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Awkward would definitely be an understatement here. When you're in a cramped, metal ride, thingamajig with two other people who obviously like each other to the ends of the world, awkward doesn't even begin to describe how you feel—the third-wheel, in this situation.

It's indescribable. (What a cool word!)

Anyway, I'm just glad I didn't have to share a cart with Shinyu. Heavens knows the kind of questions she'd ask me. She'd probably try to corrupt me, like she did to Arisa-chan and Tsukiga. It's definitely a good thing I'm here.

But then again, it's kind of boring. I'm trying to focus on the random people walking around below us, but it's really hard with all this tension. Then again, just look at them; all lovey-dovey and stuff. I think Kairi-san would make a really good boyfriend for Tsukiga. At least he was willing enough to come.


"Moshi moshi?" a baritone voice rung from the receiving end of Aika's pale blue cell. At the sheer sound of his voice, Aika broke into a wide grin and bit her tongue to make sure not to say anything overly stupid.

"H-hi, this is Suzuki Aika. I'm in the same class as your friend Hoshiwa Arisa," she responded, patronizing herself for stuttering.

Just listen to Arisa's advice… Then again, she didn't give any advice; but Aika was so jealous of how calm and cool Arisa could be around boys, while she ended up tripping over her words and saying stupid things, just making them laugh at her.

The voice through the phone relaxed the second he found out who it was. "Aa, Aika-san. I wasn't expecting you to call."

Of course you weren't. I've only been trying to find the courage to call you for the past week!

She quickly silenced her thoughts for a moment and struggled to remember all of the information Shinyu had thrown at her in a matter of seconds before bounding off to tell the others.

So, after talking to Arisa, she decided that Shirohi Ryu would be cool enough to bring.

Sadly, after promising that he would call her back after asking his parents…

He never did.


I sighed again, fiddling with the phone in my hand. The battery was low, so I should really turn it off and charge it when I get home.

But what if Ryu calls me? I bet he's asleep in his hammock or something right now, or eating carrots while watching Digimon. I shouldn't even be worrying about someone who isn't even here. At least Tsukiga can have a mental breakdown, and Kairi would actually be here.

He should just be a man and call me! I mean, what could be stopping him?

Maybe he's on a date… Wait, that's not likely; he's the least interested in the entire male population.

I quickly glanced over in the direction of Tsukiga and Kairi—they looked like they were really enjoying themselves, despite looking away from each other with their hand intertwined between them. I sighed again.

It seemed everyone around me was in love with someone else, and their feelings were actually being returned. I peeked up out of the cart and the one behind us, where Kuukai and Arisa-chan were—I quickly hid a laugh at how uncomfortable the two looked. I then glimpsed at Shinyu's cart, and was utterly surprised to see Tsukiyomi Ikuto sitting next to her.

I stared at the two, my eyes glaring into the back of their heads. This was so annoying right now…

"Aika-chan…?" I quickly positioned myself in the correct seating position, a fake smile on my lips.

"Yes, Tsukiga?" She eyed me, her hands in her lap. I noticed Kairi's face was slightly redder than usual and my eyes stared sympathetically at him for a moment.

"Are you… having fun?" I blinked, not expecting to be asked that.

"Yeah, I am. Is something wrong?"

"No…" she fidgeted with her fingers, looking down into her lap. This nervous and shy side of Tsukiga… sort of scared me. "I thought you might feel like a third wheel or something."

I laughed at her precise observation, lying through my teeth. "I feel fine. You two continue doing whatever it was you were doing. I can keep a secret."

Beautiful tan eyes stared at me in genuine curiosity as she hesitated for a moment. "Alright…" She turned back to Kairi, hesitantly grabbing his hand and linking hers back into his. She grinned sheepishly as Kairi jumped from the sudden contact before looking into her eyes, a ghost of a smile passing his face.

My eyes stung at the couple. They seemed so happy, so at peace—and I was stuck here wallowing in my stupid self-pity over some guy.

Wait, correction. Ryu isn't just some guy.

I looked to my left, and my eyes widened immediately, my jaw unhinging. The sight before my eyes was… beautiful. Light flickered down below me, illuminating the bright azure sky; the stars seemed to shine vividly as a comet passed overhead. I could see a field in the distance and imagined the view of the sky from there, with no lights darkening the sky and blocking my view.

I smiled painfully as atramentous hair and endless pools of charcoal eyes rushed passed the back of my eyes. The majestic flow of the Aurora Borealis quickly joined, and I immediately thought back to the conversation I had overhead Ryu and Arisa having.


