Hot For Teacher
Story # 0262
by Kaline Reine

This fic is written for ..Chan. She's an awesome friend and I know she really likes KakuHidan lately, so this fic is for her!

Warnings: This is my first Kakuzu X Hidan story. Contains yaoi, gay male on male explicit adult scenes, and of course a really crazy plot. Also there is lots of offensive language, b/c of Hidan of course. If you don't like that sort of thing, or you're the picky type, then please read no further. Hit the back button and find something else to read, rather than wasting time annoying and harassing me. If you can handle it, then continue and enjoy. Thank you.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, it belongs to Masashi Kishimoto. I also don't own the song from the title of this fic. This is NOT a songfic. I also don't own any of the other fics which probably have this same title. I've never seen any of them, but I'm sure since it's pretty popular there might be some. Ok, whew, I'm done.


Chapter 1:

Students bustled about the huge building, some of them hanging all over each other, other chatting animatedly. A few loners walked quietly, keeping to themselves.

It was Hidan's first day of college. Everyone else seemed to know exactly how to act and what to do… Everyone except him. He couldn't find where his first class was without asking someone for help, and now it was his last class of the day, and he was getting frustrated. Trusting Jashin-sama to guide him was getting him nowhere so far.

"Where are you going?" A young man with red hair asked him.

"I'm looking for room 213."

"That way," The man pointed down a hall. "Have fun."

He was smirking like he knew a secret or something. Something Hidan didn't know. The Jashinist shrugged it off, and made his way to the classroom.

"Stupid damn room numbers don't even go in order…" He mumbled, taking a seat somewhere in the middle of the room. "Who designed this fucking place anyway?" There were other students, and he'd said it where none of them could really hear.

Hidan didn't like sitting in the back of the room, because that was where all the sleazy and lazy students typically sat. He didn't like sitting in the front row, because that was where the know-it-alls sat, and also it would earn him far too much attention from the teacher. Yes, a seat in the middle of the room was definitely best for him.

Speaking of which, the class was full, and the bell had rung. The teacher was running late, it would seem.

After a few minutes of waiting, the door opened to reveal a tall dark stranger. He had green eyes and what looked like a firm build beneath the suit he wore. But that was all Hidan could tell about him, however. He wore a really weird piece of cloth over his head, and he also wore a mask that covered almost all of his face. He thought maybe the guy was from the middle-east or something, but the head gear didn't seem quite right for that, either. He'd never seen anything like it before.

"Hello," Was all he muttered, before sitting down at his desk. All the students were looking at him expectantly.

Hidan had enough of this. He either wanted to know what this class was about, or be given an assignment, or… or do something! This was killing him.

"What are you all looking at me for?"

For a long time, no one spoke. They might have all been in shock. Wasn't a teacher supposed to know what was expected of him? Was he even their teacher? If so, was he testing them somehow? Should they say anything? Should they not say anything? What should they do? The whole class just looked at one another in confusion as they waited for someone to speak.

"You're supposed to give us a fucking assignment. You're our teacher, dumbass!" Hidan spat.

The man regarded him with a curious interest for a moment. "I can tell you're going to be a troublemaker…" He spoke to the entire class now. "I am Kakuzu. I will be your professor for this class. I teach History, but that really doesn't matter. If you want to learn, you can read the textbooks. If not, do what you want during my class. Either way, the amount of money you give me at the end of the term will determine your grade."

Hidan couldn't believe it… This man should be fired!

He droned on… "So this is how it works. An A will cost you one hundred dollars, seventy five will get a B, fifty earns you a C, and for twenty five, I'll let you have a D."

He wrote on the board:
$100 = A
$75 = B
$50 = C
$25 = D

"…Any questions?"

Some people in the class gasped, others applauded. But in the end, no one questioned him… Except for one person.

"You… You can't just do that, you motherfucker!"

"He can do whatever he wants, un," A blonde woman- No, correction- a blonde man said. "He's the teacher and we're the students. Maybe he's doing it to teach us about the economy, un. That's part of history, yeah…"

"Piss off…" Hidan muttered, gathering together his things and leaving the room. "I guess you have plenty of money to waste. I'll get a real teacher."

Everyone, including the History teacher who was smirking behind his mask, just watched him leave.

Hidan went through the empty halls and straight to the front office.

"I'd like a schedule change," He told the blue-haired girl behind the desk. "Now." It was obvious that he was angry.

"What's the problem?" She asked.

"The teacher is a pompous asshole."

He really didn't feel like explaining this. He didn't want the guy fired. Hidan just wanted a new teacher. He couldn't come up with the money to pay him, and he shouldn't have to anyway. That was ridiculous. He was fairly certain that all the staff already knew about what Kakuzu-san was doing anyway.

"What class do you have now?" She asked calmly. Maybe she was used to this type of thing.

"History 1 with Kakuzu-san."

"I'm sorry, he's the only professor who teaches History here currently…" She really did look apologetic. Yeah, he was pretty sure she knew.

"Well, he can fail me if he wants. I'm going the fuck home."

He stormed out of the building, too sick to his stomach to take any more of the greed emanating from a certain teachers classroom. Jashin-sama would disapprove of this!


That night at home, Hidan began to dread tomorrow. He had that same class again, and he didn't know what would happen. He had a feeling the teacher was going to be upset with him.

And it bothered him that the guy had a mask too!

This has been bothering for the rest of the evening. Now it was almost time to go to bed. He prayed to his god, Jashin-sama, before getting ready to go to sleep.

Once in bed, Hidan just couldn't rest. For some reason, he kept thinking about that teacher, and his damn green eyes… They were so… He didn't even know the word. He really hoped the guy wasn't angry with him for storming out like that.

Now with his luck, the greedy bastard would probably charge him double the amount of money for the grade he wanted. Hidan was a good student. He made straight A's in all his classes. He might swear a lot, but that didn't mean he couldn't do good in school. It was against his religion to give in to such things as greed and corruption.

With a yawn, he settled in to bed in his small apartment. He couldn't even afford a college dorm, so he'd had to rent a cheap apartment close to the college campus.

Hidan eventually managed to fall asleep, but he was plagued by images of the evil man who was his teacher.


A/N: Okay I know it isn't my usual pairing… The first chapter was kind of short, but the next will probably be a little longer. XD I have to admit, I was eager to get this posted. I'm not that into this pairing but I wrote this for a friend. So… I hope you like it, Nei-chan!

-Kaline Reine