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Sweet Sorrow: Chapter 5

Tesla didn't think he had ever seen a funnier sight that Nnoitra-sama trying to pick out flowers for Ichigo. He cursed a lot, making old ladies and other customers in the store give him disapproving glances.

"What kind of flowers do ya think he likes?" Nnoitra asked for the tenth time and Tesla sighed heavily.

Each time he answered the same thing, and each time Nnoitra ignored his answer. "I don't know, Nnoitra-sama."

Nnoitra grumbled and stared at the roses. "Do ya think they're too cliché?"

Whatever Tesla might have answered was interrupted by one of the nursery workers. "Is there something I can help you with?"

"Yeah, I need some flowers that say 'I love ya and want to fuck ya into the mattress, but it's cool if ya wanna wait.'"

The sweet expression on the girl's face faltered. "I-I'm not sure if we carry flowers that give that exact message."

Nnoitra snorted, making it known that he clearly thought she was an incompetent fool.

"M-maybe if you get her some roses and put that in a note…"

"Ya can't put something like that in a note." Nnoitra rolled his eyes at her incompetence. "And it's a 'he' anyways."

She swallowed nervously. "I-I'll b-be over here if you need any more help." She scurried away quickly.

"Ya would think she didn't even work here for as much help as she was." Nnoitra grumbled and continued to look over the flowers. "Aw, fuck it; I knew I should have looked up the meaning of these things before I came."

He ended up getting Ichigo a dozen roses, with no note. Tesla advised him to take Ichigo to a nice restaurant that wasn't too fancy, because Ichigo would feel out of place.

Ichigo had been living with Nnoitra in the spare bedroom for a couple of months now, and the arrangement worked surprisingly well. It was close to campus, not to mention his work, so it was very beneficial. Slowly yet surely, he was beginning to open up to other people as well. It was Nnoitra and Tesla mostly, but there were a couple of guys in his class by the name of Kira and Shuhei that he got along with as well.

Nnoitra and Ichigo also began a tentative relationship a few weeks after Ichigo began to live with Nnoitra. They didn't have sex, and Ichigo was wary about being touched unless he was the one who was doing the touching. Nnoitra was happy to get him used to it again, and Ichigo smacked him more than once for grabbing his ass while they kissed.

Nnoitra was kind of happy that Ichigo wasn't afraid of contact, but more pissed off than anything. Of course that meant that Nnoitra was on the receiving end, but he thought Ichigo was hot when he was angry.

They hadn't exchanged the words either, which both of them were unsure about. Nnoitra knew he felt that way about Ichigo, but he hadn't quite managed to get the words out. But he was planning on telling Ichigo tonight, which was why he was getting flowers.

"Ichi, I'm home." Nnoitra called out and was happy to see that Ichigo was at the table, reading. He looked up and smiled at Nnoitra when he came in, but raised an eyebrow at the roses.

"Are those for me?"

"Well they certainly weren't given to me."

Ichigo laughed and stood. He leaned up to kiss Nnoitra languidly, almost making Nnoitra forget about the roses and drop them in his haste to embrace Ichigo back. Ichigo pulled away and took the roses from him, bringing them to his face and smelling them.

"Mm, thanks. What's the occasion?"

"Do I need one?" Nnoitra scoffed and reached to grab a vase that Ichigo was having difficulty reaching. "We have dinner planned tonight too."

Ichigo gave Nnoitra a suspicious look as he took the vase. "Alright, what's going on?"

"Can't I just do things for ya without an ulterior motive?" Nnoitra asked grumpily.


"Tch, ya little bitch." Nnoitra grumbled and pulled Ichigo into another kiss. Ichigo hungrily responded to it, making Nnoitra forget himself for a moment as he stroked Ichigo's back. What he really wanted to do was to suck on the hollow of Ichigo's throat and slide his hands down the back of Ichigo's pants to finger his entrance, but he stopped himself.

Ichigo pulled away from the kiss with his face flushed and Nnoitra smirked. "Ya better get ready, our reservation is soon."

"Um, Nnoitra." Ichigo shifted slightly. "I was kind of hoping we could eat in."

"Yeah?" He studied Ichigo who was red and looking a little nervous. "Whatever ya want."

"Is curry okay? I was already making it."

"It's fine, Ichi."

"Must you insist on shortening my name?" Ichigo grumbled. "I don't call you Nnoi."

"Would ya rather I called ya Strawberry?"

"Go fuck yourself."

Nnoitra snickered and sat at the table so he could watch Ichigo cook. "Ya know why I call ya Ichi?"


"Cuz ya are my only one."

Ichigo turned an alarming shade of red and hastily turned back to the cooking, cursing under his breath and making Nnoitra snicker. His eyes flickered as Ichigo bent over to get something and he turned away quickly. He wanted Ichigo so fucking badly, but he was afraid that if he brought the issue up with him, Ichigo would be afraid of him and his desires.

