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Human speak: "Sup?"

jutsu/ attack: "fire style: Fire ball jutsu"

Human think: 'I wonder...'

The Next day: Uchiha Household

'huh……?' Naruto processed the position he was in when he woke up. One, he found both his mother and sister laying on him. Two they were asleep. Three, they had no signs of being bitten what so ever… Wait what?

Naruto rubbed his neck in relief. "Thank you jiji and the 'fail-safe' your friend made." On his neck was a glowing seal that was placed over where his bite mark once was.

He decided to get up and finally prepare for his exam. He quickly quelled the thirst for blood with a blood pack. He then packed his gear and Asuka's bag since there was no sign of her waking up anytime soon unless he woke her up.

Naruto then decided to get some fresh air by going outside on the balcony of his home. He looked in the distance and gazed at the village as he felt calm due to the moon still out.

"Moon light; a vampires second source of strength. I forgot that vampires practically bathe in darkness." Naruto said to himself. It is true, in daylight vampires are weaken to high amounts of exposure to radiation from the sun. At night though is an entirely different story all together.

Anyways, Naruto was enjoying his time outside when he heard a strange sound. It sounded like a foot step yet it sounded like it was kept together like… an assassin!

Naruto tilted his head to the side and dodged a kunai aimed at his head. He saw a figure bearing a cross shapped necklace and had dozens of kunai pouches. He had a strange get up on his arm that looked like the source where the kunai came from. This guy wore a cloak that covered him head to toe in it.

"Who are you and what do you want?!" Naruto demanded. "To purge the lands of you filth, vampire!" He responded as he loaded two kunai in his lancher.

"So you're a hunter? You are what my kind despise yet fear at the same time? Pathetic." Naruto snorted until he backed flip onto the roof as he dodged two kunais, one for his left and right.

"Ok you have some skill." Naruto pulled out his stick that transformed into a bo-staff and got into a stance.

The hunter just chuckled as three kunai appeared with one in between each fingers. He loaded three into his launcher and flicked his wrist with the non-launcher hand and three more kunai appeared like last time.

He threw the three at Naruto, causing him to jump into the air. He then moved his bo-staff around him, deflecting the kunai from different angles. 'I don't understand, he hasn't moved from his spot yet kunai are being thrown at angles that couldn't be thrown from his position. I need to examine that attack once more.' Naruto pondered as he landed onto the next building.

He felt a presence of chakra and looked down. He saw a bunch of tags with the kanji for barrier on them. Naruto made his bo-staff extend some more and touched the air. He hit a invisible surface.

"Shit. I'm trapped aren't I?" Stupid question as he could see the grin under the man's cloak.

"You are strong for such a young vampire. I shall give you my name so you can remember the man who sent you back to hell where you belong!" The cloaked man removed his robe to reveal a brownish blond haired man that was cut short. He was wearing a black priest robe with a silver cross etched on it. He had orange eyes that could scare the shit out of normal civilians.

"I am Sizou Hikori, also known as the Paladin of the East of the Order of the Cross. We hunters have sworn on our honor to hunt the night!" He yelled as he threw some more kunai at a fast pace at Naruto who dodge some and deflected with his bo-staff. Sizou then loaded 3 more kunai in his launcher and sent them at Naruto at different angles. Unknown to him, Naruto saw through his attack.

'He's using chakra to change the course of where he sends the kunai! The launcher is just a Catalyst of the equation. Now all I have to do is get close enough to break it.' Naruto thought. He back flipped to dodge kunai from behind as he sensed it with his vampire hearing.

Naruto then tooked notice of the kunai as they have chakra strings connected to Sizou. 'So this guy likes manipulation of his weapons. But why so many?' Naruto picked up a kunai as he examined it.

"Silver." Naruto utters in disgust. Sizou grins. "And each of them worth every penny spent on them." He said as the brought up a few more into his hands and threw them, but this time he made a few handseals.

"Ninja Art! Kage Shuriken jutsu!" All the kunai multiplied to create a massive wall of kunai heading straight for Naruto. Naruto smirked as he disperses into many black bats that either flew through or above the kunai. Then they all flew towards Sizou as he prepared to send more kunai from his launcher. The bats reformed Naruto infrount of Sizou with his bo-staff being swung to smash into the launcher.

The launcher was then destroyed and Naruto brought the bo-staff to Sizou's throat. "You have a jacked up notion of fare play pal, and it is beginning to piss me off." Naruto said as a blade appeared from his bo-staff, turning it into a scythe.

"Creature of the night, you dare threaten me? Even if you strike me down I will only be brought into Kami-sama's grace." Sizou said as he stared at his cross.

