E/O challenge: feel

Disclaimer: not mine although I would be willing to adopt.

I tried to get it to 100 hundred words but this was the best I could do as I have company and not much time to invest toward my little drabble. Sorry. Hope you enjoy.


Sam could feel every muscle in his shoulders bunch up in tense anticipation.

Dean had been rushed into emergency surgery more than three hours ago and Sam had been on edge since.

It had happened so quickly. One minute they were crossing the street in front of the motel and the next Dean was sprawled on the ground in front of an old pickup driven by some ninety year old who had failed to stop and plowed into Dean. He hadn't been going fast when he hit but the old truck was solid and Dean had taken a hard hit to the abdomen.

By the time the ambulance had arrived Dean's stomach was showing signs of distention and bruising. Possible internal injuries.

Now Sam was about to find out the extent of the damage.