By tenshi noyo ryu taiga

Disclaimer- I don't own Buffy or Smallville

Summary- Oliver seemed to have a problem falling for feisty brunettes.


"Hey, jackass! Let go of my purse!" a woman yelled as she haggled with a tall man wearing a ski mask, "Don't think I won't kick your ass!"

The man chuckled before viscously backhanding the girl to the ground, "I don't think so, bitch."

The girl glared and moved to get up when she heard a familiar 'shwick' sound. An arrow had come out of nowhere and had pinned her purse to the wall, straight out of the mugger's hand.

"What the-" the girl spoke, but her mugger already knew what was going on and was running down the alley. She got up to follow him and just before she turned the corner she heard the familiar tell-tale sounds of a scuffle. She harshly turned the corner, almost slipping, before stopping in shock. Ahead of her was a tall man dressed in green leather with a long bow strapped to his back wailing on her would-be mugger. She stopped to stare in awe. The archer was tall and very muscular, with thick leather bands wrapped tight around his large biceps. His movements were assured and well practiced; he was obviously skilled and used to fighting. It took him mere moments to defeat the man and to tie up his wrists with a hard plastic tie.

"Wow," The girl smiled, more than slightly impressed.

The man looked up at the sound and started towards her. He was impressed with her. She was neither scared before when she was being attacked, nor now when he, a strange man, was coming towards her. She was either very brave or very stupid.

He moved past her and headed toward his arrow. He yanked hard and pulled it out, catching the purse with his other hand. He turned to face her and held it out.

"I believe you're missing something," He spoke, his voice deep with a fake, automated tone to it.

The girl extended her arm with no visible hesitance and grasped at her purse, "So, who are you? Or do normal do-gooders walk around in green leather around these parts?"

The man chuckled, "You're new to Metropolis, aren't you?"

The girl smiled widely, "That obvious? There's a new exhibit at the Metropolis Museum of Art and Archaeology. I'm here for it."

"I see. Well, you can call me the Green Arrow. I, among others, protect this city," The man spoke.

"I see."

He cocked his head, "You don't seem scared."

"Let's just say… I have experience when it comes to people needing a hero; someone to look up to; someone to protect them," She smiled. She took her purse and walked away, paying attention to hear the man's footsteps as he moved in the opposite direction.

The girl had walked about a block before jumping in surprise at the ringing sound coming from her bag. She reached in and smiled at the name displayed before putting her phone to her ear, "Hey, Giles… No, I'm doing fine… Yeah, it is pretty late here… I was just heading home… Just checking to make sure I'm okay?... Well, I was your Slayer's sister… I love you too, G… Bye."