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"Wheee!" Hina squealed with delight as Chiyo steered the motorboat around a sharp curve, spraying cool lake water over the three girls.

They had decided to take advantage of the sunny day and secluded lake by taking a motorboat and tubes out for an afternoon on the water.

"Hey Hina!" Lia called over the roar of the motor, wiping wet strands of hair out of her face. "Ready for some tubing?"

"Yes!" The hyper, younger girl shouted, bouncing on the balls of her feet, and losing her balance when Chiyo slowed the boat. "That wasn't nice Chiyo!" She shouted, her voice muffled since she had fallen head first into the pile of tubes.

Chiyo cut the motor and with Lia's aide pulled their struggling friend out of the tubes. They double-checked all of the cords connecting the two tubes to the boat and then threw them out into the water.

"Ok, Hina, you're first." Chiyo ordered, pulling in one of the thick round tubes. Hina jumped on and nearly flipped it before regaining her balance and laying flat on her stomach. Lia pushed her tube out a bit, away from the motor while Chiyo pulled the other in. "Your turn Lia." She said, holding the tube steady while the girl got on and positioned herself as Hina had before pushing the tube away from the boat as well.

"You ready for this?!" Hina shouted to the other girl excitedly.

"You're going off first!" Lia called back, adjusting her grip on the handles of her tube and bracing herself for the initial jerk when Chiyo started the boat.

"Y'all ready?" The older girl called from the boat.

Lia and Hina both gave her a thumbs up, and Chiyo started the motor, pushing down on the throttle and leaned with the boat as it jumped forward splicing through the clear water like a knife.

Lia glanced at her friend through narrowed eyes, an attempt to keep the constant spray of lake water away. She shifted her weight on the tube, pushing it towards the center of the wake, Hina mirroring her movements.

Slam! The two tubes crashed into each other with enough force that Hina nearly lost her grip and began slipping sideways off the tube, dragging in the lake before she was able to pull her self back on.

Lia's wild laughter reached her ears as they drew closer and Hina grinned with a feral smile.

Game on.

Seven squealing girls ran down to the beach excitedly, followed by three older females and four males.

Three of the guys, Seiya, Taiki, and Yaten were staring between Usagi and Chibiusa with looks of confusion and disbelief.

"Wait, so you're saying that the kid is Odango and Mamoru's daughter in the future?" Seiya asked in a choked voice.

There hadn't been time to explain everything to the Three Lights when Chibiusa had decided to return to the past, landing directly on top of them to their immense surprise.

Setsuna nodded her head. "Correct, Small Lady, or Chibiusa as she is called in this time, comes from the 30th century where she is the heir to the Silver Crystal and daughter of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion, the future-selves of Usagi and Mamoru."

"Okay, that's just weird."

Needless to say the three were having a difficult time wrapping their heads around the concept.

"Shall we join them?" Michiru asked, gesturing to the water where Usagi, Chibiusa, Hotaru, Rei, Minako, Makoto, and Ami were passing a ball back and forth playing monkey-in-the-middle.

"Why not?" Haraku said, shrugging off her clothes to reveal her navy-blue swimsuit. "Last one to the water is in the middle!" She yelled taking off for the lake.

And with that the rest of them charged towards the water, chasing the wind.

The three girls had been tubing for over an hour all three sufficiently soaked and getting tired.

"I think we should head in soon." Chiyo said as she switched placed with Lia, taking control of the boat once again.

"Why, it's not that late." Hina argued, looking up at the sky where the sun still shown hotly.

"True, but it will take awhile to hike back up to the house."

"Chiyo's right, but I think we can have one more go." Lia put in, glancing at the older girl hopefully.

"Fine, just one more." Chiyo said pushing both girls out again.

"Yes! Prepare to go flying Lia!"

"Not on your life!" Her friend yelled back grinning.

Chiyo started up the boat again and they were once again hanging on for dear life and trying to stay inside of the wake while knocking into each other.

Neither girl had an advantage over the other until Chiyo pulled a wicked slingshot curve into an inlet and Lia's tube slammed into Hina's just as they snapped around, sending the younger girl's tube into the air, and the girl flying into the midst of several surprised lake-goers.

Chiyo, who was still concentrating on piloting out of the cove didn't notice her lost passenger and continued on while Lia raised a hand to her unlucky friend, settling her self in for a rough ride with the rogue tube.

They had been in the middle of water-volleyball when the distant roar of a motorboat had reached their ears.

Looking up, a motorboat could be seen heading around the curve of the inlet, two tubes kicking up a spray behind it.

The boat suddenly swung around in a sharp curve, sending the further tube crashing into the one on the outside, which flew into the air, its rider becoming detached.

Makoto, Haruka, and Taiki were sent scrambling out of the way as the girl soared towards them, landing in the fortunately somewhat deep water with a tremendous splash.

