One Fine Day

We find our story in the Mystic Woods where Nick is currently fending off attacks from Chip, Nikki, and Daggeron. After being sent for quick flight several feet Chip jogs over offering her hand to help Nick up.

"That's enough for today," Daggeron comments, "You should enjoy the day while it's young like the rest of the Rangers."

"Yeah, it's our day off, relax Nick." Chip comments.

"Fireheart and a Ranger are missing, how can anyone relax?" Nick says irritated.

"Well," Nikki begins counting off on her fingers, "One, we just fought the most grueling fight of our lives where we lost two friends. Two, the orchestrator of the battle that has consumed us for the last week is gone. Three, we've been running ourselves ragged in a desperate play to stop the Alliance of Evil, which we did. Four…"

"Ok, Ok, point taken!" Nick says with a laugh, "I'll take the day off, where did everyone go off to?"

"Mac, Dax, Will, Gwen, Justin and Kira are having a picnic. Rose, Claire, Tyzonne, Andrew and Spencer are back at Rootcore taking it easy. Tori, Blake, Ronny, Kat and Connie are at the beach. Vida, Madison, and Ethan are at the mall trying to find something in pink that will look good on Ethan. I believe Xander, Leanbow, Dustin, and Udonna are visiting the villages here in the Mystic Woods. Bridge is finishing up some project last I heard before heading back to the future. TJ, Adam, Cam, and Jason are visiting Angel Grove." Chip explains. "Nikki and I are going to hit up the mall, LeeLee's birthday is coming up and we're going to get her a gift."

"I'm going to have a talk with the Sentinel Knight," Daggeron adds. "We have power drawn from similar sources and his magic or knowledge may know of a way to free Genji."

Nick nodded, "I'll join up with my father then."


Rootcore (Rose, Claire, Tyzonne, Andrew, Bridge, and Spencer)

Bridge scrunched his nose as his pulls himself out of the consol of the DNA Sequencer.

"This is all wrong; Dr. Oliver never had a daughter. And there was Connie, Gwen, and Leanbow. This thing should have never done half the things it did and Ronny should be human not some weird feline. All the history tapes are way off." He thought silently as he finished the last of his modifications.

"All done there?" Andrew asked apprehensively.

Bridge nodded; choose to keep his mouth shut lest he put his foot in it.

A rolling mist gathered about the edge of the entry to Rootcore, the Sentinel Knight waiting silently.

"You sure you can't stay any longer," Spencer wondered.

Again bridge shook his head.

"The doorway home is waiting you must merely walk through," The Sentinel Knight offered as Bridge waved to the gang and vanished into the fading mist.

No sooner was the mist gone then Daggeron can through the entry, "Sentinel Knight, a moment of your time?"

The Sentinel Knight nodded as Daggeron offered his arm and the two knights moved off to a side chamber. Andrew moved over to the DNA Sequencer to give it a second look before making his way to Claire and sitting down next to her and Spencer.

"So you've been training with Udonna all your life in the mystic arts, correct?"

She nodded, "I'm coming into my own now but for the longest time I thought I was a failure. Bowen and everybody really helped me though that rough patch."

In another area of Rootcore the Sentinel Knight examines Genji and the lamp both the feline and Daggeron waiting on his words with baited breath.

"I'm sorry but even at my full power breaking the spell is beyond my talents, but not beyond the talents of the uniformed crown and jewels, so there is still hope."

"Then I'll just have to see we recover all the pieces," Daggeron said with a firm tone.

"R-Really? You're supposed to be retired Daggeron," the cat said, his voice quivering before he wrapped his arms around Daggeron in a big expressive hug. "Oh thank you, thank you, and thank you!"

"Don't mention it," Daggeron said with a warm smile, "Genji…your crushing me."

Genji let go quickly, a sheepish grin on his face, "Sorry."

And meanwhile in yet another chamber Rose bobs in her tank, leisurely reading a book as Tyzonne sits off to the side, watching her.

"So…what was school like?" he asks suddenly.

Blinking as she turns to Tyzonne a perplex look crossing her face, "W-what?"

Tyzonne sighs and closes his eyes reflecting on Andros's words "I just want to get to know you more. You don't like to talk about yourself."

Flustered Rose looks away, her voice a whisper, "I'm nothing special."

Tyzonne lets out a lighthearted chuckle, "You're half fish, befriended a team of pirate ghosts and gave them new bodies, and one of the smartest people here." Now his own voice dropping to a whisper, "Vela would have loved to have met you."

Sensing the pain in Tyzonne's voice Rose quickly changes the subject. "You know you don't have to stay here with me, I have a lot of work to do when I'm finished with my book, I'm sure the others would love your company."

"Won't you come along?" Tyzonne asks quickly, not contemplating the situation fully.

Rose gently pats her tank, "Walk-abouts are a thing of the past," she says, forcing a laugh.

Quickly standing Tyzonne grabs Rose morpher from a near table and thrusts it into her arms. "You deserve this day off as much as anyone. It isn't perfect but Ranger Up."

A small smile spreads across Rose's lips as she takes a firm grip of her Aquitarian prize, "All right!" she says with a warm laugh, raising her wristband with the large stylized S on in she quickly taped it as she leaned over the side of her portable tank. "Morph On!"


A beautiful glade (Mac, Dax, Will, Gwen, Justin and Kira [Tyzonne and the Blue Aquitar Ranger too])

With a spring in their steps Mac, Dax, Will, Gwen, Justin, and Kira skip along the grassy plains looking for a good spot. Absently Mac points out various locations reminiscing about an old camping trip with Andrew. Their attentions are cut short as the familiar vices of Tyzonne and Rose cause them to stop and turn back. With a quick jog the Murcurian and Aquitarian Blue Ranger catch up.

"Tyzonne suggested I Ranger Up; hope you don't mind two more."

"Pttth" Justin says with a dismissive wave of his hand, "The more the merrier!"

However as our friends chat and look for a slot to set down the Fearcats are up to no good not that far from their location. Their presence already detected back at Rootcore ushering Andrew to run to the controls.

"It is their day off sir, let's keep an eye on the Fearcats and give them as long a peace we can," Spencer offers.

Andrew nods, "I'm just a bit protective of Mac, I don't want him…"

"It's been two years since he arrived sir, and he's grown quite a bit in that time."

Again Andrew nods, however our team has found the strange tracks left by the Fearcats and have already begun to investigate them. Without warning they run into an invisible force field and their investigations grinds to a halt. Approaching the barrier Mac run his hand along it cautiously before winding back and hammering it with his all his strength, nothing happens.

"Wow its strong, didn't budge at all with my best hit."

Tyzonne examines the area before them with a critical eye, "I recognize this energy signal, it Fearcat technology."

"Fearcats," Justin growl, "It's always Fearcats."

Placing his hand against the field a moment his hand shimmers, taking on its mercury state and a moment later it passes through, "Everyone take my hand, my powers can take us through the barrier but only if we all stay in contact."

As each hand clasps another Will pauses, "What about my bionics, can machines pass through?"

Tyzonne pauses, "Actually…no and considering how integrated they are it could be dangerous."

"Dax you're with me," Mac says suddenly breaking contact. "I'm not about to put Will in danger or have him alone to be ambushed, the three of us will look for another way in, the rest of you join Tyzonne."

A quick set of nods and new chain is formed while Mac, Will, and Dax trace the wall of the barrier, heading in another direction. The others pass through the field without a problem unaware their trespass has alerted the Fearcats to their presence. One of the six Fearcats turns to Mig, stepping away from a small device sitting on a stump.

"We got a problem Mig; someone has come through the barrier."

"Balgelo you're with me," Mig commands "The rest of you back to work. It has to be the Murcurian, only his powers can penetrate the field." He growls as he leads Balgelo on their search.


The Beach (Tori, Blake, Ronny, Kat and Connie)

Laying back on a towel Blake gently stroke the blond kitten resting on his chest, the kittens eyes closed as she purrs, gently licking his nose.

"You know your going to give my tan a big cat imprint Tori if you keep laying there." He jokes, petting the cat.

"Myu," the cat mummers.

Meanwhile Kat stands hip deep in the water, a stop watch in her hands as Ronny, in one of her more feline shapes, an almost anthropomorphic cheetah, and stands crouched, ready to pounce beside Connie in a crimson one piece suit.

"You two ready?"

Connie laughs, "Tyrano Legs don't fail me now!"

"Cheetahs are much faster then silly old dinos." Ronny jokes.

"Set…Go!" Kat shout throwing her arm down in a straight chop as Ronny and Connie kick up a storm of dust and bolt down the surf.


The Mall (Vida, Madison, and Ethan)

"You know I'm beginning to think we may need to go with just highlights," Madison comments, holding up a pink and white striped shirt against Ethan's chest.

Vida nods while Ethan chuckles, "You right, this doesn't exactly make me look very masculine. Don't suppose I could just wear red."

The girls chuckle, "Only if you want to step on Mac and TJ's toes."

"What about basic black," Vida comments.

"I think Ronny might object to that." Ethan comments, "Man I never thought I'd have so much trouble picking out clothes until I became a part of this crazy team of Rangers. It's a pity we can get advice from Aisu Pink, I'm sure he's had much more experience pulling of the look."

"Yeah," the girls murmur hanging their heads.

"We thought Korragg was a nightmare," Vida comments.

"Tell me about it, Trent was murder on us, but he was only one Ranger. Far as I can tell the closest thing to a team of evil Rangers was the Psycho Rangers and various clones but they were monster, we could hammer them with everything."

Madison dips her head again, looking at her shoes, "But these guys are human, ready to kill us, with the Light of Orion besides. And we can't go all out cause under the suits their human."

"And no mind control either," Vida comments, "Their mercenaries."

Ethan's face immediately brightens up, "Guys…err gals, listen up. I think I have a solution."


A village in the Mystic Woods (Xander, Leanbow, Dustin, and Udonna)

Dustin whistles, looking around, "Elves, centaurs, this is like a comic book or video game come to life."

Udonna laughs, "You sound like Chip,"

"Obviously his…err her long lost brother. I'm sure Chip must have wet herself to meet a real Ninja."

"But she's a wizard! That is so cool," Dustin exclaims.

"And your both super heroes, seems like the two of you hit the jackpot." Xander exclaims.

"All kidding aside," Leanbow comments, grounding the energy of the mood, "The world is the real winner. Chip maybe a bit unorthodox at times due to her exuberance but both of you has been instrumental in the security of the world from evil, as have you Xander."

"Not bad for a kid from across the shore," Xander comments as he raised his cell phone and raises a small crop of carrots from a recently planted garden, earning the thanks of the elf kin gardener.

"And you have matured quite a bit from your old ways," Udonna comments.

"You mean a vain, womanizing, lay about?" Xander says jovially. "I'm just sorry it took turning into a tree and getting my friends almost eaten by a giant to wake me up."

"Hey it could be worse, we were ninjas for years but were bottom of our class, having a super villain capture all your ninja friends was the only way we wizened up." Dustin comments.


Angel Grove (TJ, Adam, Cam, and Jason)

"Welcome to Angel Grove," Adam says with a grand gesture as they pull into Ernie's Juice Bar

"Where it all began," Jason comments, "Things sure have changed since then."

Holding the door TJ looks over to Cam, "Come on, drinks are on me. I want to hear all about your Cam-Bot. Did I ever mention that Justin build robot clones of us?"

"Yes we know," Adam and Jason say on reflex, "It was a big pie, we get it."

Cam removes his glasses blinks twice, and put them back on with a confused look, "What do pies and robots have to do with each other?"

Adam and Jason fluster, "Sorry."

"I was baked into a giant pizza," TJ comments.

"Here we go again," Jason groans.

"We jumped the gun on the last one," Adam chuckles.

"All right, so this is what happened…" TJ begins.

"I'm tempted to morph and take him out if he keeps going with this." Jason groans.

"Mastodon," Adam says slowly drawing his own morpher.

Cam blinks, "Wouldn't that be kind of pointless, unmorphed he's indestructible."

Adam and Jason's faces go white as TJ's smile broadens, "So I was morphed as the Red Turbo Ranger and Divatox had gotten this idea in her head that…"


Back at Tyzonne, Rose, Justin, Kira and Gwen

The moans of a wounded creature draw the attentions of the quintet, in a short while they come upon the yeti Norg, leaned against a large tree holding his foot in pain. Immediately they jog over.

"It's a yeti, you're a little south from your normal hunting ground aren't you," Rose, the blue Aquitarian Ranger comments.

"Looks like something in his foot," Justin comments as Gwen kneels down, removing gauze and some anti septic from pockets on her cameo pants. "Ty can you pull it free?" She then looks to Norg, "Just relax we'll fix you up."

Norg nods, winching a bit as Tyzonne remove a rather large stick from his foot, Gwen moves quick, swabbing the wound with alcohol and wrapping it in gauze while Kira and Justin fashion a makeshift crutch and help Norg stand.

"Thank you!" Norg exclaims greatly as he leaned on the crutch.

"Lay of your foot a few days and you should be fine," Gwen comments.

Tyzonne give the stick a final disbelieving glance before tossing it aside.

"Rangers!" Mig's sudden voice exclaims behind them.

"R-Rangers!" Norg says alarmed.

Spinning around quickly the team take defensive positions as they look to Mig and Balgelo, Norg already hobbling off.

"Overdrive, Accelerate!" Tyzonne, Kira and Gwen shout before morphing into the Mercury, Pink, and Green Rangers

"Shift into Turbo! Rev Up; Shift into Nitro!" Justin exclaims as she morphs first to Blue Turbo then Navy Nitro.

Blaster fire and flying kicks sail around as the twin Fearcats try to hold off the four rangers, two of which almost their equal in power. After a few lucky shots that leave Balgelo reeling the Fearcats make a quick escape, the rangers power down, except Rose of course, and quickly look around for Norg but he is already gone.

"Looks like our friend made a break for it while we had our little fight," Gwen comments before looking to Tyzonne, "So you know this technology, were should we go to take down that field."

Tyzonne nods, "I think it…" he starts before clutching his chest and dropping to one knee.

"Ty!" Rose exclaims, rushing to his side to prop him up.

"Are you alright?" Justin asks, offering additional support.

"Passing through the field takes a lot out of me; I probably should have mentioned that."

Gwen's icy glare is hardly a comfort; surprisingly Kira gives the Green Ranger an icy stare of her own.

"Why don't you stay here with Ty," Kira offers to Rose, "The rest of us will find this…"

"Seal, it will be a seal, they will probably have a small monitoring box near it to detect breaches of the barrier as well." Tyzonne explains as Rose helps prop him against a tree.

Ruffling through her pockets Gwen produces a small grey package and hands it to Tyzonne. "Since we were planning a picnic I didn't pack my full sully kit but I did bring some rations just in case there was a storm and we were trapped somewhere. There is also a portable water strainer strapped to the back of that pack."

Rose nods, "Thanks."

With little else Said Gwen jogs off, Justin and Kira in tow. Their jog is quickly rewarded as they come upon the Fearcats cap, Mig and Balgelo apparently still out on patrol but the four others out and about. Dropping behind a bush Gwen turns to the others as she taps a small button on her belt, after scanning the area for another minute her eyes settle on the seal carved into the ground.

"Alright I got a bead on the seal, and I just activated my homing beacon, soon as the field is down Mac and the others should be here in no time. Do you two think you can put up a diversion long enough to pull that off?"

"The Navy Nitro Ranger and the Pink Drive Ranger, I think we can pull that off, you got the Forever Pink gem?"

Kira nods, rolling up her left arm to expose a gauntlet like Jason's "Andrew even build a gauntlet for it, I should be able to pull off the Pirate Ranger without a hitch now."

"Good," Gwen says quickly, "Because I'm going to fry that seal with enough juice to light San Angeles for a week."

