Chapter One the Wedding

While Andy and Nina are preparing for the big day, Delia gets nervous about what their marriage would do to the memory to her mother.

With Amy and Ephram's on again, off again relationship back on again things have been kind of rocky. So, rocky that neither of them has told their parents that they're back together.

Meanwhile Hannah and Bright's relationship has blossomed into something that could end up permanent.

"I don't think we should tell my parents just yet." Amy blurted out as she and Ephram snuggled on his couch.

"They're going to find out eventually, wouldn't you rather it came from you?"

"Your right, besides it's not like we're new to the whole dating thing, including the telling our parents thing.""Right, between Colin, Madison, Tommy, Reid, and Stephanie…" Ephram stopped dead sentence as he had been doing so, often lately every time Steph was brought into a conversation. He had broken up with her two weeks ago, but the pain of hurting her by doing so still lingered.

"We've learned a thing or two about relationships." Amy said finishing Ephram's thought feeling a little stung that Stephanie still had this much of an impact on Ephram.

"Besides with our dating history our parents wouldn't be surprised that we're back together." Ephram said pushing Stephanie out of his head.

"I still don't want to tell my parents."

"Okay, but I want to tell my dad. I'll tell him not to tell yours."

"Alright, when are you going to tell him?"

"I'll tell him tomorrow after he gets home from work."

As Ephram waited for his dad to come home from work he noticed how much the house had changed since his dad and Nina's engagement. The only room that hadn't changed was Delia's. Ephram's room now held Sam's stuff, which consisted of a lot of sports mobile, which was a weird picture for Ephram's room because he himself wasn't the sports type of guy. His dad's room had changed, so it now held both his and Nina's stuff.

Ephram sat in the once neat living room that now held everything from candles to flowers, all in yellow, clearly for his dad and Nina's wedding, which was set for the first week of January. They were so, busy with wedding plans that even the kitchen was covered with cake and other recipes. Nina had already said that she was going to cook the dinner and everyone knew that there wasn't a chance of changing her mind. Ephram grabbed his dad and Nina's rings out and placed them on the table. One of the things he was in charge of as best man was getting the rings engraved. Since he managed to get that done three months in advance he planned to give them to his dad while he was there tonight.

When Ephram heard the door shut he looked up to see his dad perplexed as to what he was doing there. "Are you eating here tonight?" his dad asked talking off his jacket.

"I actually have plans tonight."

"So then what are you doing here?" it sounded as if he didn't want him there. This, however, was not the case.

"I wanted to tell you something. Something that I should have told you two weeks ago."

"Stephanie's not pregnant is she?"

"What? God no! Why would you even think Stephanie could be pregnant?"

"Do I really need to answer that Ephram?"

"My relationship with Madison was different then my relationship with Stephanie. Mainly because I was young and had no idea what I was doing with Madison."

"Then what should you have told me?"

"Amy and I are back together." Ephram couldn't tell if his dad was okay with this or not. His dad had spent the last few years trying to get him to be careful when dating because he didn't want him to get hurt. Amy had done most of the hurting and of course Madison, the mother of his son. "Well, I'm happy for you." Ephram could see the concern in his dad's eyes.

Three months later everything was starting to get back to normal, well almost normal at least. Nina and Andy's wedding rehearsal was finally here and Ephram and Amy had to be there, which was awkward because her parents still had no idea about her and Ephram.

The Wedding party included Ephram and Hannah, who were the best man and maid of honor, Nina's sister and Harold, who were going to be the brides maid and usher, and Sammy and Delia were going to be the ring bearer and flower girl. This meant, of course, that Hannah and Ephram were going to be walking down the aisle together, followed by Harold and Nina's sister, and lastly Delia and Sammy.

They ran through the whole program and then the family went back to the house and had dinner together for the last time as two separate families. Nina and Andy had agreed that a family dinner would be better than an actual wedding rehearsal dinner. It was hard to believe that by this time tomorrow Nina, Sammy, and Hannah were going to be a part of Andy, Delia, and Ephram's family. It seemed to perfect to be true. Unfortunately not everyone was excited about the wedding.

