The Whole Truth

A Sweeney Todd Story

Disclaimer: I don't own Sweeney Todd and make no profit from writing these stories.

This story was inspired by the movie Sweeney Todd and I would like to thank the-sadisticalovett-nutcase, without her help I would not have written this story for you to enjoy.

Chapter 1


It was a cold and fogy evening as the icy breeze blew the elegant and eerie ship towards their destination, London. The lights flickered on the waters surface as a young man with long fair hair stared ahead towards the city. The grim faced man with dark shadowy eyes, and a streak of grey in his brushed back, dark brown hair advanced towards the bow of the ship. His icy white skin glowed in the moonlight as he turned towards the young man.

"Antony, of all the places in the world, there's no place quite like London!", he said while Antony looked back at the open ocean.

"You are utterly and completely right Mr. Todd.", he answered with a worried look in his eyes.

As the ship reached the dock, and was securely anchored, Mr. Todd and his companion, Antony grabbed their things and set out to wounder the streets of London. As they both waked through a large archway, Antony stared down the empty alley, and then towards Mr. Todd.

"Is every thing all right Mr. Todd?"

"I beg your indulgence, Antony. My mind is far from easy. In these once familiar streets I feel shadows, every where!"

"Shadows?", Antony said as he looked down the empty alley, once more.

"Ghosts!", he said in a sad tone, while he took a few paces away from Antony.

"There was a barber and his wife, and she was so beautiful. She was said to be the man's whole life, his only reason for living, and she was as beautiful as Aphrodite herself. Her golden hair would shimmer in the sunlight as if it were actually made from gold crafted by gods, and her smile, oh her smile, it could put an end to a world without happiness and her heart, it could light up the most darkest of nights."

"What was her name?", Antony asked curiously


"Did they have any children, Lucy and ..."

"... Barker, Benjamin Barker." Mr. Todd interrupted

"And yes, they had a beautiful baby girl." Mr. Todd stared down the ally.

"There was another man, who was jealous of Benjamin Barker. A judge, as it was, he used his political power to falsely charged Benjamin Barker, and send him away. Then all the judge would have to do is wait, until she fell so lost that he could try and win her over."

"And the lady, Lucy, did she succumb?"

"Oh, that happened along time ago. I would doubt if anyone still knows that old story, anyway."

Mr. Todd, turned towards Antony.

"I would like to thank you Antony, if you hadn't of spotted me I'd be lost on the ocean, still."

"Will I see you again?", he asked, as the moon disappeared behind a cloud, making the flickering glow of lanterns more visible at from the other end of the dark alley.

"You might find me if you like." Mr. Todd said, as he looked up at the stars

"Around Fleet Street, I wouldn't wonder."

"Until then, my friend." Antony said, as he offered to shake Mr. Todd's hand. Mr. Todd ignored him, and wondered towards the light.