I'm not use to writing AU relating stories, so here's my first shot at it, since I haven't seen any Sora/Larxene stories I thought, 'what the hell, I'll try it.' And well, the school KH AU stories seem to be kinda popular so why not. Without further stalling, here's the story, enjoy!


Sora, a fifteen year old, spiky haired brunette in a black jacket wearing a dark blue button up shirt and blue jeans swung his backpack over his shoulder as he looked up at his new school. Sora and his family had just moved from another town to the coast because his parents wanted a change of scenery. He didn't care really, Sora hated his old home anyway, it was way too boring. The brunette sighed and walked towards the school, which had swarms of kids heading towards it as well. Sora reached into his pocket and pulled out a card with all his classes listed on it.

"Heads up," someone shouted fearfully. Sora looked over, seeing a ball the size of his head coming straight for his face. Without sign of fear, Sora jerked his head back then kneed the ball straight into the air. Sora lazily held his hand out flatly, catching the ball as it fell back to earth. Two boys, one with silver hair, a little older than Sora, and another older boy with his hair buzzed on the sides and the top standing straight up.

"Is this yours," Sora asked teasingly before lightly tossing it to the youngest of the two.

"Yeah sorry about that," the oldest one apologized. "You got some moves there kid."

"My name is Sora."

"I'm Riku," the silver haired one replied.

"I'm Demyx, you wanna join our game?"

"No, I'm going to try to get familiar with the school," Sora admitted, rubbing the back of his head.

"What a newbie," Riku joked. "You can't take three minutes to play ball?"

"Sorry, I'm not the type to be late for class. Tomorrow for sure."

"Well, we can't let him run around without someone to show him the ropes," Riku pointed out. "Demyx, you should show the new kid around."

"If you don't want me on your damn team then just say so," the now upset blonde replied. "Alright Sora so what are ya, sophomore, freshman?"

"Sophomore," Sora answered. "I take it you're a senior?"

"Unfortunately," Demyx muttered. Sora tilted his head, expressing his confusion. "Walk with me kid." The two walked onto campus, surrounded by kids running, shouting and laughing. "Okay, the freshmen in this school are just annoying, but then again all freshmen usually are, your class is pretty cool actually. A lot of pretty chicks." Sora turned his head away, trying to hide his faint blush. Demyx snickered and continued. "The junior class is Riku's class, they're pretty cool too. And then the seniors…they suck."

"You just said you were a senior though," Sora pointed out, his tone confused.

"Yeah, but they all have their heads so far up their asses," Demyx exclaimed angrily. "They make me so mad! The only cool one is Axel, but he hangs around the seniors most of the time. Especially this one bitch Larxene, UGH she pisses me off!" Sora put his hand to his chin, thinking something over. "What…?"

"Is it coincidence that you seniors have X in your names just randomly?" Demyx laughed a bit then looked forward.

"Yeah, when we were younger a group of us decided to rearrange our names and add X in it for our late English teacher Mr. Xehanort, our old class sponsor. But there's another time for that, what's your first class?" Sora looked at his schedule.

"Uh…History with Xigbar…you know where that is?"

"Oh hell yeah, Xigbar is like the greatest teacher ever! Let me show ya to his classroom." The two walked into the school and down the crowded halls. After a few turns, Demyx walked into Xigbar's classroom. A middle-aged man with black-grey hair in a ponytail and a scar on his left cheek stood behind a desk. "Yo Mr. Xigbar!" The man looked up and smiled.

"What's happenin Demyx," the teacher replied. "Who's the newbie?"

"Would people please stop calling me that," Sora asked in aggravation.

"Mr. Xigbar, this is Sora, he's new and he has your class first hour," Demyx explained. I'm just showing him around.

"Sounds killer," the man replied as he jumped over his desk and quickly approached Sora. The teacher held out his hand to the young boy, "Put er there Sora! I'm Mr. Xigbar, you can just call me teach, or Xigbar." Sora shook the man's hand, looking at the scar with confusion. "Let me guess, it's about the scar. Well all I'm saying is I USE to be a science teacher. But that didn't work out so they put me with a subject that I couldn't blow stuff up in." The first bell rang, starting school. "You better get to class Demyx. It'd suck if you were tardy on the first day."

"Meh, it wouldn't be a first," Demyx joked. "See ya Sora." The senior ran out of the room and down the hall.

