Hot For Teacher
Story # 0262
by Kaline Reine

This fic is written for ..Chan. She's an awesome friend and I know she really likes KakuHidan lately, so this fic is for her!

Warnings: This is my first Kakuzu X Hidan story. Contains yaoi, gay male on male explicit adult scenes, and of course a really crazy plot. Also there is lots of offensive language, b/c of Hidan of course. If you don't like that sort of thing, or you're the picky type, then please read no further. Hit the back button and find something else to read, rather than wasting time annoying and harassing me. If you can handle it, then continue and enjoy. Thank you.

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Chapter 5:

Hidan was there, ready and eager for him to do something.

Draping himself across the younger, hot body of his student, he leaned in to lick his ear teasingly. He felt a shiver run through him. His hand rubbed over the soft skin of Hidan's ass, feeling how ice it was. He already had the bottle of lube in hand, and was coating his fingers with it. He thought it would be best to just go ahead and do it, without warning him. After all, where was the fun if he expected it?

"Do… do you have the… f-fucking cameras… on?" Hidan struggled to maintain coherent speech while he was being pleasured.

"I wanted them off for this."

He scissored his fingers gently inside of Hidan, until he felt he was ready. It didn't surprise him the way his student leaned into his touches. He'd just admitted to being a masochist, whether he knew it or not.

Hidan was more than ready to take whatever his teacher was going to give. He liked the way it kind of stung when he was being prepared. He knew this was going to hurt, but he couldn't bring himself to car. The thought of the pain was exciting him even more. He arched his back when he felt Kakuzu remove his intruding digits. He wanted to be filled again.

"Mmmm… Please… Fuck me now!" He wasn't being quite about it, either.

"Shhh…" Kakuzu rubbed his back lightly. "I have to get ready."

Hidan looked back to see him opening the lube, getting ready to rub it on himself. "Just fucking do it already!"

"You don't care if it hurts?"

"Stop acting surprised. I already said I like pain. Just fuck me… Nnnh, sensei."

He didn't even have to ask twice. Kakuzu was already pushing his way inside. They both moaned simultaneously when the head slipped in with a delicious pop. Hidan groaned at the stinging and stretching but once his teacher started to move, it felt better.

Kakuzu didn't even pause long enough to let him adjust. He was just ramming into his sweet spot, over and over. How he found it so quickly Hidan would never know… It felt like sweet torture each and every time he would move. It sent shivers down Hidan's spine

"Oh… Nnnh! Oh my Jashin, that's good… Mmmph!"

"Hah… Oh hell yes… You're telling me."

"Sensei…" Hidan turned his head and their eyes met briefly.


There was a reason Kakuzu had chosen to take him from behind. If he had his student bent over the desk, there was no possible way he could see his face. And that meant he wouldn't have to do anything with the mask on. He wouldn't have to feel degraded and rejected, as he had so often in the past.

Secretly, he was afraid that Hidan might change his mind if he had to look at such an ugly, scarred up face during sex. Especially their first time together. This way was much better. Now he had a chance to prove how good he was in bed, without having to remind both of them what his face looked like.

"Don't be afraid to show me your face," Hidan flipped himself over on the desk.

And with those few, quick words, Kakuzu could feel something within himself change. He wasn't afraid to look at Hidan; for the younger man to see his face.

Hidan wrapped his legs around his waist, puling him as close to himself as he could. He was sitting on the edge of the desk now, being pounded into by the older man, who just wouldn't stop. There was very little restraint left, if any.

At such a rate, it couldn't possibly last very long. Kakuzu was trying to keep his moans to a minimum, but they were both getting louder by the second. He felt like he was right on the edge, and he could tell Hidan was too. With a few smooth strokes, he brought his student over the edge.

"Oh fu- Ahh!" Hidan cried.

"Mmm, that feels so nice…"

Their orgasms hit at the same time, and once Hidan's ass was filled with salty white cum, Kakuzu slumped onto the desk for support, effectively trapping the body beneath him, even as he pulled out.

"That was fucking hot," The religious fanatic seemed to have remorse for what they'd just done. "But can you get off of me now, Sensei?"

He just grunted and kissed Hidan one last time before sitting back in his chair. He just felt… defeated, somehow.

Hidan, on the other hand, was fine. For the one on the receiving end, Kakuzu was certain that he would have been much more tired after the good thorough pounding that he'd just received. But it was not to be so.

"I still don't expect you to pass me," Hidan continued, putting his clothes back on like nothing was wrong. "I'll go now… Sensei…"

'He didn't even use profanity.'


That was Kakuzu's only thought as he leaned back in his chair, thinking things over.

The shower was almost scalding hot, but Hidan didn't care. He'd just had sex… With his teacher! He needed to be clean again.

Jashin-sama strictly prohibited any type of sexual course from taking place within the confines of Jashinism. And never before had Hidan so strongly questioned his faith… But people who followed other religions were usually forgiven for what they did. For every sin there was a price to pay. There had to be a way that he could get Jashin-sama to forgive him.

He just needed time to sort things out…


During their time together, they had done a lot of sorting… together. Kakuzu usually asked Hidan to stay after class for the first week after the incident had occurred. However, over time this had become such a habit that Hidan just did it automatically.