"A religionist eh? Oh well, say hello to that bastard kami for me." Naruto said as he prepared to slice his head off if he didn't sense to incoming projectile from his side. He jumped back onto the building behind him and stared at the newcomer before him. He wore the same cloak that Sizou wore.

"Sizou, we are pulling out now." The cloaked man said. Sizou groaned. "Why?! I almost had him where I wanted him!"

"The Hokage and that S-ranked vampire are on their way. Whatever connection the boy has with them must have really made them protective of him." He said as he waved his hands and brought all the barrier seals to his hand.

They both then brought out a book and the pages flew out and flew around them. The pages disappeared and the assailant along with them. Naruto sighed and then the blade retreated and the bo-staff then shortened into a small stick again.

"Naruto-kun! Are you alright? I sensed the failsafe go off and wanted to check and see if you are alright. What happened here? It looks like a battleground here." Sarutobi said as he appeared.

"I am alright. A couple of vampire hunters were here, but it seemed that they mentioned an S-rank vampire coming this way. Did you bring anyone with you?" Naruto explained and asked.

"Other than Inu? No I haven't." The old man said as he looked towards Inu who was reading a book while standing on a pole.

"Yo." Inu said as he just waved and returned to his book.

Unknown to them, a cloaked woman carrying a blond haired baby sighed in relief as she stared at Naruto from her hiding spot.

"Your daddy's a tough little man, yes he is, yes he is." She said as she cuddled the baby as the baby giggles. She then vanished in thin air. Not noticing that Naruto heard her and saw her leave.

'Maybe that's the S-ranked one. But she seems familiar… Oh so familiar.' Naruto pondered then sighed at his thoughts.

"Oh well, I am getting some rest. I had enough of the night as it is." Naruto said as he jumped through the Uchiha house hold's window and into his bed and fell asleep, but not before closing the window and curtains.

The next day: Training field 44

Naruto, Asuka, and Hinata were packed and ready for the test that was about to be administered by Anko and Kurenai.

"Ok we each have a fragment of the talisman that is need for all three of you to pass. Work together against us and achive the talisman. That is the objective. You begin on my signal." Kurenai instructed. Anko grinned and waved her talisman in the air then pocketed it in her coat pocket.

A tension can be felt between the young three and the older two. Then…


The three genin vanished in thin air along with the two jonin parting separate ways.

With Anko

'I wonder which brat will be stupid enough to face one of us alone?' Anko thought as she sits cross legged on the ground with her right hand cupping her chin. She then jumps away to dodge an incoming attack; a bo-staff striking the earth in a thrust.

The bo-staff was stuck within the earth, but the owner was standing behind it in Anko's point of view.

'Guess that answers my question. To think that it would be you of all people Naruto. Atleast I get to have some 'fun' with you pretty boy.' She thinks sadistically with a hint of lust.

Naruto stares at her with his eyes turned red with a cat eye slit while the rest of his body was shrouded in darkness.

With Kurenai

Kurenai was standing in the middle of the field with her arms crossed. She waited there patiently for one of the genin to strike.

'Either they attack straight, behind, left, right, or above. Which one?' Kurenai pondered as she looked in every direction she listed in her head. 'Unless.'

She jumped to dodge a hand coming from beneath her as the ground cracks with a arm was sticking out and continuing to grow until it was revealed that the arm belonged to Asuka Uchiha, who was now standing in the normal Uchiha taijutsu stance.

"Just you alone? Against a jonin no less? You Uchiha truly are as arrogant as they say." Kurenai says bluntly.

"I am no normal Uchiha, Kurenai-sensei." Asuka says, smirking.

"Say that after you-" Kurenai was cut off as she dodged a palm thrust to the back as she turns around and sees that Hinata has begun her assault on her. Hinata threw a few more strikes at Kurenai who dodges and blocks them until she jumps back to dodge an flying-kick from Asuka, who leaves a crack into ground from the impact from her foot.

"As I said Kurenai-sensei." Asuka began as she stands up, "I am no normal Uchiha." Asuka says as she is standing next to Hinata. They looked at each other.

"On three?" Asuka asks. Hinata nodded, "yeah, on three."

"One." Hinata says as both her and Asuka get into their family tai-jutsu stances.

"Two." Asuka says as Kurenai goes into a basic tai-jutsu stance.

"Three!" Both Hinata and Asuka shouted as they rushed Kurenai.

Back with Anko

Anko was backed up to a tree with Kunai in hand as Naruto walked slowly to her with bo-staff in hand.

