Chapter Seventeen:

Ephram's Funeral:

After setting a date for the funeral, it became all to clear that Ephram was not coming back. The day after Ephram's death Andy spent the entire day arranging the service. Planning Ephram's funeral reminded him of when he planned Julia's.

When Andy got home that night he found Delia, who had come home for the funeral, reading on the couch. "Thanks for coming."

"Of course I needed to be around you and the family for a couple days. God I can't believe that he's gone."

Ephram's Funeral:

"I know, I'm going to go check on the kids."

"Dad? Are you alright? We could talk if you want to."

"I'm fine, but thanks." Andy said heading upstairs.

Andy quietly stepped in Lily and Lucy's room, which for the time being was where Jenny and TJ were sleeping. After checking on them Andy went in to check on Alison, Cassen, and Kayla, who were asleep in his and Nina's room.

Ephram's Funeral:

Andy felt sorry for these kids, they had seen so much death in their lives. Andy knew the chances of even the twins remembering Ephram and Amy were slim to none. This made Andy angry because Ephram and Amy were such good parents and loved their kids with all their heart. 'Why did they have to die without their kids getting a chance to see that? Why did they have to die so young?' Andy thought Angrily.

"Dad are you okay?" Delia asked coming into the room.

"No Delia I'm not. I told Ephram I would keep him safe and he's not is he?"

Ephram's Funeral:

"It's not your fault, Ephram was sick."

"I know baby, but it still hurts. Look at them." Andy said gesturing to the triplets. "Ephram loved them so much and Amy gave her life for them, but they'll never know them. How could God take them away from their kids?" Andy asked desperately.

"I don't know. I can't believe that these kids are going to be raised by people who didn't even know Ephram and Amy or the values they wanted their kids to have."

"Not necessarily, Ephram and Amy wanted Nina and me to take care of the kids if anything ever happened to them. Grant it that was before the babies, but we're still down in their wills as the legal guardians."

Ephram's Funeral:

"They had wills? That's so morbid."

"No it's practical, Ephram was sick and they knew that something could happen to Amy during delivery. They were just making sure their kids were taking care of before anything happened and it's a good thing they did otherwise all the kids would go up for adoption."

"Are you taking custody of them?"

"I need to talk to Nina about keeping them here. I don't think I could just give them up. I've already gotten attached to all of them. Besides they're apart of Ephram, they are Ephram."

The day of Ephram's funeral was dark and gray, it reflected how everyone felt perfectly. Bright had agreed to do the eulogy because Andy didn't think he could handle it. So all there was left to do was try and get through the service without breaking down.

Ephram's Funeral:

After everybody was seated Bright stood up to start the service. "As many of you know, Ephram and I were best friends and have been for eight years. Ephram kept life interesting that's for sure. He was a great friend, who never hesitated to help those he cared about or stop them from doing something they'd regret. He loved his family, especially his kids. He also loved the piano, he was extremely good at that. He didn't deserve the pain he went through over the years and he defiantly didn't deserve to die." Bright finished before taking his seat.

The rest of the service went by very slowly and by the time it was finished everyone who knew Ephram best was on the verge of tears.

Ephram's Funeral:

After the funeral they moved the service to the grave yard and in a moment Ephram was lowered to the ground and people started to leave.

With the funeral behind them the family had to come to terms with the fact that they had just lost another person they cared about.