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word: feel
word count: 200

Passin' the Stone

"You okay, Dean? Y'hurtin'?"

"No, Sam, feels great—kinda like being eviscerated from the inside out, but other than that, just great," Dean ground out.

Sam pushed the call button. Dean grimaced, paling. Sweat dotted his forehead. Recognizing the signs, Sam grabbed the nearby basin, held it while Dean puked. Sam winced in sympathy, rubbing his brother's back with his free hand. "It's okay, Dean, s'okay," he murmured softly. Dean finished, relaxed against the pillow, shakily drinking the water Sam handed him. "I know it doesn't feel like it, but the pain in your abdomen's a good thing—means the stone's moving. Hopefully won't be long now."

Dean just grunted.

Feeling helpless, Sam babbled, "Y'know, they say passing a kidney stone's more painful than having a baby." Dean's look shut him up.

A nurse appeared. "Good news, hon. Got somethin' here that'll numb your urinary tract right up—let you pass the stone without all that nasty pain."

"Thank God," they replied in unison, both fervently grateful. Dean's relieved smile an hour later made the whole hospital ordeal worth it.

And when they left, Sam made sure to steal some of the miracle meds for their stash. Just in case.