So I'm waiting for my muse to come back from her hot night out, browsing FF and drinking a Java Chip Frappuccino, when it occured to me - there's not enough quality M-rated Malec out there. I'm not talking unlikely S&M or some playful scenario involving food items. The real deal, like what if they really went all the way?

I am trying to get there - eventually, in my new fic, but at this rate - in real Alec and Magnus, post CoG time, it's going to be a while. And since I can't even seem to finish my next chapter, I thought "hey, you deserve a treat" (I'm talking to myself here). "Why don't you cheat and write something M-rated? You can curse, you can try not to be fluffy. Try something other than an unfinished fist fight (reference: Rules of Foreplay)."

So I replied to myself: "OK. Sounds like fun."

Here we go.

The AC kicked on with a pop, the motor running overhead. In half a minute the room would be flooded with cooler air. It was cold enough outside – Alec failed to understand why they were running the AC to begin with.

Maybe that's because you're the only one with internal climate control problems.

That's why, even sitting up in bed, he was fully dressed, including his jacket and a pair of thick socks. His boots were beside the bed – they weren't allowed up. He was still a neat freak, cold or not.

In preparation for the incoming blizzard, Alec tugged on the blankets, dragging them up to his chin and drawing up his legs. The idea was to curl up and preserve body heat.

You know, if you'd just said yes, you wouldn't have to face any of these problems. The cruel AC. The too-small bed. Curling up alone.

Alec shook his head. No. As much as he didn't like the cold, he was comfortable at the Institute. This was his home. This is where he should be in the middle of the night, relaxing, trying to sleep. Resting up for another day's work.

But you could be with Magnus, that voice replied, relentless.

And a houseful of strange people, he argued.

He appreciated the personal invite, but he wouldn't even know what to do with himself at a party. He didn't like to dance, he didn't drink, and he wouldn't know anyone. What kind of fun would he be? He'd only end up monopolizing the host – and Magnus wouldn't be throwing the party to begin with, if he was really interested in hanging out with Alec exclusively.

Magnus said he wanted to get back into the swing of things. That it had been too long since he'd thrown a party, and his friends were pressuring him to make the effort (starting to joke that he'd given into the dark side. He was seeing a shadowhunter, after all).

Alec had shied away from the warlock's coaxing, wanting him to come, while at the same time, encouraging Magnus to throw his party. He should see his friends. He had been spending most of his free time with Alec. He shouldn't neglect everyone else.

Of course, Magnus had only used that for his own argument – he didn't want to choose his friends over his boyfriend. Alec should come and meet them, and then Magnus could enjoy the best of both worlds.

But Alec consistently refused, using every excuse he could think of – he didn't feel comfortable around crowds, he didn't want to stick out like a sore thumb. He didn't want to bring the party spirit down.

And finally, going for the pity vote, he let Magnus know he was tired. He'd use the night off to catch up on much-needed sleep.

Finally, Magnus relented. There would be other parties, he pointed out. Other opportunities to persuade Alec to make an appearance.

Alec had smiled a little and nodded. Sure. Another time.

Alec curled up with his phone. The party ought to be in full swing by now. Still, he checked the screen every so often, just to see if Magnus had texted. If he had stepped away and tried to call.

If Magnus was missing him, he didn't seem to have the time to shoot him a line. And that was fine (he tried not to let that register, to let it bother him). He really should get some sleep.

Alec closed his eyes, shifting to lay down properly, shivering beneath the knit blanket. He willed sleep to come, all the while longing for Magnus's larger bed, his warmer comforter, and the familiar feel of another body curled up against his back.