"Well Sora, take a seat anywhere. I don't have seating charts so you can sit in the front row, back row, or on the roof for all I care." Sora nodded, very confused about the man's very outgoing nature. The brunette walked towards the desks and sat in the second row, waiting for the next bell to ring. Kids soon started coming into the classroom, filling up the desks very quickly. "Alright, for those of you who do NOT know me, my name is Mr. Xigbar, just call me teach or Xigbar, don't care which. Secondly, I teach History so you're going to learn History. Thirdly, I got this scar by blowing stuff up in science so don't ask. Alright, I'll start by passing out text books." Xigbar pointed to a large stack of books bigger than most dictionaries. "Er, you'll be picking them up yourselves. So line up single file, take a book, walk to my desk and tell me the book number. Get to it kids." Sora and the others stood and walked towards the tall stack of large books.

Sora stood in line for a few minutes, waiting to get his book. Someone tapped Sora on the shoulder lightly. The new kid turned around, seeing two girls, one with red hair and blue eyes, the other with brown hair and green eyes staring at him with fascinated looks. Sora smiled at the two and waved his hand a little.

"Hey, are you new," the redhead asked in a quiet tone.

"Yeah," Sora whispered back. "I'm Sora."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Kairi," the redhead replied.

"I'm Olette," the female brunette added. "Where'd you move from?"

"A boring as hell town," Sora answered jokingly.

"Then you'll love it here," Kairi said. "There's a lot of stuff to do here and a lot of people."

"Not to mention stupid seniors trying to start drama," Olette said to Kairi. The redhead rolled her eyes and scoffed.

"What, I've heard a couple of seniors are kinda cool," Sora told the two. "A guy named Demyx showed me to this classroom."

"Yeah Demyx and Axel are cool," Kairi replied. "Although Axel's cocky attitude gets annoying sometimes. The other seniors are annoying."

"Like who specifically," Sora questioned.

"Marluxia, Saix, Laxeus, Zexion, and Larxene mostly," Olette answered. "Those two act like they own the whole freaking school. Plus they try to start drama by spreading rumors and other stupid stuff. I'd try to avoid them if I were you."

"Duly noted, thanks for the warning."

"Yo, newbie, you're up," Xigbar shouted. Sora turned, realizing there was a large gap between him and the text books. The spiky haired teen quickly leaped to the books, grabbed one then looked in the cover. "What's the number?"

"Twenty seven," Sora replied. Xigbar wrote the number on a piece of paper then pointed to the desks. Sora walked over, taking his seat once again.

After a few more classes, lunch time came. Sora walked through the halls, weaving between the other students as he did. "Yo Sora," Riku's voice called out. The spiky haired teen looked back, seeing Riku, Demyx, and a spiky haired senior walking towards him. "What's up man?"

"Nothing, just heading to lunch," Sora stated obviously. "Who's he?"

"Sora, this is Axel," Demyx replied. "He's like the only cool senior who isn't a major pain."

"How's it going Sora," Axel exclaimed, slapping the boy on the back. Sora mumbled and rubbed the spot on his back where he was just struck. "Oh crap, I'll catch up with you guys later." Axel ran further down the halls, approaching a group of other seniors.

"Who're those people," Sora asked.

"Those are the pain in the ass seniors," Demyx answered. "The one with the shaggy hair is Maluxia. The big guy is Laxeus, he's the muscle of the bunch. The blue haired one is Saix, the ring leader next to Zexion, the emo looking guy. I should restated that, Zexion is the supposed leader, but it's really Saix. Zexion isn't as bad as the rest of them, so he doesn't usually start stuff, but he isn't really in charge. They just keep him around because girls are a sucker for emo looking kids nowadays. The blonde on is Larxene, she's basically a whore."

"Really," Sora asked, tilting his head as he eyed the older woman from afar. "She looks kinda like a sweet girl."

"Please, everyone says she sleeps with practically everyone, including teachers," Demyx replied.

"Of course Demyx is just going by the rumors that that group themselves have spread about Larxene," Riku replied. "So we have no idea if it's true or not."

A few minutes later, Sora sat at a table with Demyx, Riku, Kairi, and Olette eating the school's lunch. Across the cafeteria, the seniors were talking while looking at Sora. "He looks like a preppy snob," Marluxia stated.

"Take away the preppy and he'd fit perfectly with you Marluxia," Axel shot back jokingly.

"We should give him some kind of initiation," Laxeus said, turning to Zexion who remained quiet.

"Just leave the kid alone," Axel snapped immediately. "We don't need to initiate every new kid who comes to school ya know."

"Axel's right, we should just leave the kid alone for now," Zexion replied, shifting his gaze to Saix. The blue haired senior turned to his tray with his eyes closed before taking a bite of his sandwich. "Marluxia don't mess with the brat got it?"

"Whatever," Marluxia replied, throwing his hair back. Zexion turned over to Larxene.

