Disclaimer: I do not own Scott Summers, Jiffy, Iceman, Disney's Hercules Collector Plates, McDonalds, eBay, Wolverine... or a spatula. Nor do I have laser vision.

Dedication: to my dear AdrenalineRush16 because she dared me to do this (a response to her drabble: 'Misplaced Item'; read that!) and cos she's awesomeness!

How to Make a Scott Summers Famous Toasted Peanut Butter Sandwich


- Jiffy's Peanut Butter (preferably creamy)

- Two (2) slices of bread (white or wheat)

- Butter knife

- Spatula/Flipping Utensil (so to avoid burnt fingertips)

- Plate (DO NOT USE Iceman's Disney's Hercules Collector Plates from McDonalds as this only ends in disaster and a ridiculous search on eBay)

- Laser Vision (this is most important! if you don't possess this and can't find someone who does, disregard this recipe and use a toaster)

- - -

1. Locate jar of Jiffy's Peanut Butter.

2. Place slices of bread face up on plate.

3. Using butter knife, apply liberal amounts of Peanut Butter on both slices of bread.

4. Place Peanut Buttered sides of bread together.

5. Clear surface of counter around plate and move two or more steps back.

6. Adjust visor to lowest setting and lightly toast one side, flip over, and toast other side.

7. Wait until completely cooled.

8. Carefully cut sandwich into triangles.

9. Enjoy!

- - -


- DO NOT OFFER to make Logan a Scott Summers Famous Toasted Peanut Butter Sandwich because he will only laugh and make jokes about flower-patterned aprons and 'house trained' for the next week.

- Best served with cold milk.

Author's Note: I wrote this after drinking eight cups of coffee. That is all I have to say for myself. :]