With a suddenly leap Gwen charges the camp, electricity cascading around her arms as the Navy Nitro and Pink Pirate Ranger leap out from behind her. A massive arc of electricity launches from her arms at the seal, a moment lather its explodes in a fiery display while the other two Rangers engage the Fearcats, a moment later the Green Ranger joins them. The camp explodes in blaster fire as Fearcat and Power Ranger are sent sailing like rag dolls by both sides. As the explosion draw the attention of the patrolling Mig and Balgelo Mig begins to rush back. Crossing into a clearing he finds Rose and Tyzonne. Before anyone can react; Mig charges, blaster out he peppers the field with fire before he hammers Rose with a devastating kick that sends her sprawling. Struggling to get back to her feet Mig turns his attention to Tyzonne, still prone against a tree.

"Good by Murcurian!" he growls, leveling his blaster at him.

"Leave him alone!" Rose roars, launching herself back to her feet and into Mig, a savage series of slashes from the blade components of her side arm force Mig back. Mig grunts under the assault, loosing more and more ground to the Blue Ranger as Tyzonne struggles to stand.

Elsewhere Balgelo raises his trophy high, a burning torch bowl in his hands. As Mac and crew arrived at the came the ground rumbles under them, Balgelo behind the controls of a giant robot proves the perfect escape as Mig and the other Fearcats flee their battles to join him in the cockpit.

"With the torch our power level is higher then it has ever been before," Balgelo gloats.

"The Power Rangers are doomed!" Mig cackles.

"Spencer, send the zords!" Gwen commands quickly. "Everyone get ready, I'll stay with Tyzonne since my zord is controlled remotely." She added already bring up the holographic display as she settled next to Tyzonne.

Quickly forming the Drive Max Ultrazord, and summoning the Black Scabbard Zord the Rangers hammer the new robot while Gwen unleashes the Sata Zord's orbital fire on the robot while tending Tyzonne's wounds. Countering with a devastating bow that sent the Ultrazord stumbling several paces back. Moving in for a follow up strike the Sata Zord and Black Scabbard Zord unleash a volley of cannon and laser fire, the Fearcats eject as the Ultrazord unleashes its finisher and sends it sprawling to the ground as it explodes. Sifting through the rubble they acquire the Torch as Norg once more makes his presence know to Gwen and Tyzonne as the others approach.

"Flurious is going to be so mad at me," Norg whines as he circles Tyzonne chanting.

Slowly Tyzonne gets to his feet, looking much better as Mac waves to Norg, "Hey Norg."

"I wasn't here, ok?" the Yeti says suddenly before dashing off.

Several confused faces look to Mac for answers.

"Strange little man," Gwen comments.

"He sort of works for Flurious, but he's got a good heart." Mac says with a chuckle, "He probably wasn't expecting to help a Power Ranger today…how you feeing Ty?"

"Much better, the little guys chant seems to have done the trick."

With the Torch under his arm Mac turns back toward the SHARC some distance away. "Well looks like today was on fine day for adventure, not so much relaxation."

"Don't know bout that Mac," Will comments, "After Thrax and gang six Fearcats was a light work out."

A riot of laughter following a moment later.

The Will to Succeed (or Ronny for your Life) Part 1

Billiards clack as Dax moves around the table, Chip sitting off to the side smiling as Dax and Will play their game.

"Thanks again for the table Chip," Dax comments as he lands another ball in a side pocket.

"Don't mention it; what go is magic if you can use it to help out friends." She pauses a moment, lowering her head, "Just wish I could find Terry with it."

From behind her a figure dressed in black robe approaches, as it gets closer it grabs Chip by the shoulders and shouts, "Raaaag!"

Dax and Will jump, drawing their trackers ad the figure laughs, the old hag removing her face to reveal…Ronny, who laughs. "Relax it's just a costume for Halloween!"

"Pttf," Will snorts.

"I love Halloween!" Dax and Chip cheer.

"But you know Tories going to beat us all out with her powers when it comes to the costume contest." Chip comments jovially.

"I don't know your magic could be a good contender," Dax jokes.

"Hey what about me, I could turn into a cat you know." Ronny jokes.

Everyone but Will laugh, causing Ronny to tip toe over to him, "aww what's wrong."

"I'm not a fan."

Ronny looks shocked, "What? Why?"

"Don't know, just not a fan of dressing up like some kind and prancing around."

Chip chuckles, pointing her cell at Will before the sentence is even finish he's crammed into a Fuku like her own, yellow highlights and all. "You morph into a Yellow spandex clad super hero using a cell phone," she comments changing the outfit to the Mystic Force Ranger Suit. "And you don't like Halloween?"

Will shrugs as his uniform is returned to normal just as a call from Andrew is received and the quartet rush to the Command Room, after a few minutes the entire team s gathered.

"I think I've discovered the next clue to a jewel," Andrew comments, with a twist he lift the torch from its base as Justin slips out the amber oval inside the compartment.

"A Beetle?" Dax comments.

"Nut just any beetle," Rose comments from her tank.

Andrew nods, "I need to narrow it down a bit more, its definitely Egypt but well that's a big place to search blind, even with two dozen Rangers. I am also working on a new suit of Zords to help in our battles to come, and the new bodies of Storm Chaser and Lighting Blaster are almost ready.


Moltor's Lair

"And you're sure this thing will work?" Moltor grumbles, looking at Mig apprehensively.

The Fearcat returned the glare with confidence, "Absolutely." Before turning back to his men who were putting some finishing touches on Moltor's giant robot T-Rex.

Shortly Moltor stands behind the controls of the monster, the gyro spinning under the hood, the system purring before the consol explodes in a shower of sparks, Moltor growls and turns to Mig behind him.

"Your promises are as worthless as you are."

"It wasn't the gyro's fault," Mig objects, "They work fine for us, but it wasn't strong enough for this monster."

"Then find a better source!" Moltor growls.

"I may know of such a thing."


Flurious's Lair

Norg seems chipper as he gathers candy into a large bowl, Flurious sighs as he looks to his Aisu Rangers, who seem eager to help Norg.

"What are you doing?" he growls

"Getting ready for the trick or treaters, they come every year dressed as penguins!"

"I'd think a monster like you would love Halloween," Aisu Blue comments.

"Whatever," Flurious groans before something draws his attention to his reflecting pond, peering in he watches as his Gyro Generator fails, a dark grin spreading across his features, "good luck, brother."


San Angeles

The Fearcats arrival and assault of the town accomplishes the task they are well know for, Fear. However fear soon turns to hope as Mac, Kira, Tyzonne, Will, Dax, and Ronny arrive on the scene. Six Fearcats face off against Six Rangers before Moltor joins in the fight.

"Grab the Yellow Ranger quick," Moltor growls as Mac draws the Sentinel Sword.

"Will catch!" Red Ranger shouts as he tosses the weapon to Will who catches it swiftly. While Four Fearcats keep the others Ranger at bay Moltor clashes blades with Will while Mig and Balgelo grab Ronny. Before the other Rangers can brush past the four Fearcats Mig, Balgelo, and Moltor vanish, taking Will, the Sentinel Sword, and Ronny with them, the other four Fearcats vanishing a moment later.


Undisclosed Forest Location

With Ronny and Will tied securely to a tree and the Sentinel Sword in Moltor's grip he turns to Mig.

"Why did you grab the Black Ranger, we don't need her!"

"Backup…and personal reasons, don't forget she is infused with Jewel Energy, with the two of them you'll be unstoppable!"

"My concern is the Sentinel Knight," Balgelo adds, "He's too powerful to destroy."

Moltor chuckles glowing rings of energy surrounding it in a moment, "For now I will contain him, we'll find a more permanent solution later."

"Will," Ronny whispers.

"Shhh I'm listening to their plan," he whispers back.

"What is their plan?"

"So far what I'm gathering is we're going to be used as some kind of power source."

"For what?"

"Wish I knew…"


Rootcore Command, as our rangers return 2 short

"Dad!" Mac exclaims, "They got Will and Ronny!"

"I know," Andrew says coldly. "Chip, Leanbow, and Udonna are working on finding them, but I need Team Overdrive in Egypt, I have a clue on that beetle."

"But Will and Ronny…" Mac protests.

"Can be rescue by Team Mystic, Nitro, or Retro, only Team Overdrive has the equipment to scan and identify Jewel energy."

Mac sighs, "Fine but your coming with, we got surprised before, this time I want the full Team Overdrive."

Andrew nods, "Let's go then."


That dang forest again!

"If you can get to my back pocket," Will whispers, "I have a laser cuter there."

"Can't you use your bionic eye?" Ronny grunts as she tries to reach for the pen line device.

"Mr. Hartford gave me a lot of things, a 360 neck was not one of them."

"Got it!" Ronny exclaims while maintaining her whispered tone, their fingers playing off each other until Will gets a firm grip and the small red beam cuts the ropes, freeing both Rangers.

"You know the female is kind of cute when she's in her hybrid state," Pantera, the blue Fearcat comments.

Siberon (white) and Kitar (red) both nod.

"Overdrive, Accelerate!" the Rangers shout as they charge past the Fearcats.

A moment of confusion erupts as the six Fearcats try to get a bearing on what just happened and pull themselves off the ground.

"Get them back, now!" Balgelo demands

The five Fearcats bursting into a charge as lance of energy erupts from Will's visor as one of the Fearcats reaches for him forcing him to rescind his hand as Ronny's pace increases. Adrenaline pumping Ronny takes a moment to look back at Will only to find herself looking back into the forest from the outside, her features become less human under the suit as she hisses a curse.

"Damn it! I over shot my speed, he's alone back there!" Preparing to jaunt back the beep of her Tracker stops her cold, her fumbling hands taking a moment too long to flip it open. "What is it?" she practically growls.

"Ronny, thank god, hang tight I have a lock on your position," it was Spencer.

"No time, the Fearcats have Will, and they don't have anything good planed for him!"

"Hold your horses," Adam voice comes over the com, "You not going to save anyone going up against six Fearcats al…" but before he could finish the word he was standing there right next to the Black Ranger, his look of surprised matched only by Ronny's "…one?"

"How?" She struggles for the words.

"One sec," Adam says calmly, closing his eyes, a moment later he faded away. The surprised shout from her com made it obvious that Spencer was quite surprised to see Adam appear once more.

"Looks like we know my genetic power, Hang tight I'll get Leanbow and Chip the three of us should have enough teleportation power to get a full team out to you before you can soil you litter box."

Ronny waited, before she could even respond with impatient urgency a spell seal appeared, as it faded away the Wolf Warrior, Yellow Mystic Ranger, Blue Wind Ranger, Blue Aquitar Ranger, and Black Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger appeared. Ronny took off at a clip pace with the other Rangers on her tail.


Moltor's Temporary Lair

Moving the Sentinel Sword into a strange device Moltor chuckles darkly, "Now it is only a matter of time before the Sentinel Knights energy is all mine."

The Fearcats bring in a struggling Will, his bionic eye taking every opportunity to scorch their armored flesh,

"Is the device ready?" one of them asks Moltor, motion with a free hand to the yellow egg in the center of the room.

"Yes, yes, stop delaying and get on with it."

"When I get free," Will threatens as his hands are lifted toward the egg, even with his bionic strength he can't help but be forced to take a firm grip of the device.

The Fearcats step back as Will tries to pull away but is no good, some force hold his hands firmly to the egg.


Not far from the Lair

Flurious's sudden arrival with a team of Chillers causes the Rangers to stop cold. Needless o say a fight ensues costing the team precious time until Flurious retreats and the Chillers are gone. Growing more irritated Ronny growls, a scent catching in her nose a moment later that she hurries after, after a short bit the Ranger come upon Norg. Before anyone can react Ronny pins Norg against a tree.

"Are you working with Moltor and the Fearcats? Where's Will?" she growls.

"No, no, no, Flurious wants me to find Moltor though."

Ronny sighs, releasing the yeti, "Another lackey, Will's in trouble and all we do is waste time."

Adam moves to the Yeti, a warm look on his face, "You seem like a nice enough guy, why are you involved with Flurious?"

Norg shrugs, "He's my friend."

"We're looking for Moltor too; he captured a friend of ours, would you mind helping us?"

"Oh no, no, no…Flurious would never let me help Rangers."

"Then," Adam says with a smile, "Why don't you find him and we'll follow you. It's no like your helping us if we just follow you, right?"

Norg looks thoughtful a moment before looking around the forest…"Ok…this way!"



"My contact said it was this way," Andrew says, leading the Rangers through the bizarre and into a shaded building. Reaching the counter Andrew presents the amber to the dark skinned vendor.

"In all my years I have but once seen this Golden Scarab depicted."

"Can you help us find that place? The fate of the world may very well depend on finding it."

The man gives Andrew a wayside glance, "You have a powerful aura about you, this way!"

Leading Andrew and team into his back he gasps to find his safe has been cracked, "Oh my, this is not good, and someone has stolen my map!"

The rangers faces pale, "Do you know the general location?" Mac wonders aloud.

The vendor nods, "Yes, yes of course but it is a vast featureless desert, you will take ages to find the tomb."

"We don't have much choice," Gwen comments.

The vendor nods solemnly providing the information they need as our heroes exit the bazaar, a lone figure in a dark cloak exiting right after them.


Moltor's Temporary Lair

"It's here!" Norg jumps around excitedly, near a rock face.

"There's nothing here," Ronny growls.

Without warning a team of Lava Lizard seem to melt out of the rocks and engage the team.

"I found them!" Norg exclaims excited, running off, "I have to tell Flurious!"

Inside the Lair Moltor watches the monitors closely as the meters slowly fill, Will looking exhausted is dropped to his knees, his hands sill gripping the egg firmly.

"Excellent I have all the energy I need," Moltor gloats before vanishing in a burst of fire.

The Sentinel Sword breaks free of his containment, transforming into the Knight quickly, the Fearcats jumping into action as the attack, throwing the Sentinel Knight against the machine.

"Get up Sentinel Knight," Will pleads.

The knight does so but stands idle, Mig gloats, "The Sentinel Knight is on our side now."


Another part of the forest

Bursting out of the ground the massive T-Rex beast roars, Moltor at the controls. Ronny, Leanbow, Chip, Rose, Tori, and Adam look up quickly and gasp.

Quickly indicating the entry way Leanbow raises his Mystic Morpher, "Go quickly and save Will, leave the monster to us."

Ronny nods, gone before they can even blink, the ground trembling as the Wolf Warrior, and Drive Max Ultra Zord rise into the Sky. Chip, Rose, Tori, and Adam settling into the seats.

"Thanks guys," Tori comments, "I doubt Adam and I could control this thing alone."

Chip laughs, "Worse case Rose and I could call our own Zords and you two can go help Ronny."

The T-Rex roars as it fires out a huge fleet of Lava Dactyls just as the Sentinel Knight joins the fight, standing beside the monster before charging the Wolf Warrior.

"Sentinel Knight!" Leanbow says in shock as he bocks the Sentinel's kick. "What has come over you?"

Launching into the sky the DriveMax Ultrazord fires its main attack to destroy a number of Lava Dactyls but they keep on pouring out, breaking into the clouds they turn their attack to the T-Rex and attack, as the blazing inferno approaches the monster however it deflected back, riding its tail is a massive barrage of laser fire. As the Sentinel Knight and Wolf Warrior parried their attacks the DriveMax Ultrazord disintegrates under the extreme force, our rangers aren't even fazed as the Black Scabbard and Garuda rise in their place.

"Good luck," Adam calls from the ground, running into the underground base after Ronny, his gaze lingering on Tori who stand looking up at the battle. "Come on Tori."

"No, I'm going to try something!" she says with a quivering voice and she takes a deep breath. Her size begins to increase, almost as if she was growing like the Sentinel Knight. But after a moment her ranger suit begins to crack, blue light fissuring out, and a moment later she collapses, unconscious and human.

Adam kneels down by her, a smirk under the helmet "Good try, Looks like Ronny is on her own." Gently he picks her up and they begin to fade away.

The Will to Succeed (or Ronny for your Life) Part 2

Team Overdrive combs the desert of Egypt, eyes glued on their trackers.

"It's stronger this way," Gwen comments.

"Couldn't we have brought an umbrella or something?" Dax comments his eyes Gazing Horizon.

"I'm really missing Will's enhanced senses right now," Kira comments.

