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Word of the week: Feel
Word count: 100

Birthday edition: Deangirl1 asked for hurt Dean, so here it is. And happy birthday hon!

Hurt much? I don't think so.

Dean grasped the dart protruding from his arm and yanked it hard. "Urgh!!" he tried hard to stifle a scream and ended moaning instead.

"How do you feel Dean?" The witch circled him, sneering wickedly.

"Awesome!" The pain was excruciating.

"Does it hurt?"

"Do you have a little brother?" Dean's breath hitched.

"What?" She stopped, looking confused.

"Humor me."

"No…I don't."

"Then you don't know…" Dean smirked as he watched Sam tackle the witch to the floor, blowing her head off with his .45. Dean fell, black dots dancing crazily before his eyes.

"…nothing hurts you like a little brother."