Hospital Bedside

I write this as my love lies damaged.

What is the worth of a love that destroys as it grows? A cancer, fed by lust and greed. The catastrophe that is my longing has blossomed into a bloody bloom, cutting the one I love more deeply than any thorn could score.

See how peaceful she lies, even now, broken, beaten and bruised. This momentary breath of unconscious calm only torments me; I am agony made flesh.

I can never, will never, must never forget the fragility of my love. As she sleeps and escapes me, I must ponder the razor balance of right and wrong. I cannot allow my desire to become the fulcrum between life and love, else it will always tip to the most dangerous, destructive path.

She wakes.

Yes, Bella, love, I will stay. No man has ever known a pain so sweet, a torture so rapturous as I have for you. What is thirst, what is life if you are not in it? How can I leave? Where would I go? I exist only for those moments when a smile touches those tender lips.

Yes, Bella, love, I will stay. Stay for as long as I can love you without your destruction. remain by your side without devouring all your days. But I will never forget, I can never forgive myself.