"Look an oasis!" Dax said suddenly filled with energy as he runs into the distance.

"That's a mirage!" Andrew says as Dax leaps into a cannon ball and then vanishes under the sands. The Rangers run after him calling out.

"Hey guys," His voice echoes, "I think I found something."


The Lair

Ronny blazes through the lair, Lava Lizards splayed out behind her. Rushing after her is Adam hot on her tail, dispatching a few ambushes with his Power Axe along the way. Will struggles to stay awake, his energy almost gone. Moltor suddenly appears before Ronny, a feral growl rolling off her lips.

"Get out of my way!"

"You're going no where Black Ranger!" Moltor gloats.

"Oh I don't plan to," Adam's voice sings and his blaster singes Moltor's shoulder. "Ronny go!"

Moltor Lunges at Ronny but in a flash she's bends around him and vanishes down the hall, Moltor growls as he draws his swords, ready to take Adam in exchange. "Prepare yourself Black Ranger."

Adam smirks, "Always!"

In the control Room Will's pale eyes look to the Sentinel Knight, his voice horse, "Please."

But the Sentinel Knight just stares as Ronny bursts into the chamber. "Sentinel Knight, you're all right!"

"He's…" Will whispers, "…bad."

Ronny grows, Drive Slammer at the Ready. Charging forward the Sentinel Knight swings, the world in slow motion she ducks under the swing hammering the Knight with her Slammer. Coming in for the second swing the Sentinel Knight's hand swings up catching the shaft in his hand. Ronny moves faster than the eye can follow releasing her grip and flipping up to sail over the Knight and deliver a kick that sends him flying into the consol, Sparks flying. Will's eyes going wide as they focused on some exposed wires.

"B-black or….y-yellow wire," Will mumbled.

Spinning around The Sentinel Knight Ronny ran to the consol, the Sentinel Knight closing in on her as she held a few wires in hand. "Which one? Black or Yellow."

Will head bobbed, loosing consciousness, the Sentinel Knight Second away, thinking quick Ronny pulled the black wire. The Sentinel Knight stopped and Will's hand's dropped to the floor.

"What…What happened?" The Sentinel Knight asked aloud as Ronny helps get Will to his feet.

Moltor tumbles hard to the ground from the strike of Adam, getting back to his feet he looks into the grim Visages of Ronny, A somewhat stable Will, and the Sentinel Knight. Slamming his fist against the ground Moltor roars before vanishing in a tower of fire, "Another time."

Arriving outside they Watch as The Fearcats Robot and Moltor's monster were hammering the Black Scabbard, Garuda, Centarus Wolf Megazord. Ronny pulling out her Tracker quickly.

"Spencer send the…"

"The Battlefleet Megazord is already on the way; use its upright formation to help the others."

"The what?" Ronny says dumbfounded.

"Mr. Hartford's new Zord."

In the near ocean a massive carrier rose, with no more incentive needed the Yellow Ranger and two Black Rangers leapt into the Battle Fleet and in moment took the Megazord formation. A second Later the Sentinel Knight joined the battle. Within minutes the four Zords unleash their combined might on the two robots, reducing them to scrap.


Underground tomb

"Now we have to be careful," Dax warns, "In the movies there's always cleverly hidden traps in place like this."

"But this isn't a movie Dax," Kira laughs pushing to the front of the line.

"Wait!" Andrew exclaims, dashing ahead and pulling Kira back, crossing her arms over her chest she scowls at him as he points at the piece of floor she was about to step on. "Pressure plate."

"Maybe dad should lead. He's been raiding tombs since before I was born." Mac comments.

"Sounds like a plan to me," Tyzonne adds.

"I'll defer to Andrew, we each have our strengths and spelunking is his." Gwen comments as Andrew makes his way to the front.

"The only real trick in these tombs," Andrew comments, "Is the trigger points on the artifacts or the traps that are impossible not to trigger."

"Why would anyone make an unavoidable trap?" Blake wonders.

"Few reasons: In most causes it's because you're not using the real path due to tunnel collapse or inability to find it. The secondary paths are designed to kill you before you get to the exit. But on the plus side they tend to be grouped to gather, get past the trap pit and it's pretty much a straight flush."

Dax snickers, "Mac, your dad's like Lara Croft."

Mac just gives Dax a confused look, "I was kind of thinking Indiana Jones."

Cautiously leading the Rangers make their way into main chamber just as Kamdor and Miratrix secure the tablet.

"Rangers!" He exclaims, "Your too late I have to scroll."

"Gwen now!" Blake shouts quickly, before Kamdor or Miratrix can react both of them unleashing a torrent of electrical energy at the villains that sends them flying back and into a wall, the tablet flying into the air. In a flash Blake ninja streaks and grabs it. "Got it, returning to base!"

And then before the villains can react he streaks back through the tunnel. Getting to their feet the villain stares at Mac, Kira, Tyzonne, Dax, Gwen, and Andrew as they raise their trackers.

"Ready?" Mac asks in reflex.

"Ready," comes the response.

"Overdrive, Accelerate!" In a suddenly flash the Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Orange, and Mercury Rangers stand ready to fight.

"Grrrrr," Kamdor growls making a quick gesture and the duo vanish in a storm of metal shards "Another time Rangers."


Flurious' Requisite Cameo!

Norg prances into the chamber a big grin on his face, "Flurious I found Moltor's lair, just like you wanted!"

Flurious growls, shaking in barely suppressed rage. "Norg…" he growls, "When I told you to find my brother's lair I was expecting you to come tell me where it was so I could destroy it!"

"Oh," Norg says innocently.

"Maybe it's my fault for not being clear enough," Flurious seethes. "Now go Norg, I have plans to work out and I don't need your distractions."

"OK," Norg says skipping off.


Undisclosed location

The Aisu Rangers sit around a long table, a figure sheathed in shadow at the head. "I am glad you decided o join us Ms. Strong/Rangers. You may call me Mr. De'Silva."

A folder slides across the table to each Ranger, slowly they thumb through it. Pushing up from the table a moment later Aisu Black slams his hands hard against the table board. "This is a joke; you want us to break ties with Flurious for this laughable sum?"

Mr. De'Silva slides a small envelope across the tables to each one. "Unlike Flurious I can pay you upfront, how much of your wages did you not have to steal first? And if you have to steel your wage wouldn't it make more sense to keep the whole bounty instead of share the major funding with your boss?"

"Let's listen to the offer," Aisu Pink comments as Black takes his seat.

Each one opens the envelope and begins the count the bills present.

"It's all here," Aisu Yellow comments, "He's on the level."

"Yeah well Flurious pulled the same thing for our first few gigs," Aisu Black says irritated.

"Alistair is right," Aisu Red/Ms. Strong comments, "If we agree to your terms we want a contract that stipulates half our payment up front and another half after assignment completion.

"That will not be a problem," Mr. De'Silva comments.

Looking across the table Ms. Strong gives thumbs up, "Well team?"

Aisu Pink and Yellow give thumbs up; Aisu Blue turns her thumb down. "We do have a commitment to Flurious; we're obligated to fill it."

Alistair looks over the rest of the team, "Flurious's contract terms have been stretched pretty thin, but at the same time I'm not sure if I like the pay cut. Still it is stable money." After another moment he gives thumbs up.

Aisu Blue pauses "Alright, I'm in," and turns her thumb up.

"You have your new Ranger Team," Ms. Strong adds finally.



The Rangers enjoy their Halloween Party. Even Will enjoys the party in his skeleton costume. Mac dances around in a robot suit which brigs a smile to Andrew's lips while Nick sits off to one side brooding before Justin comes up.

"On your feet, dance," he urges.

"How can I dance when Fireheart is missing, How can you when Terry is too?"

Justin's expression sours as he sits down. "Because without any clues all I can do is think about it day and night."

He fishes in his pocket and pull out a small case, opening it he revealed a diamond set silver band. "She's carrying my child, I was going to propose, and now I may never see her again, my son or daughter may be dead before they had a chance for life. You don't think that eats me up inside, but I have to hope that a clue breaks and that we don't loose our chance because the entire team has to fend off another alliance attack?"

Nick nods, "I'm sorry."

Forcing a grin Justin gets to his feet, "So party down."

Nick rises but shakes his head, "No I think I'll see the Mystic Mother, maybe she can give me some insight into finding them."

Justin nods his hand on Nick's shoulder, "Good luck."

Things Not Said

Rootcore Recreation Area

Mac is handing around a photo of him as a child with Spencer and Andrew on a camping trip. "We have to go back there as a group, look how big the fish was that dad caught."

Dax examines the picture with a curious eye, "Mac you don't have a shadow in this picture."

Mac snatches it back, "You implying it's a fake, look theirs my dad, and me and Spencer, I was there why would I lie?"

Will takes the picture next, his bionic eye zooming in on the photo. "Sorry Mac but this picture is full of artifacts, it's a professional job for sure but it's a fake."

Justin snatches the photo next, "Andrew probably lost the original and had to combine a few similar shots in the digitals. Why is this a big deal, Mac said he was there, who care if the picture is a recreation its more of a visual aid then poof in some court case."

"Thanks Justin," Mac says relived, "sometimes these guys are just a little too critical of my stuff."

Justin chuckles, followed by the others, Spencer arrives a moment later, catching a bit of the conversation. "Andrew would like to see the team in the command room." Pausing he looks around, "Where is Master Bowen."

"Nick," Chip says with emphasis, "Is having a power meeting with the Mystic Mother."

"I still can't believe Rita became the source of all Good Magic." Jason comments.


Rootcore Command

"What's up dad?" Mac said leading the group into the command room.

"I've only translated part of the tablet," Andrew begins as he brings up the tablet on the monitors. "But from what I can tell by releasing the Ho-Oh bird it will lead us to the next jewel."

Mac nodded, as Dax's eye caught on the Sentinel Sword on a workbench near Spencer and Rose, in her ranger form. "What are you doing with the Sentinel Sword Rose?"

"I've enhanced it with some of our technology…" she begins.

"Sounds cool, can I try it out when you're done?" Dax wonders.

"Not if you don't want to die," Andrew comments.

"It's to powerful for humans…" Rose adds, "It's designed to enhance Zord capabilities."

"I'm part Zord," Will jokes, "Can I use it."

Andrew shakes his head, "You'd need a lot more hardware in your body to use it without dieing."

"Well at least we got another weapon; with the UltraZord being rebuilt it's going to be hell on us for the next week or so." Justin comments.

"What about…us?" Nick suddenly says, "We ARE our Zords, so in theory couldn't one of the Mystic Force assume our Titan Form then shrink back, wont our magic be able to adapt the sword."

"Possibly, you would know better then me how viable that is." Andrew comments.

Nick looked to Chip and his father, "You two are probably our more versatile Mystics, beside Daggeron of course, I think the three of you should take the sword and see what we can do with it. We may need that extra power here on the ground sooner then we think."

"Right," Chip nods, "I'd like to bring Nikki…"

"Necrolai," she interrupts.

"Er…Necrolai along as well, she's got a lot of experience as well."

The sudden beep of the monitors brings Kamdor and Miratrix outside an electronics lab into view.

"Mac, Will, Tyzonne, Dax, and Ronny you're with me on this one. The rest of you be ready to jump as soon as Andrew has a lock on where to go." Gwen says with authority.

"Right," comes the unified response.


The Electronics Lab, San Angeles

Arriving on the scene things seems surprisingly quiet as the six Rangers move cautiously.

"You guys go in the front; I'll go take the back route." Mac suggests.

"Don't engage if you get to them first, this is to quiet; their up to something."

"Agreed," Mac says breaking away from the main group.

Inside Kamdor types away at a computer.

"Kamdor, the rangers are right outside, and the Red Ranger is coming this way."

"Quiet, I know," Kamdor comments turning quickly as he turns the computer next to him into a monster, "Datem, deal with the Rangers outside, Miratrix stay here, I need someone to watch my back until I finish this program."

The monster quickly vanishes while Miratrix unsheathes her sword, getting ready for battle to come. Outside the five Overdrive Rangers draw their weapons as they parry and counter attack Datem. Inside Mac reaches the main room as Miratrix and a hand full of her armored ninjas charged the Red Overdrive Ranger. With honed skill born of practice Mac parries the armored ninja foot soldiers while staying one step ahead of Miratrix.

"There, finished!" Kamdor says suddenly, making a hand sign as Datem grows to full size outside. Mac feels the rumble of the giant and quickly turns or the exit, Miratrix hot on his tail. "Let him go…"

"But Kamdor…" Miratrix protests as Mac gets away.

"This is all going according to plan."

Miratrix slowly sheathes her sword, bowing her head in supplication, "As you wish Kamdor."

Outside the Battlefleet Megazord rumbles onto the scene, the Flash Point right beside it. Inside the command console of the Battlefleet Gwen's holographic display hovers over her Battlefleet controls. Bu before anyone can move to engage a jungle of wires rise up and wrap around the two Zords, the Rangers shouting in pain as electricity pours through the super structure; all except for Gwen, her body absorbing the electricity with no ill effect. Her hands glide over her holographic controls as jade fire lances down from heaven severing the wires on the two Zords.

"Everyone combat able?" she asks over the com.

"Red Ranger ready to go."

"Blue Ranger ready to go."

"Black Ranger ready for action."

"Yellow Ranger ready."

"Mercury Ranger ready to kick it into Overdrive."

"All right, Megazord Formation!" Gwen orders coolly ad the Battlefleet quickly breaks apart and takes on its upright form.

Lancing Datem from the heavens the Sata Zord gets it off balance as the Flashpoint and Battlefleet charge in. After a few quick attacks the monster goes down for the count and our heroes return to base. Once the Zords are docked and our Rangers in the command chamber the lights flicker a moment.

"What was that?" Chip says with a jump.

Quickly Andrew runs to a monitor, "Looks like we picked up a mild virus, the system rebooted and seems fine now."

"Good Thing," Mac comments turning toward the team.

A sudden thud draws all eyes to Will who lies on the floor, face wracked with pain, his right hand clutching his heart.

"Will," Ronny practically roars.

"Good Thing," Mac comments turning toward the team.

All eyes then settle on Mac, a pale look crossing Andrew's features.

"Good Thing," Mac comments turning toward the team.

"Spencer…" Andrew whispers, his eyes pleading with his butler…

"Good Thing," Mac comments turning toward the team.

"This is more than a computer virus," Spencer comments, his gaze turning to Chip. "We need everyone isolated, now, before it spread."

"Good Thing," Mac comments turning toward the team.

Chip draws her Mystic Morpher, a brilliant flash of golden light erupting from it a moment later.

"Good Thing," Mac comments turning toward the team as the room is enveloped in light.


Rootcore Development Lab

Mac's eyes flutter open, "D-dad? What happened?" his voice carrying a slight echo.

"M-Mac…I have something to tell you." Andrew says finally after a long pause.

Spencer joins Andrew in lifting the head and setting it back on Mac's body, "Mac…you're an android. I built you two years ago."

Even watching his own head be reattached to his body Mac laughs, "No that's impossible, I remember my childhood."

"Master Hartford created those memories so you could be a normal teenager."

"I remember friends, school, trips with you dad," Mac says with a little panic as his voice stabilizes.

"Everything before two years ago I created for you son."

Mac voice changes, his brow furrowing, "Why 'father,' why me, if you wanted a family why didn't you create a wife!"

Andrew flusters, "Well actually…"

Mac pushes away from his father, heading for the exit, "Just for get it 'dad' I don't want to hear about it."

"You're the son I always wanted but could never have; I did it out of love."

"Just shut up, I don't want to hear about it Mr. Hartford." And with that final exclamation Mac storms out.


Kamdor's Base of Operations

A dark chuckle escapes Kamdor's lips as Miratrix fumes.

'I could have destroyed the Red Ranger!"

"Patience, I have what I need."

She turns to him with a curious look, "Just what did you do?"

"I had Datem upload a virus to their mainframe and downloaded the location of the next jewel. Thy do all the work, we reap the reward."

A dark grin spreads across Miratrix's own delicate features.