"Ninja arts-Shadow Snake Hand!" Anko yells as four really long snakes shot out of her sleave at Naruto. Naruto dodges to the side each time like he fazed to that spot while looking like he was still walking with the same foot up and the other foot planted to the ground as he walked.

Anko gritted her teeth as she swings her kunai hand as four more snakes and Naruto dodging them in the same manner as last time. Anko then moved her arms so the snakes could wrap around him, but he jumps to dodge them and throws his bo-staff at Anko. The staff missed only by a few inches.

Naruto lands on it with both his hands holding it as he was crouched on it. He then lets himself roll around with him now upside down and his face a few mere inches from Anko's face.

"What's the matter? I don't bite." Naruto said as he grinned at Anko who was smirking.

"Gotcha!" Anko said as she melted into a puddle of mud. Naruto heard sizzling noises and looked at the tree and growled when he saw explosive tags about to go off.

BOOM! An explosion took place where Naruto was. In the air with the smoke still around, Naruto's bo-staff was spinning in the air while a huge bat was flying over it. It transformed into Naruto who grabbed his bo-staff and dived down to the ground. He landed on his feet and looked franticly for any sign of Anko. He barely dodged a kick heading towards his face as he then lunged towards Anko with his bo-staff ready to stab her.

Anko twisted to the side to dodge the bo-staff and back handed Naruto, who didn't budge from his spot. Naruto glared at Anko who saw this glare and sheepishly laughed.

"Oops." Anko said as Naruto grinned. Naruto flicked his wrist, causing the bo-staff to hit Anko's stomach and with his vampire strength added to it, he sent Anko flying out towards the open field.

With Kurenai

Kurenai was having a hard time. She was in the middle of a tai-jutsu bout with Hinata and Asuka. Hinata kept sending juuken strikes and Kurenai, only a few ever landed while Asuka was sending many acrobatic strikes at Kurenai who was able to dodge and block, but still got hit none the less. Kurenai decided she had enough of this and grabbed Hinata by her arm with one hand and Asuka's leg with the other and flung them across the field.

Quickly forming seals before the two genin could counter act, Kurenai placed a gen-jutsu on them.

"Illusion Arts: Hell Vison Jutsu!" Kurenai yells. In Hinata's illusion she was sunk into a tree while watching as Kumo nin were beating Naruto to within an inch of his life. Asuka was viewing the same illusion. Struggling, Asuka brought her hands into a ram sign and dispelled her illusion with a blast of Chakra. Asuka formed a few seals and took a deep breath.

"Fire Style: Phoenix Fire Jutsu!" She yelled out, blowing a dozen small fire balls at Kurenai who jumped to dodge them, losing concentration on the gen-jutsu over Hinata. Hinata gasped as she was released from her illusion then growled at Kurenai. "You will pay Kurenai-sensei." She growled out.

Kurenai turned around to catch a flying Anko into her arms and look straight towards where she was flying from and saw that Naruto was heading towards them. Anko got up and got into a tai-jutsu stance while Kurenai was fingering her kunai pouch.

Naruto jumped over the two jonin and was now standing Next to both Hinata and Asuka, both which are in their tai-jutsu stances.

Naruto reached into his pocket and pulled out the talisman that Anko had earlier. Anko panicked and searched the pocket that she had it in to find that it was actually gone. Hinata pulled out Kurenai's talisman and waved it around. Kurenai sighed in response.

"I guess you three passed. Congratulations, we are now officially team 7." Kurenai said. The three genin all fell down, exhausted while Anko and Kurenai sweat dropped.

"Report back here tomorrow for your first mission." Anko said as both her and Kurenai shunshined out of there.

Naruto was the first one to get up. "Let's go home girls." Naruto said. "Carry me niisan." Asuka said as she waved her hands in the air like a baby. "Me too Naruto-kun." Hinata said, following Asuka's example.

Naruto groaned. "Fine." He picked both them up and had one siting on one shoulder with the other on the other shoulder. 'luckily I'm a vampire or else I would have broken my arms already with them sitting on my shoulder.' Naruto sighed as he walked them home.


Now for another special. This is a page from the vampire book from the last chapter.

Now legends for told vampires where shapshifters that only turned into bats and sometimes wolves, others told of them turning into many bats at once. These legends are sort of true. When I mean 'sort of true' I mean that it takes time to form abilities like that. It takes training and hard work to achieve such a feat. It also takes time and blood to get strong enough to withstand the biological change from a humanoid body to that of an animal. There are many forms of transformation to explore and I have yet to uncover these forms.

'Diary of a Vampire' Chapter 3- Author: Natsu Namikaze book published October 4 (6 days before Naruto's birth)

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