"You too Larxene, don't bother him. I don't want to get in trouble for something I didn't even plan…again."

"Oh I only got you in trouble once," Larxene replied. "I won't mess with the brat so don't worry." The blonde turned back, staring at Sora for a moment. 'He's kinda cute actually…'

Later that day, the last class of the day for Sora: P.E. In the class were various kids ranging from sophomores to seniors. The kids sat on the bleachers, waiting for the bell to start the class. Once it did, a whistle rang through the gym. Everyone turned, seeing a very young, busty woman with long, black hair. She wore black tank-top and black shorts to match her hair.

"Alright kids; my name is Miss Tifa Lockheart. You will refer to me as Miss Lockheart. I am your physical education teacher and I don't intend on going easy on any of you. Now go dress out and come back out here on the bleachers." The kids all got up and walked towards the locker rooms.

"I hate P.E." Riku complained. Sora put a red tank top on and looked over at his silver haired friend.

"Why, you were playing sports before school started," the spiky haired teen pointed out.

"Yeah but Miss Lockheart can be a bit of a bitch sometimes," Riku stated.

"Sometimes," another kid, Hayner exclaimed, "That's an understatement!"

"She only gets angry with you because you're a pain in the ass Hayner," Riku replied. "Always picking fights with the damn seniors."

"Well it's not my fault if her favorite student is Larxene," Hayner snapped. "I mean that bitch starts the fights and I defend myself, but she takes the blonde bimbo's side!"

"Then maybe you shouldn't get involved in the fights," Sora replied as he pulled his shorts on. "See ya on the court." Sora exited the locker room and into the gym. On the court, Larxene and Miss Lockheart were having a conversation. Larxene was wearing a white T-shirt and blue shorts that were above her knees.

"So how was your summer," Tifa asked her student.

"Meh, boring as always," Larxene replied. "What about you, did you finally find a boyfriend?"

"Well I dated this one guys, Cloud, for awhile but…he was kind of a downer so I broke up with him."

"Damn, that's too bad." Sora shrugged then walked onto the court and walked up to the third row in the bleachers. The spiky haired brunette sat down, leaning back against the backs of the bleachers. Larxene and Tifa glanced at Sora then went back to talking. Sora looked around, trying to waste time. "You know that's the new kid right?"

"Yep," Tifa replied. "I hope you're not going be a problem this hour Larxene."

"Me, a problem," the blonde replied mockingly. Tifa narrowed her eyes at her student. "I already said I wouldn't bother him so no worries. I promise I won't hurt him unless he gets in my way. What are we playing today anyway?"

"Just basketball," Tifa replied. "I wont' slave you kids on the first day."

"Like an actual game or just free shooting?"

"Depends on how we vote," Tifa replied. "Take a seat Larxe." The blonde nodded then headed towards the bleachers, sitting in the row in front of Sora. The spiky haired teen looked at the senior girl curiously for a moment, then went back to observing the gym. After about two minutes, everyone was sitting in the bleachers. "Okay, today we're just going to play basketball. We can play an actual game or just free shoot, your choice. Who wants a game, raise your hands." A large number of students raised their hands. "Alright, that's the majority so we're playing a game. I'm the referee, no fouls, no cheap shots. If you foul I will sit you out and you'll get an F for the day. Now, who wants to be team captains?" Larxene and Riku raised their hands first. "Alright, get down here." The two students obeyed, standing on either side of Miss Lockheart. "Rock, paper, scissors to see who chooses first, ready, steady, go!" Larxene won with paper, so she got to choose first.

'Let's see…most of my options suck anyway. Meh, might as well.' Larxene raised her hand and pointed to the third row. "New kid, you're on my team." Sora's eyes shot open in shock. Everyone else turned around, looking at Sora in surprise. "Well get down here, hurry it up." Sora slowly stood up and walked down next to Larxene.

Riku picked the next person, the Larxene, and so on until the bleachers were cleared. Larxene's team was her, Sora, Seifer, and Fuu, both juniors. Riku's team was himself, Hayner, Rai, a nimrod junior, and Setzer, a sliver haired senior.

For the tip off Sora and Riku stood across from each other, glaring into the other's eyes. Tifa held the ball, looking at both of the boys, waiting to throw the ball. After what seemed like forever, Miss Lockheart tossed the ball into the air. Riku and Sora leaped at the same time for the ball, Sora barely nudged the ball towards his team. Larxene caught the ball then made her way down the court. Hayner, on Riku's team, charged towards Larxene. The blonde continued forward, stopped and spun around him with extreme skill then continued forward. Larxene hurled the ball down the court towards Fuu. The junior caught the ball, but was being blocked by Rai. Fuu scoffed then ducked under the large simpleton and scored a successful layup. Tifa blew her whistle and wrote a tally mark on the board under Larxene's name.