Rootcore common area

"Mac!" Ronny exclaims as he emerges from the work room. "You're all right!"

"That virus sent my bionics into Overdrive, my cybernetic heart almost caused the real one to explode. It also did a few nasty things to Tyzonne and Gwen but Andrew and Spencer caught them quick. We thought you wouldn't make it."

"Guys I have something to say…" Mac squeaked out.

The sudden blare of alarms cu his conversation short as Gwen interrupted. "After, looks like its time to get back in the saddle; Mac, Will, Tyzonne, Dax, and Ronny your with me."

"I think I'm going to sit this one out," Mac whispers again.

"Alright," Gwen says putting a comforting hand on his shoulder, "Kira you're with us, get ready to Ranger Up!"

"You can count on me," Kira says, leaping to her feet.


Florida Everglades

"This way Miratrix," Kamdor urges as he quickens his pace.

"Yes Kamdor," Miratrix responds obediently picking up her pace.

Gwen, Kira, Will, Tyzonne, Dax, and Ronny quickly catch up behind Team Kamdor, already morphed into the Green, Pink, Yellow, Mercury, Blue, and Black Rangers.

"Hold it right there," the Green Ranger orders.

"I don't have time for this," Kamdor says exasperated, making a quick hand sign as he creates five monsters.

"Hovertek Cycle!" Will shouts, quickly taking to the air, peppering Kamdor with laser fire but to little effect.

The five monster royally work over the rangers, hammering them with their, and Miratrix's, combined might.

"I know we normally save them for when things get big," Blue Ranger comments ad a swift kick sends his sprawling. "But maybe just this once we can call the Zords."

"I'm with you on that," Ronny wince/growls as another blow drops her to her knee. Quickly she draws her tracker. "Send the Zords."

Nothing happen.

"Where are the Zords," Dax asks worried.

"Virus must have got them," Gwen comment, "Cover me, lets see if the virus has reached my satellite."

The other Rangers gather around in front of the Green Ranger as her displays come to life. "Damn it, no response, that virus works fast."



Looking out into the Forest Mac sits by the mouth of the Dragon that forms Rootcore's entry; Spencer exiting to settling beside him.

"Why Spencer?" Mac asks finally looking to Spencer. "I mean what's the point of being a Ranger when I'm just a machine."

"Your more that a machine Master Mac, your part of our family."

Mac growls, "I'm a machine, machines don't have families."

Spencer's tone changes, a stern look on his face, "Master Mac I was there when Andrew built you and I know he didn't program you with all this self pity, so get your act together. Flesh or Steel your father still loves you, and you do have friends. And…" He pauses a moment, "If you tell anyone this I'll erase your memory, but I love you as well Master Mac."

Mac smirks.

"Now why don't we go inside, see how the others are doing."

"R-right Spencer." Mac comments.


Inside the command area

The gathered Rangers are a buzz, Andrew and Justin trying to arrange order from the chaos.

"Mac!" Justin exclaims, "Ranger Up! Kamdor summoned five monsters, were breaking up into 6 teams to even the odds.

"Damn it!" Andrew swears, "To break even we need 35 Rangers, even bring in Claire and Udonna were at best 31."

"But some of us are Enhanced Rangers," Connie comments.

"But doing that will leave our defenses down if another faction attacks," Cam comments, "We won't even be able to monitor things."

Macs fists ball, quickly grabbing the Sentinel Sword, "No, I'm going, and I'm taking the new equipment."

"Mac no!"

"It's to powerful."

"You'll die."

"Let him go," all eyes fall then to Andrew, tears streaking his eyes, "Team Nitro will back him up, he handled Zeo 15 better than any of us, but lets not exceed the one minute timer, Team Nitro will back him up to speed things up."

"It's to big a risk," Rose admonishes from her tank.

"I'm going." Mac says firmly. "Jason you're with me, if this works Ranger One should be able to mimic it."


Florida Everglades

"And so the mighty Power Rangers fall." Kamdor gloats, looming over our heroes.

"You have the wrong team, the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers look like this…" Beside Mac, Jason strides onto the field, stopping a few yards away as he raised his ruby gauntlet, "It's Morphin' Time!" In a flash of Red the original Red Ranger stands in his place.

"Mac!" Ronny exclaims as he raises the Sentinel Sword. "Let's make this quick." A red Morpher forms on his wrists as Mac tosses the Sentinel Sword like a dagger, tapping the button on his new Morpher the sword breaks apart, swirling around him instead of becoming the Sentinel Knight. The blades forming around his legs as the Sentinel Knight's armor quickly envelops Mac, and a pair of swords settling down his back.

"Red Sentinel Ranger!" His chest armor opens revealing the face of the Sentinel Knight, "You ready for this."

"I was born ready," The Knight responds.

"Overdrive Accelerate!" Jason shouts next, his suit flashing to a copy of Mac's as he taps his own wrist Morpher. A Ruby ghost of the Sentinel Sword Flies from his arm, breaking apart as Jason is encased in his own Ruby Sentinel Armor. "Red Sentinel Ranger." Unlike Mac his chest armor does not open to reveal the Sentinel Knight's face though.

Using the pyrotechnic display as a cover Kamdor quickly moves away from the battle but not before leaving a dozen of his armor ninja in his wake. "I'm getting the Jewel, delay them Miratrix."

"At once Kamdor."

Leaping into the air Mac and Jason unleash a torrent of golden energy waves. The firs form a circle and dial, similar to the over drive compass, under two of the monsters while Jason's copy puts the armored Ninja in a similar ward. The Dial spin and in an explosion of golden light the two group are destroyed. Both Sentinel Rangers land quickly and raise their arms.

"Sword Mode." They say in tandem as the swords on their back fly and settling in their hands. Like a living red shadow Jason Follows Mac as he charges forward, his blades slashing deep into each of the monsters as Jason's own blade finish the job and end the monsters.

The Rangers gather on their feet and stand beside the Sentinel Rangers as they surround Miratrix just as Kamdor arrives with the Jewel of Isis in hand.

"Give it up Kamdor; you know that your defeat is at hand." Jason announces.

Stepping to the front Will raises a hand to silence Jason, "Kamdor you told me once you don't want world domination, you want respect and a land of your own. If you continue this path all you will see is your own destruction and Miratrix's death. Do you want that?"

Mac and Jason power down to normal Overdrive Ranger form as Kamdor prepares to make another summon hand sign. "I've come to far o back out now."

Will turns to the others, his back o Kamdor, "We will get the Jewel, when the final battle comes we are thirty two Rangers strong, augmented now further by Mac's Miracle fusion with the Sentinel Knight." He turns back to Kamdor, "walk away now, or better yet join us. What has your war gotten you? Fear? Hate? And yet despite the loss of our base the people are behind us. Lets say you manage to win and get the crown in the end, what then? Once you are king of the universe what will you do? Kamdor you are a warrior, you will not be able Rule. Your will to fight is too strong."

Will extended his hand as he powered down, "Join us."

Miratrix stared in disbelieve at her master, Kamdor pausing as if to consider the words.

"All these losses are frustrating, aren't they? And what did all your evil get you, in the end despite all your power you spent an eternity in Miratrix's necklace. Are you stronger now then that time?" Will continues.

Slowly Kamdor raises his hand, "You win Yellow Ranger."

The Star of Isis passes to Will's hand as he tosses it to Ronny and secures his grip with Kamdor. "Welcome to the Power Rangers."

The look of shock and disbelieve that cross all the forces gathered faces, including Miratrix is matched only but the long silence.

"Thank you." Kamdor comments.


Rootcore, now with more Team Kamdor

There's a look of shock and disbelieve on all the assembled forces except for those of the Mystic Force, and Leanbow who know intimately a similar story of their staunches enemy becoming a ally in the nth hour. Only Mac and Tyzonne smile wider, having shared a similar bond when Tyzonne was trapped in his demon form.

"The one thing that still bothers me is how stable Mac's vitals were during the Sentinel Ranger and Zeo 15 experience; no human should be able to survive those unscathed."

Mac's grin instantly drops to a frown as he takes a seat. "Guys, I have something to tell you."

All eyes settle on the Red Ranger.

"I'm not human, I'm a machine, Mr. Hartford built me, and I'm…just a machine."

"Well that explains things," Rose says cavalierly.

Mac blinks at the sedate response, "Didn't you hear me? I'm a robot."

"I'm a mermaid."

"I'm half alien/half demon, and you took me in, doesn't get much weirder than that."

"I'm half cat," Ronny jokes.

"I turn into a cat," Tori comments.

"Several of our members were born guys but turned into girls," Chip giggles.

"And I'm a Cyborg," Will jokes.

Mack chuckles, "Ok, Ok I give."

As the group break up Andre approaches his son "Son, we should talk."

"Today's has been a long day, Mr. Hartford."

"Tomorrow then?"

"That will be a long day too."

Andrews frowns.

Red Ranger Unplugged Part 1

Mac's eyes watch a pate of cupcakes thoughtfully as Dax comes over waving a book.

"Mac, I got your new Adventure right here…" Dax pauses taking a whiff of the cupcakes, "Are those Spencer's Specials?" he says dreamily.

"Yeah," Mac says non comitial.

"Mind if I have one?" Dax as eagerly.

"Sure, go ahead," Mac says with little emotion.

"Thanks," Dax exclaims as he gingerly reaches for one, offering another, atop the book, to Mac. "Hey what's wrong?"

"I'm not sure if I like adventure books, or cupcakes, or well anything." He says solemnly.

"I've head of this," Dax comments, looking serious a moment, "My name is Dax, Da-Axe."

Mac snorts a moment, chuckling, "No Dax, it's nothing like that. It's just, I don't know if I like cupcakes because I like them or because Mr. Hartford programmed me that way. What's me and what's the programming, is there even a 'me.'?"

Dax nods, taking a bite of the cupcake, "I know what you mean, my uncle once told me 'Dax you can be anything, as long as it isn't a stunt man.' Might I make a suggestion?"

Mac looks to Dax hopefully.

"Try new things, do some soul searching, experiment, the worst thing to happen is that you find out what you don't like." he says patting Macs back.

Mac laughs, "Thanks Dax."


Fearcats base

"Those Rangers are becoming quite the thorn in our sides," Balgelo comments.

"That is why I have called in a new ally." Mig retorts, as a new Fearcat, Craza enters the lair.

"Another Fearcat, where were you hiding her?" Balgelo says irritably.

"I do not have to tell you of all my dealings Balgelo." Mig hisses.

"Boys," Craza purrs, "Save the fighting for these Rangers I hear so much about."

"If the six of use couldn't stop them, what makes you think you'll make any difference?" Balgelo argues.

"Because I have a plan unlike any you have tried so far." Craza cackles.


Flurious' Lair

Flurious paces before his reflecting pool, "I sense the energy of another Fearcat." Turning he heads toward his icy vault drawing the sapphire he acquired some time ago. "I may be forced to advance my plans a bit."

Norg sneezes; his nose running as Flurious grinds his teeth and looks toward the Yeti. "What is it now Norg?"

"I think I have a cold F-Flurious."

Flurious waves his hand dismissively, "Of course you do, we're in the Artic!"

"No, I think I'm sick."

Flurious growls, "As long as you don't sneeze on me, now get out of my sight, I have plans to make."


A forest of Briarwood

"Sometimes it's good to just get out and clear ones head." Tori muses as she Ninja Streaks through the woods.

"I was thinking the same thing," another voice hisses.

Dropping to the ground Tori takes a battle stance and looks around, Craza strides toward her. "You're a…Fearcat?"

"Good guess, your not as dumb as you look," Craza launches herself toward Tori, catching the Ninja Ranger off-guard as she delivers several devastating blows. Leaping away Tori summons a torrent of water into her hands, blasting Craza back further as the two females trade attacks back and forth, their battles taking them higher and higher into the air until suddenly Tori tries to morph only to get a sever kick from Craza, sending her Morpher flying and the two combatants spiraling toward the ground. Upon impact both figures black out, the force of the energy strong enough to revert Craza to a kitten like state before she blacks out.


Rootcore command

"All right, we need to dissolve your reputation as a villain; to do that it would be best of the public saw your true face, no matter how alien." Justin comments.

Kamdor takes a deep breath, "Been a long time since I powered down, I have to admit even I am curious to see my real face." Kamdor chuckles, taking a moment to look to Miratrix. "Alright," he says brings his arms down to his sides, "Power Down."

Nothing happens, he tries again, nothing. After a moment Andrew moves over handing a black Morpher similar in design to Tori's to him. "I figured something like this might happen, try this."

Kamdor pauses a moment, strapping the device on his right wrists and tries again, "Power Down." A storm of metal envelops him and when it fades away a raven haired main with markings like a tiger only raised and make a of thick scale material touch the edges of his face, his eyes yellow and reptilian, and slitted like a cat. He is dressed in a simple black pair of pants and t-shirt.

Andrew hands him an Overdrive Jacket, "Welcome to the team Kamdor."

"Uh Kamdor," Dax comments, "So since you're not evil any more, does that mean…" he flusters looking to Miratrix.

Miratrix glares at Dax, "What is it?"

"I enjoyed spending time with you; I was hoping we could give it another shot."

Miratrix looks to Kamdor, he shrugs, "That is a decision for you to make Miratrix."

She sighs, "Alright, we'll give it a shot."

Dax jumps excitedly. "I know this great restaurant, two out of three alien Rangers recommend it."

"I'm not a Ranger," she says flatly.

"You might still like it," Dax says already pulling her toward the exit, Kamdor chuckles.


The battle between Tori and Craza

A spell seal opens suddenly, as the light fades Nick looks around the battlefield, Spying Tori he rushes over, grabbing her Morpher in the process. As she comes around he helps her to her feet, a blank expression on her face as she looks at Nick.

"Tori, are you alright?" Nick asks concerned.

"T-Tori," She says a bit confused.

"Hold on I'll get us back to Rootcore in a flash, you can get you head in order there."

Tori smiles weakly, "T-thanks…uh?"

"Nick, the Red Mystic Ranger."


In a flash of another spell seal they are gone as the cat begins to stir. A moment Later Nick appears in the center of Rootcore, supporting Tori as Shane, Hunter, Blake, Dustin, and Cam rush to their sides.

"Nick your back!" Vida exclaims excited.

"What happened to Tori," Blake says with concern.

Getting her own feet under her Tori stands, "I-I'm fine, just a little rattled, if someone could show me to my room, maybe get some footage of some of our highlights ready for me to jog my memory I'll be alright in no time."

"On it!" Connie comments dashing away, Ronny right on her tail.

"Not if I get it done first," she jokes.

While Blake helps Tori find hr room Nick settles into an open chair.

"So, learn anything about Terry and Fireheart?" Xander finally asks.

Nick shakes his head, "The Mystic Mother taught me a few new tricks but nothing about where they are or how to find them, it's like they disappeared." He gaze scanned the room, settling on the human-form of Kamdor, "Who's the new guy?"

"Kamdor pulled a Korragg," Chip giggled.

Nick chuckled, "Glad to have you with us, but if I find out your really Tori's father I'm quitting this team right now."

"No worries about that, I'm single."

"Ohhhhhhh," Chip squeals snuggling up beside Kamdor, "Isn't that a splendid development."

Nikki narrows her eyes and sends a black bold from her Mystic Morpher at Chip, "Stop that or we're putting you back in your cage."

Chip giggles.

"So," Kamdor says, looking back at Nick, "I take it you didn't know then?"

"Know what?"

"Moltor used the power of the Alliance of evil and Flurious' Jewel to combine Fireheart and Terry to create Dragonheart and used her to spawn his dragon army."

"Wait? What?" Justin exclaims "Moltor did what?" rage building and fists balling, "I'll kill that son of a bitch."

"Killing Moltor won't fix things," Gwen said critically, looking now to Udonna, "What we need is to find a way to separate them."

Chip raises her hand, "Uh…" All eyes now on Chip. "Well my power lets me artificially induce a Battilizer state, if we got Dragonheart and Nick together I should be able to use that power to make Dragonheart break apart to form Nick's Battilizer. That should at best break the fusion spell; at worst it should break any sort of mind control."

