I gaped at the enormous suite in front of me with amazement. This had to be the most luxurious place to live in this entire world. The walls were painted a dark, soft blue. As you walked in, you could see leather couches were set up in the middle of the room. A big, flat screen TV set up in the middle with a surround system. The kitchen looked like, well I don't know what looked that gorgeous. It was one of those kitchens that came out on Store Ad's. It had a stool bar. To the left there was an archway hall that led to all the rooms.

Lissa and I rushed in there to pick out our rooms. I ran up to the first door and I sighed. Ohmigod! This was the most gorgeous room ever! In the center of the bedroom lay a King sized bed with a purple comforter. Pillows of all sizes and shades of purple adorned the blanket. I ran up to the bed and threw myself on it. If you thought the bedroom was nice, hell the bathroom was much nicer. It had a glass shower and. . . omg! a minature Jacuzzi. Ah. The life.

This was it. I had graduated with Lissa and became her guardian alongside Eddie. I'd done it. Now we were at the Royal Court. Queen Bitch didn't get her chance at stopping form guarding Lissa.
"Oh my God! I cant believe we graduated! I always knew we'd be that big happy family!" Her saying those words brought a lump to my throat. Yeah, we all made it. Except. . . Dimitri. I had finally done it. After the note arrived with the stake that I failed to kill him with, I decided to keep everyone safe and went to go find him again. Luck was with me, two days after I set on my quest, I found him with a group of four Strigoi. They had been planning on attacking the Academy in hopes of getting Lissa and me. I staked Dimitri and all his followers. I was still a little, no really messed up because of it. His body had been recovered and his funeral was going to be next week.

Dimitri had been my first love and my first lover. He was seven years older than me and he was my mentor. He taught me many things. He taught what love was. Although I only we only knew each other for six months, we had this connection that was even a mystery to us both. And then, they took him away from me just when we had though we could finally be together. . . .
I went back to the real world replied to Lissa's outburst. "Yes, I can't believe it either." I told Lissa. Eddie, on the other hand, looked as if her rather be with his new girlfriend Mia. Yes, Mia and Eddie. They loved each other and were going to get married in about three months.

Speaking of love, Christian was going to propose to Lissa tonight since it was their one year anniversary. Christian had asked me for advice on a ring for Lissa, and of course, like the bitch I was, I chose a beautiful one. Lets just say that Christian might be broke for the years to come because of that ring.
I was the only one who wasn't engaged or involved in a relationship. I wasn't ready just yet. Although, I had tried to give in to an us with Adrian I knew that it wouldn't work out. I knew he loved me but I didn't want a relationship where they Queen would always have her bitchy eyes on us. And where we would be surrounded by rumors and stares. . . And I think Adrian moved on now. I think he was dating again. I hated to admit but it broke my heart. And . . . I loved him.

"So what do you guys want to do later tonight?" Eddie asked.
There was a knock at out door. I went to go answer it and was not shocked to find Christian standing there. What did surpirse me was the guy that stood next Christian. Looking like the sexiest model out there, his hand wrapped around a Victoria's secret model, he smiled. "Hey, little dhampir." The exact words he had used when we first met.

"Hey, Adrian." was all I could force out since my throat had swollen seeing him with that girl. I stepped aside and let them in.

"I don't get a hey?" asked Christian feigning being hurt.

I threw my arms around him. "Of course, you do, my flame boy!"

"Aw. . . How sweet." He said and let me got to hug his future fiancé.
I was left to stand between Adrian and that slut. I turned to him and faked a smile. "So, how have you been, Adrian?" I asked him feeling my heart break into a million little pieces.
He shrugged. "Okay, I guess." He looked at me and something like longing and love flashed in his eyes. He looked at me a minute longer before speaking. "You?"

I sighed. "I'm alright. Just trying to get through this hard life." Trying to glance off the subject from me, I asked him about the mysterious woman. "So who do we have here?"
He looked down to her as if remembering she were there. "Oh, this is Yaritza Ivashkov." So he had gotten married already. Tears sprung to my eyes. I looked away and wiped them away. I outstretched my hand and she shook it. "I'm Rose Hathaway."

Something flashed in her eyes. She looked at Adrian and he nodded. She smiled and kindly. "Its so nice to finally meet you. Adrian has told me a lot about you."
I smiled not believing her or her nice façade. I had nothing else to say and was grateful when Lissa came up to see us. She embraced Adrian and shook Yaritza's hand.
I walked away from that group and wandered to where Christian stood probably freaking out about what he was going to do later tonight. "You okay, fire boy?" I asked with a hand on his shoulder.

"You aren't regretting buying that ring, are you?"

His scrunched up face twisted up into a smile. "Nah, Lissa is worth this and more."

"You really do love her, don't you? You really are good for her."

He was surprised at me for saying those things. Am I really that hateful? I wondered. My eyes wandered back to where Adrian stood talking to Lissa. Christian looked followed my stare and then scrutinized me. "You still love him don't you?"

