E/O Drabble Challenge

Challenge word: Feel

Length: 100 words!

Special birthday edition for CiZiwejes who wanted a hospital scene with one of the boys recovering from/undergoing/preparing for abdominal surgery with the other brother being caring and protective and for Deangirl1 who wanted some hurt Dean. Happy birthday girls! I hope you like it. I apologize in advance because I only took about 15 minutes to write it. It's been one of those weeks. Hope you both had great birthdays though!

A/N: This is early season 4 not long after Dean got pulled from hell.



"Hey, Dean. How do you feel?"

"Not so good. Dude, are you holding my hand?"

"Sorry." Dean saw tears gleaming in his brother's eyes as Sam released his hand.

The last thing Dean remembered was going to bed with an aching pain in his side. He seemed to recall throwing up at some point but couldn't be certain about that.

"What happened?"

"You scared the crap out of me, Dean. The doctors had to remove your appendix."

"S'rry, Sammy." His eyes felt heavy. "S'rry."

He felt the warmth of Sam's hand in his again as he succumbed to sleep.