First and foremost, all jutsu will be named in English because I'm too lazy to look up the Japanese versions.

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Normal speaking: Hello
Thinking: Hello
Demon/Sith speaking: Bow to Me
Demon/Sith Thinking:Bow to Me

The Clash

Across the battlefield, two cries could be heard in unison. CHIDORI/RASENGAN were the shouts of the two shinobi. These two are Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha. The attacks collided, a massive sphere of energy could be seen surrounding the two. Inside the sphere, the two fighting for dominance over the other suddenly felt something unnatural. That's when Sasuke noticed something… Naruto was disappearing. Although it was slight, the Uchiha survivor could make out Naruto fade in and out from view. Whether it was pure survival instinct or just plain loss of concentration. Sasuke's chidori seemed to drop in overall power and disrupted the sphere around them. Sasuke was blown out of the sphere. Naruto wasn't so lucky. Looking up, Sasuke saw the sphere condense smaller and smaller until in a final brilliant flash, it disappeared taking Naruto with it. Just before blacking out, Sasuke managed to make out Kakashi walking toward him. Then all was dark. Damn it! I was too late to protect you Naruto. I'm sorry, were kakashi's thoughts. He then proceded to take Sasuke back to the village.

Jedi Temple

Inside the councle chambers of the grand Jedi Temple, all the Jedi Masters nearly blacked out to the massive surge they had each felt in the force.

Elsewhere on Coruscant

Something is coming. Something powerful. This being could be of great use to me. Thought a certain sith lord.