This is my fanfic. on when Sunstreaker comes to earth. I was sad that he wasn't in the movie…but yet Sides' was! Oh…there are a couple of things you need to know:
1. Sideswipe is a red Lamborgini in this fanfic.
2. Jazz is alive.
3. Arcee is just a pink motorcycle.
And I think that is about it…so…READ ON!

Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers…sadly…

Sigh. He sat on one of the hills that dotted the small island base. His royal blue optics focused on the fiery sky. The sun was setting. He let more air out of his vents. After the events of the Fallen, everything had died down, but Sideswipe felt his spark sadden.

He wasn't here. His brother wasn't here with him. Yeah they had been apart for this long, but now he was feeling lonely. He let more air out and took in some air. The red mech continued to stare at the sun. His spark saddens even more.


Sam watched the red mech, who sat on the hill watching the sunset, from the base. Ironhide walked up to the small human adult.

Sam looked up and asked, "What's up with Sideswipe?"

Ironhide replied, "Kid's probably lonely."

"Why?" Sam asked with a cock of his eyebrow.

"Well, his…"

"Optimus, you might want to come and check this out!" came Lennox voice from the stands lined with computers. Both Ironhide and Sam turned to see what had happened.

"What's up?" came Sideswipe's voice from behind the human and black mech. All three walked over and met Lennox and Epps. Ratchet and Optimus walked into the base a second later.

"What is it Captain Lennox?" Optimus asked the Captain.

"Look…" Lennox pointed to the large screen. It showed a falling meteor. A closer looked would have shown metal. Lennox turned to Optimus. "Do you know who he/she is?" Optimus shook his head. Lennox turned back to the screen.

"Great…" he grumbled.

"Do you know where he is heading?" Optimus asked.

"Yeah. Las Vegas, Nevada."

"Well, Autobots, Transform and Roll Out!"

"We rollin'" Jazz added. Bumblebee transformed and pulled up to Sam. Sam nodded and got into the yellow Camero. Mikaela came running into the hanger and hopped into Bumblebee as well.

The meteor made contact with the sandy earth and continued to slide across the landscape. In its wake, glass formed from the intense heat. The big balled mass finally came to a halt. It didn't move for a second; then gears began to click and turn. Metal shifted, and bolts popped. Metallic limbs formed, and a head appeared. Growls and whirls came from the robot. It then began to shake the sand off and dust itself off. It looked left; then right. Its sky blue optics scanned the area. It took a couple of steps and found a lone dark highway, stretching endlessly either way. It then decided to head down the highway. After walking down the road for a while, it found a building next to the road. The lit board on top of the building read 'Mac's Mechanic Shop'. It stepped around the building and squatted down to get a look inside. A couple of humans were inside talking. Then an engine was heard from the front of the building. A yellow Lamborgini then pulled into the building. The humans continued to talk, but the robot formed what looked to be a smile. It scanned the car and transformed. It flicked the headlight on, and, with a roar of the engine, jet off into the darkness. He was heading to a brightly lit city in the middle of nowhere.

Two stray F-22 Raptors were flying near Las Vegas, Nevada. Now, to a regular person, they were just a pair of jets. To anyone or anybot that really knew the truth, they were robots in disguise. They were flying over a lone road, when they found a cliff near the road. They flew towards it and transformed. The dark blue jet then opened a comm.-link.

//Thundercracker to Starscream. Come in Starscream.//

//Starscream to Thundercracker. What is it?//

//We made it to Earth. Now what?//

//Come to these coordinates immediately. Destroy any Autobots you come into contact. Understand?//

//Crystal.// Thundercracker replied with a hint of sarcasm. Then they ended the comm.-link. Thundercracker smirked.

"Well…" asked the other jet, who was a dark purple.

"Oh, same ole 'Screamer, Skywarp."

"Of course" Skywarp replied.

Both leaned against the rock wall. They were smirking. Starscream would yell at them later, but they didn't care. They weren't in a rush to get back.

After a few hours of traveling, the Autobots and two human friends had made it. Lennox and Epps had stayed behind. Optimus and Ironhide reassured that they did not need any NEST team members, so none came with them. Once they touched down, they then began out. It had taken a couple more hours to get to the city from the restricted airport. The Autobots were heading out to Las Vegas. The convoy of cars consisted of Optimus, Ironhide, Ratchet, Sideswipe, Bumblebee, Jazz, and Arcee—just the pink motorcycle--. They traveled down the highway, towards the city. Unknowing that they were been tracked by two Seeker jets.

The yellow Lamborgini drove through the city, while projecting a hologram of a human. It began to download information about where he was and about the humans.

Ugg…filthy creatures… it thought. Then it detected spark signatures. Hmm…

It turned around in a parking lot and drove out back onto the busy road. It then shot down the road to find out who the signatures belonged to.

The two jets continued to scan the area, but one picked up a large group of spark signals.

"Hmm…guess the Autobrats picked us up…" said Thundercracker.

"Hmmp…guess we should welcome them…" Both transformed and jetted off towards the Autobots.

The convoy was surprised when two jets began to fire at them. Instantly all seven Autobots transformed. Bumblebee let Mikaela and Sam out before he transformed. They ran off and hid behind a boulder watching the brawl. Everyone fired back at their two attackers.