The teams moved down the other side of the court. Larxene walked past Sora and smacked him lightly on the shoulder. "Good job," the blonde told the newbie. Sora looked back with a startled look. The ball was passed to Riku who charged with amazing speed. "Seifer, defense!" Seifer, a blonde junior wearing a blue tank-top ran towards Riku, planning to stop him.

Riku threw the ball into the air then barrel rolled under Seifer's legs. The silver haired teen stood up and caught the ball, continuing forward. Larxene growled under her breath then moved to block Riku, but Sora beat her to the punch. The brunette came out of nowhere, standing in Riku's way. The silver haired youth rolled around Sora who quickly moved after him. Surprisingly, Sora was able to keep up with Riku. Larxene ran to cut Riku off. The junior saw through the blonde's plan. Once he was close enough, Riku jumped into the air, over Larxene and carefully dropping the ball into the goal, barely missing the dunk. However, Sora and Larxene couldn't stop and ended up colliding into each other. Sora fell back and Larxene landed on top of him. The blonde slowly pushed herself up, clutching the side of her head in pain. Tifa blew the whistle and wrote a point for Riku's team.

"Hey, if you two lovebirds are done, then maybe we can continue," Tifa said to Larxene and Sora. The two looked at their teacher with confused looks then moved their heads to the other, gazing into the others eyes. Larxene quickly got off Sora, blushing faintly as she extended a hand to her teammate. Sora gently grabbed her hand then was pulled up to his feet.

"Sorry about that," Sora apologized.

"Its fine," Larxene snapped quickly.

Towards the last few minutes of the class period, the score was tied and the next point would decide the game. The ball belonged to Larxene's team. Fuu threw it to Seifer who ran down the court with Sora and Larxene acting as his defense. On the other side of the court Riku, Rai, Hayner, and Setzer waited. Sora moved ahead of Seifer, blocking Hayner from getting to Seifer. Riku and Setzer moved towards Seifer. Larxene was able to block Riku, but Setzer headed for Seifer. Sezter was able to cause Seifer to stop way past the point of scoring. Seifer jumped into the air and hurled the ball back down the other side of the court where Fuu was coming from. The purple haired junior caught the ball and made it to the three point line before being cut off by Rai. Fuu was able to swerve past Rai once again, getting a little farther before being stopped by Riku and Rai both.

Larxene called from across the court, "I'm open!" Fuu threw the ball between Rai's legs, bouncing it past him and to Larxene. The blonde caught the ball and headed for the goal.

Hayner moved past Sora and was now standing between Larxene and the goal. Sora jumped above Hayner at the same time as Larxene did. The blonde put the ball in Sora's hands and the two pressed the bottoms of their feet against the others. Sora had a hold of the ball just as Larxene pushed her legs out, shooting Sora into the air towards the goal. Everyone watched as Sora flew towards the goal and then slam dunked it into the goal. Tifa blew her whistle and marked another point for Larxene's team.

"Alright, that's it," Tifa called out. "Larxene's team wins. Now go dress out before the bell rings." Sora let go of the rim, falling onto his feet. The spiky haired brunette smiled cheerfully as Seifer came up to him.

"Good job man," the blonde admitted. "You got some crazy skills."

"Hey thanks, Seifer wasn't it?" The junior nodded then moved towards the locker room. In the locker room, Hayner was clearly upset. Sora looked at him, cautiously heading towards his clothes.

"Hey Sora," Riku called out. "Good game man." Sora smiled and nodded.

"You too, you're really good at offense." Hayner changed his shoes then stormed out of the locker room without even changing clothes. "Is he okay?"

"He's fine," Riku assured. "The only thing he hates worse than Larxene is losing."

"And losing to Larxene isn't the best thing for him," Setzer added. "I swear he's such a child sometimes."

"Well yeah, he's still a stupid little clown," Seifer replied as he took his shoes off. "Someone's gonna kick his ass one of these days if he isn't careful." Sora once again was the first one done changing and exited into the gym. Once again, Larxene and Miss Lockheart were talking. Sora paid no mind to them.

"Hey Sora," Tifa called out.

"Yes Miss Lockheart," Sora asked, stopping immediately. Tifa signaled for him to come over. Sora obliged and approached the two women. "Yes ma'am?"

"Where'd you learn to play basketball like that," Tifa asked.

"I just have good reflexes," Sora admitted, shrugging a bit.

"Well reflexes are one thing, skill like you showed are another. Do you play basketball?" Sora shrugged again.

