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Farris Wheel Fun Time

Cats Eat Pretzels

Written by: .Purple. Chocolate. Stars.



She let loose a content sight once the ride cranked into a saddening start. It was so awesome being the matchmaker for all your friends. Then again, they'd never get anywhere without her anyway.

Let's see…Kairi should be; or better be, making his move on Tsukiga by now. It's probably awkward-topia with Kuukai and Arisa; love birds, everyone else…can go suck it. Oh jeez, poor Aika though.

She brushed a few stray strands of hair that had fell in front of her bright violet eyes and sighed again. Leaning back onto the metal seat, she looked at the civilians below, with lights mingling with the sky, creating a mix of gold and midnight blue.

The slight draft from the glass-free window played against her hair, lifting several strands from her shoulders and cooling her neck and face considerably.

The walkways below her were lined with many lanterns of countless shapes, sizes and colours. They illuminated the people and attractions around them, and of course; helped Shinyu chill out.

Being matchmaker was also quite tiring as well.

Her amethyst eyes slid shut for a moment, savouring the sounds of delight and excitement that radiated from below her.

Example; she may be the oldest of the Guardians, and she may have the most experience and downright attraction to the species known as male, but that doesn't mean that her kohais probably getting more action than she will ever have.

A saddened sigh passed her lips as her eyes remained closed. It's a bitter thought, but it was true as well.

Her subject of affection already had enough problems and obviously wasn't interested. Besides, three quarters of the living (and possibly dead) population of females have their eyes, 'Open Heart, and locked on' him anyway.

She laughed at the joke she had formed of the evil pink mouse that was always at the end of his line of sight. Then of course, they'd both be at the dreadful end of her annoyed glare. Really, if you were going to cause so much sexual tension in one sitting, then take it outside.

Shinyu's absolutely sick of it.

She's sick of that stupid smirk of his that drives people wild, that soft blue hair that smells like berries and summer breezes, his endless blue eyes that would stare through her when they're not occupied teasing, and most importantly…

She's sick of the way he pulls her heart around in every direction known to man, and known to him.

He'd go tease, oogle, and/or stalk Amu, and then appear on her doorstep with Yoru, asking her to come out with him. Daisy and Yoru would share a few threatening looks, but she'd accept no matter what kind of ridiculous work she was doing.

It'd be the middle of the night and they'd head towards downtown, with no destination planned. The last time they had 'gone out' they went to the music store and were kicked out in the middle of having a fight to determine whether Nana Mizuki or DARTS* were better in vocals or had better albums or whatever other ridiculous argument they could have. The store manager got fed up with them due to their volume and gave them the boot. Not to mention, he was also partially offended that neither of them were supporting the wonderful Hoshina Utau.

After, they went to get some food. Of course not date style; with Ikuto sliding an arm around her waist and giving the hostess an irresistible smirk saying, "Table for two, please." They didn't dress up or fuss over their appearances and they didn't end the night with the sweetest of kisses either.

When Ikuto asks her to come outside, he usually catches her in a hybrid that looks like a hybrid form of her pyjamas and her usual clothes. So screw the formal dress; cause ripped up jeans and shirts with the most ominous of steins on its ends would always do.

And they don't go to fancy restaurants. They hate those the most. She talks him into buying pretzels, but she repays him by buying him whatever he feels like having that day.

Once she goes home, they never kiss; never hug; there is no contact. She wishes him good night and he does so as well. When she enters the house, it's all quiet and she retreats back to her room, feeling emptiness surround her.

The familiar feeling of emptiness returns to her and Shinyu pulls her knees up to her chest. When she takes a look out the window and realizes how slowly the ride is actually going. Then she remembers that she told the ride operator to slow the ride down, and with some fair reasoning and a kind donation from Shinyu Aikaze-Hayai herself, she got her wish granted. This way, her friends and their (painfully obvious) crushes would have more time, and maybe she'd be able to take a nap.

Her cart was nearing the top of the circle when she suddenly hears a tap coming from the metallic ceiling of the ride. After taking a quick glance towards the plain grey ceiling, she looked back down into the crevice between her knees.

Even though the day is nearly over at the amusement park and they were nearing closing time, the sounds from below elevated to where she was, though it was merely a faint buzz by now.

Suddenly a sudden gust of air blew past her ear, "Yo."

If she were in a crazier mood, she would've screamed. But since she was mellowing down, she decided to just play it cool.

"My; if it isn't the great Ikuto Tsukyomi. I was just thinking about you, you know," she said, smirking.

