Happy birthday CiZiweje!!

Word: Feel

Count: 100

Summary: Dean feels pain. Sam wants to call 911. Hurt!Dean Worried!Protective!Sam!


"My side. Ow." Dean's toes curled and he feel to his knees. He squeezed his green eyes shut.

Sam cocked his head and bent down in front of him, "Dean? Dean! What hurts?"

Dean bent forward making a gruesome smile, "My-my side. I don't want to move. It hurts."

Sam was in a state of shock and panic at his brother's sudden pain, "I'm calling 911."

"No hospital-"

"You have no say in the matter. Relax. It's gonna be okay." Sam held onto his brother's shoulders.

"I feel hot."



"Definitely calling 911." Sam took out his cell phone.