Dinner was a mostly quiet affair as Nnoitra tried to figure out a way to say what he wanted to say and Ichigo wondered what was up with Nnoitra. As they finished Ichigo grabbed their dishes and put them in the sink, then paused as he felt Nnoitra step behind him and wrap his arms around Ichigo's waist.

"Nnoitra?" Ichigo asked as Nnoitra let his head rest on top of Ichigo's.

"Hmm…" Nnoitra murmured by way of response and Ichigo sighed.

Ichigo turned in his arms and looked up at him. He saw the heat in Nnoitra's eyes and leaned up to kiss him before slowly walking him back. He pulled away and slid his hands over Nnoitra's back.

"Don't you want me, Nnoitra?"

Nnoitra was trying really hard to control himself, but that was almost impossible when Ichigo was staring up at him with those big brown eyes.

"I-I…" Nnoitra stuttered, making Ichigo smirk and then push Nnoitra against the wall before stepping closer.

Instead of leaning up to kiss him, like Nnoitra thought he would do, he pushed Nnoitra's shirt up and caressed his cut torso and chiseled abs. Nnoitra growled and tried to tip Ichigo's chin up to kiss him, but Ichigo dodged his hand and instead dropped to his knees and dipped his tongue into the crevasse of Nnoitra's stomach.

"Fuck, Ichi!"

Ichigo scowled at him for the shortened name and nipped lightly at the skin as his hands went to Nnoitra's belt. Nnoitra stared down at him, wondering if it was some kind of wonderful dream as Ichigo drew out his hard cock and pumped it a few times before sealing his mouth over the head.

"Ah!" Nnoitra couldn't help but groan as Ichigo took him into his mouth. Wet suction covered him and before Nnoitra couldn't even think, Ichigo deep throated him. Nnoitra distantly wondered where Ichigo learned such a thing, but shook it off as he realized that it was probably with Kenpachi.

"Ichigo, wait, I want to come inside of ya…" For a moment Nnoitra wondered if he had taken it farther than Ichigo wanted to go by the look on his face, but then Ichigo pulled away and smiled up at him.


Nnoitra jerked him to his feet and kissed him possessively before tugging him to his room. He considered going to Ichigo's room so he would feel more comfortable in a familiar environment, but he had lube in his room and he didn't now if Ichigo did.

As the door clicked shut behind them, Nnoitra kissed Ichigo again, this time slowly as he walked Ichigo back to his bed. As the back of Ichigo's knees hit the bed, Nnoitra pushed him back onto it and then shifted him so he was in the middle with his head on a pillow.

"Is it okay?" Nnoitra asked as he undressed Ichigo slowly, savoring the reveal of his flesh which Nnoitra burned into his memory.

"It's perfect."

Nnoitra chanced a look into Ichigo's face and stared at the slight smile before swallowing thickly. Already he felt like he was going to come, and he hadn't even touched himself yet. He hoped he would be able to last once he was finally inside of Ichigo.

When Ichigo was finally completely naked, Nnoitra eyed his body unabashedly. His skin was soft and milky, with a few scars here and there that didn't detract from his beauty what so ever. Nnoitra tried to calm himself as he undid his shirt and let it fall to the side. As he began to push down his already undone pants, courtesy of Ichigo earlier, Ichigo leaned forward and took one of his nipples into his mouth.

Nnoitra groaned and cupped the back of Ichigo's head to press him close, hissing as Ichigo bit down lightly. Ichigo shoved his pants down and grabbed his leaking cock with both hands, making Nnoitra shudder. He pushed Ichigo onto his back and kicked his pants off the rest of the way before kneeling in between Ichigo's spread legs.

Ichigo threw his head back as Nnoitra rubbed their erections together and bit his lower lip. Nnoitra felt himself throb in need and changed his angle so he was sliding between Ichigo's ass cheeks and rubbing at his entrance. Ichigo clutched at his shoulders desperately and moaned as Nnoitra continued the motion slowly.

"L-lube!" Ichigo managed to get out and Nnoitra pulled away despite his need. It would go a lot smoother with lubricant and preparation, and he wanted everything to be perfect for their first time.

He poured the slightly cold lubricant onto his hands and rubbed it in between his fingers to warm it up. He slipped his hand down in between Ichigo's legs and stroked his entrance to make sure he was ready before pushing two of his fingers inside.

Ichigo flinched slightly and Nnoitra was surprised with how tight he was. He supposed it was because it had been so long since he had sex, which made Nnoitra swallow at the thought and then spread his fingers apart.

"Ah…" Ichigo let a little gasp escape his lips as Nnoitra found his prostate and wiggled to get more of the sensation. "Yes, that's so good, fuck Nnoitra, I want you…" The words were more babbles then sentences, and Nnoitra was more than ready to take him.