Nobody moved until the girl came up spluttering and shouting at somebody named Chiyo.

Suddenly realizing she had an audience, the girl, who looked to be around Usagi and her friends' age and who had golden hair that fell a bit past her shoulders and was plastered to her face and neck from the water, turned around, staring at them with wide violet eyes.

"Oh, um, hi! Sorry about that, it was Chiyo's fault! Hope you didn't get splashed too much!" She exclaimed not seeming to take a breath between sentences.

"No it's alright." Usagi said brightly. "I'm Usagi, this is Rei, Ami, Makoto, Minako, Chibiusa, Hotaru, Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna, Mamoru, Seiya, Yaten, and Taiki."

The girl smiled brilliantly at them. "Hi, I'm Hina!"

She looked as if she were going to say more, but the sound of the boat returning cut her off and she spun around waving madly at the occupants.

A few of the onlookers raised their eyebrows at her bubbly personality, but then shrugged it off. Must be a blond thing.

The girl who was still on her tube jumped off as the girl in the boat cut the motor and threw the small anchor into the water.

"Hina! Don't you know how to hold onto a tube?" The slightly older looking girl scolded, though the twinkle in her dark blue eyes belied that she was teasing. She appeared closer to Haruka and Michiru's age and had long silvery hair that had been pulled back into a tight braid.

The third girl, the oldest, hopped gracefully out of the boat and waded towards them, her long red hair sticking to her back.

"It's your fault Chiyo, why'd you do a turn like that?" Hina glared at the redhead accusingly.

She merely rolled her green eyes and nodded towards the crowd of people behind Hina. "Who're your new friends?"

"Oh!" The blonde exclaimed, argument forgotten. "This is Usagi," the one with the long, gold pigtails, "Rei," the girl with the long black hair, "Ami," the girl with the blue hair, "Makoto", the strong-looking girl with the brown hair, "Minako", the other blond with the red bow, "Haruka", the boyish looking girl with sandy hair, "Michiru," the girl with the sea-green hair, "Chibiusa," the little girl with the pink pigtails who looked similar to Usagi, maybe sisters, "Hotaru", the frail-looking girl with short black hair, "Setsuna," the oldest looking girl with dark green hair, "Mamoru," the guy with short black hair who was standing close to Usagi, perhaps her boyfriend, "Seiya," the guy with long black hair, "Yaten," the guy with long white hair, "and Taiki." the guy with long chestnut hair.

"Hello, I'm Chiyo." The oldest girl said, nodding her head.

"I'm Lia." The other girl said with a wave.

"Wait, you're Liadan Grey, aren't you?" Haruka asked, studying her face.

"Yeah, you caught me." The girl shrugged and smiled bashfully.

"Are we missing something?" Seiya asked for the group, who aside from Haurka and Michiru looked lost.

"She's Liadan Grey, a world champion equestrian."

The silver-haired girl just shrugged off their amazed looks. "Just call me Lia."

Suddenly a pager began ringing on the beach.

"Oh! That's me!" Rei said, running towards her communicator.

As the priestess talked on her communicator the others stood around awkwardly.

"So," Hina began in an attempt to break the silence. "Are you staying somewhere near?"

"Yeah, we're staying with Rei's cousin."

"Not anymore." Rei broke in, an unhappy look on her face. "That was him, he's just been called into town on a commission. Looks like we'll be heading back tonight."

"Nonsense!" Hina exclaimed. "You can stay with us!"

"What?" Came the surprised exclamation from several members of both parties.

"Oh come on, we have plenty of room, plus it's a great way to make new friends!"

Chiyo sighed but nodded, turning towards the large group before them.

"She's right, we do have plenty of room, and there's no point in cutting your vacation short when there is available lodging, you are welcome to stay with us for the night."

"Very well," Mamoru agreed after a moment. "If you're sure we won't be intruding we would be happy to accept your invitation."

"Great! Well, the two of you can head back to the house in the boat, and I'll show them how to get there." Hina said happily.

"Ah, ah, ah." Chiyo interrupted her with a wicked smile. "It was your idea, therefore you will be coming with me and putting the boat away, and making sure the house is in order. Lia can lead them up."

Hina pouted but did as she was told, climbing back into the boat with the older girl and pulling in the tubes before speeding off, leaving Lia with the strangers.

"Well, shall we be going then?" Lia asked before heading up the beach, the others following after grabbing their clothes.

"So," Michiru broke the thick silence, approaching the silver-haired girl who was leading them. "How long will you be in Japan? Last I head you were training in America."

"We'll be here as long as it takes." At the strange looks she was getting she smiled and elaborated. "I had an accident a while ago, and I'm taking a break from riding to recover."

"I'm sorry to hear that." Haruka offered, surprising many with her interest in the girl, normally the racer was cold and suspicious towards strangers. "I've seen you ride before, you really are amazing."

