Pairing: Beginning is KenpachixIchigo, but in the end it's NnoitraxIchigo.

Summary: Ichigo is in an abusive relationship with Kenpachi. Nnoitra sees Ichigo in the café he works at and starts hitting on him shamelessly. Will he make things worse for Ichigo, or better? This is my attempt at a more serious yaoi story.

Contains: Yaoi, sex, smut, lemons, abuse, rape (KenIchi, not NnoIchi), violence, cursing.

Written for Vudupins… ya know why ;)

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For those who don't know Pig Latin, here is the disclaimer: I do not own bleach or make any money off of this story.

This story is going to be five chapters, not ten.

Sweet Sorrow: Chapter 1

The orange haired man trudged up the steps to his apartment, exhausted from the classes he was taking at uni and his job at the cafe. He frowned when he heard the TV blaring from inside, signaling Kenpachi's presence. He was back early from his business trip. Ichigo opened his door with a heavy sigh and frowned at the beer cans which were littering the small apartment which had been clean in the morning.


Kenpachi had snuck behind him when his back was turned and had encased him in a tight hug. Ichigo stiffened and then relaxed into. His eyes slid shut as he remembered when Kenpachi's strength brought warmth and comfort to him. Even now it felt good to be wrapped in the other man's strong arms, but Ichigo couldn't kid himself. He knew what would come next, what always came next.

Kenpachi's mouth found his neck and Ichigo tilted his head to the side, hoping that Kenpachi wouldn't leave any visible marks. Kenpachi pulled his shirt to the side slightly and bit down hard. Ichigo bit down on his lip to stifle the cry of agony and shuddered as blood began to trickle down from the wound.

"My Ichigo."

Ichigo tried to take the bad with the good. He tried to look over all of Kenpachi's flaws, but he didn't know how much longer he could live like this. As Kenpachi tugged his pants down and took him on the floor dry and without any preparation, Ichigo knew he had to do something.

After Kenpachi finished and went back to watching TV, Ichigo barely managed to walk to the bathroom. He let out a silent groan as he turned on the shower and the hot water relaxed his body. Blood and semen mixed with the water as it circled down the drain and Ichigo stared at it for a moment, almost hypnotized, and then began to cry.

The worst part about being with someone like Kenpachi was that Ichigo really loved him.

Nnoitra tapped his pencil in aggravation as he waited for his coffee. He was meeting a possible client here and got there a bit early so he ordered his drink. Which had yet to arrive.

He loosened his tie slightly and cursed that his job made it necessary for him to be presentable for clients. It was too hot to wear a full suit, but he still had a button down, long sleeve shirt on and the cursed tie which was too snug for his liking. He tapped his fingers on the table in irritation as he looked at the clock and realized both the coffee and his client were late.

"I'm sorry for the wait, sir." An orange haired man wearing a black t shirt with the café's skull logo on it set his coffee in front of him. Nnoitra snorted as he saw the boy was wearing an apron as well, which Nnoitra associated strictly with women. Or men like this one who looked like he would make a nice sight bent over the table.

"Is there anything else I could get you, sir?" Nnoitra glanced up at his face and was pleased to see that the server was attractive, if a bit grouchy with the scowl he wore despite the smiled plastered on his face.

"Are ya on the menu?" Nnoitra glanced at the name tag. "Ichigo?"

Ichigo's scowl deepened and he glared at the customer. "If that's the best pickup line you have, then definitely not." He turned sharply and began to walk away but not before shooting back over his shoulder: "And I'm already taken."

Nnoitra grinned sinisterly despite the rejection and leaned back in his seat to cross his arms behind his head. "Hey." He stopped another server that was walking by. "I'd like ta get some strawberry cheesecake and get that orange haired guy take it out ta me." The server nodded and then disappeared.

A few minutes later an even more pissed off Ichigo stomped out and slammed the cheesecake down and glared at him. "Is that all, sir?" Ichigo said through gritted teeth.

"I wouldn't say no ta a quick fu-"

Ichigo turned on his heal and disappeared again, leaving Nnoitra snickering. He certainly was a cute little shit. Unfortunately, his client took that moment to show up.

"I'm sorry I'm late." The flustered woman said and took a seat. Immediately Nnoitra flipped over to his professional mode and smiled at her although it took a lot of effort.

"It's fine." He assured her pleasantly despite the thoughts running through him mind on how women could never be expected to be on time.

"So, did you find anything?" She whispered to him after looking around the room cautiously. Nnoitra slipped a manila envelope over to her and she slid out the photos.

The woman gasped and dropped them, covering her face with her hands and fighting back tears. "That dirty bastard!" She hissed and thankfully didn't start sobbing. "I knew he was cheating."

Nnoitra did his best to look sympathetic while trying not to look at the clock. She dabbed her slightly wet eyes and straightened up. "Mr. Jiruga, thank you for your work." She said primly as she straightened the photos and slid them back into the envelope with slightly shaking hands.

Nnoitra said nothing in response and simply nodded. An answer like 'it was a pleasure' would probably make her angry so he kept silent.

"Your payment." She wrote a check, her expensive rings flashing in the light as she signed it and then handed it over to him.

"If yah ever need me again, don't be afraid ta call."

Nnoitra had spent a lot of time trying to sound educated, but he still drawled over the 'ooh' sounds like 'you' and 'to'. Thankfully this woman didn't seem to mind, or maybe she just assumed anyone that wasn't as rich as her sounded like that. Of course Nnoitra didn't care as long as his clients paid well, and this one put him several grand richer in the bank. It didn't even take long to take the pictures because her good for nothing hubby couldn't seem to wait to jump a woman after his wife was out of the house.

