A/N: I am a lover of h/c hospital scenes, so this weeks challenge was definitely fun(though it took a little research) Happy birthday CiZiwejes and deangirl1! I hope you both enjoy this immensely. I through 'keen' in along with 'feel' as this an extended drabble : )

Spoilers: Takes place post 5x06

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Dean concentrated on breathing through his nose like the nurse had instructed, doing his best to ignore the feeling of the endoscope sliding into his stomach. The instrument felt like he'd swallowed an eel and he couldn't even gag against the intrusion.

A week of Dean waking up with burning abdominal pain was all Sam could stand, dragging his brother to the hospital. The elder Winchester had offered token resistance to diagnostic testing, but was willing to consent if it meant figuring out what the hell was wrong with him. Both secretly hoped this wasn't a remnant from Zachariah's 'say yes to Michael' games.

Pompous angels and innocent anti-Christs. Dean thought.

Hard to tell which side anyone's on anymore…

"I think I've found the problem." Dr. Tungsten spoke up, turning around.

Dean's muscles tensed as much as the IV sedative allowed. He couldn't talk around the mouthpiece, so he blinked determinedly, demanding an answer.

"You have a few minor peptic ulcers. Definitely painful, but nothing overly dangerous or deadly if treated."

Not cancer. Dean closed his eyes, heard his heart rate slow in relief.

"I should be able to cauterize the bleeds right here, have you good as new." The doctor gave a wink. " I'm not keen on finding out what your brother meant by 'or else.'"

Yeah that sounds like my little brother…

Because despite what other hunters, certain heavenly host, and even the kid himself thought at times, Sam was still definitely on the right side.