Salutations! Well I really shouldn't be writing out another story when I have yet to finish a few others, especially when I know this will be a long one. However most of my creative ponderings have been stuck on this for the past year as character profiles I made in the game snowballed in my mind and have come to the bursting point that I simply must share.

One does not necessarily need to be really familiar with the Elder Scroll universe host to the rpg Oblivion to enjoy this, as I try to keep it descriptive and even what the characters know and don't know become friendly discussions much like that of Lucky Star canon. Or so was my intent. Especially when the girls have lived and grown up in such a world all their lives as an AU fiction, they have back stories and altered bonds, their own accomplishments and new challenges to overcome, and we shall be along side them as these events take place.

Disclaimer - This work is a fanfiction crossover and I do not own nor have rights to the source materials; Elder Scrolls: Oblivion copyright to Bethesda and Lucky Star is the work of Kagami Yoshimizu. This will be the only time stated.

Rated T - For mild swearing, moderate mention of gore, violence, and hinted sexual content


Jewel of the Blades


She was alone wandering the early morning streets of the Imperial City, an uneven pace yet steadily cautious with each step. Once in awhile pausing in the shadow of a doorway to listen for any telltale signs of someone following. The stale morning mist however surrendered nothing. Not the blurred outlines of the grey stone buildings nor even an echo from their cold surfaces, only the quick thudding of her heartbeat.

Deeming herself safe for the moment, Kagami wearily leaned against the damp stone trying to calm her hammering heart. She had the right to be paranoid but the enclosed spaces of the streets weren't helping to settle her nerves. Gods, with it being night it was no different really than the sewers beneath, it even smelled the same and enough of it had forever been etched into the mind as it was. Open space was what she needed right now, else she just might suffocate with her senses still filled by what had occurred in the last few hours. Checking that her cloak properly hid the armor she wore, Kagami slipped out of the shadows and made for the city's harbor.

Most of the guards along the way were notably missing from their posts between the city sections. An ominous lack of presence at each gate separating the market, residential quarters, gardens, and the palace, as well as the tunnel that led under the main wall encircling the capital to the harbor outside. Kagami wasn't sure if this relieved her somewhat as she likely looked very suspicious, or worried her even more. The few she had to dodge were patrols running past as she hid, no doubt responding to the crisis tonight up the central palace of White Gold Tower… far too late to be of any help. She would know, for she was one of the two surviving Blade escorts for the emperor that night…

Instead of returning to the palace, she had a task to complete solely given to her. One which none there could be trusted to aid her with or even know of for its implications. Not even the Elder Council, any of them could have been in on the assassination. The changing of the guard, the timing, being ambushed in the hidden escape route, it was all one big mess with too many coincidences. Knowledge of her mission wouldn't be safe up there in all the chaos.

Usually a bustling supply center, the contrast here in the harbor to the quiet tension in the streets was eerily tranquil. Countless skeletal masts reached up into the starry sky to make the very heavens their sail, while a thick fog was hovering just above the water to give allusion that the groaning hulls truly were afloat upon a cloud. There was no sway in the few lanterns still lit at this hour, a time long after the last wandering drunk sailor and before the earliest of fishermen. But it was another sort Kagami warily glanced around for. This was also the home of lowlifes and thieves, oddly enough the ones she hoped to blend in with if it were required.

The area being completely devoid and not quite sure what to do for the moment, Kagami took the chance to sit down at the end of one of the docks. Apparently the night's events had taken its toll as she felt immediate relief being off her feet and her nerves began to settle.

Taking out the item of her new conflict and duty, there was a red glare of its displeasure being in such untrustworthy hands. For a long moment she remained that way, gazing deep within the large red gem reflecting the importance of such a jewel more than any mere jewelry. It in turn reflected the haunt in her blue eyes why it was in her hands at all. In realizing her guilt it glowed again, seemingly now to be giving off a comforting aura. Similar to the feeling of soft patting atop her head not felt since childhood days when her father was around, like saying everything was going to be okay…

Wait... there was something patting her head.

"That's a nice piece you got there~ My 'Ultra Rare Item' senses are tingling!"