"Great!" Nick exclaims.

"What about Terry, will she be alright?" Justin wonders.

"Should be, it's our best bet," Chip muses.

"Then all we have to do is draw Dragonheart out." Necrolai comments.

"It won't be easy," Kamdor comments, "He keeps her squirreled away in his lair to breed more dragons for his next assault."

Nick's face becomes a mask of determination, "We will find a way."


The battlefield of Tori and Craza

"Craza! Craza!" Mig's voice echoes through the woods.

The small cat turning toward the voice, a look of deep thought on its muzzle, after a moment the cat resumes Craza's form, leaning against a tree for support.

"Here Mig."


Fearcat Base

A blanket draped over her shoulders and a cup of hot tea in hand Craza stares into the hidden eyes of Mig, a palpable aura of distress in the air.

"Those Rangers get stronger by the day, you were lucky to survive the attack, what were you thinking?"

Craza shivers a moment, "I h-had a plan."

"And it failed," Balgelo says flatly, his eyes tracking over his brothers before settling on the white trimmed Fearcat Siberon. "Siberon give me a gyro generator."

Siberon nods, handing off the device to Balgelo who crosses the room to Mig and Craza.

"W-what are you going to do with that?" Craza shivers, fear in her voice.

"Relax," Mig coos, "It will only make you more powerful."

Before Craza can react Balgelo thrust his fist, and the gyro, into her chest. She gaps clutching her hart as she drops to her knees, her body morphs and shifts, hair growing out fur turning to skin as she transforms first into Tori, and then she shifts again, this time into a young Conner McKnight, and again, this time Dustin, then into the form of a wolf, a Cat, Ronny's hybrid form, numerous rangers and creatures before she settles back into her original form and makes one final transition to black armor with pink trimming. A white glow emanating from her eyes as she rises unsteadily.

Mig offers his hand, "How do you feel?"

"Unstoppable," Craza coos.



Rocking an electric guitar with disheveled punk hair and a heavily made up face a man jams about the room, a few of the Rangers, notably Kamdor and Necrolai seem to be enjoying the private show while Leanbow, Udonna, Daggeron, and Justin are not.

"He's not half bad," Kamdor comments.

"The Demon Sisters were better, course they had to be, they used their music to pollute and corrupt the souls of the audience."

Kamdor smirks, "Sounds like my kind of band."

Nikki chuckles, "Watch yourself now Kamdor you're suppose to be good."

"Ah but evil is so much more fun."

"Preaching to Purgatory my friend, preaching to Purgatory."

The two former villains share a laugh as Spencer comes in, "Master Mac, there is a disturbance and Master Hartford requests all Rangers to be present for the briefing."

Removing his wig and flushing a bit Mac puts his instrument down, "R-right Spence." As he leads the others with him into the command room. They arrive just in time to see the monitors light up, and the newest Fearcat causing trouble in a green grove.

"Problem with your uniform Mac?" Andrew comments as then answer, he ignores the question.

"C…Craza?" Tyzonne whispers with fear, confusion, and anger.

"Craza?" Tori repeats, her own voice just as confused. "Of course," she smirks, "The Fearcat who attacked me."

"More than that," Tyzonne growls, "She murdered my fiancé Vela."

All eyes turn to Tyzonne, but it is Justin who speaks first, "What?"

"During the cave in, the one where my…demon…surfaced Vela was inside that cave, I had thought that Vela and Craza were both gone but obviously that monster escaped."

Tori smiles devilishly, "Perhaps than," she chuckles "Perhaps Vela is alive as well. What do you say Tyzonne, you and I force her to tell us the truth, I have some unfinished business with Craza as well?"

"Who else is coming," Mac asks aloud?

Before any answer is given Kamdor moves to the console, "We may have to split our forces," he mentions, brining up two more scenes, one of which is of the dark Cavern, the black mist hanging about the ground as two of the other Fearcats are descending into the abyss. "It seems the Fearcats are seeking to release more of Era's influence, I will lead a second team, as I am still technically evil the black mist won't affect me. Miratrix you're with me, as well as you Mac, the mist won't have an effect on a machine."

"I'll go as well," Nikki comments, "My midnight fog affords me some resistance to the mist."

And yet the monitors change again, the remaining Fearcats are in another forest area, searching for something.

"I'll lead the team that goes after them," Nick comments, "Chip, Vida, Madison, and Xander, you're with me."

"When it rains its pours," Justin comments, Moltor up to no good on another screen. "I'll take the Nitro Rangers to deal with Moltor."

"Wait," Nick comments, "If Moltor is on the move that his base is only lightly defended."

"I get you," Connie comments, "Dustin, Adam, Kat, Cam, and Jason you're with me; we'll deal with the Fearcats while Nick gets to Dragonheart."

"If your going after Dragonheart I'm coming to." Justin adds.

"Alright, then Leanbow, you join us," TJ comments.

"Alright," Andrew begins "Kira, Will, Ronny, and Gwen join Tori and Tyzonne against Craza while Claire, Daggeron, Udonna, Rose, Dax, Blake, and I will stay here on reserve."


Era Team

Kamdor, Miratrix, Mac(Red), and Nikki (Violet) vs. Siberon (white) and Kitar (red)

Nikki lead the team already Rangered Up, her black mist rolling about her feet. Mac, Kamdor, and Miratrix were right behind him. As they came into the opening Siberon and Kitar had an army of their undead brothers and Era at their backs.

"This is the end of the line," Nikki announced, drawing all eyes their way.

"Ah Necrolai, you may have some resistance to my mist in your new form but you were a fool to come with allies I can corrupt." Era chuckled before getting a god look at…"Miratrix, you're with them now?"

"It would seem so," the female ninja said, drawing her blade.

"Let's get this over with," Mac says, balling his fists. "Oh and Era…your mist only works on humans…Overdrive, Accelerate!"

The cavern shook as the Fearcats and Hidiacs charged, Kamdor pushed to the front raising his hand in a halting gesture. "Don't I get to exchange witty banter Era old buddy old foe?"

"Who are you," Era roared.

Kamdor griped his heard in mock pain, "Oh I'm hurt you don't recognize me, perhaps this will jog you memory…RELEASE!"

Slowly rolling up his sleeve Kamdor raised his Morpher, a terrible wail emanating from it as his clothes seemed to explode outward, replaced by armor, familiar armor, and a familiar helmet a moment later.


The armor ninja chuckled, inspecting his arms, his new Morpher now wresting on his wrist, "An interesting sensation to say the least." The enemy forces charged forward and Kamdor mad a quick motion his own small army of foot soldiers appearing. "Battle Mode." His helmet split and slide open revealing a black armored face as he quickly turned to Mac. "Red Ranger do you trust me?"

Mac blinked several times, the freshly drawn Sentinel Sword hanging at the ends of his fingers, "I guess…why?"

"Don't ask why just trust what I'm about to do is for the best, now…power up into your Sentinel Mode."

The Red Ranger nodded, as the Sentinel Sword broke apart a tornado of steel swarmed around Mac.

"What are you doing," Nikki demanded as she parried an attack from a Fearcat.

"Infusing a machine with my power." Kamdor said flatly.

As the storm settled Mac felt powerful, hell he looked powerful, his entire body was heavily armored a mix of something Kamdor might summon and the Sentinel Ranger.

"Thanks Kamdor," his voice resonated, the timber almost made the cavern shake. As Kamdor's foot solders took on the Hidiacs Kamdor, Miratrix, the Violet Mystic Ranger, and the Red Sentinel Ranger EX charged the two Fearcats and Era.


Craza Team

Tori(Ninja Blue), Tyzonne(Mercury), Kira(Pink), Will(Yellow), Ronny(Black), and Gwen(Green) vs. Mig (Yellow), Balgelo (Green), and Craza (Pink)

"Rangers," Craza coos evilly, "So good of you to join us."

Tori smirks, her grin almost as dark as the Fearcats, "Yes, it is 'Craza,' don't worry you won't be missed."

"Ready?" Gwen asks firmly?

"Ready!" the Ranger say taking up defensive stances.

Tyzonne shifts his wait flipping up his Morpher as he taps the button, "Overdrive, Accelerate!"

Kira, Will, Ronny, and Gwen extend their Right arms and quickly run their Trackers along the surface, "Overdrive, Accelerate!"

Tori is last, raising her Morpher as the while spins and a horrible wail escapes, and her clothes explode outward, exposing her Ranger suit below.

Craza makes a quick motion with her hand in a flash he Rangers are blinded, when they recover they are staring at doubles of the Pink, Yellow, Black, and Green Overdrive Rangers. Craza charges the remaining two uncloned Rangers while the others face off against their doubles.


Fearcat Team 3

Connie(Hyper Crimson), Dustin(Striker Amber), Adam(MMPR Black), Kat(DT Yellow), Cam(MMPR Green), and Jason(Ranger 1) vs. Leogon (violet) and Pantera (blue)

"There's never a Wolf Ranger when you need one," Connie jokes, leading the team as they come up behind Leogon and Pantera.

"Billy was the Coyote if that counts." Adam comments.

"But he's not here, sort of validating my point," Connie jokes, "Ready?"

"Ready!" the others said in union.

Connie hooked her finger in the rip cord of her oversized belt, and pulled, the where whipping about as the morph began, "Let's go into Hyper Speed!"

Dustin raised the gauntlets and quickly struck the twin flywheels against each other. "Strike One, Two, Three! Your OUT!"

Kat was next, shifting her footing as she taps the button on her Dino Morpher and back flips "Dino Thunder! Power up, HA!"

"It's Morphin' Time," Adam started them off, and he and Cam raised the Morphers and drew their arms back before thrusting them forward and turning them over. "Mastodon!"

"Dragon Zord!" Cam added.

Jason Pumped his gauntleted fist into the air in preemptive victory, "Red Ranger Power!"

"Let's get this over with," Leogon growled as the Fearcats charged.



TJ(Red/Crimson), Shane(Yellow/Amber), Hunter(Green/Silver), Ethan(Pink/Rose), and Leanbow(Wolf Warrior) vs. Moltor and his Lava Lizards

"Flurious better have a good use for this jewel," Moltor grumbles as his Lizards cause trouble, scaring the populace as they ransack several jewelry stores. One of them brings him an engagement ring with a modest sized diamond on it.

"You two make the perfect couple," TJ chuckles.

Moltor growls, turning to see the Rangers ready for action, absently knocking the offer ring aside, and the Lava Lizard scurrying after it. "Rangers, I expected as much."

"Why the sudden interest in jewelry Moltor? Trying to impress an iguana?" TJ comments before looking back at the others "Ready?"


TJ, Shane, Hunter, and Ethan shift their footing and as they draw out silver keys, with a quick trust and a turn they insert them into their Nitro Morphers. "Shift into Turbo."

A crimson spell seal forms under Leanbow as he raises his Mystic Morpher high, "Magical Source! Mystic Force!"

In a flash of light the Red, Yellow, Green, and Pink Turbo Rangers and the Wolf Warrior stand ready. A moment later they charged toward Moltor and the Lava Lizards.

"Stop!" a woman's voice cries out, a black van pulling onto the scene before one blow is struck. A second van arrives shortly thereafter. From the back of the first Ms. Strong, leader of the Aisu Rangers emerges, her team behind her.

Moltor chuckles, "reinforcements, thank you brother."

The Aisu Rangers raise their Morphers "Flash! Aisu Power!" and in a cascade of light the Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, and Pink Aisu Rangers stand tall. But they don't stop there. In a flash the Quasar sabers are in hand. "Lights of Orion ACTIVATE!" And in a second flash the Aisu Rangers once more wield the Lights of Orion armor.

"Oh yeah…well two can play that game!" Ethan retorts. "Rev Up! Shift into Nitro!"

"Rev Up! Shift into Nitro!"

"Rev Up! Shift into Nitro!"

"Rev Up! Shift into Nitro!"

"Rev Up! Shift into Nitro!"

"Legendary Mystic Mode!"

And the Crimson, Amber, Silver, and Rose Nitro Rangers stand beside the demon like Legendary Mystic.

"Team Nitro stand down," a new voice says for the second van, as the doors open Wes leads a contingent of Silver Guardians. Shifting his own footing he taps the Chrono Morpher. "Time for, Time Force!"

Turning to the Aisu Rangers Wes motions to ward Moltor and the Lava Lizards, The Silver Guardians fan out like the professionals they are while the Aisu Rangers gather around Wes.

"I'm afraid Moltor," Aisu Black comments, "We have severed our contracts with Flurious and found a more lucrative contractor with Mr. De'Silva."

"That was just a alien you know? My real name is Wesley Collins" Wes comments.

"We know," Aisu Pink comments, "It's just more dramatic when we act like it isn't."

"Besides Wesley is a girl's name," Aisu Black comments, before casting a glance to his leader, "No offense boss."

"Less talking and more pummeling monsters into tarmac." Aisu Yellow says irritably.

TJ turns quickly to Leanbow, "Looks like you guys have things in hand, Leanbow let's give Nick a hand."

Leanbow nods, a large spell seal appears and envelops them leaving Moltor and his Lava Lizards to face the Red Time Force Ranger, the Silver Guardians, and the Aisu Rangers, he growls irritably.


Raid for Dragonheart

Chip(Yellow), Nick(Red), Vida(Pink), Madison(Blue), Xander(Green-Enhanced), and Justin(Blue/Navy Nitro) vs. Lava Lizards

Cautiously the team enters the mouth of Moltor's lair, Nick leading the pack. "Alright we're inside, no where would we find a giant dragon hatchery?"

"Maybe we can ask them?" Chip comments hooking her thumb toward an advancing small army of Lava Lizards.

Xander pushes past his friends, a big grin on his face, "Stand back," he smiles, "This looks like a job for Plan Xander."

"Plan Xander never works," Madison groans.

Putting on his winning smile Xander extends his hand toward the nearest Lava Lizard, "Hi I'm Xander, we're looking for a giant dragon and we would much appreciate any help you can offer."

The Lava Lizards look among themselves confused a moment before turning back to Xander and taking a collective swing. Leaning back Xander avoids the blow, still smiling. "Alright, plan B."

"Ready?" Justin says pushing to the front.


Shifting his footing Justin draws his key, wit ha quick motion he inserts it into his Nitro Morpher, "Shift into Turbo!"

Five spell seals form under the Mystic Force as they raise their Mystic Morphers.

"Magical Source! Mystic Force!"

A moment later the Blue Turbo Ranger and the Red, Pink, Blue, Green, and Yellow Mystic Rangers engage the Lava Lizards.

Red Ranger Unplugged Part 2

Era Team Round 2

Kamdor, Miratrix, Mac(Red), and Nikki (Violet) vs. Siberon (white) and Kitar (red)

A black blaster to his face and one of the undead Hidiac-Fearcat minions of Era staring him down places Kamdor in a very bad spot, through sheer numbers the Fearcats, Era, and the Hidiacs had Team Kamdor on the ropes, the only one who was managing to overwhelm anyone was the enhanced Red Sentinel Ranger. And it was only a matter of time before they over powered him.

Era started to laugh, "It's over Red Ranger, and in a moment my Hidiacs will destroy your friends, with Kamdor gone so to goes his foot soldiers, and then it is my forces all against you."

"You won't live that long," Mac growls, charging toward Era in his Sword Mode he cuts a swath of destruction though the Hidiacs before cutting deep into the Earth Demon.

But Era barely moves, believing a devastating backhand slash to the Red Sentinel Ranger and sending him sprawling into a wall.

"You think I'm helpless, you who send mechanical foot solders after the great and powerful Kamdor?" Kamdor chuckles from the ground.

A quick gesture with his hands and a storm of shrapnel swarms about half a dozen Hidiacs like a swarm of bees. A moment later the Hidiacs are transformed into new, more powerful forms.

Miratrix chuckles as the new generals help her, Kamdor, Mac, and Nikki up. "Destroy him."

