Some time later

Its amazing how time can pass so fast.

I slipped on the white dress that Adrian had chosen for me to wear for our fifth year wedding anniversary. I didn't know why, but he wanted to celebrate it. Arianna and Charles, his parents, were celebrating their twenty fifth wedding anniversary today as well. They wanted to celebrate at the vineyard so Adrian and I let them.

The white dress was a simple cotton dress with red flowers on the bottom. I put on a lot of accessories. On my feet, I wore white flats. Simple makeup was the last thing I needed in order to be complete. I stood in front of the mirror in front of the bed; I looked hot.

Adrian must have read my mind because he said the same exact thing as he walked inside the room. "You look so hot."

I modeled the dress for him. "You think so?"

He came to me and hugged me from behind. "I know so, babe." He kissed me passionately, the way he did when we shared our first kiss. "I love you."

"I love you, too." He smiled and grabbed my hand. The whole Ivashkov gang, his family, waited outside, sitting on white colored tables covered with white table cloths. This was a party where everyone was supposed to wear white. Everywhere you looked you saw white. White flowers, white clothes, white cake.

Lissa stood up and hugged me when she saw me going her way. She, like me, had gotten her tubes burnt. She now had five kids: Adriana, Kristen, Evon, Poppy, and ,at last, she finally got her boy; Christian Angel, that looked exactly like Fire-Hotness. Hence the reason the named him Christian. The that little boy was so cute, with his black hair and blue eyes that he made everyone fall in love with him.

I took him out of Christian's arms, who had hugged me like Lissa had; it had been a while since we had seen each other. "My hotness, how is it going?" I asked Christian as he handed me his boy. Christian was literally going psycho over the fact that he had a boy.

He laughed when he heard the name I had used for him. "It is going great, Rose." I smiled and handed him back his son.

"That's good to hear." Adrian answered for me.

"There is my best man!" Christian said, embracing Adrian. "How is life treating you, my man? How are the old days treating you?"

Adrian gave Christian a dark look; he hated when people called him old. I admit, he was old. But not too old. "Hey, I wouldn't be talking. You are going to enter those days pretty soon."

Christian nodded, serious. "Yeah, it's amazing how time can pass so fast."

"My exact thoughts, hotness." That was true. It never stopped to amaze me how time passed so fast. And how short life could be.

Christian wrapped an arm around me. "That's cause we are always on the same page, my sexy." I laughed and left them so that I could go to the next table.

Stan gave me a smile as Adrian and I sauntered over to them. "Yo, Alto. How does it feel to have those wrinkles and the gray hair?"

He gave me a wry smile. He stood up and hugged me. That was new; Alto had never liked me. "It's good to see you, Rose."

"Thanks, Stan." It was the first time I had ever used his first name rather than Alto.

On the other side of him, Tasha stood up and hugged me as well. "Rose, it is good to see you, too."

"Thank you, Tasha." We chatted a little bit longer about kids and then Adrian and I moved on to a different table.

Mia and Eddie sat there. Eddie did a double take when he saw me. In his lap was where his new daughter was sitting. Mia and Eddie had had one boy and two girls: Seth, Savannah, and Josephine, the new baby. "Rose! Adrian!" He said standing up to embrace Adrian and I.

Mia copied Eddie and she hugged both Adrian and me. "Good to see you guys again after so long."

"I know." More chat and then we moved to the other table.

Dylan and Breeanne with their two kids sat there. Unlike everyone else's kids, these kids were very educated. Kevin and Kyle hugged Adrian and I. Breeanne and Dylan did the same. "Finally five years of marriage." Breeanne said. Breeanne reminded me of Rika at times; they were both always jealous of me. Maybe because I was hot and they weren't.

I moved on because I really didn't like Breeanne. Dylan was awesome though.

Daren and Donia. That family was great. The always joked around; the were the perfect family. Like Adrian and I were. David, Daniel, and Drew were the most fun kids ever too! We hugged and chatted about a lot of things and then we moved to the next table.

Maylin and Carlisle.

Their three kids Anthony, Michael, and Melvin were out there ,scattered all over the house. "Rose, tell me your secret. What do you do to maintain that body?" Maylin asked at one point.

"A lot of love, is all it needs." I said, jokingly and left to the other table, since in the next table sat one of my favorite couples.

Sydney and Andre.

They had been the least sex starved since they only had had two kids. One boy and one girl. Miles and Kimberly. Those two were cute kids. "Sup, Sydney!"