He pulled his fingers out and poured some more lube onto his hand before Ichigo stopped him by gripping his wrist. "Condom?"

Nnoitra paused and then reached over to the night stand to fumble out the package. He hadn't used them in a while so he was glad that he had them (although he double checked before he left for work in case Ichigo did want to have sex). Ichigo grabbed it out of his hand and tore the package open. Nnoitra watched with lust as Ichigo placed the condom at his head and then leaned down and rolled the condom down with his mouth.

Nnoitra bucked into the sensation, hissing as he felt the warmth of Ichigo's mouth even through the condom and the light scrape of his teeth. Ichigo pulled away and before he could wipe his mouth, Nnoitra kissed him almost savagely, letting Ichigo fall onto his back as he maneuvered himself in between his legs.

He covered the condom with the lubricant he still had on his hand and pushed Ichigo's legs apart. For a second he worried that he was being too forceful, but then Ichigo reached in between his legs and grabbed his erection before guiding it to his entrance.

"Fuck." Nnoitra cursed as he pushed forward and finally slid into Ichigo for the first time.

Ichigo inhaled sharply as the old discomfort reawakened and let his head fall back, trying to relax. Nnoitra entered him slowly, yet steadily and just when Ichigo thought he couldn't take any more of him, Nnoitra gave a sharp thrust and filled him completely.

"Ah!" Ichigo's back arched and Nnoitra sucked on his exposed throat while caressing his body.

"Are ya okay?" Nnoitra finally asked after he had calmed down enough to talk.

"I'm fine." Ichigo said through gasps for breath. "It's just been awhile, and you're big."

Nnoitra felt very smug at that statement and grinned broadly, trying to hide it in Ichigo's neck. Ichigo growled and tapped him lightly on the head.

"Don't smirk, asshole."

"Tch." Nnoitra shifted inside of Ichigo in retaliation, making Ichigo breathe quickly through his nose.

"Nno-Nnoitra!" Ichigo called out and pushed back against him. "That's the spot, fuck!!!"

"Yeah?" Nnoitra pulled out of him and slid back in, moving quicker as Ichigo's cries of discomfort turned to pleasure. "Ichi…" Nnoitra breathed his name as he held Ichigo's slim waist and thrust into him.

An angry vein appeared on Ichigo's forehead and he tugged on Nnoitra's hair. "Use my full name."

Nnoitra winced and detangled Ichigo's fingers before leaning down to kiss him. "Ichigo Kurosaki."

"You know what I mean!"

Nnoitra chuckled and kissed him again before pulling away to change the angle of his thrusts. "Ichigo…"

"AH!" Ichigo threw his head back and bowed his back. "Bastard…" He managed to mutter before coherence was lost to him.

Soon there was no more talking other than the occasionally murmur of each other's names as they made love. Nnoitra was having a hard time holding back from coming as Ichigo's warm entrance tightened around him, signaling how close Ichigo was as well. Nnoitra began to pump him quickly as he flicked his tongue over Ichigo's ear.

"That's it Ichigo, just let it go."

"Fuh… AH!" Ichigo cried out and convulsed as he came. Nnoitra hissed as the heat clenched around his cock. He couldn't hold himself in any longer and he came. Ichigo spasmed and moaned as Nnoitra gave one last thrust, and wished he hadn't asked Nnoitra to use a condom so he could feel it inside of him. But they could always do it next time.

Nnoitra pulled out of Ichigo and Ichigo made a face at the slippery feeling. Nnoitra took off the used condom and tied it shut before throwing it in the general direction of the waste bin. Ichigo sighed and cuddled close to him as Nnoitra wiped him off with his hand and then licked the mess off with his tongue.

He glanced down at Ichigo whose eyes were closed already and draped his arm around him. His heart thumped a little faster as he studied Ichigo's relaxed face and he kissed his hair. Before his courage disappeared, he brushed his lips against Ichigo's ear.

"I love ya, Ichigo."

Ichigo opened his eyes and Nnoitra pulled back enough so that he could look at him directly.

"You love me?"

"Yeah, isn't it obvious?"

Ichigo smiled and Nnoitra felt the fluttering in his stomach dissipate.

"I love you too."

The kiss they shared was sweet and languid before they made love once again. Ichigo felt nothing for Kenpachi anymore and left his past in the past as he made a new future with Nnoitra. They fought occasionally, and more than once Nnoitra made Ichigo cry, but they never got further than words and they always made up for it. Ichigo learned that no matter how much you love someone or how happy you are, love will always be sweet sorrow.


I loved writing this story… KenIchi and NnoiIchi are two of my top four favorite pairings (right up there with StarrkIchi and ShiroIchi) Definitely expect more of NnoitraxIchigo from me, especially the sequel to Resurrection!

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