Delia never wanted the wedding to accrue in the first place. She likes Nina, but she thought she and Ephram were replacing their mom.

"There's no way we could replace mom, but there's room for another person in our lives. Besides you like Nina, don't you?" Ephram asked when Delia called him before the wedding to talk about Nina. Ephram knew that Delia wanted to say yes, but she also wanted to say no because of their mom. The truth was he felt the same way. "I guess you're right, just because dad gets remarried doesn't mean we have to replace mom."

"No we don't. We don't even have to call Nina mom. Look dad's happy, so we should be happy for him. Hannah and I will be over soon, we might even be bringing Bright, so can you tell dad that and you and I will talk soon okay? I've got to go I have another call and it's really important so I'm going to have to let you go, okay bye." Ephram said when his phone beeped indicating that he had another call and he saw that it was someone he was waiting to hear from.

"Hey Hannah your early." Bright said after he answered the door to find Hannah standing there.

"No I'm not actually. I'm here for Ephram he can't drive his car, so I'm taking him over to his dad's."

"Really? Why?"

"Something's wrong with Ephram's car, besides I was already going over to help Delia get ready since and Ephram can't."

"Why can't they?"

"Because of the two guys and a girl thing." Hannah said entering the apartment.

"Hey Hannah thanks for picking me up." Ephram said entering the room carrying what Hannah assumed was his suit.

"No problem, what's wrong with your car?"

"It's out of fuel and I obviously can't drive it like that. Hannah, the reason I asked you to come over is because I wanted to talk to the two of you."

"Don't you two have to go to your dad's?"

"Bright, I think he wants you to come with us to his dad's."

"Yeah, I mean my dad won't mind one more getting ready at his house. So, what do you say, mind getting ready a little early?"

"No I guess not." Bright said grabbing his suit.

"Okay, well let's get going and we can talk on the way to your dad's." Hannah said heading out the door. Ephram and Bright grabbed their coats and followed her. Ephram got his shoes from his car and then the three of them got into Hannah's car.

"What's wrong Ephram?" Hannah asked when their doors were shut.

"I heard from the adoption agency today about an application I filled out a couple months ago. I'm adopting a kid."

"Well, I think you'd make a great dad dude." Bright said as he stopped messing with the radio.

"Why now? I mean you've got your whole life to have a family, you're still young." Hannah said pulling onto his dad's street; she sounded really sincere which meant a lot to him

"The adoption agency called and told me that Madison and my son was back in the system. I can adopt him."

"I think that's great. What did your dad and Amy say?" Hannah asked turning off the engine in front of Ephram's dad's house.

"Nothing, you're the first to know. Could you not tell them, I want to wait for the perfect time?"

"Of course your secret's safe with us." Hannah said getting out of the car.

Nina and Andy were finally in front of their friends and families a couple hours later to say that they take each other for life. After the ceremony everyone went back to the couple's house to celebrate, well not everyone, but it seemed like it.

At the reception Andy ran into Amy and asked her if they could talk outside for a minute. He needed to know her intentions so he could be happy for them.

"Amy, I need to know, do you really love Ephram?" Andy asked as Amy sat down.

"I love your son."

"Ephram's really important to me and I don't want to see him get hurt."

"I know he's important to you and I would never hurt him… again." Amy added because she had already hurt him in the past.

"I'm glad to hear that because I know that Ephram thinks the world of you Amy." Andy never thought that he would be having this conversation with his son's girlfriend in a million years, but he had to protect his son's heart.

The wedding was finally behind them which meant that Andy and Nina could finally breathe and relax.

Just like any couple Nina and Andy had some baggage. For Andy, it was almost twenty years of marriage and two beautiful kids and for Nina, it was ten years of lies and a beautiful son worth. They didn't let any of this stop them, however.