tears escaped her eyes, and she kissed Kiba, again.

"I love you, Kiba. Now and forever, I will always love you", she said and Kiba kissed away her tears, before holding her close to him. They watched the sunset, and in that moment life seemed perfect and that is all that mattered.

Well, there it is I hope Tyresa likes it! This type of writing really isn't one of my strong points, but I tried. Please Review!