I do not own the ideas from Sleeping Beauty or the characters from Sailor Moon. This story has a few extra twists you wouldn't find in the regular Sleeping Beauty story. The characters are as follows:

Sleeping Beauty-Princess Serena/Serena/Princess Sailor Moon

Good Queen-Queen Serenity

Wicked Witch-Queen Beryl

The Prince-Darien/Prince Darien

Other Characters:

Inner Guardians protecting Serena:

Princess Amy/Amy/Sailor Mercury/Princess Sailor Mercury

Princess Raye/Raye/Sailor Mars/Princess Sailor Mars

Princess Lita/Lita/Sailor Jupiter/Princess Sailor Jupiter

Princess Mina/Mina/Sailor Venus/Princess Sailor Venus

Outer Guardians (who later help the others):

Princess Amara/Sailor Uranus/Princess Sailor Uranus

Princess Michelle/Sailor Neptune/Princess Sailor Neptune

Princess Trista/Sailor Pluto/Princess Sailor Pluto

Princess Hotaru/Sailor Saturn/Princess Sailor Saturn


The Silver Millenium was a time of peace. On a Kingdom on the Moon, it was the happiest day ever. The next heir to the throne of the kingdom had been born. "My beautiful Serena." Queen Serenity said. "Someday, it'll be your turn to rule our beautiful kingdom." The Princesses of all the other planets were invited. Each of them was to bestow a gift upon on her.

"Princesses of Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn, please step up one at time to present your gifts to our new princess."

"Young Princess," Princess Amy began. "You will grow up to be wise." The others rolled their eyes. Leave it to the Princess of Mercury to always bestow the gift of wisdom.

"Princess, you will grow up to be beautiful." Princess Mina said. "I grant you the gift of beauty."

"Because she's totally flawless." Princess Lita whispered to the others.

"I heard that!"


"Princess of Uranus, Neptune." Queen Serenity said.

"Moon Princess, you must grow up strong." Princess Amara told her. "You must become very strong-willed. That is my gift to you."

"You are a Princess, but to truly rule, you must be compassionate." Princess Michelle said. "I bestow upon you the gift of compassion."

"Young Princess, to be compassionate, one must posses a heart of gold." Princess Hotaru said. "My gift to you, for you to have a pure heart."

"Princess, I sense that darkness may come." Princess Raye said. "To protect you, my gift to you is a sense of being aware of what's around."

"Princess, you will be one of the most gifted I've known." Princess Trista said. "I give you the power to follow your heart."

But before Princess Lita could bestow her gift, the palace doors opened. In walked in a woman with long, red hair. "No way." Princess Michelle said.

"That's Queen Beryl." Princess Amy whispered.

"What is your business here?" Queen Serenity asked. "If you wish to bring darkness to our Kingdom, you will have to leave."

"Fear not, Serenity." Queen Beryl said. "I, too, wish to bestow a gift upon the princess."

"Oh, this can't be good." Princess Raye whispered.

"Moon Princess, on your sixteenth birthday, you will cut your finger and you will die." Queen Beryl said.

"No!" Queen Serenity grabbed her daughter. "Not my baby!" In an instant, Queen Beryl had vanished.

"My Queen," Princess Michelle said. "All is not lost. Princess Lita hasn't bestowed her gift yet. Maybe she can break the dark queen's curse."

"Princess of Jupiter, you're our last hope." Princess Trista said.

"I'll try my best." Princess Lita told them. "Princess, should the dark queen's curse affect you, your Prince will place a kiss on you to break the curse."

The others groaned. Princess Lita always was a romantic softie. "Inner Guardians, a favor, please." Queen Serenity said. "To protect my Serena, all of you must raise her on Earth."

"But, isn't that where the dark queen lives?" Princess Raye asked.

"It is your duty as Princesses as well as Sailor Scouts." Queen Serenity said. "Please, if Beryl was to return to the Moon Kingdom now she'll be safer there."

"She's right." Princess Lita said.

"Sorry we won't be joining you," Princess Amara said. "But we need to train Saturn to keep her powers under control."

"Good luck."

"You, too, Scouts." The groups parted ways.