The two jets transformed, landed, and were charged at by Bumblebee and Arcee. But they were just swatted like little bugs.

Jazz snuck up and jumped onto Thundercracker's back. He then began ripping wires and part of one of his wings off. But, unfortunately, he was soon thrown off.

Skywarp was warping around the battleground and firing. He managed to hit Optimus in the arm, and Ironhide in the chest.

Sideswipe was busy trying to get a lock on Skywarp, so he didn't see Thundercracker sneak up on him.

He was almost about to pounce Sideswipe, when someone yelled, "Sides', behind you!" Time seemed to slow down. The red warrior turned just in time to see the blue jet lunged for him, and then a yellow blur rammed into the Seeker. Time started up, and the two shapes went flying. Everyone turned to see the brawl between the Seeker and the yellow plated 'bot. During this, Starscream's voice yelled through Thundercracker's and Skywarp's comm.-link.


//We are busy 'Screamer!// Skywarp responded, while fending off the other Autobots.

//Yeah –grunt- 'Screamer –ugg-// Thundercracker managed to get through.


//Fine!// both Seekers responded. They then ended the comm.-link. The blue Seeker threw the yellow 'bot off and transformed. Skywarp did the same. Both then flew off at super sonic speeds. Everyone then turned their attention to the bot.

"Who's that?" Sam asked, as both he and his girlfriend walked over.

"Sun…ny…" Sideswipe muttered, optics wide. The bot turned and faced them. The paint was scratched, but he looked fine.

"Her bro." the bot responded, while managing a grin. Sideswipe rushed forward and hugged the bot.

"Sunny! You made it!" Sideswipe cried out. 'Sunny' hugged back.

"Yeah you pit spawn-slagger. Now, let go! You're hurting my arm." Sideswipe let go. Then the rest of the bots joined them. "Optimus sir!" Sunny said and saluted.

Optimus nodded and replied, "Good to see you made it, Sunstreaker." Sunstreaker smiled and put his arm down. Then Sunstreaker turned to Ratchet and smiled.


"Sunstreaker…" Ratchet growled. Bumblebee had placed Sam and Mikalae onto his shoulders.

"Sunstreaker?" Same questioned. Sunstreaker looked at him.

"Yep squishy, that's my name. And good to see you Bumblebee." Both humans flinched at the term. Bumblebee smiled. Sunstreaker turned to Ironhide and said, "'Hide."

"Hey kid…good ta see ya…" Ironhide replied with a smirk. Next he faced the pink femme.


"Sunny…" she replied him coolly.

"Yo Jazz!" he said with a smirk.

"Good ta see ya 'Streaker" Jazz replied with own smirk. Sunstreaker smiled; then flinched as a spark popped from his arm. Ratchet walked up and gently took his arm to see the damage. He began working on it as they talked.

"Was anyone else with you?" asked Optimus. Sunstreaker replied with a shook of his head.

"Nope. Back on the ship, Prowl was on deck when he told me, Bluestreak, and Blaster to check out something below deck. The explosion caught us off guard. Got flung form the ship. While out in space, I received your message and followed it here-OW!" Ratchet finished and backed a couple of paces.

"There you go…" Sunstreaker flexed his digits and moved his arm around.

"Good as new. Just need a new paint job." Sideswipe chuckled, walked up, and placed a hand on his brother's shoulder.

"Come on bro. I know a good place." Sunstreaker nodded, and the twins transformed and drove off to Las Vegas. Everyone watched them as they left.

"Great, the 'Twin Terrors' have finally joined back together…" muttered Ratchet. Everyone chuckled.

They were both sitting on the hill. It had been a day since the yellow Lamborgini had arrived. Sideswipe was leaning on his brother, head placed on Sunstreaker's shoulder, and arm wrapped around his brother's side. Sunstreaker had an arm draped on Sideswipe's shoulders.

"Miss ya bro." Sideswipe muttered as both of them watched the sunset.

There was a pause, and Sunstreaker replied, "Miss ya too." Sideswipe sat up and looked at his brother. Sunstreaker turned his head. The red warrior then shifted his gaze to the sun, as did his brother.

"How long was it? Being apart?" Sideswipe asked. Sunstreaker shrugged.

"Too long." Now Sunstreaker looked at his brother. "I was wondering, back on the ship, when I ever was going to see you again or if I was ever going to?" Sideswipe stared at the sun.

"Yeah, I was wondering that too. I mean one twin just isn't enough. You need both." Sunstreaker looked at the sun.

"Yeah…" Sideswipe then draped his arm across Sunstreaker's shoulder; the yellow warrior mimicked it. Now they sat shoulder-to-shoulder.

"Good to have you back…" the red Lamborgini said.

"Good to be back…" the yellow one replied. They leaned their head together, the sides were touching. Soon the last rays of light vanished from the horizon, and then the twins were left in the dark. But now they were there together.

Aww…finally the twins are together! Darn you Bay…why did you leave one twin out?! WHY?!
Anyway…this is not to be taken as a slash…if you want it could be…but it was not planned as a slash pairing! I just love the twins!