Kamdor's remaining foot soldiers engage the remaining Hidiacs while the Red Sentinel Ranger leaps into the air, wit ha quick trio of golden energy waves Era is enveloped in the golden compass as it spins and explodes. Before the Earth Demon can react the six generals charge in, each one unleashing energy or melee attacks. Behind them Nikki unleashes the power of the night with a cloud of acid vapor and a direct magical attack. Leading the finisher to a double team by Kamdor and Miratrix.

Fissures form in the body of Era as he growls, "I can not loose."

Mac extends his hand turning his thumb down, "You just did."

And with one final surge of energy Era explodes, with their master gone the Hidiac collapse to the ground, the magic that once animated the corpses now gone.

"What now?" Nikki asks curiously.

"We bury the dead," Kamdor says suddenly. "These Hidiacs may have been evil pawns who in life sought to destroy your world but they were alive, they were warriors. We bury the dead."

"We'll make a good guy out of you yet," Mac jokes. "Ok I'm in."

"This is a bit unsettling," Miratrix comments.

Nikki smiles as she powers down wrapping her arm around Miratrix, "Tell me about it, it wasn't long ago I was Queen of the Vampires, feeding on the living and destroying Rangers for fun. Then Mac gave me a chance, trusted me, and well now I'm just a human."

"With the proportionate powers of a bat," Mac comments.

"Sounds like a bad comic book premise," Kamdor jokes.


Fearcat Team 3 Round 2

Connie(Hyper Crimson), Dustin(Striker Amber), Adam(MMPR Black), Kat(DT Yellow), Cam(MMPR Green), and Jason(Ranger 1) vs. Leogon (violet) and Pantera (blue)

"Super Dino Mode!" Kat roared as spikes grew from her suit and she took to the air.

"That looks promising," Ranger One commented, "Dino Thunder, Power Up, HA!" he said back flipping, landing in Super Dino Red form. "It's like the old days only revamped!" He joked.

"Defender Vest!" Adam called out, summoning the silver armor to his aid as the Leogon opened fire on him.

Connie was already moving at full tilt, hammering the Fearcats with rapid speed Drive Defender slashes. Dustin erupted out of the ground, juggling Pantera into the air.

"Power Axe!"

"Ptera Grips!"

"Dragon Dagger!"

With a quick and punishing blow from Adam's axe followed up but a swift double slash by Kat and ending with Cam's assault Pantera hit the ground hard, a moment later he exploded. Leogon fell next under the high speed slashes of Connie, the powerful bows of Dustin, and the quick and efficient strikes of the ever changing Ranger One.

Taking a deep victory breath the Rangers turned back toward the SHARC.

"Score two for the good guys." Jason comments as they all power down.


Moltor Round 2

Wes (Time Force Red), Aisu Rangers, and Silver Guardians vs. Moltor and his Lava Lizards

Moltor tumbled as he sailed back, landing in a pile of boxes with a resounding crash, getting back to his feet Aisu Red was on him, and He was barely able to keep her Quasar saber at bay with one of his swords.

A dozen silver blasters rained down on him while the remaining Aisu rangers moped up his Lava Lizards, his voice was low and threatening, "Another time Rangers."

Breaking away From Aisu Red Moltor took his leave, vanishing in a massive plum of fire.


Raid for Dragonheart Round 2

Chip(Yellow), Nick(Red), Vida(Pink), Madison(Blue), Xander(Green-Enhanced), and Justin(Blue/Navy Nitro) vs. Lava Lizards

Special Guests: TJ(Red/Crimson), Shane(Yellow/Amber), Hunter(Green/Silver), Ethan(Pink/Rose), Leanbow(Wolf Warrior), Dragonheart, and Saba

The Mystic Force, and Justin, advanced slowly until the humm of some machine in the distance drew their attention. Heading for the noise the group suddenly stops, diving for cover as a massive spell seal appeared under them. Once the energies faded the Rangers picked themselves off the floor to greet Team Nitro and Leanbow.

"Dad? What are you doing here?" Nick asks dumbfounded, "Moltor…"

"Moltor has his hands full with Wes, the Silver Guardians and an unlikely team of allies." TJ commented.

"The Aisu Rangers work for Wes now," Ethan commented.

"That's great!" Chip bounced, "I knew real Rangers couldn't remain evil."

"We came to help," Leanbow says wit ha fatherly tone.

"There's something down this way," Justin comments, leading the group, "Come on."

A few more Lava Lizards blocked their path but were quickly dispatched, within a couple minutes the Rangers came to Moltor's main chamber.

"The crown!" Madison exclaimed in excitement.

"Got it," Justin said, "No need to trip any traps." With a casual wave of his hand the crown flew from its pedestal and into his hand. "Got to love the TK."

Taking another moment to look around Justin's tone instantly changed, his face a mask of anger as his eyes settled on a pearl sword imbedded into a strange machine. "Saba!"

With another wave Saba was extracted and in Justin gasp, the sword looked pale, and his voice had little energy in it as he looked to Justin. "Good to see you again Justin, Moltor was draining my energy. You must hurry, he has done a terrible thing to…"

Justin growled, "I know," his fist forming tight balls, "And he will pay."

"Oh I don't think I'll be the one paying Rangers."

Quickly turning around the Rangers spotted Moltor and a contingent of Lava Lizards blocking the exit.

"Where's Dragonheart," Nick demanded.

Moltor just chuckled, "Lava Lizards, attack."

"Not this time, Moltor." Justin's voice was cold as he handed Saba off to Leanbow, "Get Saba back to base and recharged."

Leanbow nodded, vanishing in a spell seal a moment later. The Lava Lizards were almost upon them, The Rangers prepared to Ranger Up and fight when Justin threw out his hand, the Lava Lizards stopped cold before some fore slammed them against the wall, the impact so intense they shattered instantly.

"You kidnap my best friend, MY GIRLFRIEND. You steal the life of one of the few people she could talk to. You take away Nick's closest companion. And then you compound your evil by turning them into an abomination and destroying their minds."

Moltor chuckles, "And just what are YOU going to do about it."

Justin raised his hand, Moltor rising with it, "You were human once, so I'll give you one last chance to return to that path, before I destroy you."

"Humanity is overrated, and you, boy, you couldn't destroy me in a thousand years."

The walls shook with the force of Moltor's impact. Justin swung his arm around slamming Moltor into the parallel wall, he closed his fist and pulled his arm toward him, Moltor rushed toward Justin. Thrusting out his arm and opening his palm Moltor sailed down the hall smashing into the wall at the other end. As Justin stormed toward him Moltor chuckled, he was obviously hurt but kept on cackling, but as Justin got closer Moltor was enveloped in flames.

"Noooooooooo," Justin roared, the cavern shaking, but Moltor was gone.

The others caught up quickly to Justin, the Cave now shaking violently.

"We have to hurry, feels like this place is coming down around our necks!" Ethan observed.

Quickly the Rangers scurried the base, splitting up into groups of three as the cavern shook around them. After several minutes Chip's voice echoed though the wall. "Found it." Within moments the Rangers were gathered. A collective gasps escaped their lips as they looked out to the sea of dragons eggs, and perched there atop a stone pit was Dragonheart sleeping. Nick morphed quickly as he looked out at the sea of eggs, even as the place shook around him he knew what had to be done.

"Xander use your powers to stabilize this place, Madison offers him any magical support you can, Vida I need you to keep Dragonheart asleep, Chip gets those eggs to the safety of Rootcore."

"What about Tommy!" Justin screamed.

"I'll get to Terry in a minute," Nick shot back, "But we can't let all these eggs be destroyed. I want Fireheart back as much as any of you."

Justin grumbled but nodded, "Team Nitro lets get those eggs rounded up."


Vines erupted from the ground a moment later Xander showing a great deal of effort to stabilize the cave walls with his magic, Nick and Madison both holding his arm steady while pouring their own magical energies into Xander's efforts. Shifting into Nitro the Team Turbo quickly gathered the eggs up as Chip created several spell seal to teleport away groups. Vida had her hands full maintaining a pink cloud over Dragonheart's head that sprinkles sleep dust on the beasts head, keeping it sedate.

The efforts left the teams drained by the time they were finished but there was still one goal left to accomplish. Wary Nick looks to Dragonheart his eyes settling on the fatigued Chip who had been creating numerals portals for the eggs and was are her obvious limit. But there was no turning back, this was their one and only chance.

"Magical Source, Mystic Force!" Nick exclaimed as he transformed, he nodded to Vida who now turned her energies to helping Xander stabilize the cavern.

Dragonheart began to stir, eyes fluttering open a moment before a torrent of flame enveloped Nick. The Legendary Red Mystic Ranger emerged from the flames inches from Dragonheart's face as it let loose a terrible wail. Chip appearing behind Nick a moment later as Nick quickly wrapped his arms around the dragons muzzle and held it shut. Dragon hearts massive tail lashing forward as Chip touched both Nick and Dragonheart.

And instantly collapsed.

Dragonheart roared a terrible noise as her body was torn apart, the very energy of her being infusing the Red Mystic Ranger, forming wings on his back and enhancing his body with her armor.

"Red Dragon fire Ranger!" Nick cried out as the energies ceased.

At the Red Ranger's feet lay Terry, sleeping soundly, naked and pale, her young body and slim belly showing no signs of the beast she was moments ago, or the child she was carrying when she was kidnapped. The strength quickly lefts the Red Dragon fire Ranger's legs and in a moment they demorphed, Fireheart collapsed into a deep slumber beside Terry and Chip moments before Nick joined them, the heavy weight on the Red Rangers chest hastening entry to dreamland.

Justin face was wide in shuck as he observed the slumbering quartet but with the cave coming down around him he quickly gathered the others to his side. "I've been saving this for a emergency…now Alpha!" he said drawing a strange hand held device from his pocket, in a crash of lighting the Rangers vanished as the cave collapsed around them.


Back at Rootcore

Claire(Gatekeeper-Shinning Moon), Daggeron(Solaris Knight), Udonna(White), Rose(Aquitar), Dax(Blue), Blake(Violet), and Andrew(Orange)

Andrew had no time to react as the plum of fire erupted behind him and Moltor grabbed him in a shoulder lock. Claire, Daggeron, Udonna, Rose, Dax, and Blake were all moments away from morphing when Moltor thrust out his hand.

"Not one more move, morph and I end this!"

"Not again Moltor," Andrew said defiantly, flipping open the face plate of his Overdrive Tracker.

"Oh no!" Moltor denied as he slapped the Tracker from Andrew's hand.

As I fell toward the ground it landed in palm of the crouched Andrew Hartford? Spinning around with Andrew still in his grip he sent the double sailing toward the far wall. The double only managing to squeal out "Over…" before loosing his grip on the tracker. A third Andrew did a baseball slide to catch the Tracker and spoke "…drive." Before a blast of energy launched him into the air, and the Tracker fell from his grip. Another Andrew made a flying leap, catching the Tracker and striking it against his arm, "Accel..." Growing panicked Moltor launched a torrent of energy toward the Andrews, the 4th one tossed the tracker behind him where the 5th and final Andrew caught it. "erate!"

The five Andrews flashed orange as the lines of their ranger suit rolled over them, a moment later five Orange Rangers stood ready, the one in Moltor's grasp using the moment to reverse out of the hold and get Moltor in a reverse elbow lock.

"Not this time Moltor, not ever again."

Andrew one broke away from Moltor as Team Andrew gathered and drew their weapons, "Drive Drills!"

"Overdrive, Accelerate!"

"Overdrive, Accelerate!"

"Morph On!"

"Power of the Shinning Moon!"

"Magical Source, Mystic Force!"

"Magical Source, Mystic Force!"

And in a flash the Blue and Violet Overdrive Rangers, The Blue Aquitar Ranger, The Gatekeeper, Solaris Knight and White Mystic Ranger gathered beside Team Andrew.

"Power Rangers Forever!" Andrew one said, pumping his fist in the air.

"Power Rangers Forever!" his closes and he others echoed.

Falling back on defense Moltor drew his swords, he blocked a few shots but 3 out of five Orange Ranger hit him with their Drive Defender blasters. The other rangers were a blur of motion as they charged, Team Andrew coming in a moment later. Attacked from 11 different angles Moltor tried to get the upper hand but the rangers were working him over like a slab of beef in a Rocky Movie. He broke away enough to get some breath room, preparing to teleport only for Udonna to lower her staff, a block of ice encased him and with a punishing attack by Genji from Daggeron's Laser Lamp Moltor was finished.


Craza Team Round 2

Tori(Ninja Blue), Tyzonne(Mercury), Kira(Pink), Will(Yellow), Ronny(Black), and Gwen(Green) vs. Craza (Pink), and the evil Pink, Yellow, and Black Overdrive Rangers

Evil Pink jumped back after delivering a punishing blow to her counterpart that sent Kira spiraling to the ground. Will's laser eye had thrown his own evil double for a loop and knocked him off his feet while the Black rangers seemed to be in a stalemate. Tyzonne and Tori exchanged attacks with Craza who was weather them pretty well but was showing signs of weakening.

"Is that the best you can do Rangers?" Craza gloated as she spun away from Tyzonne and Tori and took a deep breath, growing to mammoth proportions and dismissing the copies.

"Spencer send the Battlefleet," Will yelled into his tracker.

A few moments later the Battlefleet Megazord was formed, its mammoth fists hammered Craza while Tyzonne hammered her with his Flashpoint Megazord's hydro pumps.

Tori cheered from her seat at the controls, pumping her fists in excitement as Craza crashed to the ground, "Take that you no talent copycat!"

But as the Megazord's zoomed in on the Fallen Fearcat what they saw lying on the ground unconscious was…Tori!

"What kid of trick is this," Will demanded.

The Blue Wind Ranger purred a moment, letting out a diabolical cackled as she held up…

"My tracker!" Will said in surprise, checking the back of his belt to find his own tracker still there. "My OTHER tracker." He corrected. "What's up Tori?"

Morphing into her true and original form Craza revealed herself before unleashing an energy wave that crippled the Battlefleet's controls and sent it crashing uncontrollably into the Flashpoint before ejecting from the cockpit with her prize in hand.

"I had a blast Rangers, but now I have to fly! By now my darling Mig and that fool Flurious should have found the Octavian Chalice and the three relics!"


Some forest in the Amazon

Flurious looked around with a critical eye while his Chillers scurried about. A dark grin spreading across his face as he spotted a tree. "Ahh the Staff of Minerva, right where the Fearcats predicted."

With a release of energy Flurious claimed his prize, Staff in hand he and his chillers vanished in a flurry of snow.


A Temple near the Craza battle

Balgelo held the Chalice high over head in victory as Mig and Craza came into view.

"An inspired plan Craza, posing as one of the rangers to get such a prize."

"A pity we lost our brothers but the three of us will have all the power we need once we release Agreos."

"Agreed," Balgelo comments. "We need only acquire the three relics now."

"And deal with the Rangers." Craza comments, "But this little prize should help with that."



Tori sips on a cup of hot tea, a blanket draped over her and Spencer and Andrew examine her with portable scanners.

"It was so surreal," Tori explains. "After the fight I think I reflexively shifted into a cat to recover but Craza had shifted into me. When we woke up Nick mistook her for me and I was too weak to stop him. By the time I had recovered enough Mig was looking for Craza. I hoped you would discover her ploy before things got bad so I shifted into Craza in hopes of getting some info on the Fearcats."

"Then you decided to attack us." Ronny comments.

Tori holds her head, "They used one of those gyro generators on me, I think Balgelo was worried about my…Craza's…defeat and wanted to give me…her…a power boost. It must have done something to my powers because after that it's kind of fuzzy. I think I thought I was Craza, and with that came all her powers."

"At least you back now," Mac comments.

"What I'm worried about is this Octavian Chalice and three relics Craza mentioned, and what their going to do with the Tracker Kamdor modified she stole."

"Considering only Flurious is left and the Aisu Rangers defected, my guess would be something to bolster his forces." Ethan comments.

Nothing to Fear…

"Looks like someone already found Minerva's Staff," TJ comments, looking to the destroyed tree.