She left and Nnoitra was left alone to stare at the cute server who was at another table and bending over to set the drinks down. He fought the urge to whistle because this was a high class café but he did give Ichigo a smirk when he turned around and saw Nnoitra checking him out.

Ichigo held up his other hand to block the view from the other diners and flipped him off. Nnoitra's smirk widened and he mouthed the words 'any time' back to him. Ichigo turned around with a huff and walked back to the counter while Nnoitra shamelessly watched his hips sway.

He finished his coffee and checked the time again. He had better get back to the office and check his phone calls to see if he could polish a few more measly jobs off before he finished for the day.

As Nnoitra left he saw the cute orange haired server sipping some coffee outside on his break. With a smirk, he moved next to him and withdrew one of his cards. "Call me if you want ta release some of the pent up tension ya have."

Ichigo scowled and refused to take it so Nnoitra slid it into the pocket of his apron then strolled off looking like the cat that got the canary. He got back to the office and didn't even glance at his secretary Tesla who seemed to hang on his every word.


Why couldn't have Ichigo been as eager as Tesla to be near him? It would have made it a lot easier.

"Aizen-sama called and wanted to reschedule your meeting for Thursday."

Ichigo would be cute as a secretary. Nnoitra wondered if he was looking for another job.

"Jeagerjaques called repeatedly, demanding that we stop stealing his clients."

Maybe the next time Nnoitra went to get coffee there he could ask Ichigo if he was interested.

"Your sister-in-law, Neliel, called and asked if you wanted to have dinner with her. She thinks you don't get out enough."

Would Ichigo scowl even during sex? Nnoitra bet he scrunched up his nose and chewed on his lower lip.

"And a potential client scheduled a meeting for 4 o'clock today."

Nnoitra was pulled out of his thoughts. "Don't I have another meeting at four?"

"The man you were meeting said that he discovered the thief was his son, so he canceled."

"Hmph." Nnoitra took a sip of the coffee Tesla made him and grimaced. Definitely the cheap stuff, not like what Ichigo had made. "Get some new coffee."

"Yes, Nnoitra-sama."

Ichigo was closing up the café today, much to Kenpachi's disgruntlement, so he was left alone as he wiped the counters door and flipped the chairs onto the tables for the cleaning lady to sweep under. He undid his apron and was about to toss it into the laundry when he felt something stiff in the pocket. He reached in and pulled out the card that the man had stuffed in the earlier and read it.

'Nnoitra Jiruga- Private Investigator.'

Ichigo rolled his eyes and threw it in the trash. He'd probably never see the guy again anyways, not that he would ever consider the notion of cheating on Kenpachi. Ichigo doubted whether he would be able to live through that.

He thought of the dark haired man in the suit again and blushed. Jiruga's personality didn't seem to match his professional clothes and occupation, but Ichigo assumed he put on a front to get work. Ichigo frowned and went back to closing up the café and locking it up.

A horn honked behind him and Ichigo jumped, turning around to glare at Kenpachi who grinned at him from in the car. Ichigo opened the door and hopped in.

"No hello-kiss?" Kenpachi asked and Ichigo dutifully leaned over and kissed his cheek.

"How was your day, Kenpachi?"

"Busy." Kenpachi shifted the car in gear. "We had a few clients who didn't want to pay up, so it got messy."


Ichigo twitched as Kenpachi reached over and entangled their fingers together without saying anything. Ichigo liked moments like this, despite how few and far between they were. It made him feel like Kenpachi really did love him.

"Do you want to go out to dinner?"

"I just want to get home."

"Good, so do I."

Ichigo mentally winced at that, hoping it wouldn't mean more sex but knowing that it would.

"Ah, Kenpachi?"


"Can we take a break for tonight..?"

He trailed off as Kenpachi glanced at him and narrowed his eyes.

"Just because you've been pretty rough lately and I have early classes tomorrow…"

"Tch, if you think that's rough then you haven't seen anything yet." Ichigo bit his lip until it bled and silently screamed as Kenpachi's grip on his hand grew even tighter and his bones ground together.

"Ken-Kenpachi!" Ichigo managed to get out and gasped as his hand was finally released. Kenpachi glanced at him once more before paying attention to the road.

"Don't be such a pussy, Ichigo."

When they got home they barely made it to the bedroom before Ichigo's clothes were yanked off and he was thrown onto the bed. Ichigo dug his nails into the bed and gasped as he was pushed into roughly.

"You're as tight as ever." Kenpachi growled into his ear and jerked him off with harsh, fast movements that had him more in pain then in pleasure. When Kenpachi finally came, he groaned in relief. Kenpachi seemed to be in a relatively loving mood because he wiped up Ichigo's bleeding body and tucked him under the covers before sliding next to him.

A few minutes later his snores filled the room and Ichigo turned on his side and curled into the fetal position. Kenpachi followed his movement unconsciously and slung an arm around his waist, possessive of him even in his sleep. Ichigo closed his eyes and leaned into the warmth and wished that they could always be like that.


Nnoitra as a PI sends me into a fit of giggles, but I can totally see him doing that as a profession. I just hope that I can keep him in character, although I think it's okay because in the few ficlets/story I've written before with him I have managed.

If anybody has any corrections or constructive criticism, I welcome them, as well as one word reviews… The NnoitraxIchigo filter deserves more love!