The other students, one loudmouthed blonde in particular, were starting to talk. Saying things like "teacher's pet" and "secret love affair" had become normal around Hidan. He wasn't sure how to react to it, so he just didn't answer. He wasn't worried about Kakuzu getting in trouble. It would serve him right for being greedy…

The two men really enjoyed their after school activities together. However, Kakuzu had long since noticed that nothing unusual ever took place outside of the classroom. Hidan had refused his every offer to go to dinner with him, or anywhere else. Even inviting him over to his house hadn't worked, and he'd been so sure that it would. Hidan always said he had to work.

"It doesn't like… fucking hurt your feelings or some shit, does it?" Hidan asked him one day, after they'd just had sex on one of the other student's desks.

"What?" He was panting louder than usual. Today had been particularly fun.

"That I always say no… It's not that I don't want to. I just can't. I'm always so busy, and I have to work really hard just to keep my apartment."

Kakuzu did not answer him. There were so many things he wanted to say.

'I don't care. Take just one day off to spend with me.'

'I never want to let go of you. Why do you always leave so quickly?'

'Come and live with me. You'll never have to worry about that stupid apartment ever again.'

'I would love to spend all my money on you. Damn the scars…'

'I promise you won't regret it.'

Instead, he looked at the floor and managed a dull, lifeless reply… "Classes will be ending soon. We only have a few weeks left."

Hidan didn't comment. He looked away. He got up and left like always. And he didn't look back.

Over time, nothing changed. Kakuzu stopped asking Hidan to go places with him. It was useless anyway. He knew the young man wouldn't want to be seen with a scarred up freak like himself. So he didn't press the issue. They maintained a secret relationship… In a world where it was just the two of them.

Things continued like that over the course of many weeks. The two of them argued less often in public, but if Hidan did act up, then it gave Kakuzu the perfect excuse to ask him to stay after class.

Unfortunately, Kakuzu had been right. Class would be ending soon. They only had a few days left now. It would be best if he just went ahead and gave Hidan what he wanted. Sitting back in the chair, he began to fill out the grade reports for all his students. 'A+' was marked beside Hidan's name.


It had been a week. One full week since his classes had ended, and Hidan had been enjoying his time alone. He had new classes now and things were going somewhat smoothly.

Except… It felt empty.

He wasn't sure what was wrong or why, but he hadn't felt like doing any of the normal things that he enjoyed. Not since his college courses had ended… He had been stunned to see that not only had he passed his History class, but he'd passed with an A plus.

He was glad that he'd never have to deal with greedy professors ever again. But still, something was missing.

Hidan decided to take a walk to clear his head. Maybe he could go to the college and see what people were up to. He knew it was a little late, and some of the classes would be over soon, but that didn't stop him. He was tired of being within those same four boring walls, and having no one to talk to. For someone who was so busy, he had entirely too much time on his hands lately, it seemed.

He walked around, but he didn't see anyone of interest to talk to. He was trying to avoid that certain hallway, the one that he knew would lead to a certain classroom…

A tall man with a darker complexion, and a mask over his face walked out of the hall carrying some things in a huge boxes.

"Hidan-kun?" He asked lightly, almost dropping the heavy boxes in his surprise.

Hidan smiled. "Sensei… Hi… Uh, how the fuck are you? What the fuck? Did they fire you or something?"

"Ah, no… I'm moving to a bigger classroom. I have a lot more students next term for some reason," Kakuzu smiled behind the mask.

"Take this damn thing off," Hidan snatched the mask down around his chin, and some younger college kids nearby gasped. "You look better without it."

Kakuzu tried to hide his face in shame, but he couldn't because of the boxes he was carrying. Instead, he tried to hurry to his next class before any more people could see. Hidan walked with him, matching his pace step for step.

"I mean it! Fuck what they think, Kakuzu-sensei!"

"That means a lot to me Hidan-chan," He muttered, as he went into the new bigger classroom, letting Hidan follow him in. "Thank you."

"You should… Uh… Fucking hang out with me more often. I'll show those little pricks they can't do that shit to you!"

"No need to get angry with them. I don't blame them."

Hidan rolled his eyes, but his ex-teacher missed it, since he had his back turned, unpacking boxes. "I still think you're beautiful… I don't give a fuck what anyone says."

"What?" Kakuzu turned around.

"Look it's not important," Hidan change the subject, covering up his weakness. "What do you say I help you with this, and then we go get a cup of coffee or something? Ne, sensei?"

Kakuzu had never been able to resist the way Hidan sounded saying that word. "Sounds like a plan to me."

The two of them unpacked everything in silence. Soon it was all put away, and the two men were left staring at each other, not knowing quite what to do. They seemed unsure of themselves, and also unsure of what the other might do.

"And when we're done with that, there are lots of things we could do. Just because I'm not in your class anymore, doesn't mean we can't still hang out and stuff. Right?" Magenta eyes could not meet his green ones, as they waited for his answer.

"Are you sure you don't mind being seen with someone as ugly as me?"

Hidan didn't answer. Instead, he ripped off the mask that was hiding his lover's face, and threw it in the wastebasket on their way out of the room.

"You don't need to fucking change for me. You're perfect just the way you are."

The older man smiled, taking Hidan's hand in his. "I promise you won't regret it."



A/N: So this is the end… Well I am not that happy with the way this came out but I hope it was enjoyable anyway. It may not look like it, but I really learned a lot from writing this fic. It was fun but I'm sorry it took forever to finish… I'm never sure what to say in author notes. I'll be writing more stories, though I have a feeling I may not have done so well with this pairing. Thank you for all the reviews and comments but most of all thanks for reading! ;)

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