Running his hand along the moist surface Justin rubs some ice crystals between his fingers, "Flurious by the looks of it, how are you doing Dax; and you Kamdor?"

Dax stands triumphant in another part of the world with the Root of Heisker in hand, "Score one for the home team!"

"We have the Sands of Sila," Kamdor responds into his Morpher as Miratrix emerges from a sand pit with said a large chest, containing the sands.

"Well take that," Mig's voice carries as Team Kamdor, and Mac, are attacked, the sands quickly taken from their grasp, Mig is already making good his escape as Balgelo delays Team Kamdor and Mac.

Back at Dax he turned toward the SHARC, a smug grin on his face for a job well done, the expression changes in an instant to apprehension as Flurious and a contingent of Chiller appear, before he can react Flurious freezes him solid and takes the root from his frozen hand. Back at Rootcore Andrew's concern grows when Dax's signal gets weaker and he doesn't respond to any calls. A moment later his monitor's come to life to the vision of the remaining Fearcats Craza, Balgelo, and Mig, beside Flurious and a contingent of chillers.

"Rangers get moving Flurious and the Fearcats have managed to get all the artifacts."

"What about Dax?" Miratrix's voice says with…concern?

"I don't know, Chip is going to find out but if they complete the ritual…"

"We know," Kamdor cuts him off.


A cliff by the sea where the Fearcats and Flurious be

"The Root of Heisker," Balgelo crooned as he dropped it into the Octavian Chalice.

"The Sands of Sila," Mig coos adding it to the mix.

"Stop right there," An unfamiliar female voice echoes.

Following the sound the Fearcats and Flurious settled on a short haired olive skinned woman with an ample bosom dressed in red jeans and jean jacket. Behind her was Terry, Mac, Andrew and all the other combined forces of the Rangers.

"And just who are you?" Flurious coughed dismissively.

"My name is Bowen, but you probably know me better as the Red Mystic Ranger!"

The quartet chuckle darkly, "The Red Mystic Ranger became a female, go home Red Ranger, I think your cookies are burning!" Mig chortled as Flurious dropped the Sands of Sila into the Octavian Chalice. With Bangalore's aid he then tipped it toward the assembled Rangers, a wave of silver washing out past them.

"Arise Agreos," Craza cackled. Behind the Force of Rangers a creature rose. Leaping toward their plane the Fearcats were all ready to take control of Agreos when Flurious cracked a dark smile as produced the sapphire of the Corona Aurora in one hands before thrusting out his staff. The Fearcats froze solid as Flurious waved a couple of his Chillers to commandeer the Fearcat's craft which took off and docked a moment later with Agreos.

"Ah the Fearcats, such over blown braggarts." Flurious cackled as he looked down at the Rangers.

His eyes went wide a moment later as a long blade tore through his chest. "I couldn't agree more brother."

"Moltor!" Nick said in disbelieve.

"But Udonna finished you off!" Andrew protests.

"I saved enough energy…for this…" Moltor coughed as he and his brother tumbled over the edge, a massive explosion and a shower of fire and ice demon bits rained down around the Rangers.

Their eyes were then draw to the frozen Fearcats but they were gone, but not for long as Mig's voice boomed from the armor that was once a ship that Agreos now wore.

"A jewel of the Corona, Agreos, that wet match Moltor and that slow as a Glacier Flurious all in one swoop. Nothing could make this a better day except for the destruction of every last Ranger."

A corona of light filled the area in a moment a small multi colored army stood ready to fight: in the Transtek Armor rode Trent, while the rebuilt Stormtek and Lightningtek piloted themselves, the Sentinel Knight stood ready as did Team Nitro's Justin(Blue/Navy), TJ(Red/Crimson), Shane(Yellow/Amber), Hunter(Green/Silver), and Ethan(Pink/Rose). The Mystic Force's Chip(Yellow), Nick(Red), Vida(Pink), Madison(Blue), Xander(Green-Enhanced), Leanbow(Wolf Warrior), Claire(Gatekeeper-Shinning Moon), Daggeron(Solaris Knight), Udonna(White), and Nikki (Violet) all stood ready with Connie(Hyper Crimson), Dustin(Striker Amber), Tori(Ninja Blue), Adam(MMPR Black), Kat(DT Yellow), Cam(MMPR Green), Jason(Ranger 1), Kamdor, and Miratrix at their backs. Last but far from least was Operation Overdrive: lead by

Mac(Red), but counting Rose(Aquitar), Kira(Pink), Tyzonne(Mercury), Will(Yellow), Dax(Blue), Terry(Violet), Ronny(Black), Gwen(Green), and Andrew(Orange) among their ranks. While not a Ranger at the moment Blake stood ready to throw his Thunder Ninjutsu into the mix as well. But as impressive as the scene was they all knew what they would need to fight Agreos.

"It's Megazord time," Terry said confidently.

And the Megazords, or in the case of the Mystic Force the Rangers themselves, Rolled or grew into the fight. The Army of Ranger split between the Flashpoint Megazord, which afforded Tyzonne a unique experience as he now had a team aiding him in the operation of his Zord, one of which was Gwen who used the safety of the Flashpoint to remote operate the Sata Zord while Trent and Blake assisted in actual control.

The DriveMax Megazord was joined by a new configuration composed only of the auxiliary Zords, a configuration Mac called the Duel Drive Megazord as well as the massive Battlefleet Megazord and Terry's own Construction Megazord, While Andrew and his assistants brought to bear a Zord formed from a mobile parking garage and oil platforms.

The Manticore Megazord and the Centaurus Wolf Megazord stood beside the White Mystic Ranger, Solar Streak Megazord, Kamdor in giant form, and Sentinel Knight, the Aisu Rangers own Zord backing them up.

Agreos opens the fight with a powerful blast that sends the Sentinel Knight for a loop and knock him back to sword mode. The Zord forces attack in union but the slow Agreos proves a heavy hitter , crippling systems with each bowl and slowing little to now damage of his own for all their focused efforts.

Their efforts rebuked, rebuffed, and rejected at each turn until the Manticore Megazord recovers the Sentinel Sword and Chips voice resonates across the battle.

"Everyone close your eyes, focused you energy on us, give us your power!"

"Galwit Mystic Unios!" Chip's voice chants.

A corona forms in the heavens as ever Zord present comes together, as the lights fade only one massive Zord composed of parts of all over Zord, wit ha massive triple cannon satellite split between its chest and shoulders as the main weapon, yes the Sata Zord, pulled for space is part of the fusion while every single no Mystic Ranger appear in the massive cockpit, even the Sentinel Knight is part of the action, broken up as if to form the Red Sentinel Ranger he forms additional armor on the unified Megazord.

"Rangers Full Power!" Terry shouts, thrusting Saba toward the main screen like a general or music conductor.

"Power Rangers Forever!" the rangers roar and an incalculable number of lasers and sword slashes cut through the air to hammer Agreos. Agreos counter with a massive energy beam of his own the forces clouded with enough energy to block out the sun in a corona of pure white light. As the light fades the Mystic Force, Kamdor, and Miratrix are out cold, back to normal size, powered down, and on the ground. The Nitro Morphers spark and crackle while Connie, Dustin, Jason, the Retro Ranger, in fact all the Rangers crash out of Ranger form, looking ready to collapse. Only Mac stands, despite everything, and strides toward the Fearcats. The Fearcats look around the remain of Agreos and quickly secure the Octavian Chalice, getting ready to flee.

"Mac don't!" Andrew pleads, "We can find another day, you'll be destroyed."

"Someone has to end this Andrew, and only one of us can be replaced." Pulling the Sentinel Sword from the ground and grabbing his Tracker Mac strikes it across his chest Transforming to the Red Overdrive Ranger and then to the Red Sentinel Ranger. He charges unleashing his power and fury first on Mig, then Balgelo, and then Craza. "If it takes everything I have you going down."

The Fearcats just chuckle. Hurt as they are Mac's attacks are having no effect on them. "We suspected you might try this," Balgelo begins, as Mac continues his assault.

"So we incorporated the Tracker Craza stole." Mig continues.

"We're Power Rangers now, just like you," Craza cackles, "Immune to all you can throw at us."

Mac growls.

"Fall back, Mac you can't possibly win," Justin announces. "We need to fall back."

"They will get the last jewel," Mac argues as he does another fruitless attack run.

"Son," Andrew's voice quivers, "Your not replaceable to me, please let's regroup and recover."

Mac pauses, "D-dad…I c-can't let them walk away."

The Fearcats chuckled, turning and doing just that, "Another time Rangers."

With a final turn the Fearcats hammer Mac wit ha trio of laser fire, the Red Sentinel Ranger falls and powers down, his body not movie as Balgelo take a firm grip around his mid section. "Surrender the crown and the Jewels or we returned your Red Ranger…in pieces."

And then they are gone.

Crown and Punishment

Fearcats Lair

With a rough shove Mac tumbles into a cell, helping to his feet was a fellow inmate, with silver eyes and golden hair the woman was a haunting beauty. "My name is Vela, let me help you."

Mac smiles as she helps him up, "Thanks, I'm Mac," then pauses, "Vela? of Mucuria? Tyzonne's Vela?"

"You know my Ty," She asks excited.

"Oh yeah, he's saved my ass a dozen times. He's an amazing Power Ranger."

"Power Ranger!" Norg shouts in surprise, "I'm not supposed to talk to Power Rangers."

Mac chuckles, "Remember me, and the others from the picnic, I believe it was Tyzonne who remove that stick from your foot."

Norg looks away nervously, "Flurious isn't going to like that."

"Flurious is dead, Moltor killed him."

Norg frowns, "I liked Flurious, now I'll be all alone again."

"We're still friends Norg," Vela smiles warmly.

Mac sighs leaning against a wall, "We're all going to die here, and the others wouldn't trade the Jewels for a machine. And they have no idea about Vela." His gaze drifts to Vela and then Norg. "Norg make me a promise."

"What?" the yeti asks curiously.

"The Fearcats are mean, you know that right," Mac asks?

Norg nods, "Their going to destroy us soon, I don't plan to let them. I'm going to break Vela out and take her to Briarwood, my friends are there as they will protect her."

"Ok!" Norg says after a moment.

Vela looks to Mac concerned, "Mac they'll destroy you…"

"It doesn't matter, I'm just a machine, Mr. Hartford can just build another Mac, Mac 2.0. Tyzonne can't replace you."

"Oh Mac, your more than a machine."

Mac hangs his head, moving to the bars, his voice a whisper, "I wish that were true."

Taking one bar in each hand Mac begins to pull, separating the bars wit ha great grunt of effort. After a minute or two he and Vela slip out, Norg plodding along right behind him.



"You can't!" Ms Strong, aka Aisu Red says objecting. "The jewels are all you've fought for."

"We don't have a choice, half our Morphers are offline and Alpha needs at least a day to fix them," Adam begins, "The Overdrive teams powers were rendered useless. The Mystic Force is out cold, and they have Mac."

"We still have one Morpher left, the Black Zeo Morpher," Terry says wit ha focused glare. "I'll take it and Saba, the Fearcats still need one more Jewel, if we can get a lead on that I can get that one and keep it out of their hands, four jewels and the crown are formidable but not unbeatable without all five."

"Ignoring the insane danger of that Tom...Terry," Justin argues, "We don't even have a clue where to find the last jewel."

"If only we had the Octavian Chalice," Rose shouts, surprising everyone and drawing all eyes to her tank, "With it we could have performed a ritual I discovered, and asked it where to find the last jewel."

"The Tri-Dragon key," Kamdor says coolly. All eyes now drawn to him.

"Rumor has it the last jewel is in a sarcophagus in the place you call Egypt, but you need the Tri-Dragon key to unlock it. Miratrix and I will go with Terry to retrieve the key and then get the last jewel while you deal with Mac and the Fearcats."

"We're not helpless, once they release Mac we still have one shot, if we offer them all our artifacts as a price we can force them into an all or nothing fight to get the jewels back." Gwen explains.

"Without our Morphers? We'd be practically giving them the artifacts." Ethan protests.

"Actually," Andrew muses, "If we can convince them to hold off for half a day I might be able to whip up something to give us a fighting chance."

"Good," Tori comments, "They just called to arrange a meeting."


Fearcats Base

"Mac, come on!" Vela's voice yelled urgently as Mig hammered him with a reverse kick.

"Pathetic human, did you really think you could just escape that easily?" Mig taunted as Mac pulled himself up off the ground.

Norg chanced a look back to the fight, releasing his grip on Vela a moment. "Leave him alone!" he roared before charging into battle.

Mac looked back in surprise, holding up his hand to stop Norg's change, "No get Vela out."

"I'm not going anywhere," Vela said defiantly, a wave of Murcurian energy knock Mig off his feet. "I'm a Rescuer too you know, and it looks like someone needs rescuing."

Mac smirked a moment then his face went hard, "Get out of here, I'm only a machine."

As Mig recovered Vela was helping back up, her hand on his heart, "Tin or bone it's what's in here that counts, that can't be built."

For the first time in a while Mac puffed out his chest and stood tall, "Alright then, if were going to do this, lets do this right."

"A fleabag, a Murcurian female, and a human, this is what you have to beat me?" Mig chuckled.

Mac locked eyes with Mig and set his stance, "I'm not human, and I'm just fine with that." His gaze turned back to his companions, "Ready?"

"Ready!" Vela and Norg responded.

Pumping his fist in the air Mac looked back to Mig, "Power Rangers Forever!"

"Rescuers on the go!" Vela chanted.

"AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Norg said with a battle cry and a charge.


The meeting

Balgelo looked down at his hands as one by one the jewels and crown were delivered. Counting the jewels he growled, "Only four?"

"We haven't found the last one," Andrew growled. "Now give me back my son."

"Of course," Balgelo smirked, sapping his fingers as a contingent of Chillers brought out a bound and gagged Mac.

"Mac!" the ranger shouted in relief as he was released and shoved into Andrew's arms.

"Balgelo was it?" A new voice suddenly said, old and wizened a blond haired man with graying temple exited from a new SHARC.

"BILLY!" several Rangers said.

"William!" Andrew added of his own. Behind him exited a small group of six young adults all wearing uniforms similar to but not identical to Operation Overdrive. An African American male and Billy were in blue, a woman with starling ice blue eyes and streaked Brown and blond hair wore red. Another woman of Asian descent with sightless white eyes wore pink. A blond with the same piercing eyes as the first woman wore white stripes. In black was a man with short brown hair and matching eyes was trimmed in grey, almost black, while the last member of the group was a brunette girl with deep blue eyes trimmed in gold. Each of the team carried some sort of artifact, a large circular shield that was half the size of any of their bodies, a wooden blade of exquisite design, a run encrusted sword that radiated dark energies, a Personal Alien Manager, a device used by Lothor to summon his generals, as well as half a dozen others.

"You versus my team here, winner takes all, crown, jewels, and these artifacts."

"Balgelo chuckled, "It's a deal, Craza over here!"

Mac tore the gag and bonds from him in an instant, smiling a dark smile before he ran through the ranks of our heroes slashing them with a hidden sword and sending them all flying before revealing her true form and standing beside Balgelo, our heroes on the ground bleeding and breathing hard. Billy nodded to his team and they tossed the artifacts into a large pile, Balgelo added the crown and jewels a moment later.

"This will be easy," Balgelo gloats.

"No doubt," Billy said with a smirk of his own.

"Ready?" the girl in read said confidently.

"Ready!" the others responded as they shifted their footing to the right, pulled up their sleeves and in one swift motion depressed the small power button on their wrist mounted devices.

"Revolutionize! First gear…power on!"

In a flash of light and energy six rangers stood behind Billy, their uniforms were mostly white except for around the collar and the right arm where their colors showed. They each wore a helmet similar to the Nitro Ranger's own. And they each had a speedometer set in their chest where the Overdrive Compass sad on Andrew's team. For the white ranger her uniform resembled a negative image of the Black Ranger, the center in black while her arms and sides were in white.

"Revolution Rangers go!" Billy ordered as they charged the Fearcats.