"Hey, Rose!" Andre and Sydney both said.

Andre kissed my cheek and Sydney kissed me each as well. Adrian kissed Sydney's cheek and hugged his twin brother. We talked some more and moved to the other table.

Adrian and I walked hand in hand to Yaritza and Dimitri ,who shared one table with their three kids. Erick, Joey, and Eli, their new baby. Just like most of the Ivashkovs, Yaritza had had three boys. "Looking good, Rose. I am loving that post-baby body. I whish I had mine back." Yaritza had been a size five but when she had her last kid, she went to a size nine. And from the looks of it, she was going to stay that way for a time.

"Yes, Rose is definitely one fine momma of six kids." Dimitri said ,winking at me. Dimitri was now almost forty years old; thirty seven years of age. Yaritza was not so apart from him; she was nearing the age of thirty five. Adrian and Yaritza were totally cool with him saying those comments. It wasn't like I was going to for Dimitri ever again.

"Thanks, big daddy." I laughed and moved on to the next table.

Vera and Jack.

Andy, Matt's kid, David, their biological son, Sienna, Rika's daughter. "ROSE! My bitch! Congratulations on your fifth wedding anniversary!" Vera screamed.

"Vera! My best friend! Thank you!" I said, equally happy as her. I loved Vera to death. She was like the sister I always wished to have. Lissa was my best friend but Vera beat her all the way. I loved Vera to death just as much as she loved me. We did everything together, we talked about or private lives too.

"I haven't seen you in like ten years, my bitch!" Vera said, hugging me once more.

I raised an eyebrow; it still didn't stop to amaze me that I could raise an eyebrow. "My bitch, I missed you too." I chuckled. "But it is since this morning that we hadn't seen each other."

She laughed as well; Adrian and Jack were chatting about something privately. "Where are your kids?"

I waved a hand. "Scattered all over." I looked around. "Where are yours?"

She smiled, like I had. "Scattered all over." She changed the subject. She leaned closer to me. "So what song did you finally decide on?"

Today, as the people who were in charge of the part assigned, we were supposed to dedicate a song to our man or woman. Vera and I had decided on a very good song for our men. "The second song!" I loved that one and it fitted Adrian perfectly. And I'm sure it fit Jack perfectly as well.

"Hell yes! We agree!" We chatted some more about our lives and then Adrian grabbed my hand and led me to the other table. We were almost done with the whole family, we just needed the parents of this part of Ivashkov family.

Charles and Arianna sat at the main table. Their heads were leaned in towards each other. Their hands were intertwined and their eyes were lost in each others. On the other side, I could see my mother and father in the same position as Charles and Arianna were. I smiled over at them and Adrian and I walked over to them before finally going over to talk to Arianna and Charles.

I leaned on Adrian's shoulder. "It's good to see you together, mom, daddy." That last word was forced out. After all, I was his little girl.

"Good to see you too, Rosie." He said, using the name that everyone used on me lately. I gave a dark glare. My mother laughed and then I reached out to hug her. "Hey, mommy." God, I felt three all over again; that was when I called one of my teachers mommy on accident.

"Hey, Rosie." Adrian chuckled when he heard me take a deep breath to calm me down. I had heard, from my mother, that her and my dad had said their vows and now they were officially married. We talked some more and then Adrian and I went back to the happy couple.

Adrian walked behind the table and I followed. He hugged his mother tenderly and kissed her on the cheek. "I love you, mom. And I love you ,dad."

I hugged them both. "I, like Adrian, love you too, mom and dad-in-law."

"Oh, Rosie! We of course love you back! You were the only one who filled us with lots of grandchildren. The way we always dreamed of."

I nodded. "So how does it feel to have been married for twenty five years?" Adrian asked.

"It wasn't easy but in the end it was worth it." Charles said, kissing Arianna softly on the lips.

"Five years down, twenty to go." I muttered. Everyone laughed. Adrian kissed me softly. More chat and then we walked over to the table that we were assigned to.

The night passed over us before we knew it.

Arianna and Charles were called up to dance a romantic that Vera and I had chosen for them.

This song was a good song for guys to dedicate to their wives.

This part was the part that Adrian had actually sang to me once. The last part, however, was the best, in my opinion.

After they danced, it was the Dedicative Hour; where everyone dedicated songs to each other. The song Vera and I had chosen for our guys was up first. Cowboy Casanova by Carrie Underwood.