"I'm not a huge fan of sports, but I'm somehow really good at them. Don't know how to explain it."

"That's really weird," Tifa admitted. "Well if you want to play basketball, or any sport you can come talk to me."

"I'll keep that in mind Miss Lockheart," Sora replied. The spiky haired youth turned and headed for the bleachers.

"Hey Sora," Larxene called out. Sora stopped and turned around. "Good game…"

"Thanks, you too," Sora replied with a smile. The bell rang and everyone went back into the halls for study hall. Sora's study hall was in the library with the librarian Vexen. The students in that study hall were Zexion, Seifer, Fuu, Kairi, and Olette. Sora sat at the same table with Kairi and Olette, Seifer sat with Fuu, and Zexion sat alone, reading a rather large book

"Alright kids, remember this is a library so shut up and don't talk," Vexen stated angrily before sitting down.

Sora leaned forward to Kairi and Olette and whispered, "What's his problem?"

"Vexen is always angry because he hates younger kids for whatever reason," Kairi replied. "He's just a cranky old man." Sora looked over at Zexion who read his book quietly, blocking out the rest of the world.

"What's he reading," Sora asked. Kairi and Olette shrugged.

"That guy reads so many books like a hundred times it's pointless to keep track," Olette answered. "Zexion loves to read any book that's thicker than his own arm." School was over and Sora walked out with Olette and Kairi.

"I need to stop by my locker," Kairi told them. "You guys can go on if you want."

"I don't care, I'll go with ya," Olette offered.

"I can go too," Sora added. "I have nothing better to do." The three headed towards the lockers, moving past a large number of students. Kairi started looking through her locker while Olette and Sora stood on either side of her.

"Yo Sora," a familiar voice called out. Everyone looked up to see Axel running towards them. "Hey, remember me?"

"I got it memorized," Sora replied jokingly.

"Hey, that's catchy," Axel admitted. "But anyway, I just wanted to say sorry about before. We should've had a more formal introduction."

"It's okay," Sorry assured in a laugh. "I made a lot of friends for just the first day."

"Alright, well if ya want to hang out or anything just let me know alright?"

"Will do Axel, see ya later." The spiky haired redhead nodded then walked down the hall. "I can see why just about everyone likes him."

"Yeah, him and Demyx are really the only cool seniors," Olette stated. "Everyone else is a pain…"

"I dunno, I thought Larxene was kinda nice," Sora admitted. The two girls shot up straight, shooting a funny look at Sora. The looks clearly stated that they questioned his sanity. "What, we had P.E. and we were on the same team and she didn't seem too horrible to me."

"You've gotta be kidding me," Olette questioned.

"It's just day one," Kairi stated. "Give it time and you'll absolutely hate her."

"I dunno," Sora replied leaning back against the lockers with his hands behind his head. "It seems like to me like everyone just unfairly demonized her. I think you all just don't like her because of the crowd she hangs around."

"No, she's just straight up a bitch," Kairi snapped with a bitter laugh. "Just wait until you get to know her." The redhead stood up and closed her locker door before swinging her backpack over her shoulder. "Alright, I'm ready."

Later that evening Sora got home, taking his shoes off at the door and heading for the stairs. "Hey sweetie," Sora's mom called. "How was your first day?"

"It was okay mom, I'm going upstairs to study."

"Homework on the first day? That seems a bit extreme."

"It's not homework, I just like to get ahead of everyone else."

"Oh, your father and Roxas finished moving everything from our old house."

"Alright," Sora called as he reached the top of the stairs. The brunette gently opened his door, seeing Roxas, his twin brother (A/N: cliché, I know, so sue me) lying on one of two beds watching TV. "I see you're being lazy."

"I see you're not helping with the labor around the house," Roxas snapped back. "How was school little bro?"

"It was pretty cool," Sora admitted, dropping his backpack to the floor. "There are a lot of friendly people there."

"Any hot chicks," Roxas asked.

"You seriously have a one-track mind don't you?" Sora jumped on the other bed, also watching TV. Roxas had some performer's music video playing. "So you going to school tomorrow?"

"Planning on it," Roxas replied. "Seriously though, about those hot chicks?" Sora rolled his eyes then focused on the TV.


Okay well, I was planning on making this a one-shot, but that clearly didn't work out too well. So I guess it is gonna be a series. It may have future lemons, may not, probably will, but not for awhile at least. I can't think of any good one-shot lemons, so we're storytelling now. You don't like it, don't read it. Very simple process. However, if you did like it or you have some helpful critique, please review! I love reviews, especially if they're positive or helpful. Well, until next time.