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Title:From Solid to Liquid

Word count: 139

He was floating.

Drifting happily in and out of a blurry pastel fog of bliss.

Awareness was on the horizon, trying to break though. He tried to hold it off for as long as he could but…..damn.

"Dean, how ya feel?"

No more floating, no more bliss….damn.


"Yeah Dean, don't talk."

"Sslwat haaapn?" Was that him making those stupid noises?

"Dude, don't talk. Casper tossed you into a headstone face first."

Dean tried to focus on Sam, he wasn't having much luck.

"You broke your jaw. Six weeks, Dean. Your jaw is going to be wired shut for six weeks. Liquid diet and a little reconstructive dentistry in your future. We'll head to Bobby's when I can spring you."


"Yeah Dean?"

"Ssbeer a likid?"

Sam just smiled at his wasted brother. "Sure Dean, beer is a liquid."