Ha! The last line was perfect for Adrian.

That was how I had been before with Adrian.

Everyone dedicated songs and then Adrian pulled me into his arms for our dance. He chose the song Amazed by Lonestar. This song was very sweet. Since I spent my whole time with Vera and Jack, they licensed to Country music all the time. After a while, it stuck with Adrian and I. And it wasn't long before it stuck with us.

Dancing with him, I remembered the first time that we had met.

I how I loved. . .How I loved Adrian!

Adrian tipped me back and kissed me hard and deep. Everyone clapped. The kids were tired, I had heard. The party was awesome. And now, it was time to rest. Well, for the kids to rest.

Adrian and I said good bye and good night to our whole family. They all hugged us and bid us good night. They were staying here, here in this very same house. I was glad for that; the whole family was reunited for once. We would come back later to join them at their bonfire sort of set later on. When your whole family was reunited and well, that was the best feeling that you could ever experience.

"Ervin! Taylor! Emmett! Valerie! Damon! Zoey!" People laughed as they heard me call out for my six kids. Before, I would have said there was no way in hell that I would've had six kids, but now, I couldn't live without them. Yes, they are crazy kids, but I love them like that. And so did Adrian; it was something to be happy about.

Ervin arrived first, half dragging Valerie. Taylor walked towards Adrian and I with Emmett's hand stuck on hers. Damon and Zoey arrived hand in hand. Those two were always together, no matter what they were doing. They did everything together. And that was nice.

Yaritza flashed some more pictures of Adrian and I standing next to our kids. We called it a night after that.

We went inside the cool house.

Adrian and I walked inside Ervin's room first. He was the easiest to sleep. I undressed him as Adrian handed me his Batman pajamas. Ervin was seriously going to have the same hot body as Adrian had. He was going to be a sexy man. I carried my five year old and placed him on his bed. Taylor, Zoey, and Valerie kissed him on the cheek. Emmett just said, "Good night, brother."

Adrian and leaned down and kissed his forehead. I smoothed his hair. "Have a good night, my baby."

"You too, mom, dad." No more mommy or daddy anymore. Wow, he really had grown up. I smiled one last smile at him and closed his room.

Next up was Valerie. Unlike Taylor, Val preferred to sleep in silk gowns. Adrian and I had bought her pink silk gown earlier this month. She wouldn't sleep without it. Adrian peeled the covers back and picked her up and tucked the blankets around her. "Good night, my baby."

"Love you mommy, daddy." She said and fell asleep. Adrian and I chuckled. Adrian spoke up. "She reminds me of you; you both fall asleep fast."

I smiled. "I sleep fast but you sleep faster." I teased.

We closed the door on her and then we walked to Emmett's room.

His room was awesome. It had some glow in the dark paint all over. Adrian changed him while I watched. He slipped his spider pajamas on. Emmett kissed Adrian's cheek and kissed his forehead. He didn't say anything; he was a kid with a little words. I kissed him one last time and left the room.

Taylor was after him. She changed into her pajamas. It was a long sleeved pink shirt and shorts, what I liked to sleep in too. She kissed Adrian and me in the forehead. She slipped under her covers. "Have a good night, mom and dad. Dream about me."

"We will ,monster." Adrian said. He and I knew perfectly well that we wouldn't be dreaming about anyone tonight but ourselves. Hell, we might not be even dreaming at all. The only thing we would be doing late on was. . .each other. Hell yes!

Zoey was cheering gleefully as we walked to her room. Since Adrian was such an overprotective father and husband, he made Damon and Zoey share rooms. It was kind of weird, how their room was decorated.

One side was painted blue with light brown and dark brown lines. His side of the room had his whole name painted on the wall, like all my kids had. Damon Adrian Kyle-Dimitri Ivashkov, it read on his side of the room. His square crib was a dark wood color. You know that cherry wood color. His favorite blue, soft blanket already waited for him, folded neatly on the bed.

Zoey's side of the room was painted pink and purple; half the wall was pink and then a light green line dived the other half which was painted purple. Like Damon, her name

was on the wall. Zoey Adelina Ella-Rose Ivashkov was written in italics with fancy cursive on her side of the wall. Her crib was the same color as Damon's but her's had butterfly instead of stripes. Her favorite pig/cuddle toy leaned against one side of the crib.