Lia shrugged. "Thank you, but it's all right. When it is time we shall leave, until then who knows."

The rest of the journey was taken up by quiet conversations, and they finally reached the manor at dusk. The gasps of surprise by the younger members of the crowd making Lia smile slightly.

"You live here?" Usagi asked incredulously taking in the sight of the lovely manor with wide eyes.

"For now."

Many hours later, long after night had fallen and the large group had eaten their fill of dinner, they were sitting around a cheery fire in the parlor room.

They had loosened up around each other and were finally more relaxed, exchanging embarrassing tales of each other, especially concerning Usagi, when with a great whoosh of air the fire flickered out and a great howl shook through the manner.

"What was that?" Some one whispered in the suddenly chilled room.

A great cackle suddenly came from the hall next door and a scratchy voice called out. "Come out, come out, wherever you are. I know you are here, Princess, I can smell you!"

Everyone froze, looking at each other.

"We need to hide!" Setsuna mouthed and they split up, leaving out of the two exits on the far side of the room just before the creature entered.

Setsuna, Hotaru, and Chibiusa went with Chiyo, Lia, and Hina, making sure they were well hidden and then staying with them as guards, just in case.

Meanwhile the others took out their henshi stick and brooches, transforming into the famed Sailor Scouts, Starlights, and Tuxedo Mask.

They returned to face the monster, Eternal Sailor Moon spinning her wand and giving her signature speech: "Halt creature! I don't know what you are, but you have ruined a perfectly good evening with new friends, and for that I cannot forgive you! In the name of the Moon, we will punish you!" Ending with her pose.

The beast merely laughed at her. It was not the scariest appearing thing they had ever faced, it was black, like a shadow, with an indistinguishable shape, but it's eyes glowed a malevolent red and it was surrounded in a terrible aura of evil and decay that had the Scouts shivering where they stood.

"Out of my way, foolish child!" The creature growled, sending forth an attack of immense strength that sent them all slamming into the walls.

Back where the three girls and their unrevealed protectors were still hiding, Lia suddenly collapsed, unresponsive to any of their attempts to wake her.

The creature prepared to attack for a third time, the Scouts bruised and battered, unsure if they could with stand one more blow, when the echoing taps of heels on marble floors interrupted the monster, drawing all of their attention.

She emerged from the shadows, the darkness hiding her features until she moved into the light from a window, surprising those in the room. She was a Sailor Scout, but unlike any they had ever seen before. Her body suit was pitch-black instead of white, her skirt also was black, only broken by a wide, sparkling band of silver that covered the bottom. The main parts of her gloves and boots were black, and the choker at her throat, and thin ribbons at her back as well. Her belt, front bow, and the tops of her gloves were of the same silver color as the band on her skirt. Her tiara, unlike theirs, was also silver, a dark colored stone set into it. A silver star decorated the choker and the belt and boots, her sleeves were translucent grey, and her broach was shaped like a crystal. Her hair was long and in the same style as Sailor Moon's, but was silver-grey, and the jewels in her buns were black outlined in silver.

The monster overcame it's shock first. "Hehehe, so you have appeared, and now I shall destroy you."

She merely regarded it with a cold look, never speaking, never acknowledging the presence of the other Scouts.

The dark attack was sent towards her at full force, but a blinding flash of light appeared before it struck her, eliminating the energy.

She still stood silently, but suddenly she twisted around, and a pair of long knives had appeared in her hands, flashing dangerously in the starlight.

The monster laughed again, though did not seem as confident as before, his malicious eyes regarding the deadly weapons warily.

"So it is true, you have not the strength and power you had before." His chilling voice echoed through the otherwise silent room as the Scouts watched the battle.

She remained quiet, her hands idly twisting the weapons in her hands. And then she was suddenly moving , driving the blades deep with the shadow-creature, who disappeared with a last ear-renting shriek and an explosion of black.

She crouched motionless once again, the knives remaining in the position of the strike.

"Who are you?" Sailor Moon asked, stepping forward from the wall.

The strange scout did not answer her, merely stood and began walking away.

"Please, maybe we can work together, to defeat this thing? Are they after you?"

The scout stopped and turned, staring at Sailor Moon with cold eyes, dead eyes. "You can not stop them, you can not fight them, you can not hurt them. They are far more powerful than you could ever hope to be. We will take care of them."

"Many have said that before, and they have always needed us!" Sailor Moon cried out to her.

"If you want your world to survive you will stay out of our way, though I fear it is already too late."

"But, but we defeated Galaxia! Surely that must mean something! You would not have survived for we were the only ones left!"

"Galaxia means nothing to me, never have I heard that name. It is time for you to stop playing childish games and go back to your lives. We will finish them, stay out of our way."


The scout did not reply, she merely remained staring at the Moon Princess as she slowly faded away, as if she had never been there at all.

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