"Hey, Arisa." The young woman looked up, her eyes twinkling. I sighed, continuing to read my manga as I sat next to her.

"Yes, Ryu?" She sat behind her desk, relaxed as Nikaidou-sensei was reading some magazine. The test was over and there was only ten minutes left of class, so he gave us some time to ourselves; he even let the other sixth grade class come in.

"Do you know what Aurora Borealis is…?" Arisa looked confused at the question.

"No?" She responded unsurely.

"How about the Northern Lights?" Arisa grinned widely, recognizing the common name.

"Yes! They're so beautiful!" Ryu laughed quietly, his deep voice sounding like a majestic river to me.

"… I was wondering…" Arisa blinked, her smiling dropping a few notches as she stared at him.

"Yeah?" She urged him.

"Wouldn't it be nice… To see it one day? As in, in person?" His voice softened, and I looked up from my book to stare at Ryu. His eyes were glazed over and he looked… at peace.

Arisa noticed me staring at him, causing me to switch back to read my manga with a newfound blush on my cheeks. She grinned sweetly.

"… Yeah, it would be."


I sighed again.

Stupid little kid… so handsome, so sweet, so… staring at me?

Looking down at the ground below me, I stared at the ant-sized figure. I recognized that face, that body—but what was he doing?

He look down at his phone, fiddle with it for a second, and then look up at me. My eye brow rose at his action, until I fell back when my pocket started vibrating.

I took my phone out, flipping it open and clicking to view the text.

Hope you're having a good time. :)

After staring at it in shock for a moment, I pressed the reply button—and my phone died.

I growled, flipping it closed and thrusting it hastily into my pocket. How completely and totally annoying… I looked at the confused faces of Tsukiga and Kairi and grinned embarrassedly.

"Can I, uh, borrow your phone, Tsukiga…?" Her eyes flickered from my face to the side of the cart, and she smiled. My pupils dilated in fear before she placed the communication devise in my hand.

I slid it open, typing up a text in return.

It would be better if you were here. :(

I clicked the Send button after finding his name, and looked over the ledge. I blinked when I noticed he was now sitting on the bench, staring at his phone. I think he was smiling.

The phone vibrated in my hand and a picture of Ryu playing soccer showed up on the screen. I blushed, not even thinking twice as to why Tsukiga would have a picture of him on her phone. His hair swished in front of his face and his eyes looked so determined here… I almost forgot that I was texting the actual person.

Sorry… Maybe we can hang out and get some ice-cream once you get off of there?

My cheeks flamed up. Was he indirectly asking me to go on a date?

Sure… But we'll go Dutch.

I refused to have him pay for me, after all. It was easier on me if I didn't feel as if I owed him anything—I really didn't like the feeling. The phone vibrated again, and I had to resist staring at the picture too long.

Okay… By the way, stop staring at my soccer picture ;)

This time, my face got redder than Shinyu's hair. I nearly passed out at the playful tone to his… texts? I giggled, typing a quick response.

I was not! -huff- … So why does Tsukiga have this picture anyway?

I stared at his body, realizing something minor yet completely significant: He was wearing the Plain White Tees shirt I bought him for his birthday.

I smiled happily, glazed eyes and all. When the phone vibrated again, I glanced at the text message and responded as quickly as he did.

She knew you would want to stare at it… lol :P

Loser! It's not even a good picture of you…

I swear I could hear him scoff when he read the message.

Well, nothing really CAN do justice to my awesomeness.

I smirked.

I thought that was Arisa-chan?

I think I was enjoying texting him… I wonder if Tsukiga goes through her text messages before she deletes them?

She got it from the master. Trust me, I know these things.

I full-out laughed this time, tears coming to my eyes. I could see Tsukiga and Kairi staring at me in fear, while Arisa and Kuukai—who had messed up hair, I might add—simply stared at me as if I needed to be at a mental institute.

The master? -thinking- Oooh! You're right! Hiro IS pretty cool.

I glanced up at the sky again, the riveting sky captivating me for a moment. I thought again of Aurora Borealis and how much Ryu wanted to see it. When the object of my affections replied, I grinned softly.

You're so mean to me.

I laughed once. He had no idea of my feelings…

You want to see the Northern Lights, right?

There was a silence in the air as I waited for the response.


I grinned, my eyes crinkling slightly. For some odd reason, I felt like crying…

I'd go with you.

The Send button stared at me for a split second before I squashed it. I had to be strong!

When Tsukiga's phone vibrated and I read his reply, I grinned happily. Maybe today would turn out good, after all…

I'd like that.