Adrian took Damon away to change him. I took Zoey and put her on her changing table. Her cute baby body suit waited at the edge of the table, folded up neatly, the way I liked the employees to fold our clothes. Zoey clapped her hands as I undressed her; a bad habit of hers, she loved to walk around everywhere in just her diaper. Damon was a little more educated than that. I slipped on a light, cotton shirt before slipping her into her warm body suit.

I put her down into her crib and the first she did was grab her cotton filled pig. I pulled the covers up to her and undid her ponytail. I looked into her sea green, sea blue eyes. They were really beautiful eyes. Sometimes, I whished that I could trade eyes with her. I leaned down to kiss her plump cheeks.

Adrian came to stand next to me and kissed her as well. We looked down into the crib for a minute to admire her. She was so adorable.

I left Adrian and her to enjoy their moment.

I walked over to Damon's crib. He looked very cute asleep. I stroked his smooth hair and kissed his forehead before walking outside with Adrian.

Adrian and I went back to join our family. We chatted, joked, and laughed before the urge to rip each other's clothes off was too much to bare. We sneaked out of the party area without anyone noticing. Because if they had, no clothes ripping for a while. Luckily, as mentioned, we didn't. Yay, for us! Less hurrying this way.

We slipped into our bedroom through the double doors of the room. Vera and Lissa had helped redecorate the room. Now it had a relaxing theme to it. The cover for the bed was white with miniature silver squares on it. Pillows were scattered all over the way I liked it. Vera had gone to extremes and bought a fountain so that I could be installed on the wall. So, when you looked right, water gushed down from the ceiling of the room to the floor where the water landed in a small pool. The sound of it, was really relaxing; it made you want to stay in bed all day; a couple of times, Adrian had allowed me to stay in bed for the whole freaking day. Lissa had made us paint the whole room white, so that it matched all the furniture. Pictures of all the kids were hung on each wall. A picture of Adrian and I, a huge portrait of him and me on our wedding day, hung on the wall next to the fountain.

"Beautiful." He muttered as he saw me in the moonlight.

I was not shivering of the mild wind blowing through the open window but of what the feel of his lips on mine were making me feel.

The soft touch of his lips was what I wanted to feel every day when I woke up. His gorgeous green eyes was what I needed to see, in order for my day to be better than it usually ended up being. The smooth feel of his skin was all I wanted to feel every night. He was what I wanted for the rest of my life. And sure as hell was I going to get it as he was going to get me. . .

The hours passed, and before I knew it, I was falling asleep.

The stirring of the other side of the bed woke me. When I finally woke up completely, I noticed that Adrian wasn't with me anymore. It took me a moment to realize where he was; that old willow tree. It was an old tree that him and I loved to be under. Nobody knew about this tree, except him and me.

He looked gorgeous standing under the willow tree. There was no moon tonight; the only light that was gleaming was the stars that shined up above. The light danced on his brown hair. He looked thoughtfully at the sky, his hand resting on the tree.

Since I was a very sneaky girl, I caught him by surprise.

I put both my hands to cover his eyes. "Guess who?" I asked, making my voice lighter, like Vera's.

"A hot woman?" He asked.

"Great guess." I said and he turned. The rising sun made his green eyes sparkle like the fading stars that shined in the semi dark nighttime sky. His green eyes dazed me and left me incapable of speech. I was about to speak when he beat me to it. "Come here." He grabbed me from my waist and pulled me to him. He wrapped his arms around me and he began kissing me like raindrops fall into a cold river. His lips moved passionately all over mine. This was the part of my life that I had always awaited for my whole life. "I love you."

I wondered what it was that we shared?


Was it love?

What is love?

Was it passionate affection for someone? Was it strong feelings towards someone? Was it good one day and bad another day? Did it 'walk through fire without thinking?' Did love run deep enough to the point that it that it hurt? Was it necessary? Can loving someone be a mistake? Is it worth taking? Is it worth feeling that pain and hurt that came with it?

Did love include we always get what we don't want? . . .or we always want what we cant have. . .?

Love was all those things. That was a fact that we couldn't deny. Or escape.

I realized then, that love was what Adrian and I had, indeed. I looked up to Adrian, and ,for once, we agreed entirely. I closed my eyes and leaned my head against Adrian's chest. His strong arms went around me. We stayed like that for the whole night. We had been star-crossed lovers and now we were the inseparable lovers. Adrian and Rose, the inseparable lovers. . . Inseparable lovers. Like it would be till the end. . .

Till the end.

Forever. . .