'Crap, I let my guard down!' Withdrawing a dagger, Kagami sharply turned to deal with the potential brigand. No way was she going to fail again and to such low thievery!

All she found though was a little wood elf girl hovering over her shoulder. The dim lighting in the harbor barely revealed her long hair to be a blue shade of raven and a sly smirk that somehow resembled a Khajiit. And that she was rather short, even by Bosmer standards. If it wasn't such an odd hour, Kagami would've passed her off as an elf child. Then again the elven short sword at the girl's hip suggested otherwise, that wasn't a weapon known for its easy use or to be worn for mere decoration.

"Whoa!" The girl stumbled losing her resting place on top of Kagami's head, but not just because of the sudden turning. With the amulet put away, her gaze was instead glued to the armored gauntlet that had held it. Granted not many would be able to tell with just a glance which order is represented, however there was always that odd chance and this one just so happened to seem all the more excited about it. Kagami tried in vain to reorganize the cloak over any identifiable equipment and prepared the traditional threat. "You saw nothing, hear me, no-"

"Gotcha, gotcha! But umm… Can, can I touch it?" The elf girl rather than backing off in fear of interfering with official Imperial matters, was only getting closer with a blush of excitement creeping up her cheeks.

'I'm onto you little-miss-pick-pocket! Playing innocent won't get past me...'

Now being so close also revealed the other's eyes to be green, with a mole beneath one of them. The tips of her blue bangs hanging down just before them and then framing her pudgy cheeks made her bubbly expression rather entrancing… Kagami shook her head clear of the somewhat cute image and got up to leave.

"No. Look I need to get going. Sooo, yeah bye."

"Hey now, I won't get into your business or anything. I've never seen one before!" She pleaded grabbing hold of Kagami's cloak.

"A what?"

"A Blade agent of course!"

Kagami quickly brought her hands forward to cover the elf's shout while warily gazing about. "Keep it down will you!"

"Hiding?" The girl tilted her head and gave a cursory glance around. "Just hang with me a bit, K?"

With an unexpected tug, the young Blade just about found herself again on her rear being dragged down toward the main pier. Never mind she had yet to properly get to her feet, or give permission, it was merely a wonder the little elf could. At least it wasn't a long ways off and just as the Blade regained some composure, the other let go of the cloak and instead spun the taller girl around to face what had been in mind.

The grip Kagami was being held in was oddly comfortable and warm… which had lasted until she noticed the sign of their destination and had to master several impulses to stay every one of her weapons. The Bloated Float looked to be an old worn ship now proclaimed tavern, in these parts that also likely meant brothel. Was the elf intending to rob her blind as well as hand over to some shady characters?

"Don't worry, it's not like I'm going to take you to bed."

Kagami sputtered, not exactly the thought she had been concerning herself with… "That's disgusting!"

"Oh yeah I definitely agree, the beds here are moldy." Instead the elf took Kagami's hand in hers and winked. "Which is why I reserve that kind of thing for uptown~"

'…She… really…?'

Why was this strange girl getting her fluste-frustrated? This was no time to be side tracked and there had to be alterative motives in play here, no one led strangers around so carefree.

"H-Hold on a second! I don't even know you and you're dragging me for all I know into some trap, I'm not naïve as to not know the sorts of things that happen down here."

"Bah! I'm not the criminal kind, and really a lot of them have gotten boring to mess with."

Kagami firmly planted her heel and refused to budge another step. "Enough of this, what are your intentions? I can't believe for one second you being over-friendly isn't an act."

The elf stopped pulling, keeping their hands stretched between them before turning around with a sincere gaze.

"But isn't that what you need right now? A friend?"

A/N: Just a quick reference to the races mentioned so far. Other chapters will have similar notes if I catch something initially that needs a bit more explaining.

Khajiit - a feline people that resemble lions/big cat family, no cute neko girls here unless one is into furry. To some they seem a simple beast people that are lazy, but can be very ferocious and clever when need be.

Bosmer - the 'wood elf' variant that are more inclined to nature and have adapted abilities to stealth, agility, and dexterity. They also tend to be the shortest of the races.

Blades - an order solely commanded by the emperor to be the eyes and ears of the empire, as well as serving as royal bodyguards.