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In an old, dilapidated apartment, Hal talked angrily to the director over the phone. He'd been stuck in this small room for two days, constantly watching the street below. There'd been no suspicious movement and there wasn't any strange, illegal DS dealing going on. And being Hal, and sleep deprived, he was pretty pissed off.

"What the hell do you mean 'Just give it a little more time'?! You said we'd have this guy cuffed and captured after the first day!!!! There isn't any way in HELL that I'm staying here any longer!!! Especially with HIM!!!!"

As if on cue, Kai walked through the apartment door carrying McDonalds.

"I'm back!" he smiled at his partner. "Here's your Big Mac!"

"You better call this off soon!! I am NOT eating anymore fast food!!" he yelled into the phone, glaring at the greasy food. A second later, the line went dead.

"He hung up on me!!!!" Hal shouted at his partner, as if in some way, his presence had caused this.

"He was probably busy," Kai suggested, taking a bite of his cheeseburger. Hal angrily unwrapped his and took a bite.

"They put mayonnaise on it!!!!" Hal spat as he shoved his burger at Kai. "You good-for-nothing!! You couldn't even remember that I told you NO MAYO!!!!!"

"Sumimasen! Sumimasen!" Kai apologized, taking a step back to avoid the rage of his partner.

"Whatever!" Hal sighed, taking a napkin and wiping the disgusting white liquid off his food.

Kai moved over to the window where a pair of binoculars sat on the sill. He looked to the bustling street below where busy citizens were rushing to go to their jobs or hurry home to see their families. Right beside this road, was a small alley. This was where the 'deal' was supposed to be made.

From one of the smaller dealers that they had captured, they had heard that a hand-off of DS was going to happen in the alleyway next to the apartment they were in. The two were assigned to stay in this room on the second story and watch for the deal to occur. Then, when they thought it was happening, they would contact Kaji who was staying in a building down the road, and he was to come and arrest them. They were hoping that they would receive new information about the drug. But so far, after two days of constant surveillance, nothing had happened.

"See anything?" Hal asked, biting into his now mayo-free whopper.

"No." Kai sighed and sat down on one of the beds.

"How much longer are we going to stay here?" the younger agent asked.

"If I knew, I wouldn't be sitting here eating fast food."


The day continued, dull and uneventful as usual, the two staring at the sidewalk and alley below them. Night quickly swept in and darkened the room. A slight fog blurred the view from the window, creating an almost perfect setting for the tradeoff.

Kai sat in one of the chairs placed at the window. A pair of binoculars was in his hand as he tried to pay attention to the scene below him. He yawned.

'I hope something happens soon,' he thought, staring at his partner who was busy observing the alley.

'Damn director,' Hal thought. 'He better be paying us extra for this!'

After a while of an exciting absolutely nothing, Kai decided that it was about time to take a much needed shower. It'd been two days, and since he hadn't wanted to miss anything, he had ignored this urge. But now he was reaching his limit. Two men in a small apartment with pretty much no ventilation, no, it did not smell good.

"I'm taking a shower, k?" Kai said. Hal looked up.

"Ok. I'll take one after you, so leave the water on."


"Man! I love hot water!" Kai exclaimed, coming out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. "It has got to be in the top ten of the greatest inventions!"

Hal stood up walked over to the bathroom.

"You did leave some hot water, right?" Hal gave Kai a threatening look.

"I did, I did!" he replied quickly, sighing with relief when Hal went in and shut the door.

Kai went over to the window and looked to the alley. Nothing.

'Well, it's only 9:00. There's still a lot of time.'

He sat in the chair and rested his head on the window sill. Two days without any sleep was really taking its toll. His eyelids began to droop, and soon enough, he gave into the temptation.


"Hot water really is nice," Hal mumbled to himself as he walked out of the bathroom. He looked to see his partner, still in his towel, sitting on a chair near the window.

"Hey, good-for-nothing! Go put some clothes on before you catch a cold!"

He approached Kai, and saw that he was asleep. Hal twitched.

'Sleeping on the job?' Hal imagined himself just reaching out and wringing the small boy's neck. It was the middle of the night in a rundown apartment. No one would notice.

He sighed and sat down in the chair next to him. He looked out the window where the darkened alley met the street. Still nothing.

He looked over at his partner who was resting peacefully. The look on his face was so calm. The way his wet black hair fell on his face to one side, how his body lifted oh-so-gently when he inhaled, when his mouth muttered something incomprehensible, it seemed as if Hal was being intoxicated by the man. He was just so…

Before Hal knew what he was doing, he was bent over Kai, his face near to his. His hand cradled the boy's face as he went in closer. It was like he was addicted to him, his calmness, his positive outlook. He was even more addicting then cigarettes. He couldn't get enough of him. He went closer yet to the boy, so close that he could feel his warmth. So close, so close, their lips brushed and…

"Hal, what are you doing?" Kai asked sleepily, just waking up.

"Nothing!" Hal denied, moving away from his partner. What had he been doing? Any closer and they would've…

"Hal, I love you."

The older man froze. What had he just said?

Chapter 1 end ~~