I gazed at the floor and then looked at Adrian, who now had his eyes focused on me as if he had heard Christian's question. Our eyes met briefly and something passed between us. I turned back to Christian. "I do," I said softly.

Christian ,like the brotherly friend he became, hugged me. "Oh, Rose." He let go of me because it was time for him and Lissa to go. He walked towards her and whispered something in her ear. Before they went out the door I winked at Christian and mumbled "good luck."

Eddie checked his watch and his eyes widened at the time. "Well, me and Mia have to go now." He walked towards me and hugged me and so did Mia. They waved good bye to Adrian and Yaritza.

Feeling very uncomfortable, I guessed, Yaritza said that she had to go because she had an appointment with her manicurist. She stood up and Adrian followed her to the door. I turned my attention to the cup boards, looking for a snack when I heard the door close.
I was alone again. And for the first time ever, I was grateful. I wanted to be alone now, to think.
I went to my room to unpack. While I was looking through the my stuff, I came upon a letter. Well, it the dating proposal Adrian wrote for me a while back. I picked it up and re-read it. Tear sprang to my eyes at all the wonderful things he wrote:

ALL About The sexy, green-eyed Adrian Ivashkov
By: Himself
Dear my beautiful little Dhampir,
I am from Romania and come from a very decent Royal family. If you were to marry me you would inherit that good name. You'd become Rosemarie Ivashkov. Doesn't that sound nice? I am one sexy guy that all girls would fall for (except one and I don't know why!) but you don't have to worry about that, my love, my heart only belongs to you! I am the Queen's favorite nephew so anything thing you want I can make happen. I am only four years older than you but it doesn't matter. Also, I am very good in bed. (Not important, but you just need to know.) Did I mention I was stunningly sexy? Well, whatever. If we were to have kids, they would come out sexy like the Father and Mother. I want you—no, LOVE you, Rose! I loved you since day one! I want to you to choose me and we could be together till the end! I want you to marry me and be the mother of our kids. If you said yes, we could, would be the happiest people ever to have walked on this planet! But first you have to let me prove that I can be the ONE! Say yes, Rose, say yes to one date and let me show you how happy we can be. One date? I will be waiting for an answer soon!
Love you forever,
Adrian Ivashkov

I put the letter aside and got my pajamas and other essential materials needed to take a long shower. I was getting undressed and I looked in the mirror. I really needed to take a long, deep sleep, one where there would be no nightmares.

I got out of the shower and put on my pajamas. I put on my black robe and walked to the kitchen to get something to eat. I really was hungry and that snack hadn't helped at all. When I finished eating, a sand which and a bag of Doritos with a cold Pepsi, I walked to my room.
I stared at the note again and I started crying really hard. I missed Adrian so bad. I loved and missed him so much. . . .
I really wasn't paying attention to anything in particular when a warm, strong set of arms. wrapped around me. A voice that I could recognize anywhere whispered in my ear, "Don't cry, little dhampir, I'm right here." His mouth went from my year to my neck.

I turned around and looked into his gorgeous green eyes. His thumb gently wiped away a tears that leaked out of my eyes. I threw my arms around him. He pulled me close. "Oh, Adrian. I missed you so much."

A tear leaked out of his eye as he closed them and sighed. "You don't know how much I missed you." I buried my face on the crook of his neck. "It feels so great to have you in my arms again." He pulled back slightly and looked at me in the eyes. "Rose, I love you and want to be with you forever. Will you let me?"
I didn't answer. Instead, I kissed him. I kissed him with all the pain I felt, all the passion, all the love. His lips opened under mine, meeting each other. Pain for pain, passion for passion, and love for love.

I wanted more than just a kiss. Shit, I needed more. I was tired of being caged by all these stupid rules of being a dhampir. Of how a Royal Moroi and dhampir can't be together. I forgot all the stupid shit and pulled Adrian even closer and wrapped my both my legs around his waist. He set me down on the desk and pulled back to look at me. He ran a hand through my hair. "I love you, Adrian."

"As I love you, my love." He began kissing me again, but this time it wasn't love-type kiss. It was a your-not-allowed-to-see kind of kiss.
I pushed him on the bed and started to unbutton his green polo. I put my thighs in on each side of his waist. I looked into his emerald eyes and saw a mixture of love and lust and desire in them. All the buttons were unbuttoned and I kissed his smooth chest.

Before realizing what he was doing he put his lips on mine and kissed me passionately. So passionately, that I didn't want him to stop kissing me. He laid down on top of me and my legs wrapped around his waist. His hands—which had been tangled in my hair, now slid down to the edge of my robe. I knew the right thing was to stop now, but I didn't want it to stop. . . .
Who knows what would have happened if not for two things. One, he banged his head on the table that was next to the bed making me chuckle softly. And two, Lissa walked in on us. . . .
"A little cozy here, aren't we?" Said Lissa laughing softly. Adrian sighed and kissed my forehead. I'm sure my cheeks were a very, unattractive bright red.