The Luna Diviner walked the hallways of the Castle, looking out windows to see the moon. He smiled, Mother Moon was strong today, she always held power, but today was different. He could feel it.

Saix calmly walked into the Organization's library. He smirked to himself when he saw the infamous Cloaked Schemer sitting on a chair, reading as always. The Berserker walked across from Zexion, sitting in another chair, flipping open his own book to a random page.

The Diviner looked down, as if reading, but he looked from the corner of his eyes, watching Zexion. The Schemer was so small, skinny and short. That slate hair, icy blue eyes. The perfect prey. The beast in the Berserker has been asking for prey. Begging for it, and Zexion was sitting there, so innocent.

The Schemer looked up at him and Saix couldn't help but lick his lips. Zexion rose a brow, "Is something wrong, VII?"

Saix shook his head, "No, VI, nothing. I was just... thinking."

"Thinking? About what?"

The Luna Diviner stood, walking over to the other, "How helpless you look."

"Saix, what are you talking about?"

He brought a clawed finger under the other's chin, making Zexion look up into flashing yellow eyes. "The beast has been asking for prey, little one. What better prey than the helpless kind?"

The Schemer narrowed his eyes, "Let me go, VII..." He pushed the hand away from his jaw. "Keep your hands off of me."

"Pulling rank, small one? That won't work when our Mother Moon is so high in the sky, I do not need to listen to you."

"Our?" Zexion let out a quiet laugh, "You're the only one that gets this way under the moonlight, mutt."

Saix let a smile creep across his features, "Fiesty, Zexy?"

A growl left the smaller man's throat, "Don't call me that."

"Oh, and why not, my little nightingale?"

"Stop it! Only Demyx can call me that!"

"Possesive are we?" Saix purred.

Zexion pressed himself back farther in his chair when Saix leaned closer. The Luna Diviner let his mouth graze over the younger's. His hot breath ghosted over the trembling lips, making Zexion shudder. "S-Saix... Stoppit..."

"Didn't I always say I would dominate you?" The Diviner mumbled.

The Schemer blushed a bright red as Saix licked over his bottom lip. The Berserker grinned before smashing their mouths together. Saix forced his tongue past lips and teeth, tasting every inch of the other that he could. Zexion's eyelids fell and he let out a soft moan as Saix's tongue brushed over his, urging it to come out and play. Zexion complied, letting out another soft moan.

The Schemer let out a whine when Saix pulled back for breath of air. "I win, Zexion."

Zexion's eyes flashed with fear at the feral growl coming from the man above him, "Saix, let me go. You aren't going to do this!"

"It's not like you can stop me, you cannot summon that book of yours when you're trapped like this. You seemed to rather enjoy that anyway." Saix mumbled, hands pulling the zipper of the Schemer's cloak down halfway.

Zexion let out a gasp as hands pushed under his cloak and over his sides. "Nngh... Saix..."

"Yes, Zexion?" He moved to kiss up the other's neck.

"Oooh... Saix, don't stop..."

"I wouldn't think of it." The Berserker smiled at his victory. He sat on the other's lap, knees on the chair, either side of Zexion's waist. Saix nuzzled Zexion's neck, "Mmm, you smell nice..." He licked back up the smaller's neck, purring as he went.

The Cloaked Schemer tossed his head back against the back of the chair, letting out a groan. He ground his hips up into Saix's.

"Impatient, eh, Zexy?"

Zexion responded with a groan, letting the book he was reading fall from his hands.

"I'm far more interesting than a silly book, don't you think?"