He smirked back, commencing their ever tedious smirk offs.

"Well I was just thinking about you too Shinyu-chan, which is exactly why I came here." His sentence almost made her smirk falter; almost.

"So now you're mental and a stalker. Good for you Ikuto," she chirped. Making fun of him should be put in the record books for being one of the funnest things to do. There really wasn't anything like seeing his eyes go wide for a split second, his smirk falter and the look of shock to wash over him.

"You're sarcasm amuses me Hayai," he tells her dangerously. "But do you really want to know how I found out you're here?"

Shinyu leaned back again. Her shoulder shrugged casually, posing as her response.

They sat in a comfortable silence for a while, just listening to the slight rumbling and creaking noises of the Farris wheel.

"So…really, what do you want?" She asked, getting slightly annoyed by his presence all of the sudden. Ikuto was silent for the most part, but eventually, he replied, "I'm not sure."

Her eyes rolled. What kind of answer was that? "So I guess I won't throw you out the window since you seem particularly innocent today," Shinyu inquired.

Yoru snickered mischievously, as if he were hiding something from her; something that she was supposed to know. Though, silence surrounded them and she chose to ignore the small cat-like laughter coming from Ikuto's chara.

As they reached the top of the metal circle, Ikuto finally spoke up, "So…"

There goes speaking up.

Shinyu's restless figures drummed against the metal seat and looked across to him nervously. Ikuto sat with his legs stretched out in front of him and his arms supporting him as he leant back.

Under that extremely mysterious, dark, hot, complicated, sculpted, hot, shadowy, elegant, masculine, and did I mention hot, exterior, Ikuto's just like any other male you can find on the street. And as hard as it is to believe, it's true. And fortunately for the girl sitting across from him, she's been one of the limited few who were able to ever see him in that state.

There were times when he dropped his exterior and just became…normal. Before Easter constantly held a knife at his throat (metaphorically of course) there were time when he'd just collapse on the couch at the end of the day and watch re-runs of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or G.I. Joe or something.

"Now seriously…what do you want?" Shinyu asked nervously. And of course she was nervous. All of the other times she had interacted with Ikuto there had always been a healthy distraction or barrier (Like Utau). If not, then she'd have an escape route, paired with the most ridiculous excuse plausible.

In the red-head's mind, she thought for a second that she was going to explode on the spot if the didn't respond.

A quiet sigh escaped Ikuto's pale lips, and he re-adjusted his sitting position. He now sat cross legged, with his chin resting on one of his palms. "You really want to know why I'm here?"

She nodded stiffly.

"…Fine. Just make sure you don't hate me after okay? And don't laugh either. This is really embarrassing."

She replied with another nod. But with the slightest tinge of pink appearing on his cheeks, she really had to work to not laugh.

Heaving one last sigh, he finally said it, "I…I like you."

A heavy, awkward silence followed and Shinyu's mind worked to comprehend the words that just flew into her ears.

"You what me?!" She exclaimed. Apparently, her mind had decided to stop working at that instant. If she were standing; since she barely remembered how to breathe at the moment, she would've easily collapsed. She was having a hard enough time to keep herself conscious.

A violin-playing hand ran through his unruly midnight locks as he looked away, embarrassed. 'If she was going to reject me, she didn't have to do it so loudly…' he thought.

"Didn't you hear me or are you just stupid? I said… I like you," he said again, ignoring the previous negative thoughts rushing through his mind.

His eyes inched back towards his main point of interest, and a smirk uncontrollably tugged at his lips as he realized that her face was nearly the same shade as her flaming red hair. Her lips were kept shut in a straight line and her shoulders had tensed up considerably.

"But I mean, it's alright if you don't like me, but you promised not to hate me so—"

"I like you too."

His bowed head shot up and revealed a rare, surprised expression on his face.

Shinyu's cheeks were burning and she felt like she could pass out at any given moment. All those years of pent up feelings of happiness, jealousy, sadness, longing and love were expelled at him in those 4 words and she couldn't believe she had just done it.

"I…I've liked you for a long time so…if it's going to be weird, I'm going to break up with you okay?"

All Ikuto could do was give a dumb nod.


Both their minds were a mess; both their lives were a mess, but as they both stared into the blue-dominating gold sky, they knew that it was much better being a mess with each other.

And just like those nights where he would hang out with her, they didn't hug, they didn't kiss, and there was no contact, but now it's okay; because Shinyu feels complete even after entering her empty house.


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