Andrew's gaze drifted into the distance where an explosion opened a sealed cave and Mac, Vela and Norg charged out, Mig on their tails.

"Mac!" Andrew shouted as the Fearcats gained Mig in their fight and Mac, Norg, and Vela reached the others.

"Vela, you're alive!" Tyzonne said with surprise and happiness."

"Which there was more time," Andrew said quickly pressing Tyzonne's Morpher into his hand. But we have a fight to win."

Mac looked at it curiously but Andrew smiled, "Ranger Up!"

Once more Blake took Tommy's spot as Team Overdrive followed Tyzonne's lead, raising their right arm and lifting the plate. "Overdrive Accelerate!" As the flash of light faded it looked like Tyzonne has clones, beside him stood a team of Mercury Rangers the only differences being the presence of a skirt on the ladies and the silver replaced by another color.

"With decisive action and bold authority! Ruby Ranger!" Gwen led things off in her red trimmed suit.

"Wisdom and Experience! Amethyst Rose Ranger!" Kira said next in her pink trim.

"Rescuer from the stars, Mercury Ranger!" said Tyzonne

"Power and Stealth, Topaz Ranger!" was Will's call.

"Deep as the ocean, powerful as the tides, Sapphire Ranger!" Dax exclaimed.

"Vibrating with Vibrant Energy, Violet Diamond Ranger!" called Blake.

"Hidden in the sand of time, Onyx Ranger!" came Ronny's call.

"Mighty as the rising sun, Jade Ranger," Andrew called.

"Reflecting Endless Possibilities, Orange Quartz Ranger!" came Mac with a bit of surprise. "Wait I'm orange now?"

"Well," Andrew coughed, "I felt Gwen…"

Mac brushed it off, "She does, she earned it."


Egypt (Tommy, Kamdor, Miratrix)

The trio work their way into the chamber, a large sarcophagus sitting in the center. After a few minutes examining the Hieroglyphs they turn their attention to the sarcophagus.

"Looks like what we need is in this thing judging by the hieroglyphs."

"Stand back, I'll power up and smash this thing and we can get out of here." Kamdor suggests.

"I wouldn't try that, lat thing we need is an Egyptian curse to hit us on the head."

Kamdor pauses inspecting the wall and then the sarcophagus, pointing to a painting on a section of a tri dragon key. "Our only other option is to find that key, we don't have that kind of time."

Terry looks to the wall and lets out a sigh, "We don't have much time, or options..."


The big fight

"You think you stand a chance, were immune to your powers!" Balgelo gloats as the Mode 2 Overdrive Rangers charge.

"You incorporated a standard tracker into your armor," Andrew says, coming in with swift slash from his new Satellite Shotgun, folded back into blade formation.

"But the parallel drive that powers Mode 2," a second Andrew said coming in for a follow up strike.

"Is not based on the same technology." A Third Andrew said, Tyzonne on his tail for the follow up strike.

"I hope you did start the match without us," A new voice said as a trio of Ninjas, one in red, one in blue, and one in green trimmed uniforms ninjas streaked onto the scene. "I TiVoed a perfectly good PGA match for this."

"Clark!" The Black Revolution Ranger shouted, "Only one Ninja is that obsessed with Tennis!"

The Green trimmed ninja rolled back his sleeve to expose a Morpher that looked like a fusion of the Earth Wind Ninja and Samurai Morpher, he paused and looked to the one in red trim. "Lead it off Quinn."

"Ready?" the red trimmed ninja said firmly.

"Ready," the other two echoed.

"Ninja Storm! Ranger form!"

In a flash of light a new Crimson Ninja Ranger, not Crimson Thunder but looking a fusion of Wind and Thunder. A Navy Ninja, again a fusion of Water and Thunder, and a…Bronze Ranger? Who looked a fusion of the Green Samurai and Yellow Wind ninja were ready.

"I hope I'm not interrupting," One more voice added coolly as a masked figure strolled onto the field, turning all heads his way.

"Lothor!" Blake growled.

"I see my reputation precedes me, now…" Lothor's gaze swept to the Fearcats who began to laugh.

"You Rangers think you're so powerful, but look all you have done is draw one of your old enemies out of hiding to hasten your destruction." Mig gloated.

Lothor growled, narrowing his eyes at Mig, "I can speak for myself, and actually…"

Lothor strides confidently to the side of the Pink Revolution Ranger, "Long time no see Keiko, been to busy to take me up on my offer."

"A little yes, also I hate you for destroy my master's home."

"Details, Details." He turned back to Mig, "And your little war has gotten all the people of Earth in a tizzy, I had to wait an hour for my Martini." Wit ha smirk Lothor whipped out his PAM. "Now tone it down some or I'll be force to make an example of you, I don't enjoy disruptions to my vacation."

"You dare to…" Mig started…

Lothor waved his finger 'tsk tsk' ing "Yes, yes I know. We'll exchange banter, you call me a fool. Let's just skip to the good part." Winking to Quinn he chuckled, "I gut the upgrade last week."

A moment later a giant Charizard and Snorlax appeared over the battlefield, Lothor growled and balled his fists, his voice low, "I'm really going to kill the girls this time."

With a long drawn out sigh he puffed out his chest, "Charizard, Snorlax I choose…ah hell just destroy the supper villains in the black techno armor and be done with it."

Charizard used Flamethrower on Balgelo!

Critical Hit!

Balgelo stumbled from the flames as a massive shadow appeared over him.

Snorloax used Body Flop!

Balgelo is crushed!

Rolling into his Back Snorlax released Balgelo as the giant Pokemon fell fast asleep.

"Mac, I think this is yours," Gwen said pressing the Sentinel Sword into his hand.

Mac nodded and in a flash the Quartz Sentinel Ranger rushed Balgelo, a devastating slash was the final blow and Bangelo's chest exploded and the Fearcat became a memory.

The Rangers turned their attention then to Mig and with the aid of Lothor and Charizard Mig exploded in the the furious assault. That left Craza.

"I won't go down that easy, I refuse to be destroyed."

"Oh shut up," Lothor said closing the distance in an instant, a free hand rubbing his temples as he pressed something to Craza's chest and jumped back. "You're giving me a headache."

Craza only had a moment to look down as the timer reached zero and the bomb exploded.

It was over, except for Lothor, with a casual stride, while he raised his PAM and dismissed the monsters he rooted through the various artifacts until he came upon the Shield of Thunder. "Ah this will look nice over my fireplace."

And with a smile Lothor was gone.

"Ok," Blake finally said, "That had to be the weirdest thing I have ever seen."

"Tell me about it," The Bronze Ranger said, "I didn't even get to serve!"


Hartford estate ruins

Pawing through the rubble with the small circular disc in hand and the crown and Jewels in Ronny's hands. Andrew uncovered the old buried Pharaoh's sarcophagus. "When I saw the disc it reminded me."

Propping the sarcophagus up he pointed to a strange round indentation, "I got this as a gift for helping out the some government fiends some time ago. Bu I never figured out what this indentation was."

Dropping the disk in there was a silent hush as suddenly the mummy began to move.

"If my estimate is correct," Rose comments from her portable tank, nodding to Ronny who stepped forward cautiously, presenting the jewels. After a moment the Mummy counter presented a small box. The Trackers detected nothing as they scanned it but as they slowly opened it.

Pink quartz!"

"The 5th Jewel!"


Back at Rootcore

Tyzonne and Vela embrace each other happily. "I thought I'd never see you again." Tyzonne coos.

"Craza kidnapped me after the cave in, I thought I would be her prisoner forever." She responds.

The duo looking to Norg then Mac and speak as one. "Thank you."

Entering the main chamber is the Sentinel Knight, in his true form, "You have all done a wonderful job, and you have recovered the crown and saved the world."

His gaze swept over the group, a look of hurt in his eyes, "And many of you have sacrificed much, perhaps to much." His gaze fell on Mac. "Thanks to you the Corona Aurora, whose name alone makes men tremble. The Crown of the Gods that can destroy or save the world. You have fought with courage and heart and yet you cling to this notion you have none. Mackenzie Hartford come here."

Mac nods, crossing the room as the Sentinel Knight lifts the crown for the near table, fitting it atop Mac's head. A golden light sweeping down from it in a flash that forces everyone to close their eyes.

"You have each earned a gift for your services, you one hearts desire, so Mac rise and take you first breath."

Mac takes a deep breath, pauses, and breaths again, "I can breathe, oh my god. I have lungs," He exclaims, hold his heart and stomach in disbelieve, patting down his body with wonderment, "I have a heartbeat! Guys I have a heartbeat!"

Removing the crown The Sentinel Knight moves to Rose, slipping it on her head, her long golden locks shrink, her skin tone shifts, and her legs split into legs once more. "For a time your domain was that of the sea, but now the Crown will give you the choice to walk on the land or swim the oceans once more, you must merely will it to be."

Rose gasp, leaping over the tank eng to land on her refound legs, "I have legs!" she exclaims embracing Mac.

"And I have a heart!"

Excitement was building in the hollow old tree as the Sentinel Knight moved to Will, slipping on the crown. "You have given your body to the cause, and so it is only right we return that which was lost."

As the glow fades Will feels around his bionic eye, soft flesh bends under his fingers. "Am I?"


With just as much joy as Rose and Mac Will rushes and embraces them. The Sentinel Knight turns to Nick slipping on the crown, "You have given much, like Terry your form is not your own."

But as the light fades Nick is still a girl.

"Odd the crown should have…" The Sentinel Knight begins, taking a moment to stroke his chin and then look out toward Fireheart's chamber. "Terry, Nick and Fireheart are all the same gender." He sighs and hangs his head. "I am sorry Nick I believe the three of you each share elements of the others, you can not be changed back until such time that the three of you share one body."

The revelry stopped and Nick lowered her head, Terry moving to stand beside her. "I guess that means I'm stuck like this as well."

The Sentinel Knight nods solemnly as he reclaims the crown. "I am sorry."

After a moment he moves to Ronny and slips on the crown, "With the power of the Jewels and Zeo a beast was laid in your heart. With the Corona we can now set things right."

As the glow fades Ronny seems unchanged, but she hold her heart a moment, feeling its beat, "I'm human again, completely human!"

"Yes." The Sentinel Knight says succinctly as he now makes his way to Daggeron. "Release the Genie."

Daggeron nods and Genji appear. "What is this about now?"

The Knight slips the crown on his head, a golden light once more emanating from it, "You are not free."

"F…Free?" Genji says in disbelief. "A-Are you sure?"

"Yes, go now, explore the world."

Genji looks to Daggeron who smiles and nods.

"It's been so long, I promise I'll write!"

"Please do." Daggeron comments as the ecstatic Genji rushes from the place to explore his new freedom.

The Sentinel Knight then makes his way to Tyzonne, slipping on the crown, "Your have the blood of a devil but you yourself are not one. Nor is your other half black of heart. With the Crown of the Gods I separate you two."

As the glow fades Tyzonne stares into the eyes of his demon half. Like a mirror they each raise and examine their arms as the Sentinel Knight removes the crown from the demon's head.

"I never thought…" the demon says, "That I would have a body of my own."

"What are you going to do?" Tyzonne asks tentatively.

"I think I would like to return to Mucuria, to learn more of your people. Will you join me?"

After a moment Tyzonne nods, "Vela and I are going to return to the Rescuers."

"You're welcome to join us," Vela offers.

The demon smiles, "I would like that."

Finally the Sentinel Knight turned to Connie, the crown in hand. Wit ha gentle wave she shakes her hand and dismisses his attentions. "No thank you, as weird as this is, I think I'm going to join Chip, she's going back to school in Japan and I think I will join her. I have a new life, I think I'm going to take it for a spin for a while. Chip can always change me back later."

"Probably," Chip comments.

"If that is all I will one more hid the crown and the Jewels from the world." The Sentinel Knight begins.

"If I may," Gwen interrupts, The Sentinel's eyes on her. "Hiding the crown will only cause a repeat of all this down the line. Both the crown and Zeo crystal are to powerful to just hide. If I may suggest I believe our friends Nick, Vida, Chip, Madison, and Xander, being powerful and skilled mages, should each guard a piece, the individual magic of each on augmenting their own would make them powerful guardians. If we're lucky nothing will come of it but if some does seek the Jewels…"

The Knight looks to the Mystic Force, "If you agree I will entrust the Jewels to you skilled Mystics."

Taking a moment to talk among themselves, than Nick addresses the Knight, "We'll do it. We thought after the defeat of the Master we could just retire but after all this it seems we can't just walk away. We will protect the jewels and Zeo Crystals."

The sentinel knight broke the crown and jewels apart while Andrew retrieved the Zeo Master crystal, after a few moments each of the core Mystic Force had a Jewel and a Crystal in hand, The Knight then turned to Andrew. "And you I will entrust the Crown. I shall stay here by your side, if you will have me, to aid its protection."

Andrew nodded, turning to the assembled Rangers. But before anyone could say another word Justin dropped to one knee.

"Before anything else happens to separate us," he said fishing in his pocket for the ring before opening it and presenting it to Tommy. "Terry Oliver will you be my wife."

Terry flustered, feeling faint a moment, "Your…w-what…I…uh…err…guess so…"

Rose elbowed her swiftly, "Er…I mean…I do." Then under her breath she whispered, "I need a stiff drink."

"Well then," Andrew said, "What is everyone going to do now."

"Me and Connie are going to be Japanese school girls," Chip giggles and with an explosion of magic she looks to regress back to about 16.

"Oh Great Master," Nikki says rolling her eyes.

Andrew chuckles, "I have a branch in Japan, I was going to ramp up research on ranger Technology with Wes and Project Lightspeed in hopes of developing a sort of Ranger Corps, a government run and sanctioned, Ranger Project. If you want to help we could use any advice you have as well as beta testers."

"Sounds fun," Connie comments, "Count me in."

Mac moves to Chip, his voice low, "You might have a bit of trouble over there as minors, if you run into problems call me up and I'll come over as your Guardian."

"I was hoping you would join me in my treasure hunting son." Andrew said dejected.

"R-Really dad?"

He nods, Mac laughs then turns to Chip, "But if you do need me don't hesitate to call."

Chip nods.

"As for me I still feel the need for speed so it's back to the tracks for me." Ronny comments.

"I learned the meaning of WE not I from this group," Will comments, "I'm training a group of specialists to help me in my security work."

"Let me guess, acting Dax?" Andrew chuckled.

"Old news Mr. Hartford, I want to direct!"

"Now that I have my legs back I'm going back to teaching, but I'm not retiring my fins just yet, I'm going to see if I can get a gig at the Oceanography Institute so I can also study marine biology up close." Then her gaze drifted to the monitors where Nobeard and his pink armored pirates were scrubbing the Black Scabbard. "You don't think between the Mystic Force, The Jewels, and the Crystal we can give those guys real bodies, can we?"

"Let's give it a shot at least," Nick comments.

"Great!" Rose says happily.


The Black Scabbard sails into the Horizon its crew of buccaneers, each wearing a bit of pink in their new clothing, waving to the fading figures of the Hartford Ranger Collective as they sail off into the starlight."


"Than by the power vested in me by the state of California, I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss the bride." The preacher says sagely as Justin rolls back the Veil and he and Terry lean in close, sharing a tender moment.

On the brides side Chip swaps her eyes, "I always cry at weddings, ever since I was a little girl." Nikki rolls her eyes, hitting Chip in the shoulder. "What was that for."

"You know what."

Connie looks up at the two of them chuckling, "You two were mad for each other, you know that?"

Chip scrunches her face in disgust, "Connie Hartford! I don't appreciate you calling me a lesbian just because I haven't found the right man yet."

Connie chuckles as Nikki hits him again, "By the Master, you're hopeless."

From the back of the reception Miratrix dries her own tears as Kamdor turns and walks away, "Come Miratrix."

"Where are we going Kamdor?" She asks cautious as she regains her composure.

"I have heard of a group called the Order of the Claw. I wish to learn more about them."

"Yes Kamdor," she says with her trademark confident smile, "I have heard of them as well."

"Let's go," Kamdor finishes as they begin to walk off.